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Dreamer Awake!
All three modules of Dreamer Awake! are now available!


The final module, The Tools of Creation, is now open for enrolment!



Adamu Speaks New2


All of Adamu's materials, including written works and videos are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


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Adamu Declares Victory!


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Dear Yoni - An interview with Lisa Picard



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Guided Meditation Recordings

Here you will be able to discover and download my highly popular Guided Meditation Recordings.


Each is a voice recording that will take you on a meditative journey in spirit-space. While the words written in The Ascension Papers are my way of sharing ideas and concepts with you, these Guided Journey Meditations are my way of "taking you there" and showing you so that you can see for yourself!


I use deep relaxation techniques combined with chakra and energy work to help you to get to a state where you can discover some amazing places inside your own psyche. With a little practice you should be able to "go there" on your own and develop these spiritual tools further for yourself.


Below is a list of the Guided Journey's I currently have on offer. Clicking on an item will take you to a page where you can read more about that particular Guided Journey and also download the recording if you so choose.



Guided Journey #1: Open Your Heart

The foundation of ascension to Oneness is the sure knowing that you have, within your own heart a connection to the Divine. Allow me to show you your most magnificent God-like self!




Guided Journey #2: Your Sacred Temple

Inside our soul we have each built a sacred space where we can go for safe refuge, healing, guidance and so much more. Let me show you yours!




Guided Journey #3: Your Question Answered

After each life ends you meet with the Masters of Light in the Halls of Learning to get answers to your most vexing questions from your lifetime just passed. Now you don't have to wait. You can go there now!




Guided Journey #4: The Healing Room

Physical ailments are often very complex issues to find true healing for. This is a journey that will help you to discover what your body is patiently teaching you thought each ailment and in so doing how to find the deepest root cause and the deepest possible healing.


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Guided Journey #5: The Sacred Inner-Heart Meditation

We are all connected to the infinite eternal Oneness of All… to Source-God, the creator of all. And we find this connection in a very special and most sacred place… the inner-most heart. Find YOUR connection with this, the most precious of meditations.



Guided Journey #6: The Heal Your Physical Pain Meditation

If you are ready to give yourself a period of peace and release while you are assisted to seek within yourself for the true root cause of your pain... then this meditation might just be just what you have been looking for!



Guided Journey #7: The Release Your Emotional Pain Meditation

This meditation offers you a powerful reminder of something true about yourself: that your "normal and natural" base state is bliss and harmony. Building on this reminder you are helped to see more clearly where your emotional pain truly lies... and how to begin to release that. It is ALSO a wonderful moment of blissed-out delight!



Guided Journey #8: The Journey to the 6th Dimension

In this guided meditation I facilitate an interaction between you and your Inner-Self. That which is in the sub-conscious and the super-conscious will begin to spill over into your conscious awareness. You’ll begin to see, hear, feel and know things that you otherwise would not. Your third eye will open and you’ll receive inspiration and intuition by inner-perception. You’ll find yourself arising with grand new vistas for you to ponder upon!



Guided Journey #9: Standing in the Light of the Divine Self

Powerful, powerful stuff! Let go of this here and now. Go deep within to meet the eternal divine being that you really are: your Inner-Self. Then step into the Light of your divine Inner-Self and begin to merge once again with this great being. KNOW the truth of your being!


Guided Journey Collection #1: The Self-Creation Meditation Pack

A series of THREE guided meditations that take you on a step-by-step journey to understand the origin of THE issue that is causing the unhappiness in your life right now. Then we address that issues and replace it with a new choice and powerfully re-resonate your emotional body to magnetize your desired outcome to you. Three steps to the re-creation of your whole life!



Guided Journey Collection #2: The Listen to Your Heart Meditation Pack

Your heart is a portal that connects you to the divine. Learn to listen to your heart and you begin to open your access to infinite wisdom and creativity. You begin to find your own most inspired answers. As you open your heart you move into right relationship with all that you are... and all that is. With this the journey Home is truly accelerated. This twin meditation pack is specifically crafted to show you how.


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