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Adamu's written works (longer articles) are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


And all the Adamu Speaks Videos are here.


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The video of the fifth of the six sacred steps,



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Adamu: Why is The Next Release Taking SO LONG?



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This offer is presently unavailable due to the Coronavirus and associated travel restrictions.


I will be re-imagining it and coming up with a new offer in due course.


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A 1-on-1 personal experience with you (and perhaps your friend or partner) and Zingdad in South Africa!

The spiritual adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the warm heart of Africa!

Discover the power of your divine, limitless self

Remember who you REALLY are and why you are REALLY here

Heal your pain, blockages and limiting beliefs

Return home with the tools to transform your life into joyful, blissful abundance

Lovingly guided every step of the way

by internationally acclaimed author, healer and facilitator, Zingdad