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Adamu Speaks!

Adamu Declares VICTORY


book3 300wA startlingly unexpected new perspective from Adamu!

At the time of recording this transmission from Adamu (November 2021), the story of humanity, here on Planet Earth, seems to have reached a very dark ebb. It appears as if all the world's power structures and authorities have suddenly gone utterly insane. It appears as if they have suddenly collectively turned psychopathically against humanity. Nothing they are doing makes any sense at all!

Or does it?


In this presentation, Adamu lays out exactly how their behaviour can be understood. How it all makes sense. And it's a very dark, dystopian picture that he paints!


So how then is he declaring victory? 

Because he certainly is! Victory for you. personally. For humanity collectively. For the planet. For the galaxy... and beyond!


It's a bold declaration that really needs to be heard!

Prepare yourself to have your perspective shifted!

The video IS a bit over an hour long but your time will be well rewarded. Understand what is going on in the minds and the motivations of the planets dark, secret elite... and discover how their plans are failing them. It can now be revealed that it is only a matter of time before all their plans collapse like a house of cards. Discover how, even these dark plans of theirs, ultimately serve the purpose of the Light. 



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2. Please excuse my puffy eyes. I was trying new contact lenses. Bad idea! 




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3. This transmission from Adamu is only the latest chapter of a much greater work. It is highly recommended that you explore the whole series, at your leisure, to gain a much deeper understanding of the world situation and of your place in it.  The whole "Adamu Speaks" collection can be enjoyed for free here:



The text transcript will be added to and uploaded as it becomes available...

Part 1

Greetings to you, my friends.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiaidian civilization and I’m speaking to you as always through my dear friend and trusted scribe, Zingdad.

Friends, I have much to share with you. Really too much to fit into a short video presentation so this is the challenge for Zingdad and I, to get to the information, to really share the information that we need to share with you, in a reasonable span of time.

So I am going to ask your patience and I am going to assure you that your patience will be rewarded if you listen to what I have to say.

What I have to talk about today is victory - victory, victory, victory - which might sound very strange to many of you, to most of you.

Because the discrepancy between what it appears is happening on your planet and the victory that I’m talking about seems too vast a chasm to leap. But I wish to tell you the story that connects these two and then you can see for yourself whether this rings as truth and whether I might be telling you about what is really happening.

So let’s begin with what it appears is happening. It appears as if your world has gone absolutely mad.

Everything that you previously took for granted - the democratic nature of governance perhaps in your country. You took that for granted. You thought there were public officials who essentially had as their function to find out what your will is and to make sure that that gets enacted.

You thought your world - the world of commerce - was run or was inhabited by corporations that essentially existed to find out what you need in terms of products and services and then provide them in exchange for the money that you would spend to buy their products and services.

You thought that your police services existed essentially as they say to serve and protect you, the public. These were things you took for granted.

You thought that science, and particularly medical science, existed in a kind of a realm of ethics and integrity and scientific rigor, intellectual honesty, and that science and medicine existed for the health and the well-being of humanity.

These kinds of ideas seemed to be true for quite some time. And now it appears that they were not true at all. Now it appears as if all of these bodies have gone rabid, been infected in their brain by some virus that has infected them and they are turning against you. This is how it appears if you have eyes to see.

There is a cohort of humanity that won’t see things this way at all because they are television addicts and they just want to believe what they’re told and the cognitive dissonance to understand what is really going on and to let it in is too great and so they are attached to just doing what they’re told and hoping things will work out well. I have great sympathy for that cohort but I’m not speaking to them today.

Those are the other-responsibles among you. (1) I am speaking to the cohort that is eyes wide open, looking at the world in some shock and horror, and wondering what are we to do? Do we  get ready for civil war? Do we have to war upon our own government, our own police services? In some parts of the world it looks very much like that.

At this time of this broadcast, really, the battle for the New World Order is happening in Australia, in Italy, in France, and very much in America - all over the world, but these really are the battlefront parts of the world, where the dark cabal, the puppet masters who are very much running things behind the scenes. This is where they intend to have then dominoes fall first, the idea being that is these four dominoes fall the rest of the world will that much more easily fall into line.

So things appear very dark and very scary. How does this all add up to victory. Allow me to tell you.

The dark elite have the desire to have absolute and totalitarian control over the whole planet. They’re not a monolithic organization. There isn’t a Nazi headquarters somewhere where they sit around a table and agree and listen to the chairman speak and this kind of thing. That is not what’s occurring.

The dark elite (or delete, as I like to call them) are more accurately seen as disparate groups that all have a common history somewhere very far in the mists of time, beyond what is normally your recorded history. That’s a conversation that we have somewhat already addressed in previous updates. I’m not going to rehash all of that now. What I’m saying is that they are not operating in unison.

It appears as if they do because they have all agreed to act now. We’re reached a particular inflection point in the path of history where the technologies are available for them to make this grab; more importantly they are aware that singularity is coming.