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The latest - and most exciting - additions to this website include:


Adamu Speaks New2

These Adamu articles that are causing a lot of excitement...


1. An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds


2. An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families


3. Adamu on Brexit


4.  Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing… Including the Coming Financial Reset… and the American Elections!


5. The American Elections - A Perspective Offering Hope and Excitement from Adamu


6. The False Political Dichotomy of Left Versus Right - An invitation from Adamu


7. The Starseed Contract and Planetary Ascension


The latest blog article is:


Triggering - And what to do about it!


And the whole "About" section is new with new articles...


Firstly the questions people frequently ask me about me:

An Introduction to Arn "Zingdad" Allingham


Then a fun but enlightening questionnaire that you can use to discover:

Are YOU an Awakening Soul?


And then find out all about:

The Three Types of Awakening Soul



Here are the "about" articles for this website:


An Introduction to Arn "Zingdad" Allingham

Who I am, why the name "Zingdad" and more...


Are You an Awakening Soul?

This website is for "awakening souls". Here is a description of that and a fun questionnaire for you to complete...


The Three Types of Awakening Soul

A deeper discussion on the subject.


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