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Why I Do Not Offer a "Psychic" Service


writingHere, on my website, you will find a selection of 1-on-1 healing services that I offer. I fairly often, however, receive emails with requests for additional services not offered here. Almost all of those request are for me to provide some type of psychic service. People ask me questions like, "Can you tell me about my past lives?" or, "Am I a Starseed?” or, “What can you 'read' from my akashic record?" or, indeed, any number of other questions about their soul story. And now I’d like to explain why it is that I will not answer those questions.


Firstly, I am not psychic. Not like that. If I try to “know” something about someone else I find myself guessing. I can feel I am just guessing. And when I have tested my guesses I found my “hit-rate” to be about what you’d expect for blind guesses. So let me be clear: this is just not something I can do! I have no idea at all about you or your story.


And this is not by accident! My Inner-Self made the careful choice to place a block in my third eye for this lifetime so that I would teach myself not to try to "see" the truth of things, the future, the past or whatever else is outside of myself. I chose to be third-eye-blind for this lifetime. And this is a choice that has served me very well. Now, instead of looking outside of myself with my third eye to find what is true, I look inside of myself, inside my heart. I look to my connection with the divine. Now, instead of "seeing" things I simply KNOW what is true for me. I open myself to my divine Inner-Self and access what my Inner-Self is willing to share with me. In this way I have taught myself, in this lifetime, that the Truth is not “out there” but “in here”. And since I am teaching that to myself, I find this is what I am able to teach to others too.


If you examine my 1-on-1 healing modalities you will find this is the common theme that runs through all of them: I always use every healing interaction to show you to your own truth. I teach you the tools and techniques I have developed that you might use them upon yourself as I have used them upon myself. I teach you to find your own truth. I teach you to connect with your own internal divine guidance. I teach you to heal yourself.


This is what I do. By all means book me for one of those if that is what you want!


But this is quite the opposite of what would happen if I were to be able to simply tell you what is true for you. Because then I would be teaching you that your truth is outside of you! I would be teaching you that you must go to someone else (me!) to know what is real and to know what to do going forward.


The former teaches you self-reliance and independence. The latter teaches you to rely on the other and creates dependencies.


What I am saying is that I, first of all, cannot tell you what is true about you because I don't know. And that I, second of all, am in a state of gratitude to my Inner-Self for disabling this ability since it serves my path very well that I cannot slip and accidentally begin to do this. As I no doubt would have if I could have!


But please understand... this does not at all mean I think all psychics are "wrong" or that I am critical of the gift they have to offer. Quite the opposite!


There are MANY circumstances in which psychics are needed. To name just one: Most people on Earth are not in a place where they are ready to access their own inner-knowing. Most people, therefore, are not in a place where my services would be useful to them. I am only really able to work with, and add value to, those that are already consciously engaged with their awakening journey, those that they are ready to find their truth within themselves. Since this is quite a small minority of Earth's population, something must also be done for the greater majority! And all manner of services from religious to psychic will assist them, depending on their belief system and level of advancement.


As in all things, there are good psychics, bad psychics and out-right charlatans. And then there is also the matter of finding a good fit. And even if you find a good psychic with whom you have a good fit, still there are issues like belief and trust. How do you find comfort knowing that what the psychic tells you is true for you. What I am suggesting is that it might seem like one can avoid the question of "what is true for me" by going to a psychic and having them tell you. But you can't. You will still have to find your way to listening to your heart eventually. And the "good" psychic will help you to see that. The "good" psychic will always tell you that the ultimate truth lies within yourself. The "good" psychic will work not to create dependencies with their client.


And "bad" psychics will teach you the wonderful lesson of discernment as they lead you as far down the garden path as you are willing to go before you wise up and say "not for me".


But be that as it may. The point is that I simply avoid the whole issue by teaching you, instead, to listen to your own heart and find your own truth. I walk a journey with you showing you how to go into you own spirit-story, how to discover your own past-lives and spiritual heritage. I teach you how to connect with your own divine guidance and how to reside in communion with your Inner-Self. And from this place, I teach you how to heal your own hurts by first finding the root cause of the beliefs that create them. I teach you, in short, how to be your own psychic and your own healer.


While this is what is Right for me to do, I have perfect acceptance that this is not the service that is right for everyone to receive. And I am in gratitude and respect for the many gifted psychics out there who offer a necessary service that I cannot, for those that need it.


And now you know why I do not offer a "psychic" service!