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Dreamer Awake!
All three modules of Dreamer Awake! are now available!


The final module, The Tools of Creation, is now open for enrolment!



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dreamer awake

Dreamer Awake!
Module 1 : Heart and Mind Aligned

The first module of Dreamer Awake! is called Heart & Mind Aligned (please first read the background info about Dreamer Awake! before reading the info on this page).


Heart and Mind Aligned is a deeply immersive, life-changing, 6-week process that takes you to meet your own limitless, divine Inner-Self. You will begin to develop a new relationship with your Inner-Self; learning to communicate with, and be guided by, this most magnificent being!


To find this connection is to find your own deepest truth and knowing.

It is to find your connection to the infinite and to the divine.

And this is the foundation upon which our journey together is built.


I cannot tell you the feelings that flooded through me when I opened my heart connection. It was quite overwhelming. Weeks later I am still trying to come to terms with the power of this. What a revelation!
Carrie-Anne - USA


In this stage of the journey we also look at your blockages and limiting beliefs in a new way: understanding what they have to teach you so that you can finally release them.


I can’t believe how I misunderstood my own life! I was struggling with the same basic issue my whole life. Then in a session of Heart and Mind Aligned it all clicked into place for me. I suddenly understood how I was bringing this mess into my life, what it all meant and how to heal myself of this particular drama forever. All I can say is ‘Wow! I get it now!’ Shane – USA


When you conclude Heart and Mind Aligned, you’ll feel and KNOW your connection to your own divine, limitless self. You’ll be in contact with this greater version of yourself and you’ll know how to find your own truth on any subject. You will have a tool set to deal with your limitations and blockages. You will be on your way to becoming the greatest version of yourself imaginable!


And this is just the first module of Dreamer Awake!


Once you have completed Heart and Mind Aligned, you will be ready to immerse yourself in the next two modules, Shining the Light on Shadow, and then The Tools of Creation.


What You Will Receive

Heart and Mind Aligned is presented to you in six discrete sessions, each taking a week to complete. You will receive abundant information and support for each week's session, including videos, detailed guidebooks, a pod-cast audio seminar to listen to as you work through the work-book and guided meditations to experience - all of this in an easily downloadable electronic format laid out with step-by-step instruction on your very own access page!


hama product range


Six Videos: Each about 15 minutes in duration; each video opens the week's interaction with energy and intention alignment.

Six Audio Seminars: After the video, you’ll be ready to listen to the 90 minute (approx) audio seminar for the week. This is the heart of the material.

Six Guidebooks: A comprehensive, detailed guidebook is offered with each seminar session for you to either follow along, or to refer back to.

Six Guided Meditations: If the Audio Seminar is where the information is shared, then the Guided Meditations are where you FEEL and KNOW what is shared to be true. This is where you have your own discoveries of awakening.

Personal Live Support: It sometimes happens that soul-deep work of this nature brings issues to the surface that you might feel require direct, personal support to process. To this end I offer an up to 50% discount for personal sessions for those enrolled in any of the Dreamer Awake! modules.







Heart & Mind Aligned

Seminar Series

including videos, audio seminars, guided meditations

and guidebooks...

all for just:


Please note: I will email you your download links within 24 hours of your purchase.






Dreamer Awake!

Multimedia Seminar Series


All three modules of Dreamer Awake!, including:

Heart and Mind Aligned

Shining the Light on Shadow


The Tools of Creation


Save $100! Now only


Please note: I will email you your access page links within 24 hours of your purchase.









What Others are Saying About Their Experiences with Heart and Mind Aligned


​Hello Arn,
Heart And Mind Aligned is wonderful. I loved all the information and the meditations are magic, it all just flowed perfectly. Each part better than the last.
At the very beginning, I think you said four words and I was in. I came to this with a lot of work already and grew and gained so much more.  I have been in Bali for the last two weeks of HAMA, and feel so lucky to be here and really focusing on this work. So as I start Shining The Light On Shadow I want to say thank you. Very much.
Peter from Australia

Arn is the real deal.

It's as simple as that.

There are so many "gurus" out there making promises. But when you engage with them there is nothing behind the mask. Arn is exactly the opposite. He seems to always "under promise and over deliver". Because what you get with Arn is a real human being who has walked the journey. Who shares from his deep well of wisdom with clarity and generosity.

Every single engagement I have had with Arn, from reading The Ascension Papers to private sessions to Guided Mediation recordings to Heart and Mind Aligned has been profound. Life changing. I cannot recommend his offerings highly enough!

- Dwayne from California


Have you ever been for therapy?

I went for years. I was never really sure what I was hoping to get out of it until I did Shining the Light on Shadow... the second module of Dreamer Awake. Zingdad sent it to me as a kind of a "preview" before it was released. He said he thought it was exactly what I needed. He was totally right. This really is IT. Really.

All the pain. All the confusion. All the heartache. It's all really Shadow. And now I am REALLY healing it.

I don't have words. Other than "Thank you Zingdad!"

-Elba from Australia


Wow, what a life-changing experience! Thank you, Zingdad, for all that you do! You helped me to get my "heart and mind aligned" and I have to say that has to be the best thing that has happened to my life. Now I am connected and tuned-in!

It's funny - I thought I was coming to you for some help with relationship and work issues. I had no idea how those issues were exactly what I needed to point the way to what was really going on inside me. And now that I understand that, now I feel my whole life is really taking off. I simply cannot thank you enough!

- Kara Thomas


The only reason NOT to do Heart and Mind Aligned with Arn is if you really want to hang on to all your problems and frustrations. And who wants that?

When I signed up for this course with Arn I had hit rock bottom. I just could not carry on with my life as it was. So I looked for help. I wanted a guru. Thank God I found Arn instead because he showed me that I didn't need a guru, all I needed was to connect with the magnificent, wise, divine being that is inside of me! His guidance is so clear, steadfast, patient, loving and not to mention full of humour that I was able to work my way through the blockages that were keeping me from seeing my own light. The course was amazing! And his book, The Ascension Papers seems like it was written just for me. What a joy to find someone that could really help me to find myself!

- Andi from Canada


Zingdad is super organized and thorough: presenting rich content with warmth, clarity and care. In addition, he shares liberally of his personal experiences, (rather than rehashing what's been popularized) which allows for a uniquely intimate exchange

The techniques, processes and additional materials that he includes, truly round out and reinforce the lessons in every possible way, accommodating all different learning styles and approaches.
I have personally gathered many pearls of wisdom and have experienced profound insights throughout the course that have raised my level of consciousness.
Deeply grateful and with love,
Katherine from the U.S.


I have been on a spiritual path for 20 years now. In that time I felt like I had really searched very far, wide and deeply. And I probably had. But what I found in Zingdad (Arn) was someone that has a wonderful ability to take complex spiritual concepts and make them simple and applicable. What I am saying is that he helped me to see that I already had all the knowledge and wisdom that I needed within myself... but that I just needed to be living it. And then showed me how to do just that! Zingdad's Heart and Mind Aligned course will enlighten and delight no matter where you are on your spiritual journey and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Gary Jules in the UK


In Heart and Mind Aligned, Zingdad came through as usual with practical tools to reconnect with what is really important.  Creating ones reality doesn't happen from a whimsical wish for things to change on the outside, but instead from a focused intent to make the difference from within.  I find Zingdad's tools always assist me to center on heart and healing, bringing me into realignment with my higher self.

- GP (Saskatchewan, Canada)


I uncovered and removed so many blockages...this was invaluable!

- Scott from the USA


Dear Arn,

I am so deeply in Gratitude and Appreciation for all that you offer to humanity...

All your products: written, audio, video, and meditations are transforming so many to a better understanding of ascending to a higher dimension...

Helping to understand the past and being in the present, in the NOW,

To work with unconditional love and compassion, embracing and loving the self.

I have no words to really express how much I enjoyed every moment of the precious Being of Love that you are...

I look forward to working with you soon again and again...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

With Infinite Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love,

- Maria de Lourdes Pedro Matias


“Know thyself” two such small words for something that can be very difficult to accomplish. With an open mind, and an open heart, you can however do exactly this… know thyself. Zingdad's schooling is a great place to start to get to know yourself. It does not come without effort, and cannot be attained by doing nothing. Only determination and the will to grow can open the doors, however once the doors are open, and this is exactly what Zingdad's school teaches, possibilities are limitless.

There is more to knowing yourself in this school, and the unique way Zingdad presents this material, and proposes the unity concept is all here. We are provided with an online experience of "class" which we can share our experiences with others who have enrolled in this activity. This form of "schooling" is great for getting people all across the world together, to learn and teach each other. It also provides insight to knowing ourselves, as a unit, or as a whole.

Eliminating the duality consciousness which our present world teaches us from day one, is a road traveled, and I believe best experienced under guided meditations. If one is experienced in meditation, or not, makes no difference upon the value received by the guided meditations. I am very grateful for the experience of Zingdad, and his guided meditations, as well as the ability to communicate directly with him, and others in the class from all over the world, shows exactly how similar we all really are. Know yourself and become One, is one of the greatest gifts I have received.

- Robert in Canada


This came at the perfect time. It is truly transformation for yourself and others in your life. Thanks, Zingdad!!

- Nikki in Maui