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Frequencies of Consciousness

In broad terms, we humans all awaken to the higher frequencies of consciousness along a particular path. You might think of this like climbing a ladder. Each rung on the ladder can be characterised and described.


Since our souls invariably become fragmented by the wounds and traumas we encounter upon our path through incarnation, it usually happens that some parts of self climb the ladder faster while other parts of self get left behind. Eventually, before leaving this whole system of reality we unify ourselves completely (the is the work of Soul Re-Integration) and attain true Oneness within ourselves but, the point is, it’s not a simple matter of saying “I am HERE at THIS frequency of consciousness”: Sometimes you are a highly awakened soul shining your Light brightly and other times you are triggered, closed-hearted, reactive raging monster!


It’s okay. Life is like that,


So here, in broad terms, are the frequencies of consciousness:


3rd Density of Consciousness - Ego

This is the base state of all humans and quite a number of “higher” animals.

In order to attain 3rd density, all we really need to do is have an ego. “Ego” is one of the most profoundly misunderstood words in the human lexicon. For our purposes we will revert to it’s true meaning. It really just refers to “the I”, “the self” as a concept. If you can conceptualise of yourself as a thing distinct from “the other” and all of the rest of life, then you have an ego.
The ideas you come to attach to your self-identity are your ego-attachments.
You might think of yourself as a particular type of person. You might get very attached to yourself having certain attributes. Very often we get attached to the attributes of our human bodies and decide “I am a man,” for example. We become ego-attached to body attributes like, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, social-standing, nationality and all manner of other attributes. So much so that people identified with one attribute feel personally wounded when some complete stranger on the other side of the world, who happens to share those attributes, is wounded.


Identity politics, for example, works ONLY because people become completely ego-attached to these kinds of identities and can thereby be manipulated.

There is nothing WRONG with the 3rd density. It’s a stable container for the soul. When one has attained 3rd density consciousness, then there is a “you” that can reincarnate over and over again as many times as is necessary in order to evolve and ascend. Before this, at the 2nd density, there is only a kind of collective consciousness that operates instinctively.


In a healthy, un-traumatised human soul, the 3rd density of consciousness establishes itself very quickly. Toddlers identify “self” as opposed to “other” quite early on. Have you ever observed 2 year olds playing together? One grabs up his favourite toy and declares, “Mine!” when the other tries to play with it. At this age they are establishing their ego-identity and their boundaries.

Very soon after, 4th density consciousness will begin to dawn.


4th Density Consciousness - Other Responsibility

It doesn’t take long for a soul in human form to realise that they are vulnerable. Children know that they cannot feed themselves, clothe themselves and take care of themselves. They quickly discover their own ignorance in the ways of the world. The obvious and logical thing to do, in the face of such a situation, is to look for a trusted authority. Someone to take care of and nurture the self. In a healthy family situation this role can be take care of by mother and father. Two people who love the self and can be trusted to do their best to support, care for and protect the self. A healthy thing, for the young self to do, is to surrender responsibility to these trusted, worthy others.


And in the healthy soul, in a healthy social environment, all is well, with such a decision.

As the self grows and expands its social sphere, additional trusted others are soon found. Older siblings. Grand-parents. Teachers. Friend's parents… and so on.


The reason the teen years are often as difficult as they are is that this is where the self must begin to rebel against authority. The self must begin to find it’s own authority. It must evolve to Self-Responsibility… the 5h density of consciousness.

But, sadly, it often doesn’t. Due to shocks, pains and traumas, human souls often get stuck, to one degree or another, in the 3rd and 4th densities. If you are traumatised on making your own decisions you might decide it is unsafe for you to do so. You might spend your life looking for trusted authorities to tell you what to do. This is sadly common. About half of all humans are largely stuck here.

This is why we need religions to tell us what to believe. Doctors to tell us about our own bodies and health. Politicians to tell us about the state of the world. TV news people to tell us what perspective to take. Advertisers to tell us what to spend our money on… and so on and so on.  

In short, many people cannot and will not make the leap of faith, the leap of trusting the self, that allows a movement into the 5th density of consciousness.


5th Density Consciousness - Self Responsibility

Self-Responsibility means trusting the self to know what is best for the self.
It can be a daunting prospect. Usually the self will make many, many mistakes as it learns to fully trust self. Usually we begin by trusting the ego and the mind. We try to figure it all out for ourselves. And this might work well enough often enough that the self may continue on this trajectory for quite a while.


It is, however, inevitable that the self will encounter a challenge that it cannot face. It will need knowledge, wisdom, insight, guidance or awareness beyond that which it contains.


Your mind, you see, is like a giant toy box. You can only play the games with the toys that are in there. And if Life requires of you that you be able to play a game that you have no experience of, then you find yourself out of your depth.

You have two options. You can regress back to 4th density and find a trusted other to rely upon. Or you can transcend and find that trusted other within yourself. You see, you are connected, in the core of your being, to something much greater than self. You have a divine, god-like Inner-Self available to you. You connect to this magnificent being via your heart. But it’s QUITE a leap to find this, trust this, and operate your life according to it!


Those that do, soon after evolve to the next state of consciousness…


6th Density Consciousness - Unity Consciousness

If you recognize that you are divine connected, and if you begin to live your life from that place, it SHOULD logically follow that everyone else is divine connected too! Just as you didn’t previously know this and were blocked to it, it becomes apparent that almost everyone around you is in a similar state of ignorance. But no matter how closed they are to their divine connection, it should be apparent that it is none-the-less present.


Much changes as you spend time at the 6th density. You find oneness within yourself by loving, healing and reintegrating all the lost wounded, traumatised fragments of your soul.


You forgive all of Life. All others are, you realise, other selves. The same great Oneness, in other forms.

You realise that you have contracted for EVERYTHING that ever happened to you. That everything was necessary for your learning, growth and awakening. You let go of pain, rage, fear, grudges, wounds, traumas… and retain the learning, insight, compassion and understanding that they brought you.

Over time, more and more, you slowly become your Divine Self living in, through and as, this mortal self.

Finally here, at this state of consciousness, the 3rd density ego dissolves and is replaced by a new soul-container. A higher-self.


And as your victim-consciousness recedes so it is replaced by creator consciousness, the 7th density of consciousness.


7th Density Consciousness - Creator Consciousness

The 7th is often called the “magical density”. It is at this density that we truly realise our divine creatorhood. We begin to actively, consciously create our reality. Starting small with small changes, we learn to expand our creative potential until, eventually, we are creating (or more likely co-creating) entire new realities.  


We usually cease incarnating before attaining the 7th density.


8th Density - God Consciousness

The awareness that is sparked at the 6th density, that all is truly One, reaches it’s fulfilment at the 8th Density. Here we transcend separation entirely, we cease to be an individual consciousness. We return to Oneness with All That Is. Which is to say, we become, once again, as we have always truly been, an indivisible, inseparable, part of God.


I am told that this is not the end of the journey. That, indeed, it only really begins here. That, though we are fully unified with the Divine, still there is a essence that continues on. But to what end and purpose will remain a great mystery to be uncovered when we all get there…