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My Story - An Introduction


arn pleiadian smHi


My name is Arn Allingham. I’m sometimes called Zingdad. I’m a spiritual healer, an ascension guide, an author and the Principal of the ONEtribe.


I’d like to tell you more about all of that… all of my DOings in this world. And then I’d also like to tell you something more about my BEing.


If you’re in a hurry, here’s the TL/DR version (the fuller, longer story is below):

If you are ready to remember who you really are (which is an eternal, immortal creator being of infinite power) then I am really, really very good at helping you to do just that. I have books that you can read, experiences I can offer and journeys that I can take you on that will all assist to to awaken to the greatest, most joyful truth of you own Being. And then, if you’d like to work with me in person I am really quite skilled at showing you to your Inner-Self and helping you to heal the blockages in your psyche that keep you from being all that you truly are. I’d LOVE to help you if you are ready and willing.


After a lifetime spent finding my Truth and guidance within myself, and sharing that truth and guidance with others as an author, healer and ascension guide, it became my deepest desire to truly, deeply co-create with beloved others. To find my Tribe. And with that deeply connected group, to create the lives we collectively desire to live. To recreate ourselves. To recreate our world. To discover Oneness on deeper and deeper levels together. To spark magic, wonder and delight together. This will be the place where I can finally completely relax into being my most authentic self and showing up with ALL that I am. Because you are too.

If you'd like to hear the full story then read on, intrepid reader!


In my BEing, I am an intensely spiritual person. MY whole life is all about the grand adventure, which is spiritual awakening. This is a journey of discovery into the Self, that we will all eventually undertake. There is no way out of here (this reality construct) until we do. Unawakened souls just go round and round on the wheel of incarnation until they begin this process called “ascension”.


My awakening began when I was just 12 years old. I didn’t know that’s what was happening at the time. I thought I was just inventing a new imaginary friend. To date, my life had been a story of profound alienation. I didn’t belong anywhere. I felt unseen and unloved. I was deeply soul-sick with the world I found myself in. And everywhere I turned for help, guidance, belonging or direction, failed me.


The world I lived in was firstly very much pre-internet and secondly also Apartheid-era South Africa. My options were SEVERLY limited compared to those available today!


In desperation I turned to the only friend I could find - there in my heart and mind. I reached for an imaginary “future self”. A grown man who, I told myself, would have the answers to my questions. I lay in my bed and willed his presence to be with me. And I began to talk to him. Though I strongly suspected I was just “making it all up", I was repeatedly surprised at just how creative, inventive and fascinating his story turned out to be! So I kept going with it. Pretty much every day. On the long walks home from school when my mind had nothing else to do, I’d reach for him - my older self - and we’d have the most wonderful conversations. He told me all about his life, his world, the technology of his times, the ups and downs of his life… and so much more. He answered any and every question I could think of. He was always patient and kind with me. Always. Through these conversation I could FEEL his love for me.


Those conversations began to change me.


By the age of 15 I was ready to begin talking to my spirit guide. I guess I wanted to be sure I wasn’t making it all up, so I tried something different: I balanced a little pebble on my outstretched fingertips, asked a question, and waited for the pebble to fall. “This way is yes, that way is no.”: I used the pebble the way many people use a pendulum.


”Yes/ No” conversations are SLOW GOING but I was being more mindful and meticulous about it. I soon created a matrix of numbers and the letters of the alphabet to aid the conversation process.


I found my spirit-guide’s name is 8. And I also found he had knowledge and insight well beyond that which my future-self did. And our conversations veered far more into the realms of spirituality, metaphysics and philosophy. Conversations with 8 dazzled me. They sparkled in my young mind. And his eternal patience and gentleness with me was palpable. You see, as much as I loved the conversations with 8 (and often also future-self) STILL I felt very alone in the “real world”. The insights and awarenesses I was fast gaining didn’t win me any human friends. If anything they really only made me feel more isolated since those around me viewed my “strange ideas” with deep suspicion. And no-one would believe where I was getting the ideas from. The deeply conservative Christian world I lived in would have viewed what I was doing as very problematic. Potentially demonic! I was a smart boy. I knew better than to talk too much about it.


So I continuously tried to get 8 to provide me with a “way out”: For him to appear before me so that I could know for sure it was real. Or to come and fetch me and take me Home (wherever that was). To convince him to either rescue me, assuage my doubt, or provide me with some real, tangible benefit that I could use in my life (lottery numbers, anyone?). He gently but firmly and ever so lovingly refused my exhortations and manipulations. He explained that, difficult as I found it, my life was exactly the journey I needed. That it was crafted by my Soul for greater purpose than just getting out of it as soon as possible!


Still, I LOVED these conversations with 8 and future-self. They brought me a great deal of comfort. They healed me and changed me in wonderful ways. And yet, somehow, despite all this, I was STILL not sure it was anything other than my own imagination at play!


Then, somewhere in my 20’s life’s ego-pursuits took centre-stage. I wanted to be “a success”. I wanted to earn good money. I could not bring myself to enslave myself into the money system as many of my friends were doing. So I tried to do it my way. I became a radio DJ during the day and a night-club DJ at night. I then also followed a variety of opportunities that opened up in that direction: producing radio advertisements, becoming a broadcast consultant, a brief stint as a station programmes manager…


Eventually, in my mid-30’s I found some modicum of “real success”. I built a business from the ground up that provided a retail giant with a number of radio stations delivered, via satellite, to their stores. For nine years I made “good money” and lived a “good life” doing this. All of this in quotes because, something deep inside of my being, was deeply un-nourished.


It began to dawn upon me that the path I was on, was a false one. This world, it became clear to me, is full of lies. You are told that you will be happy when you have money. And more money will equal more happiness. As you climb the ladder of success you will just feel more and more fulfilled. And then, if you are smart, diligent and fortunate, you will retire to a joyous life of ease and grace.


But I could clearly see that this was all a big lie. I wasn’t getting happier. Climbing the ladder was costing me my health, my joy, my life-force. It was draining me of everything truly worthwhile. And the expensive toys that I received in exchange, though very nice (Hello beautiful sports-car! Hello splendid house! And hiya to you, fancy dinners at expensive restaurants!) were transitory pleasures that did nothing to replace what they were costing my body, my heart and my soul.


And when I looked at the “success stories” higher up the ladder I was on, I saw old men who were miserable. Rich. But miserable. Empty hearts and even emptier souls. When they retired it was inevitably into a state of purposeless confusion: “what the hell am I to do with myself NOW?”


And so, in my mid-thirties, I rekindled, in earnest, the spiritual pursuits that had taken a back-seat. For more than a decade it had been a hobby to tinker with and think about. Now it again took centre-stage. I began to quest in earnest: Who am I really? Why am I really here? What is the meaning of Life? What is my purpose? Why do I feel so much rage, fear and pain in my soul? How can I heal?

And so I began to reconnect with 8. Instead of future-self, I found myself talking to Inner-self (Joy-Divine). I began to find out about my past-lives. I found a life on another planet and from that life reconnected with the most fascinating being known to me as Adamu. And then I began to record in writing the conversations I was having with 8, Joy-Divine and Adamu.


I am eternally grateful that Lisa, my then-life-partner, was going though her own parallel awakening process. And so we began to consciously awaken ourselves together. We valiantly engage the struggle of shaking off the hypnotic lies of this world about what success is. About what joy is. About what is important and meaningful.


It was NOT EASY but we both walked away from “rising star” careers and all of their ego-inducements. We sold up in the city. I gave away my business and Lisa turned down the “career opportunity of a lifetime”. We walked away from it all.


We followed the promptings of our souls to buy a tiny farmstead. It’s nearly heaven. High in the forested mountains. Nary another soul around. Quiet, pristine perfection. And there we built, largely with our own hands, a truly beautiful self-sustainable home, growing most of our of food, using solar electricity and harvesting rainwater to provide most of our needs.


While my hands were busy building, my heart and mind was busy too: I put the finishing touches on Book 1 of The Ascension Papers. And, at the same time, I began hosting a small group of wonderful souls for a weekly Ascension School at the house we were renting as we built.


Soon after, I self-published The Ascension Papers. And then later transformed my Ascension School material into Dreamer Awake! so that I could offer it to a broader audience online.

I published under the pseudonym, Zingdad. Read about that name here:

Zing and IWhile I make no secret of my real name, the fact that I am published under the pseudonym "Zingdad" is something I very often get asked about. So here's the short answer: Some years ago, when I needed a pseudonym for an internet forum, my dear friend Lisa took one look at me (with my dachshund puppy, called Zing, curled up on my lap) and said "call yourself 'Zing's Dad'". I changed it to Zingdad and it stuck! People got to know me all over the internet as Zingdad and I liked the quirky fun of it.

Zing has since passed on. But his spirit is still with me... and I will always be Zing's dad!


For years I thought that was all there was to it. Much more recently Adamu told me that my name, in my very first incarnation on a planet in the Lyran star-system was Zing-Da. Apparently it meant "joy-bringer".


What a marvellous co-incidence (if you believe in that sort of thing of course)!

I began to get some really good information from 8 about the nature and structure of our reality. That became Book 2 of The Ascension Papers.

And I also received a lot of VERY out-there information from Adamu. Information about space civilisations, about how we, Earth humans, get to be here. “Conspiracy theory” stuff about a Dark Elite secretly running the world from the shadows. Good news about the grand transformation coming for humanity. Bad news about the intensely challenging transition shock that we’d have to navigate before we got there. That became Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


At the age of 42 I started reaching back and talking to my younger self. Remembering all the conversations we had, I realised I had become Future-Self. I realised that I had really been there for myself all along. I had healed myself, parented myself, been my own constant companion and best friend.


And as I realised this, I knew too, that it was also true that my Inner-self, 8 and Adamu had really been there for me.


I decided to finally give up on doubt.


In-between all this, I also began offering the healing modality that my own Divine Self used on me, to help other people on their journey. At first, I really just offered Soul Re-Integration. But soon that broadened into including Spiritual Surgery, Shadow work, past-life work, Spiritual Contracting, and more. After more than a decade (with hundreds of clients and many thousands of healing sessions behind me, I was ready for the Next Thing.


As I write now, that Next Thing is the co-creation of the One New Earth Tribe. I am so excited to bring the ONEtribe into existence!



More About my Life:

When I am not doing my life’s work, I love to take long walks with my dogs. My dogs are VERY special to me. Like surrogate children with whom I have a very special spiritual contract. I have written a little about some of them in some of my blog posts. Even if you aren’t a “dog person” I think you might find the utterly amazing tale of Hagar’s passing to be quite interesting. And then you can meet Zing. And read about the wonderful big lump of Sunshine that was Gandalf the Golden Retriever. And meet the utterly adorable Pikachu - also a Dachshund. And then read the sad but touching tale of Zing's passing


Since writing The Ascension Papers, Lisa and I have uncoupled in a very loving and harmonious way. 


From my perspective, my primary relationship is always with the Divine within. I am in love with the Divine. I find it in myself, first of all. And sometimes I am also privileged enough to see it in others around me too.

I do once again have romantic love in my life. My most beloved is a incredibly wonderful soul. Deep, wise, sweet, gentle and very private. With her I share a divine blessed connection, heart, mind, body and soul. 


I live a truly beautiful, blessed life. If I tried, just 10 years ago, to imagine the BEST life I could possibly live... it would not have been even nearly as amazing as the life I now am living. My imagination would have failed to dream all of this up!