The Ascension Papers - Book 1 (3rd Edition)

by Zingdad




It looks like a book. It feels like a book. It even smells like a book!


But it isn't a book.


This... is an invitation! An invitation to step into the power of your divine, limitless self! To move into right relationship with all that you truly are, and therefore into right relationship with all of life. If you accept this invitation, then you'll be able to join in the co-creation of the most wondrous future reality imaginable... a whole new life in a whole new world in a grand, golden age! An age in which we all know that we are One with each other, One with Life, One with the planet and One with the Divine. An age in which we are all awakened to our true Creator-Nature.


We are the ones we have been waiting for!

So... what are you still waiting for?

The Ascension Papers is your invitation. Are you ready to accept it?

Could this be YOUR journey Home?


This is the life-changing book that has brought joy to the hearts of thousands of readers the world over. Fully revised and substantially re-written this much anticipated, much requested 3rd Edition operates at a whole higher frequency of consciousness than previous editions. And here it is now, available in beautifully bound paperback and in all the major e-book formats.


If you are ready for a shift in perspective, then this book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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What Others are Saying About The Ascension Papers



Once you have read The Ascension Papers then I invite you to return and add your impressions and experiences of The Ascension Papers, Book 1. The comments box is WAAAAAY at the bottom of all the comments below.


Here follows a selection of those comments:


Zingdad, I'd like you to know how much I'm enjoying and appreciating your work. It has been exciting and refreshing to discover and read it. It's like the "user manual" that I never received at birth (or I misplaced it).

I have great respect and appreciation for the clarity and quality of information that you are receiving and sharing. There is an enormous amount of channeled information available, but the majority is vague and doesn't always feel true. I'm impressed with the level of communication that you have with all three of the beings that you are working with. They seem willing to answer with honesty and clarity any question that you ask of them (and you ask some good ones). It's refreshing. In reading your material, I've found "missing pieces" that have helped me to connect the dots (and I know that you know the joy of that). There are many of us 'out here' who are hungry for the truth. I'd like to express a personal appreciation to you for whetting our appetite with some true nourishment.


- David from California


AAAhhhhhhhhhhh...What JOY!! These books have given me the realization that I can be in joy on this earth! What an amazing gift! Thank you so much for following your heart and writing/ channeling these books! These words are empowering me to rewrite my life on earth! Finally, freedom is offered to us stuck in the quagmire of victim/tyrant/rescuer triangle.
Ahhhhh, in Joy and LOVE!!


- Laurie from Wisconsin


This is indeed an astounding work. It may even be the most important piece of channeling given to us since Jane Robert's books.
Like the Seth material, The Ascension Papers is deep, dense, witty, packed full of exalting, mesmerizing information delivered through an always honest, wise, respectful and compassionate voice.
And at the same time, this work is also unique in its willingness to reveal more about humanity and our reality than ever was, as if Zingdad's friends had a more "relaxed" agenda, more leeway in the giving of information.


- Trisagion


To say this book had a profound effect on me is to sell it short by a galactic mile.


It’s simply a conversation with a guy and his unseen friends, but what a conversation it is! At each step I found myself wondering exactly what Zingdad was wondering, then finding the answers thought provoking and profound. Definitely worth many more reads. Thank you Zingdad and friends for this wonderful invitation to see life from a totally different perspective. I accept!


- Karen S. from Oregon


A rare and important gem! This book caused a delicious stir of the miraculous in my life. And the wisdom to know I created it through attraction...


Some of the concepts are not new, yet presented in a way that, for me, made them sink from a cognitive level (where they have lurked since I started my spiritual journey 12 years ago) straight into the very cells of my body. They have solidified into my being, my approach to Life. The writing is contemporary, relevant, a voice for NOW in this era of global uncertainty and hopeless human fumbling.


For those craving "proof" of the logical kind, The Ascension Papers will surprise and trip up your what-ifs; there was not a single question that arose for me in relation to this work, that Zingdad and Friends did not proceed to answer shortly thereafter. There were even parts where I would start out with a "yeh right" kind of feeling and then proceed to embrace it with tears rolling down my cheeks, moved by the Spirit that shines THROUGH this book, regardless of the author.


My partner's life went through a revolution as a result of the reading of this book almost year ago and he has since made incredible life changes in order to be able to personally attend an Ascension School series with Zingdad himself. Even my teenage daugther drew a pictorial model of the key concepts that entranced her as we discussed them. We often re-read sections, discuss it with friends and argue points in book clubs. This book is a part of our lives now.


The Ascension Papers is a delightful mix of Spirit and Mind and explains, in part, why Zingdad's following is blossoming around the world. Despite his insistence that he is no master, no teacher. He is.


If you are ready for your soul and life to evolve a step or more, get this book now!


- Lenore Peters from South Africa


The information in this book is invaluable. My understanding of (and therefore compassion for) the human condition, and this reality we're in, rose exponentially and I'm one heck of a happier person because of this. Thank you.


- Robin from the UK


Thank you so much for all that you have been sharing. I bought your book, "The Ascenion Papers," a week ago and I should have reading of the book completed tomorrow. What can I say? Wow. Job well done. The material presented is deeply probative and useful and explained in very easy-to-understand language. I wish I had this book 25 years ago when I started my spiritual quest in earnest. I told someone the other day here in Panama that it was my opinion one would be ready for ascension just by reading, digesting and applying what is in your book. I look forward to book two...



- Armaugh from Panama


I am thoroughly enjoying the new version; Wende and I both feel like even though we read the first one, and parts of this one are the same, we are having a completely new experience of it. I suppose that goes along with the idea that nothing stays the same, that we are not the same, so even if the book were, well, you get the point. Thank you so much for sharing these discussions, they are mind-blowing for sure!


- Karen from California



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#9 Humberto 2015-10-13 20:54
I downloaded the The Ascension Papers ebook last week. I can't believe you make this wonderful work free! I am slow reader so I am still in the middle of it but already it has changed my life. Already I see all the many ways I have been doing pain to myself and my life with my beliefs. This book is the best thing I have ever read!
#8 WendeWylie 2014-07-23 17:00
Woke up this morning wondering "What will I read next?" You are FAST! Thanks Arn. Big hugs to come. WW
#7 Kathelena 2013-05-23 09:49
In the opening chapter of this amazing work, Zingdad states “… of the many and varied topics [it] will ultimately serve one grand purpose. And that is to set before you an invitation, an invitation to a whole new life in a whole new world in a grand, golden age of humanity!”

I found The Ascension Papers to be exactly that and so much more. Having spent many years pondering for myself the primary question as stated in the book “Here I am. Who am I?”, I found Zingdad’s work fits hand-in-glove with works from Jane Robert’s Seth, Steve Rother and the group, and other well-known and well-studied teachers, far too numerous to name. And yet Zingdad and friends gave me an entirely new outlook that brought all the other works into alignment and offered me an even deeper understanding of who I really am and why things are the way they are.

To say this book had a profound effect on me is to sell it short by a galactic mile. It’s simply a conversation with a guy and his unseen friends, but what a conversation it is! At each step I found myself wondering exactly what Zingdad was wondering, then finding the answers thought provoking and profound. Definitely worth many more reads. Thank you Zingdad and friends for this wonderful invitation to see life from a totally different perspective. I accept!

With much love and appreciation,

Karen S.
#6 hpaz 2013-05-23 09:46
I just finish with the part where 8 explains "Why Should One Learn to Love?" and I found myself crying, I don't know `why exactly...
Thank you very much for this reminder of how it is....
#5 Shao Lung 2013-05-23 09:45
Well my friend Zingdad, Nice book. I absolutely enjoyed every word in it. Enough that I am now reading it again, even after I just read it... It is in my top 2 books of the year. It explicitly explains the experiences I have had as a child, and as I grew up into an adult form. It explains the reasons of the memories I have had in the very very early days of my childhood, and expresses the answers clearly to me about them. I am excited about book two and three. Keep on keeping on.
#4 Tee Mac Gee 2013-05-23 09:42
Hey Zingy!
I have just finished reading this book of yours.
Wow! This is unlike anything I have ever read before. It really is. It started of easing me gently into concepts I was familar with and then slowly turned the heat up! I can honestly say my mind, my heart and my soul have been opened by this work of yours. Fantastic! Thank you!
I agree with what Lobilo said below me though. It would be really good to have this available as a "real" book. You can't lie in bed with a computer screen, right?
But now I see you are busy with book 2 so I won't complain!
Keep up the good work, my friend!
With love,
#3 lobilo 2013-05-23 09:39
My dear Zingdad
I felt compelled to return to your site to share with you my gratitude for the ascension papers. It is a most treasured book of wisdom and light. Truly it has changed my life for the better. The understandings it has delivered to me about how the world works, what we really came here for and what it all means has relievd me of a great deal of fear.

I read the whole book chapter-by-chapter as you were writing it and then, when you had completed it I bought the e-book and read that through too. And now I find myself refering back to it often - and quoting it to myself and others when those vexing moments arise in everyday life which this book helps so beautifully to deal with.
I cannot thank you enough. This gift you give the world is a priceless treasure. I just wish I could have a print-copy to read without first starting the computer!
And I also cannot wait to see the chapters of book 2 unfold!
With love,
#2 Michael Ross 2013-05-23 09:36
From Michael Ross
My comments are not about a single chapter but all the chapters. I have never read anything which portrays the truth of how we humans are made and in such an explicit and interesting way.This truth is inherent in all of us but few can access it the way Zingdad has done. I would recommend this book to all those who are searching for the ultimate goal of who we are and how our beings are structured in multiple layers overlapping each other as is the universe, for all is ONE, literally.
I am very excited about Zingdad's forthcoming Ascension Papers book two and hope to be amongst the first to acquire a copy. My best wishes to all of you out there... Michael
#1 Zingdad 2013-05-23 09:31
Below are comments people left on the various chapters of Book 1 of The Ascension Papers while it was still a work in progress in the Writings section. If you’d like to leave a comment on the completed book then you may do so in the comments box below.

Comment on Chapter 11 from noelflood: Quote:
Hi Zingdad
Thank you both for giving such a wonderful and powerful message.
It was exactly what I needed at this time
Blessings to you

Comment on Chapter 11 from rosell: Quote:
wow Zingdad.. only 1/2 way through it.. (have been trying to find absolute quiet time to do so). Every word and explanation from 8 is like the truth of life 101 being told to me. The answers I have been without for 42 years. A relief and such excitement to hear them. Such a warmth in my heart and knowing. Thank you both!! ahhh

Comment on Chapter 11 from syme: Quote:
Wow, that was epic. So well worth the read. Resonates very highly with me. By far the most relative chapter for me to date. Thank you Zingdad.

Comment on Chapter 11 from Educo: Quote:
Thanks again Zingdad. You have given me lots to think about and do with this chapter. :-)

Comment on Chapter 11 from macelderry Quote:
Hi Zingdad,
Thanks for giving so lovingly. I hope you're up for some receiving since I am sending mountains of gratitude your way.
I have been working my way through this chapter for a couple of weeks, and today I needed that last part so much. It was perfect! Thanks to you and to 8. Can't wait to chapter 12, although I know it will come when it is time.

Comment on Chapter 11 from Nekodos: Quote:
Awesome all the way! Loved every bit of it! Great job Zingdad!

Comment on Chapter 10 from M. Powers
WOW! a very poignant chapter, as I have recently found myself in rescuer mode, and did indeed find some difficulty in getting out of it, when I realized that I was only perpetuating the victimhood. I will definitely have to read this one a few more times in order to get the full extent of this very rich message. Thanks again, Z and 8!

Comment on Chapter 10 from Jldy
Wow there is so much truth to this chapter and so much to take in. I have finished and now have a better understanding evil or evil people but I would not want to sit down with Jeffery Dahmar or the Green River Killer as being a human in this world they have severely done wrong and I cannot condone this though I now understand. As for the Perpetrator, Victim, Rescuer circle this really hits home as I am in that situation now as a Rescuer and it is not turning out very well. I have found that sometimes people are not in control of there mental faculties and no matter how hard you try you cannot get thru. If ever this happens again I will attempt 8's method of dealing with it as it makes so much sense and I thank him for the thoughts.
And I would ask 8 one question if I may and I would say you have a personality as all the others do such as Joy-Devine and Adamu each an individual and I am sure you interact: do you not ever disagree or does being part of the oneness prohibit this?
>>Zingdad reply to Jldy: Quote:
I wish you well with the process of getting yourself out of rescuer!
I can tell you that 8, J-D and Adamu (and all the other beings of higher dimension with which I have interacted) are each very much their own, individual being. Just as you and I are. Remember the "rainbow metaphor" in Chapter 6? I think that explains this quite well. Individual and unique… yet still One.
And yes, they DO hold different perspectives on things. But they understand this to be a good thing - not a cause for conflict.

Comment on Chapter 10 from baaska
The SPI families seem to be a high end Mafia.
I was always fascinated by the character of Tony Soprano.
Hey I just realized that in South Africa you probably never saw the TV series the Sopranos.
Do you know what I am talking about?

Real "eye opener" of a chapter. "You cannot beat them or the system by fighting it"

Thanks, B
>>Zingdad reply to baaska: Quote:
Hi B. The sopranos was shown here – but I don’t watch much TV myself. But yes, I think you are right. I think the SPI families are the “ultimate” mafia.
I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter!

Comment on Chapter 10 from MGitco: Quote:
This so reminds me of the StoryPeople card that says "willing to believe that she creates her own reality, but sometimes can't help wondering: What the hell was I thinking" It's just very, very hard to realize--or admit--we've done it all.

Thank you for making it easier to understand--I'm still working on truly believing, but hopefully I'm closer than I was.

Comment on Chapter 10 from boost06: Quote:
If this page were the only one you were to read, then you have received a gift of enormous proportions.
Well done Zing and 8!

Comment on Chapter 10 from Educo: Quote:
I love this quote from 8!

"But what would happen if you all should now wake up and realise that this was just a great, elaborate dream that you dreamed together? If you realised the Zingdad character was just your character in the dream and that you are something much more. Something much more creatively powerful and real. And The Ascension Papers were not actually a book that YOU were writing but that it was actually one of a number of mutually agreed wake-up calls that you all arranged for yourselves. A bit like setting an alarm clock before going to sleep."

Wakey wakey Self, rise and shine! :-)

Comment on Chapter 10 from rosell: Quote:
Just have to tell you Zingdad.. that this time your words more than resonate with me. I finally feel at the age of 41 I have answers about human existence. It was just a week ago I sat with a man in his last hours on earth and told him how he will remember and have all the answers we don't...
It was the first time for me to be with someone so close to departing their body. I felt ever so comfortable holding his hand, talking and supporting him. I would love to know why you think I felt so comfortable.. it was as if I could feel the peace and the love coming from him..
Anyway can't wait to read the rest of the chapter, all printed and ready to snuggle up by the fire and read.
>>Zingdad reply to rosell:Quote:
What an amazing experience. I haven't myself been present at someone's passing. If they are of an awakened consciousness then I imagine it must be something quite amazing indeed.

You ask why I think you felt such peace?
I can only guess it is because your heart knew this was a time of quiet joy, not fear or sorrow. That's my guess. But more importantly, why do YOU think you felt that way?

Comment on Chapter 10 from Jldy
I am half way thru this section and I surprise myself when I say I understand! How we act as individuals , how we accept or reject the realities of our lives has a direct impact on them. But I was surprised that my actions can affect people I have never met but it makes so much sense when you consider we are all part of the one. This journey you are taking me on has had a huge impact on my life by validating so much and teaching me more!
I want to so much pass this on to others but unfortunately they are not ready to understand so they must follow there own path. Thank you so much for this trip. I look forward to more but I must go back and reread everything as I feel my journey has only just started.
>>Zingdad reply to jldy:Quote:
Hi jldy. Your comment has "reminded" me of something and I thank you for that.
It goes like this: We don't ever need to try to force what we know on those around us. As and when we attain a certain level of consciousness, so we attract to us others who are ready to hear what we have to say. All we need to do is to stay open for these opportunities for loving interaction. And then to share what we are holding. And to be open to being taught in return, of course!

Comment on Chapter 10 from Mathew
Hi Zingdad,

I just want to say that I read and thoroughly enjoyed Chapter 10. Congratulations on a job well done! As always, I look forward to reading more.

Kind Regards,


Comment on Chapter 10 from clight: Quote:
Zingdad,I appreciate your work in allowing the receiving of this continuation through Chapter 10. Very insightful and helpful to me concerning issues currently being looked at globally and personally. I will do my up-most to allow patience in awaiting the next chapter!

Thank you for all you do!
>>Zingdad reply to clight:Quote:
Hi clight. Thank you so much for the kind words. Nothing brings me greater joy than giving what I have and knowing it is meaningful to others.

Comment on Chapter 10 from daco: Quote:
Zing, It is the first channelled material that I read, and I read a lot... that says something that I feel very deep inside of me but never found reflected before... this sensation that the changes coming are something of a NEW animal. Not the normal harvest cycle... I wander if it is because its a master cycle, 72000 yrs, or that the Gods changed their minds. In the RA material they speak of the coming harvest so matter of factly, like a mechanical process.
But I was never able to put down a sensation of a GREAT surprise coming! A novel way to play the game of harvesting!
The metaphor of earth graduating... is so flat... Does it happen to you as well?
>>Zingdad reply to daco:Quote:
Hi daco. Yes, for me it is so that this is something different. This is not the normal "ending of the cycle". This is the "ending of the cycle of cycles". Or something like that. I think it is something that we have sort of kept secret from ourselves until quite recently. For most this will be a grand surprise.

But maybe there is another perspective... another time line... in which it IS just a normal ending of cycles? *sigh* This stuff can be quite complex...

Comment on Chapter 10 from jldy
I now understand the role I play must include all of the above in order for me to learn. My goal in this life is to find my way to peace and harmony and love as I believe that is why I am here. You have shown me that evil can only enter my home if I so want it and yet it is a part of my existence and I must understand it and see it for what it is. To enter the realm of the oneness I must come to term with all the roles we play in this existence. Wow so much to learn and understand; unfortunately I don’t soak things up like a sponge anymore so I will be reading all of this again! Thanks Zingdad for letting me peek into your reality! God Speed!!
>>Zingdad reply to jldy:Quote:
Thank you for this comment jldy! For myself I find this dichotomy quite complex to understand but of late I have been learning to just "go to my heart". I silence the confusion of questions in my mind and let my heart speak to me in Feeling and Knowing. Then it is quite simple. That is how it's working for me lately. I expect I am being shown something here that will come though in Chapter 11.

Comment on Chapter 10 from macelderry: Quote:
Hi Zingdad,
Just finished chapter 10. It was posted on a day that I particularly needed to read it. What amazing material. Rings so true for me. Can't wait for chapter 11, but I know the time will be perfect. Going to start all over for now.
Thanks so much for being willing to do this!
>>Zingdad reply to macelderry:Quote:
Hi macelderry. I am so glad you got something that you needed. And I hope you enjoyed it twice as much the second time through! LOL!

Comment on Chapter 10 from bcause: Quote:
Hi Zingdad,

Great writings. I know from experience that you must be exhausted. Thanks for hanging in there. We are all benefiting from your conversations and we're learning and growing along with you. Thank you 8 for your patience with us.

Looking forward... always forward.

>>Zingdad reply to bcause:Quote:
Hi Brett. It is at once the most exhilarating thing and the most exhausting. If I am "getting" something that I already know then it is easy but not exciting. If I am getting something that is new to me then it takes a lot of strain to stretch my consciousness around it... but I get a real charge out of it.

But doing this is ultimately the most personally meaningful thing I have ever attempted. The fact that people like you find such value in it too is just unbelievably joyous to me.

Comment on Chapter 10 from ATranscendedMotherQuote:
Hi Zingdad, I firstly wanted to say that your doing a really great job with this website, Congratulations.
In regards to evil I would like to understand your views on the following "Abortion & Slaughter for food" I completely understand when you say “Evil is any action which SEEMS TO take away the right of a being to choose” so how do you see this relating to Animals & unborn babies?
Only until recently was I a firm believer in "unconditional love" but that has now changed for many reasons, & now I have replaced this with "Pure love". Pure love has condition's & there's no getting away from that fact. Pure love from the heart loves everything & everyone, & pure love for sure doesn't participate in the slaughter of animals for food or terminate the life of an unborn baby. Of course everyone is always forgiven & loved for what they do, but the ascension process is all about being aligned with your higher self (GOD)So what is your view?
>>Zingdad reply to ATranscendedMother:Quote:
Hi ATM. I'm glad you are finding value in my work.
You ask for my view on abortion and meat eating. Giving these two complex questions the attention they deserve would require a lot more room than I have space for here in this comments section. I'll undertake to deal with these issues at some point as a blog post. Until then, though, I'd like to share these two thoughts with you:
1. Judgement vs Discernment. It is not right for me to be judgemental of others who make decisions other than my own. I strive always for my own personal highest good in all the choices I take. It is true for me that, by changing myself I can change my world. If I try to do it the other way - change the world in order to change myself - I only cause pain for all concerned and I fail to achieve anything meaningful. So I release judgement of others and I do what is right for me – this is discernment in action. And yes, this DOES change the world!
2. My personal discernment in the specific case of meat eating and abortion: I will say that I do not choose either of these two behaviours for myself. I did however, grow up a meat eater and there was a time when I relished eating animal flesh. I was not an evil person then and was not deserving of condemnation. I was then, as now, doing the best that I could with what I had at the time. I no longer eat meat and am happier and healthier for it.
While I have fortunately never chosen to abort a foetus myself, I know a few people who have. In every instance, these young women felt deeply victimised by their circumstances and their biology. In each instance this was an extremely painful decision for them to take. They were not evil people are were not deserving of condemnation. They were doing the best they could with what they had at the time.
As we awaken to Who We Really Are so we will find that we are not victims of our circumstances. We will discover that we are the creators of our reality. And we will realise that there are no "ultimately right decisions" and no "ultimately wrong decisions". Instead we will find that we are simply creating ourselves moment-by-moment with each and every choice we make. If we choose to hurt, damage, kill and destroy then that is how we are creating ourselves and we will get those experiences back from Life. If we choose to condemn or to demand that others must conform to what we believe to be right then that is how we are creating ourselves and we will get those experiences back from Life.
For myself I will say that I still aspire to expressing unconditional love - to everything and everyone, everywhere, all the time, no matter what. You see I think I might like to feel that I am loved unconditionally like that and I don't think there is another way to get there: "what you do to others you do to yourself also".
That is my view. But only because you asked.
>>>>ATranscendedMother reply to Zingdad:Quote:
Hiya Thank you so much for the very swift reply. :) You are a sweetie or should I say you are an angel. :)
Firstly I understand totally that you would like to give more time and space when going over the subjects of meat eating and abortion, I look forward to that & am very curious on what you have to say. Maybe you would also like to go over the subjects of suicide and Lost souls also?. I know your doing your best so if you have the time to include this then that would be great.
BTW. I think this is a very true statement from one of your video's & great videos they are too. "I have some of the parts of the picture that you have been missing and you have some of the parts that I have been missing" because you have already helped me solve a couple of important issues, so thank you for that. Anyway not many symbols left again. but i would like to say that what I should have said is that I treat myself with pure love and the rest of the world with unconditional love. :roll:

Comment on Chapter 10 from Oneness411: Quote:
My mind has been so irreversibly opened by these writings. I am so thankful for the wider perspective. "If you can't see the perfection you are standing to close to the picture." Plays in my mind every time I see or hear anything that displeases me or leads me to habitually label someone or something as evil. This is really powerful.

Comment on Chapter 9 from Damion
After reading this chapter I am glad I have never stopped being over-curious (although it has gotten me into some trouble). Thank you Zingdad for another beautiful chapter and thank you 8. I've always wanted to be a mystic :lol:

Comment on Chapter 9 from M. Powers
Zingdad, I want to thank you profusely for everything you are doing here. There are not many places out there where these topics are discussed freely, and I feel like applauding J-D and 8 for putting all of it so eloquently. Much of this information is not new to me, but there of course is an ordering of the information that comes through organically in your conversations that I find exposes many layers of information in a manner that makes digestion simple and joyful. I send your guides my love(but then, my higher self has already done that) and look forward to reading on, as I so far have found it difficult to pull myself away from the screen. Sorry to gush, but I couldn't hold it in any longer! See ya at the singularity!

Comment on Chapter 9 from Oneness 411
With each chapter I read there is a weight lifting. I feel less nervous, less fearful. After reading this chapter I am so thankful to you and 8 for the clarity that I receive. I am astounded that I actually feel my perspective expanding and opening right up. I feel my attachments to particular ideologies falling way. I just feel open and excited to continue on my journey.

The only unfortunate thing is that this feels like a journey I must take alone, though I feel that I would benefit from befriending like minded people. Most in my circle are very religious so there is no one to share this passion with. It like having a new love that I can tell no one about.

I have been wanting to go deeper for some time, seeking to share with others as they find their way. Is it the contention of this text that there is no training to be had, such as to become a spiritual counsellor, or in interfaith seminaries?
>>Zingdad reply to Oneness411: Quote:
There certainly is further training to be had if you are seeking to find a way to give service to those on the path to Oneness. I guess you will have to find for yourself what the gift is that you have to give and then, “when the student is ready the teacher will arrive”. I think the point of this chapter is to understand that for each of us, our greatest truth will lie inside us… not in an external authority. But there is no problem in getting help to find that inner-truth. Or indeed in seeking to be of assistance to others in finding their truth. I think, for example, of the hypnotherapist/ psychologist who helped me a great deal with my regressions etc. She had further training which she used to help me further my spiritual path. There are a number such avenues you could explore, I’d think.

Comment on Chapter 9 from daco
10000 thanx to you and 8, Zing. I was precisely thinking and thinking more than ever about evil, like I needed to once and for all get over it.
Then the best overview of what is the victim mindset I also found in chptr 10.
It made me laugh so much thinking of our expanded selves together with Lucy trying to find the way that entities would stay longer in separation so that it could reaaaallly become one of the most powerful games of self exploration... it was a problem to make them stay, hahaha and then it was a problem to help them out! Too much! THANKS BIG HUGS
>>Zingdad reply to daco:Quote:
Hi daco
Thanks for your comment. This is something that I am realising very much in my own life now... that I really need to let go of all the stuff that I don't love. I need to release those that want to play with the dark and heavy stuff to do so if they really wish and move on to doing that which I love. so, yes, it really does seem like this was a big game we devised. But now I'm going to choose different toys. :-)

Comment on Chapter 9 from jakaarel
Thanks Zingdad,I now understand clearly "The Singular Event".
Since first reading about it I, like yourself, became uncertain. Other channel sites were giving out different information and it was becoming very confusing.
Reading this chapter everything suddenly fitted into place, and now I feel great.
Many thanks to you and 8.

Love and Light

Comment on Chapter 9 from Light Sailor
Awesome! I too am a mystic now. I have a strange sense that 8 is also talking to me through your conversations. I have sought union with GOD all my life. I am now 35 years old. I have experienced union with GOD one time in my life before when GOD actually came to me and comforted me. It was not something I purposefully initiated though and I have never been able to initiate that experience again no matter how much I prayed. I was considering using meditation to create union with GOD but my religion teaches that the Devil can easily take over your mind if you practice meditation and yoga and things of Psychic powers. I do not want to fall into evil, my way is love, so I have stayed away from these things. The amazing thing is the more I resist the more these mediums or new ways for me to unite with the DIVINE persists. I AM co creating with you. I live in Spokane Washington in the United States of North America. You can certainly email me if you like at
>>Zingdad reply to Light SailorQuote:
Light Sailor, my friend, meditation is not something to be feared. I can explain it like this: if you pray then you are talking to God. If you meditate then you are silent and are listening to God. That, in essence, is all it is. And, of course, God seldom speaks to us in words. God usually speaks to us in feelings and experiences. So, simply being silent and attentive is a wonderful way to allow God to reach you where you are. Usually we fill all those spaces with our own noise and we block God out.

And Yoga is just physical exercise as a form of meditation. It is beautiful and powerful, yes, but taking time to truly LISTEN to the divine in silence is going to be that way.

That is what is true for me. But you should only ever do that with which you are comfortable. You don't NEED to meditate. If you follow your heart and live in your truth you will find your way Home.

BTW, I have deleted you email address. You shouldn't publish it on the 'net. There are programs that scour the net for email addresses which they then add to spam databases.


Comment on Chapter 8 from Boost06
Does God have a higher self?
Does God look after the running of all the universes?
Are there any new parts, or souls being created
by God, or is that it?
Is it possible to decend to earth, yet retain
the information that all is one, and all the other good stuff?
Just a bunch of questions you might consider for the next session with 8.
Thanks for sharing. God bless

Comment on Chapter 8 from Joanie
Hi Zingdad, I was drawn to your site by Robert Schwartz, the author of COURAGEOUS SOULS. He recommended your site for those who wanted wonderful and clear information re: 2012. I "knew" I was meant to go to your site. I am on an Ascension Path. I have a group of friends who are on the Path, too. I read and report the Truth to them after I read each chapter. I strongly believe my guides know your guidesa and we are One. My Knowing is strong. I feel your channeling is a blessing and I thank you wholeheartedly. Your guides and friends on the "other side," sound so loving and devoted to your Ascension. I believe there are many, many souls around the world in this reality who are Ascending and we will Know each other during and after the Singularity Event. My circle is excited about this occurrence. Thank you for all. Blessings to you!
>>Zingdad reply to Joanie:Quote:
What a beautiful, amazing, warm, touching message! Thank you, Joanie!
I believe you are right. There is a big surprise coming for all of us. For those of us that are willing for it to be so this will be a wonderful grand "re-membering". We will remember who we really are and we will remember each other too. We will know that we are, on one level, dear friends and, ultimately, also all One. If your heart calls to you when you read The Ascension Papers then we will most certainly be remembering each other quite soon.

This is true for me. I think this is the essence of the dream that I was writing about in this blog post recently.

Comment on Chapter 8 from Educo
Hi Zingdad!

I am becoming a little bit confused with how everybody has the ability to create their own reality, whilst simultaneously existing in a consensus reality that everybody can co-create. Could you please go into more detail about how this is possible, how it all works and the implications of consensus reality.

Thank-you for writing the Ascension Papers it has really profoundly changed my life!
>>Zingdad reply to Educo:Quote:
Hi Educo. Wow, I am overjoyed that this is bringing you so much value!

You ask about co-creation? I will in due course be dealing with the issue of how we create our reality in some depth. I think I'll be dedicating a good few chapters to this as it is crucial to the ascension process for us to come to an understanding of exactly how it all works. But for now I will say that I believe it is so that we each, absolutely and completely, create our own realities. We are just neither aware of it nor do we understand how to make this work for ourselves.

So that's creation.

CO-creation exists because it is one of the things we each agreed to prior to incarnating here. What it means is that we each created an opening in our experience for each other to create in. It means you can experience IN YOUR REALITY the results of MY creations. That, in a nut-shell, is what co-creation is. But this is a complex topic and I'm sure we'll get a lot more info later on in The Ascension Papers.

I hope that helps for now.

Comment on Chapter 8 from Jldy:
There is so much I do not understand but how what is being said here resonates in my being. I mean it is as I have always believed but could never put a finger on... I must read on; Thank you!
Nothing makes more sense to me then we are god and god is one and we are a part of the greater good. Thanks!

Comment on Chapter 7 from Damion
Zingdad this just keeps getting better and better. The more I read this the more i get this strong feeling of wanting to go home. i can't wait for the event.

Comment on Chapter 7 from Jldy
As of my second reading of "The Ascension Papers" I so much look forward to the singularity event and hope I am one in the first event. For all the answers there are so many questions but I would like to say this opens up a whole new world for me. Though I am struggling in my present life I now feel there is a reason for it even though it is hard to live I now have a reason to put up with it. Zingdad you help so many in so many way's with these writings ; I hope you understand how many people I am sure you positively affect and ask for so little in return. As the saying says "What goes around comes around" or as you give so you shell you receive and you certainly will…

Comment on Chapter 7 from MGitco
In my sleep time I think I often go to a huge glistening University in the middle of abundant beauty where I sit at the feet of the Masters and learn. Now--and WOW-- I feel like I'm doing it in "real" time. This is so profound and so beautiful (except when it isn't). I am reading it over and over.

Incidentally, because I don't want to be led astray too radically, I used David R. Hawkins method of calibrating the scale of consciousness of your writing (or a stack of it that I had printed off) and it scored ABOVE 850. That is unbelievable! And wonderful! If you are not familiar with it see his book "Power vs. Force"

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Comment on Chapter 7 from Jldy
There is so much to understand! I still cannot conceive living outside of time yet JD say's he does. Zingdad could you question him on this some more please? I have so much to think about and try to comprehend! Thank you! For once in my life I know why I am here. So much of what is said here strikes to the heart of existence; such as the mention of Life is a series of amazing, that is what I have been telling people for years. One moment rolls into the next but the only important one is the one that you recall as most important. Again, thank you!!

Comment on Chapter 6 from Damion
Until I read this chapter I could not fathom how "Being" could accomplish more then actually "Doing". It wasn't until I actively tried to apply this to my life that I began to see the results and how we actually create our own reality...

Awesome Zingdad

Comment on Chapter 6 from Cherrylee
Hi Zingdad, I just wanted to say thank you. For quite some time now I have been searching for something but have not been able to grasp fully what. Along the way bits of information have come my way that resonated in some way with me, but none have captivated me and reflected my inner heart quite the way your writings have. I have been giving your words and my inner feeling a great deal of contemplation and find myself eager to continue to read. This is exactly what I have been looking for and what I need right now Thank you.

Comment on Chapter 6 from boost06
There is so much good stuff, that it will take many readings to absorb.
Like the dark and light battling it out for eons and not getting anywhere.
They don’t realise neither can win, for the game would end, and that cant happen in a time loop.

Thanks Z for sharing and helping us to wake up.

Comment on Chapter 6 from Educo
The story of the Darklanders is such a profound, wonderful, elegant story it is simply mind-boggling the first time you read it! Multiple reads are required to absorb everything that is going on.

Comment on Chapter 5 from Jldy
This so much strikes home as I have for along time believed we were all a part of god as this only makes sense to me for existence. Being a part of all is scary in the sense of when I die do I ,the individual who is me cease to be when he returns to all? This would not make sense to me as it would mean that me as an individual really doesn’t exist?? Thank you so far for your story!
>>Zingdad reply to Jldy: Quote:
Hi jldy. No, we don't lose our identity when we die. Quite the opposite: we actually begin to realise who we REALLY are. And we also don't automatically just return to the Oneness either. That is a process which we may engage with if we want to. And even then we don't lose who we are. What is made (our unique souls) cannot be unmade. This is my absolute conviction. ~Z~

Comment on Chapter 4 by “Oneness411”: Quote:
I am newly embarking on a spiritual journey, reading a lot, especially because there is no one in my immediate circle with which I can discuss these things.

I am writing to say thank you for this. The most beautiful understanding that I have come to in the last 2 chapters is that no one is "wrong" in the their path or belief. All perspectives are valid. And I have come to understand the concept of free will even better, as well. It helps me to relate to others in a better, more peaceful, and loving manner.

Also, with my children, I have always known that I did not want to force beliefs upon them. But this has framed the bigger picture in such a way that I am comfortable with whatever they come to call their truth as long as it best serves them along their journey. A journey that I cannot take for them.

I send this with sincere, heartfelt gratitude.

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