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dreamer awake

You have arrived on this webpage right now because you are not only searching for the secrets to the transformation of your life... you are actually, finally ready to begin finding them!


That's why you are here right now.


And that's why the video below will be the best 13 minutes you can spend right now because that is exactly where I am ready to guide you. Everything you need is inside of you. The gift I have to give to life is the ability to point you to your most god-like inner self.


The video below is your introduction to the great secret of your own power and how I would love to help youto unlock it.


Watch it now!


...and then read on...



The Dreamer Awake! Experience

Dreamer Awake! is designed to take you from where you are right now, through a carefully crafted journey in which you see, know and feel, in your own experience, as an absolute fact of your existence that you are truly a limitless, powerful, creator being. And not only that, but that you also know HOW to use your creative powers to craft that life you wish to live without ever again getting caught in any of the traps that cause us to create self-destructive, fearful, painful outcomes.


So much for the outcome… but what of the journey itself?  Read on!


How I Will Facilitate This Experience For You

I use every facility that modern technology allows to walk a journey with you – almost as closely as I would if we were in the same room.


I use video and audio to share information with you, offering you detailed guide-books so that you can also follow the text if you wish. But many of the most pivotal discoveries you will have cannot be communicated intellectually. You need to FEEL them yourself. And to this end, I provide you with audio recordings of guided meditations that really TAKE YOU THERE to have these experiences for yourself.


Zingdad’s guided meditations are by far the best I have ever experienced. Those meditations alone have shown me vistas I never dreamed possible! –Sheri, Vancouver


To be sure, what we are talking about here is a profoundly life-altering journey of a lifetime!


As such, it is fully immersive and deeply engaging. It also unfolds in thee modules:

Module 1: Heart and Mind Aligned

Heart and Mind Aligned is a 6-week audio seminar series supported by guided meditations, and experiential home study that takes you to meet your own most divine, gold-like Inner-Self. Thus introduced, you are shown in detailed steps how you can find yourself in conversation with, and how you can live in ever greater resonance with, this great being.


Zingdad is a fantastic facilitator of wholeness and Self-realization. Aligning your heart and mind can open up a whole new world for you as it has for me!

- Jenifer in the USA


If you are truly ready to ascend your consciousness. If you are ready to discover your true power and potential. If you are ready to fall in love with yourself. If you are ready to begin releasing your pain, blockages and limitations... then getting your heart and mind aligned is the first step!


You want to begin taking that step right away. Because what are you waiting for? Right?


But allow me to tell you about the other two modules of Dreamer Awake! that follow on after Heart and Mind Aligned...

Module 2: Shining the Light on Shadow

Do you know that you have a Shadow in your psyche? If you do then you are one of a few. Most people are completely unaware that there is this part of their psyche that is limiting them, blocking them, sabotaging them, causing them to suffer addictions, compulsions, neuroses and all manner of other maladies of the soul.


Despite the fact that EVERYONE here is afflicted with a Shadow, almost no-one knows this. And even fewer seem able to respond their Shadow in such a way that real healing is achieved.


This is not a mistake, though. A dense Shadow is an essential ingredient in keeping us locked in these lives we are living, attached to deep duality.


But you are ready to move on now. That's why you are here. You are ready to not only meet your Inner-Self, not only get into alignment with this great being... but you are actually ready to begin to love, heal and re-integrate your Shadow because that is the only way you are ever going to tear down the self-imposed wall of separation that you have built between the small mortal little ego-self you are currently experiencing yourself to be and the divine limitless eternal Self that you truly are.


Have you ever been for therapy?

I went for years. I was never actually sure what I was hoping to get out of it until I did Shining the Light on Shadow... This really is IT. Really.

All the pain. All the confusion. All the heartache. It's all really Shadow. And now I am REALLY healing it.

I don't have words. Other than "Thank you Zingdad!"

-Elba from Australia


So that's Module 2. I know you are ready to take this leap too... but allow me to  first tell you about, perhaps, the most exiting part of Dreamer Awake!

Module 3: The Tools of Creation

At the very cutting edge of the new awarenesses that are currently being made available to me, this module is still being authored and produced at this time.


When it is complete, The Tools of Creation will offer you deep comprehension on how we create our reality. How we have been doing it unconsciously and mindlessly and how that has caused us to fall to deeper and deeper levels of separation and forgetting. And crucially also how you can now begin going about reality creation in full consciousness and mindfulness. Since you will have completed Heart and Mind Aligned you will be equipped to ensure that your future creations are guided by your own inner-guru, your Inner-Self. And since you will have completed Shining the Light on Shadow you will no longer be prone to create self-destructively. You will be ready to take the Tools of Creation in your hands and... create!

What You Will Receive

Each of the three above-mentioned modules of Dreamer Awake! is offered as a multi-week seminar series. Module 1 is a 6-week series and Module 2 is a 9-week series.


You will be offered introductory videos to help you to get energetically aligned with the material offered. And then each week is offered in audio seminar form that you can listen while you (optionally) also follow along in the comprehensive and detailed workbook text.


Each week you will be given exercises, self-study and/ or guided meditation recordings to listen to, to ensure that you are have the rich, personal experiences that will bring this material to life for you.


And then, if at the conclusion of a seminar session you find yourself to be unclear on something then I offer you Q&A access. You can submit your questions to me for clarification.

How To Sign Up for the Journey of a Lifetime

The journey of a lifetime to your own awakening begins with module 1, Heart and Mind Aligned. You find more detail about Heart and Mind Aligned, read what others had to say about it and sign up for your own journey right here:


Click here for
Module 1 : Heart & Mind Aligned


... and if you are hungry to know more, you can read about Shadow, what it is, how it affects your life... and how I can help you to integrate your shadow on this page:


Click here for 
Module 2 : Shining the Light on Shadow


You can even sign up for BOTH modules right away... and get a 10% discount of the price.


... and if you are still eager for more discovery, you can visit The Tools of Creation page where you can find out more about that exciting journey and be updated on my progress with it's release. 


Click here for
Module 3: The Tools of Creation


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all about Dreamer Awake.



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