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The Three Types of Awakening Soul

(This article follows on from Are You an Awakening Soul which I do recommend you read first)


So you are an awakening soul who is looking for ways to access the truth within your own heart. You’ve come to the right place, as it is my soul's purpose to point others to the truth within their own hearts.


But what are we awakening from, and what are we awakening to?


This can vary greatly depending on your greater soul’s story. I’d like to briefly sketch for you some of the possible soul stories. Yours might be one of these:


Earth Souls

On average, most of the people on Earth have evolved spiritually right here. That is to say that their souls began here as simple 1st density entities. At some point their soul group evolved and they began to embody 2nd density forms and then, after further growth, these beings began to self-identify and transitioned to 3rd density consciousness. At this point they became ready to be born into human bodies. Some of these Earth souls are, at this time, making the leap to fourth (and even higher) levels of consciousness. Ascending Earth souls are a precious thing indeed, imbued as they are with the very deepest love and understanding of what it means to be “of the Earth”.


Since "most" humans are Earth Souls, it is quite difficult to talk about the unique attributes of Earth Souls. But what I can say is that Earth Souls that are awakening and ascending their consciousness can often exhibit some of the following attributes:


Evolving as they do from, and within, a group of their own kind, Earth Souls can often display the most profound compassion for others. So much so that they are often seen to be almost unnaturally empathic. They seem to feel, know and understand what others are feeling without a word being shared. And it is this capacity for compassion that often causes Earth Souls to be remarkably self-sacrificing. The propensity to feel that all humanity is one family will sometimes lead them to be willing to put the interests of others above their own. And this very attribute often slows the spiritual growth of the Earth Soul as they often do not wish to advance ahead and leave others behind. They want to bring the whole world with them, wherever they go. The spiritually advanced Earth Soul is quite likely to utter a notion such as, "I will not ascend from this place until every other soul is able to come with me." Such is their self-sacrificing compassion.


As a result of all of the above, it is so that Earth Souls can tend to evolve in groups. So much so that the difference between someone being another part of the same group and being a parallel incarnation can blur. So Earth Souls evolve and ascend together. Their travel through incarnations occurs in large "soul groups" that interact with each other, over and over again, lifetime after lifetime of ever shifting roles and relationships.


Belonging is certainly a key concept for the Earth Soul. As a result of this, the Earth Soul might very well choose to belong to a religion (or some other similar affiliation) even though, in their heart, they may feel a dissonance with it. This is because the benefit of belonging socially outweighs the cost of subscribing to something that they don't, in their heart of hearts, feel to be "right" for them.


Earth Souls sometimes develop a special affinity for the animals or plants of Earth. This connection often seems to be of such a deep and ancient nature that it seems as if the Earth Soul is spiritually related to that particular animal or plant. Perhaps this speaks to the evolution of the soul group? Perhaps "before" all human incarnations began, the soul group experienced incarnation in other forms, and therefore retain a deep memory and affiliation from that time?  As an example, one Earth Soul I met was adamant that he was, spiritually, a wolf. He had had many, many incarnations as a human but, for all that, he felt as if he somehow was, spiritually, a wolf. This may be the origin of the notion of a totem animal or a power animal? But I am speculating here. The point being that Earth Souls often seem to have some fundamental affinity with some aspect of nature.


But to be sure, though most humans walking planet Earth today evolved here, not everyone did! So, if some did not arise spiritually from this place… where DID they come from?



One fairly common point of origin for those who come from “elsewhere” is those who arose upon another planet, elsewhere in this galaxy or even beyond, in a very similar way in which Earth Souls arose upon Earth. Typically, Starseeds have evolved up to the third or fourth density of consciousness upon their home planet and then come to Earth for an incarnation or two. Increasing numbers of Starseeds have been incarnating upon Earth over the last number of decades, such that there are quite a good number of Starseeds here now (though I could not hazard a guess as to the actual number).


Starseeds usually arrive with a mission. They have accepted a spiritual contract to come here to assist in raising the vibration of planet Earth as we undergo a collective shift in consciousness. Starseeds have very often willingly taken a step down in consciousness… willingly being born into a system more dense than “home” so as to bring their gift to this place. Perhaps this is courage. Perhaps foolhardiness. Or perhaps it is the profoundest compassion. For, certainly, life in the Earth-Human society is often very hard on Starseeds.


Here are some attributes common to many Starseeds:


1. Starseeds often struggle, for the duration of their life, with a sense of alienation; a feeling of not-belonging. This arises from a pre-cognitive awareness that they are not "home"... and worse... that they will never (in this lifetime at least) see "home" again.


2. This feeling of alienation is often exacerbated by being born into a family (of Earth Souls?) who patently "belong" together. Being the obviously odd one in the family is often just the beginning, as this experience of being "odd" will follow many Starseeds for their entire life. Somehow "fitting in" is something that seldom happens until they meet other Starseeds... and then they often suddenly feel "got" or understood and this feels wonderful. Like finding their "real" family for the first time.


3. Starseeds are often UFO nuts. Often they come from space cultures that had space-faring technology. And so the notion of "seeing a UFO" does not feel strange to many Starseeds. Indeed they often report the idea that the UFO's inhabitants are "my people"  rather than "aliens".


4. And, if not UFO nuts, then at least stargazers. Starseeds often have a pre-cognitive awareness that "home" is "out there". 


5. Starseeds will often escape into flights of creative fantasy and build ideal "dream worlds" in their minds. On the one hand this is due to their difficulties in integrating with this world. And on the other, this is due to their pre-cognitive awareness that they are here to assist in this world's transformation. And on the third hand (why not?) they bear a deep-seated memory of a society that was (usually) more harmonious, peaceful, gentle and advanced than that currently found upon Earth.


6. This propensity to escapism can also draw the Starseed to altered states of consciousness. In its light aspect this can lead to meditation and the mindful, productive use of entheogens. In its dark aspect this can make the Starseed prone to abusing drugs, alcohol or other means to escape this world and the pain they feel in it. In so doing they fail to engage and fail to enact their spiritual mission (as they originally intended) and this only compounds the problem and makes them more self destructive. Starseeds are prone to depression if they don't take control of their lives and their experiences. They may also be prone to a variety of psychoses and neuroses due to the spiritual fracturing that they feel here on Earth and the disparity with the levels of consciousness and spiritual state of their home world.


7. On the upside, if the Starseed can become sufficiently grounded to convert their flights of fantasy into something productive, they can be seen to be HIGHLY creative; often prodigiously so. They often seem to be able to pull the most ingenious ideas, concepts and awarenesses "out of thin air". Because, of course, they are accessing soul-deep memories from elsewhere!


8. Starseeds are quite likely to be poorly adapted to this planet in any number of ways. Perhaps they seem to be "allergic to everything". Perhaps they are photo-sensitive, declaring it always to be "too bright". Perhaps they find it to always be too hot - or too cold. There are many possible variations for Starseeds whose physicality is demonstrating their spiritual alienation here upon planet Earth.


It isn't easy being a Starseed! But when they "get it together" and begin to enact their soul purpose... look out!  They will change the world in the most magnificent ways!


So, Starseeds are like Earth Souls, except that they are "visiting" for a lifetime or two. There is a third group that I would like to tell you about - those who originate from outside of this system of reality altogether - the Light Bringers.



If Earth Souls are in the majority here, then Starseeds make up the majority of non-Earth Souls. Light-Bringers make up a very, very small minority.


Light Bringers are spirit entities that did not evolve inside this reality at all. Light-Bringers are so called because they are the part of that greater being that is tasked with bringing that being's essential energy or "Light" here to this place. Light-Bringers are here for something very particular. But before they can enact this purpose, they first have to utterly forget their own true nature so that they might lose themselves completely in this separation reality. Without this forgetting they will not be able to find their way down to the dense depths of consciousness where incarnation takes place. Which is what the Light Bringers had intended for themselves: to carry their Light right to the deepest core of this reality. The reason this is necessary is a little complex to explain. Essentially, if their Light is present here, then it will be possible to find it echoing throughout all the rest of the reality. So the Light Bringers first lose themselves utterly and forget all that they are and all that they know. And then, in this deep state of forgetting, they incarnate upon planet Earth (or another similar venue, deep in duality). And then their task is to find their way to sufficient healing that they might again begin to remember who they are so that they might shine the light they went to all that effort to bring into this reality.


It's a bit difficult to make generalised statements about Light-Bringers since they are not "a group". Each one is a manifestation of a completely unique entity. And that, perhaps, is the only real unifying characteristic: When you meet a Light-Bringer you will quite likely be struck by the awareness that this person is "one of a kind". That they are quite unlike anyone else you have ever met. The awakening Light-Bringer will also begin to show their Light. As they find it, so they express it. And this will inevitably result in them somewhat standing out in any crowd. You'll notice a Light-Bringer when you meet one!


Light-Bringers find their way to this level of reality via all manner of possible paths. And so we encounter the notion of beings coming here "from the angelic realms" or via a few incarnations on other planets (making those Light-Bringers also seem to be Starseeds) and so on. The possible permutations are too varied to contemplate. But when one comes to understand the origin of the soul, Light Bringers are different from other beings in that they first descended into this reality before finding themselves. They first fragmented themselves before beginning to reintegrate themselves. Earth-Souls and Starseeds, by contrast, originated spiritually from within this reality.


Though I know that all beings are ultimately one with me, still I have a special love in my heart for Earth’s awakening souls. Because I know how hard it is to do this here. Because I am one of you. And of all the awakening souls, I have a special, special place in my heart for Light-Bringers. Because you are my “family” here in this place of deep forgetting. Because I am one of you.


Other Paths

There are, of course, more paths than the three I have discussed above. I haven't specifically tried to discern all the paths. I have simply, as a by-product of the healing work I do, become aware of these three. And it is anyway not my intention to try to catalogue every possible path by which a soul may arise and travel through this reality since it doesn’t really matter a great deal by which path you have traveled. All is of consciousness. And ultimately all is One. All come from the Oneness and all return, eventually, to the Oneness. So there is certainly no sense in which any of these paths are “better” than any other. No sense in which one is “more valuable” than any other. Each path is merely one way in which consciousness can find its way to this here and now.


What is important is that YOU are here now. You have your "boots on the ground". You have made it to planet Earth at this pivotal time of the planetary spiritual evolution. And, right on cue, you are awakening.


What is REALLY important is how you now make your way forward.


The Ascending Lifetime

Excepting for special circumstances, each soul really only has one ascending lifetime. You see, no matter where you come from or how you got here, we all have this in common: Every single person born on Earth is born into duality. That is to say, as our spirit being integrated with the new tiny baby body when we were born, we brought with us a belief that there was nothing divine about ourselves. To be born into this duality reality we all had to have separated ourselves utterly from our own true god-like nature. We had to believe that we were small, weak, vulnerable, mortal and powerless. We had to believe that we were victims. In THAT state of “original sin” we were born here. Which is really why almost everyone here believes the truth is outside of themselves (as discussed in “Are you an awakening soul?”).


So we all have the same starting point. Perfect forgetting and absolute victimhood. That is the level of consciousness you must bear to be born into a duality reality such as this one. And you can maintain that level of awareness for as long as you like. You can attach yourself to the illusion for many lifetimes. Some manage to do this for thousands of lifetimes. Some, like myself, are not quite so robust and aim for awakening in the minimum number of lifetimes. But, again, neither many nor few lifetimes is “better”. It’s just whatever is right for you.


The point is, when you do begin to awaken spiritually, you begin to let go of the illusion. You begin to find your truth. You begin to heal. You begin to see your own light, your own magnificence, the beauty of your own soul. You begin to remember and fall in love with that which you truly are.


And this means, of course, that you raise your vibration. You transform yourself. You elevate your consciousness. And so, if you then leave this mortal life, you do not again return here. Because you are then no longer of this level of awareness. You either leave incarnation behind entirely or you move on to a different kind of life in a different kind of reality. A kinder, more loving, place. A place of less destructiveness. A place of greater harmony with your own true nature.


And here is the crucial point I am getting at:


You can have a thousand lives on the wheel of reincarnation if you like, returning to this level of reality over and over again. But you can only have ONE ascending lifetime. And, since you are reading this, I am assuming you are engaged in your ascending lifetime. You are on your way up and out of this place.


Yes, you WILL be able to return here as a teacher or a master if you choose. That does happen. It’s a hard path, but some feel such love and compassion for this place and its people that they choose that. But that’s a choice. Which is a very different thing than HAVING to come back, over and over again, because that is the level of consciousness you are stuck at!


What I am saying here is: you have THIS LIFE to strike out from the deep, deep depths of consciousness you were born with and to reach as far and as high as you can. Because you will still be here on this Earth with your “boots on the ground” while you do so. You will, in THIS lifetime, be able to bring to bear all the light and beauty and grace that your soul has to offer. To give your gift. To shine your light. To sing your song. So that, when you are done here and you walk away, you will do so with a heart brimming with joy and satisfaction that you did “right by yourself”.


I find, as I do this, it is my joy and my self-created purpose to shine my Light in such a way that others are pointed to their own hearts. That others see their own true nature. That others are awakened to their own beauty, perfection and divinity. And, really, that was the purpose of this article: to offer you a gentle, loving, waking nudge. Are you one of these? Are you an Earth Soul? Or a Starseed? Or a Light-Bringer, like me? It really is easier to heal and find your purpose and Light when you begin to remember your origins, since that is the context for the life-story you are now telling yourself.


If you would like help remembering, then I can certainly assist. I am quite adept at using hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques to allow others to access their soul-deep memories. Contact me for Past-Life Work if you need such assistance!