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Who are the Light Bringers?

In a nut-shell there are two main types of human souls incarnated as humans upon planet earth. Those that have evolved from within this plane of reality and those that were already fully-formed, self-realized, sovereign beings before they entered separation. Those that have tumbled down into this reality, carrying their light with them. Those that are visiting here from somewhere else entirely. Beings like us who have come to this reality to give their gift and who, afterwards, will leave again. 

Neither type, Earth Soul or Light Bringer is superior to the other. Neither is more important or "better". But their paths are different. Their experiences are different. And the support they will need upon their path is different. 

Light Bringers are massively in the minority. You will therefore typically feel like you are quite alone. Like you are the only one that thinks the way you do. A lone voice in the desert. This is a very typical Light Bringer experience. There are others. A full-length discussion of this subject (including a fun self-test questionnaire) is available here ***URL: Blog: Are You a Light Bringer*** if you would like to read more and see if, indeed, you are a Light Bringer. Because, if you are, you are here for a very special purpose. But before you could enact your purpose you needed to do two things. Firstly you needed to forget that you are a Light Bringer. So that you cam get utterly lost in this reality and really feel what  this feels like. To feel both the agony and the ecstasy of being here inside this reality. 

You have succeeded a that goal, have you not? And so now, if you are ready, there is the second thing you needed to do. To begin, whist still incarnated here, to remember. To remember not only that you are a Light Bringer, but to remember the nature of the Light that you bear inside your being. The Light that is, actually, your own soul. To remember who and what you really and then then, as you begin to remember, you will as a direct consequence, begin to shine your light. You see, dear friend, a Light Bringer can do no other. When you discover your own Light, you will shine it. You will give your gift. And that giving of the gift is your true purpose. It is what you have created yourself for. To be the bearer of the light of your soul. To carry that light wherever you go and to shine it with clarity, brilliance and joy. 

And I have good news for you. When you do begin to shine your Light two things will happen. Firstly, other Light Bringers will see, will recognize you as family and will find their way to you. You will find yourself less and less alone. More and more to be in a community of like-minded souls. And you will begin to co-create with them and this will be blissful. And the second thing that will happen will be that you will discover that this shining of your Light is the giving of your greatest gift. And when you give your gift life gives back to you. It cannot do any other. Life craves what you bear inside yourself right now. You just have to find it and give it and life will bless you in abundance. You will get back from life more than you could ever need, if you give your gift joyfully.

So, abundance and bliss are the consequences of finding and giving your gift!

And that is what this website is all about. It is packed with information, publications, meditations, all of them really just tools to help you, my fellow Light Bringer, to remember who and what you really are. To find your light within yourself. To heal the pain and limitations that you bear that block your light. To assist you to finding your way to shining your light with clarity and brilliance. To be all that you can be whilst still incarnated upon this amazing planet. 

 On this site you will find a treasure-trove of information, guidance, tools and publications to assist you on your journey of awakening to all that you really are.