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Dreamer Awake!
Module 3 : The Tools of Creation


Joyful… ecstatic… life altering… completely transformative…

These are just some of the words we can use to describe the 18-week, highly experiential and totally immersive journey that is the Tools of Creation.


But, what exactly ARE the Tools of Creation?

The Tools of Creation are a set of practical tools to recreate your reality by aligning your incarnated self with your Divine Self. This process opens a timeline in which your most desired outcome is created using Unity conscious, or 7th dimensional magic.


The secret about reality creation is… you are already doing it RIGHT NOW! 

You are always, incessantly, creating your reality. From the centre of your being outwards, you are projecting your entire reality. You, yourself, are the ultimate tool of creation. You are inherently magical. Your life is the great magic ritual by which you are creating your experience. And your body is your very own magic wand. 


However, most of us create unconsciously and then we experience a mix of outcomes in our lives; some of which we like, and others which we don’t like very much at all.


This journey, The Tools of Creation, will be teaching you how to create consciously. How to awaken your own creator nature. How to raise and utilise the potential energy of the Universe to drive your creation. How to be the conduit for all that power. How to become a catalyst for change in the world… to the greatest possible good for all.


The Tools of Creation
is a journey into the power and
 the light of the magic of your very own being.


Is The Tools of Creation for you?

This journey is definitely NOT for everyone. It requires deep commitment and total engagement with the process. Most are still too attached to their victim-hood. Too attached to NOT being a creator to be able to engage in this journey. And if such beings were to attempt this process, they would find much of value in it but, ultimately, they would find themselves becoming frustrated with it and would give up. It's not that this is so difficult to do... it is just that the journey itself is a filter. Only those who have attained 5th density consciousness (the Self Responsible density) will be able to engage this journey. Only those who are serious about spiritual awakening and growth should attempt this work.


And if this journey IS for you, you will find it to be a joyful, engaging, transformative, sometimes challenging, often surprising, and even delightful adventure into reality creation.


Along the way you will learn a number of unexpected skills. You will discover a whole new relationship with your own body, your own energy body, your mind and your heart.


Your guide on this journey

Zingdad will be personally guiding you along this journey, with the powerful assistance of Master 8 (his spirit guide, the holder of the 8th Gate) as well as Adamu (of the Pleiadian Monad), Joy-Divine (the Consciousness Construct Holder), Llualarth (Zingdad’s Body Deva) as well as guest appearances by friends who each hold a puzzle-piece of the greater picture.


What You Can Expect

The Tools of Creation are a series of deep video engagements, guided meditations, audio and other materials. This course is truly packed with unique content; much of it never before seen.


Each day you are guided on a stepwise, experiential journey with Zingdad, as you learn a number of seemingly simple, almost mundane, skills over a period of eighteen weeks. But you will be surprised and delighted to discover how these simple aspects are magically transformed into incredible outcomes when the course culminates in a three-day intensive “Great Working”.


The weeks leading up to that ritual will be your preparation. During these preparations your life will change. Your heart will heal. Your body will become healthier. Your mind will be more free and peaceful. 


This is definitely NOT head magic. Zingdad is not trying to make you believe anything. You will have a deeply embodied, personal experience that will, quite literally, change your life!


All dependent, of course, on YOU. On where you begin, and on how deeply you choose to engage this process.  


Each week's video is offered as a downloadable recording that you will find on your access page... which means that you are free to engage with the material at your own convenience and pace. And there are as many as 12 videos per day in the final three days in which your experience will peak and crescendo.


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The Tools of Creation

Video Seminar Series


Module 3 of Dreamer Awake!


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Dreamer Awake!

Multimedia Seminar Series

All three modules of Dreamer Awake!, including:

Heart and Mind Aligned

Shining the Light on Shadow


The Tools of Creation


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