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Guided Journey #4: The Healing Room





Since releasing the previous Guided Journey (called Your Question Answered), I received the most amazing sequence of promptings to do a Guided Journey to assist with health issues.  I had a series of people contact me either asking questions about health issues or asking me if I was going to deal with body issues in The Ascension Papers or talking to me about their difficulties with their physical well-being.  And then, to top it all, out of the blue Lisa said to me “I think the fourth Guided Journey needs to be about healing the body.”  The synchronicity was just too much!  I had to simply laugh, give in and go with the flow. 

When I sat down to plan the structure of this Guided Journey I was suddenly overcome by an unbearable tiredness.  It is a feeling I know well by now.  Whenever it happens, then I know am being encouraged to either meditate or nap because Spirit wants to show me something.  And so it was.  I had a short meditation and in it, I was taken by the hand and guided:  I was shown what the healing meditation should be like and how it should work.  And I must say I was delighted by the beauty and power of what I was shown.  A magnificent process unfolded in which I came to realise that there was something much more transformative possible than to simply try to ease the symptoms of illness.

What I was given was the essential holistic healing meditation.  While it DOES bring healing to the body, it also does something much more important than that: it recognises that the body is not the enemy and that illness is not, in fact, a bodily dysfunction.  It recognises that the body is actually playing a vital role as teacher in that it uses the illness to shows us what ails us at a deeper, spiritual level:  The deep-level decisions that we have taken and beliefs that we have entrenched about ourselves that are causing us inner-turmoil and conflict are shown to us by the body in a way that is very present and real.  We see these unhelpful ideas and beliefs manifest as physical illness.  If this is true then it becomes obvious that it is in fact these decisions and beliefs that are the root cause of our illnesses - not the body just being "broken" or mis-performing for no real reason!  If we are willing to pay attention to the body and hear what it has to say to us then we may obtain guidance in healing our own inner imbalance.  Healing that inner-imbalance will result in the external symptoms dissipating.  Wellness of the body follows wellness of the psyche.

Certainly it IS possible to just remove the symptoms of the illness.  We can, using medicines and/or various techniques, dull the symptoms and allow ourselves to FEEL better.  But if we have not addressed the root cause the symptoms are very likely to simply recur.  If we block the symptoms from recurring altogether with very powerful medicines or techniques then there is probably bad news coming: the illness will again show itself, but at a “deeper” place in the body and with greater severity.  You see, it is a function of the body that it MUST show you the results of your choices.  It cannot do otherwise.  And you cannot defeat it in this... it simply WILL show you the results of your choices!  If you manage to hide those results from yourself then the body will find another way to show you and next time you will be shown with even greater clarity.  You must be shown!

I used to suffer from very bad chronic sinusitis.  No matter what medications I took the symptoms would at best just go away for a while and then come back worse than ever.  And then I discovered a particular combination of powerful medications that actually managed to completely mask the symptoms.  The result was clear, unblocked sinuses and easy breathing.  I thought I had solved the problem.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  Soon after I suddenly developed asthma - which I had never had before.  I came to understand that it was the suppression of the symptoms in my nose that lead to the same dis-ease being expressed again deeper in my body.

So, you see, we cannot avoid the basic fact – the body WILL show us the results of our choices and beliefs.  And as we can’t avoid this fact, I suggest that we should embrace it!  If we do, then everything changes.  Then we may accept the gift of love and service that the body is offering us by being willing to bring itself pain and discomfort and even death that we should FEEL how our decisions do not serve us.  If we accept this gift then we can look into it instead of denying it and resisting it.  And then we can learn from this beautiful teacher which is the body. 

If we become adept at listening and paying attention then, without a doubt we will see where our decisions are harmful to ourselves.  We will make better decisions and then, as the root-cause of the illness in our psyche is removed, so the body will cease to have to show it to us in physical terms.  Health, balance and wellness of the psyche will result in a very healthy and much loved body.

The process of getting there, however, is seldom straightforward or easy.  It takes time, commitment and patience.  We need to learn to listen – and this comes with practice.  We need to be patient with ourselves on this journey.  And then, too, we often need help to ameliorate uncomfortable symptoms while we are on the journey – it can be hard to listen when you are in real physical discomfort!

And THAT is the point of the guided journey meditation that I was shown:  to obtain a gift of physical healing whilst at the same time doing the even more important work of tuning in to listen, discovering what is at the root of the illness and releasing that seed-thought of dis-ease.

This meditation takes place in a room inside your own personal sacred temple.  For this reason I would recommend that you do the “Your Sacred Temple” Guided Journey first before you do this one as it will bve very helpful for you to be familiar with that space in order to make the most of the Guided Journey to The Healing Room. 

After being shown the meditation myself I arose, formalised the structure of the Guided Journey and recorded it.  And so it is with great pleasure that I can share my learning and experience with you.  You too can now go and visit The Healing Room which has been prepared for you by your Spirit Family inside your Sacred Temple.  

Please note that that this Guided Journey is intended to work alongside and support any care offered by a qualified medical practitioner.  It is NOT intended to replace such qualified medical care.


To Purchase

Simply click on the PayPal button below and I will email you the guided meditation package within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


What you will get

You will be receiving a zip file which will include:

1. A 22-minute (approx) audio recording in MP3 format,

2. Cover art - a piece of original Zingdad fractal art that goes with the recording

3. A text file - the "read me file" with instructions for how to use this item. PLEASE read this file before listening to the MP3.


Almost all computers can now open zip archives as a standard feature. If yours cannot then you can download 7-Zip for Windows for free here. iPad and Android users are advised to visit their respective app stores for a free Zip app. 


PLEASE come back here once you have experienced this meditation and let me know how it went for you, what you learned or understood and if this has helped you with your health.






Guided Journey #4

The Healing Room



Price: $9.99

Please note: I will email you your meditation package within 24 hours of your purchase.






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This meditation should ideally follow on after the Your Sacred Temple guided meditation.

It is also optimally accompanied by the Heal Your Physical Pain and

Release Your Emotional Pain guided mediations.

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Guided Journeys #2, 4, 6 & 7

Open Your Heart,visit Your Sacred Temple and have Your Question Answered



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All 9 Guided Journeys!

Open Your Heart,visit Your Sacred Temple and have Your Question Answered

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