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Dear Yoni

by Lisa Picard

dy packshot 300x400



DEAR YONI is a novel about a young woman’s journey from unconscious, to conscious sexuality.


DEAR YONI is written in the form of a pillow book: an intimate collection of letters and memories written by our heroine, Jessica, as she tries to make sense of her relationships, her sexuality, her experiences and her life.


DEAR YONI is light-hearted, funny and irreverent. Sometimes it's naughty... sometimes downright scandalous! It's also uplifting and often deeply touching.


Is DEAR YONI for you?

Have you ever felt a deep yearning for something more in your sex life?

More intimacy, a deeper connection, a desire to be completely seen, and met, by your lover, on every possible level?

Have you ever thought, just like the main character in this book does, that there surely has to be more to sex than simply a mutual scratching of an itch, or a momentary, short-lived release?

Do you yearn to connect your sexuality with your spirituality?

Do you feel, on some soul-deep level, that there could be something deeply sacred about your sexuality? Something that remains forever tantalisingly out of reach in ‘normal’ sexual interactions?


Then this book is for you.


Because, as you will discover, there really is much, much, oh, so much, more to sex!


Join Jessica, our young protagonist, in her search for deeper intimacy, connection and meaning. You're sure to have a lot of fun... and possibly learn a thing or two along the way!


Meet the Author

I interviewed Lisa when the podcast was first being released. View that interview here



Available in Ebook, Audio Podcast and Paperback


DEAR YONI is available in all ebook formats. You may purchase it here below in PDF format. It is available in all other formats (Kindle, EPUB, etc) from Smashwords.

dy cover pdf


Dear Yoni

PDF format

$9.99 USD

I will email your ebook to you within 24 hours of your purchase










Audio Podcast

You are invited to listen to the audio version of this book... delightfully narrated by Lisa herself! Visit the book's website here to begin listening right away totally FREE!  And while you are there you may also view Lisa's video blog as she discusses the themes raised in the book. 



As useful and versatile as an e-book is, many people (including myself!) really DO like the luxury of holding a "real" book in their hands. 


This a beautiful book. It is beautifully bound, the cover is gorgeous and the printing is of the highest quality. We have worked exceptionally hard to make sure that this book will be an absolute pleasure for you to read!


DEAR YONI is available at all major online booksellers. I can recommend making your purchase from here on Amazon or from here at Barnes and Noble.


For customers residing in the United States: You may purchase your copies directly from me. I offer free shipping and handling AND discounts of up to 25% for orders of more than 1 copy. 




DEAR YONI, Softcover

Fully Inclusive of Shipping and Handling


Please note! The below pricing is for economy mail. There is no tracking and no insurance at this price. If you require premium parcel mail then please do use one of the booksellers linked above.



Customers from elsewhere in the world, other than the USA, please make your purchases from here on Amazon or from here at Barnes and Noble.