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The Three Types of Awakening Soul

(This article follows on from Are You an Awakening Soul which I do recommend you read first)


So you are an awakening soul who is looking for ways to access the truth within your own heart. You’ve come to the right place, as it is my soul's purpose to point others to the truth within their own hearts.


But what are we awakening from, and what are we awakening to?


This can vary greatly depending on your greater soul’s story. I’d like to briefly sketch for you some of the possible soul stories. Yours might be one of these:


Earth Souls

On average, most of the people on Earth have evolved spiritually right here. That is to say that their souls began here as simple 1st density entities. At some point their soul group evolved and they began to embody 2nd density forms and then, after further growth, these beings began to self-identify and transitioned to 3rd density consciousness. At this point they became ready to be born into human bodies. Some of these Earth souls are, at this time, making the leap to fourth (and even higher) levels of consciousness. Ascending Earth souls are a precious thing indeed, imbued as they are with the very deepest love and understanding of what it means to be “of the Earth”.


Since "most" humans are Earth Souls, it is quite difficult to talk about the unique attributes of Earth Souls. But what I can say is that Earth Souls that are awakening and ascending their consciousness can often exhibit some of the following attributes:


Evolving as they do from, and within, a group of their own kind, Earth Souls can often display the most profound compassion for others. So much so that they are often seen to be almost unnaturally empathic. They seem to feel, know and understand what others are feeling without a word being shared. And it is this capacity for compassion that often causes Earth Souls to be remarkably self-sacrificing. The propensity to feel that all humanity is one family will sometimes lead them to be willing to put the interests of others above their own. And this very attribute often slows the spiritual growth of the Earth Soul as they often do not wish to advance ahead and leave others behind. They want to bring the whole world with them, wherever they go. The spiritually advanced Earth Soul is quite likely to utter a notion such as, "I will not ascend from this place until every other soul is able to come with me." Such is their self-sacrificing compassion.


As a result of all of the above, it is so that Earth Souls can tend to evolve in groups. So much so that the difference between someone being another part of the same group and being a parallel incarnation can blur. So Earth Souls evolve and ascend together. Their travel through incarnations occurs in large "soul groups" that interact with each other, over and over again, lifetime after lifetime of ever shifting roles and relationships.


Belonging is certainly a key concept for the Earth Soul. As a result of this, the Earth Soul might very well choose to belong to a religion (or some other similar affiliation) even though, in their heart, they may feel a dissonance with it. This is because the benefit of belonging socially outweighs the cost of subscribing to something that they don't, in their heart of hearts, feel to be "right" for them.


Earth Souls sometimes develop a special affinity for the animals or plants of Earth. This connection often seems to be of such a deep and ancient nature that it seems as if the Earth Soul is spiritually related to that particular animal or plant. Perhaps this speaks to the evolution of the soul group? Perhaps "before" all human incarnations began, the soul group experienced incarnation in other forms, and therefore retain a deep memory and affiliation from that time?  As an example, one Earth Soul I met was adamant that he was, spiritually, a wolf. He had had many, many incarnations as a human but, for all that, he felt as if he somehow was, spiritually, a wolf. This may be the origin of the notion of a totem animal or a power animal? But I am speculating here. The point being that Earth Souls often seem to have some fundamental affinity with some aspect of nature.


But to be sure, though most humans walking planet Earth today evolved here, not everyone did! So, if some did not arise spiritually from this place… where DID they come from?



One fairly common point of origin for those who come from “elsewhere” is those who arose upon another planet, elsewhere in this galaxy or even beyond, in a very similar way in which Earth Souls arose upon Earth. Typically, Starseeds have evolved up to the third or fourth density of consciousness upon their home planet and then come to Earth for an incarnation or two. Increasing numbers of Starseeds have been incarnating upon Earth over the last number of decades, such that there are quite a good number of Starseeds here now (though I could not hazard a guess as to the actual number).


Starseeds usually arrive with a mission. They have accepted a spiritual contract to come here to assist in raising the vibration of planet Earth as we undergo a collective shift in consciousness. Starseeds have very often willingly taken a step down in consciousness… willingly being born into a system more dense than “home” so as to bring their gift to this place. Perhaps this is courage. Perhaps foolhardiness. Or perhaps it is the profoundest compassion. For, certainly, life in the Earth-Human society is often very hard on Starseeds.


Here are some attributes common to many Starseeds:


1. Starseeds often struggle, for the duration of their life, with a sense of alienation; a feeling of not-belonging. This arises from a pre-cognitive awareness that they are not "home"... and worse... that they will never (in this lifetime at least) see "home" again.


2. This feeling of alienation is often exacerbated by being born into a family (of Earth Souls?) who patently "belong" together. Being the obviously odd one in the family is often just the beginning, as this experience of being "odd" will follow many Starseeds for their entire life. Somehow "fitting in" is something that seldom happens until they meet other Starseeds... and then they often suddenly feel "got" or understood and this feels wonderful. Like finding their "real" family for the first time.


3. Starseeds are often UFO nuts. Often they come from space cultures that had space-faring technology. And so the notion of "seeing a UFO" does not feel strange to many Starseeds. Indeed they often report the idea that the UFO's inhabitants are "my people"  rather than "aliens".


4. And, if not UFO nuts, then at least stargazers. Starseeds often have a pre-cognitive awareness that "home" is "out there". 


5. Starseeds will often escape into flights of creative fantasy and build ideal "dream worlds" in their minds. On the one hand this is due to their difficulties in integrating with this world. And on the other, this is due to their pre-cognitive awareness that they are here to assist in this world's transformation. And on the third hand (why not?) they bear a deep-seated memory of a society that was (usually) more harmonious, peaceful, gentle and advanced than that currently found upon Earth.


6. This propensity to escapism can also draw the Starseed to altered states of consciousness. In its light aspect this can lead to meditation and the mindful, productive use of entheogens. In its dark aspect this can make the Starseed prone to abusing drugs, alcohol or other means to escape this world and the pain they feel in it. In so doing they fail to engage and fail to enact their spiritual mission (as they originally intended) and this only compounds the problem and makes them more self destructive. Starseeds are prone to depression if they don't take control of their lives and their experiences. They may also be prone to a variety of psychoses and neuroses due to the spiritual fracturing that they feel here on Earth and the disparity with the levels of consciousness and spiritual state of their home world.


7. On the upside, if the Starseed can become sufficiently grounded to convert their flights of fantasy into something productive, they can be seen to be HIGHLY creative; often prodigiously so. They often seem to be able to pull the most ingenious ideas, concepts and awarenesses "out of thin air". Because, of course, they are accessing soul-deep memories from elsewhere!


8. Starseeds are quite likely to be poorly adapted to this planet in any number of ways. Perhaps they seem to be "allergic to everything". Perhaps they are photo-sensitive, declaring it always to be "too bright". Perhaps they find it to always be too hot - or too cold. There are many possible variations for Starseeds whose physicality is demonstrating their spiritual alienation here upon planet Earth.


It isn't easy being a Starseed! But when they "get it together" and begin to enact their soul purpose... look out!  They will change the world in the most magnificent ways!


So, Starseeds are like Earth Souls, except that they are "visiting" for a lifetime or two. There is a third group that I would like to tell you about - those who originate from outside of this system of reality altogether - the Light Bringers.



If Earth Souls are in the majority here, then Starseeds make up the majority of non-Earth Souls. Light-Bringers make up a very, very small minority.


Light Bringers are spirit entities that did not evolve inside this reality at all. Light-Bringers are so called because they are the part of that greater being that is tasked with bringing that being's essential energy or "Light" here to this place. Light-Bringers are here for something very particular. But before they can enact this purpose, they first have to utterly forget their own true nature so that they might lose themselves completely in this separation reality. Without this forgetting they will not be able to find their way down to the dense depths of consciousness where incarnation takes place. Which is what the Light Bringers had intended for themselves: to carry their Light right to the deepest core of this reality. The reason this is necessary is a little complex to explain. Essentially, if their Light is present here, then it will be possible to find it echoing throughout all the rest of the reality. So the Light Bringers first lose themselves utterly and forget all that they are and all that they know. And then, in this deep state of forgetting, they incarnate upon planet Earth (or another similar venue, deep in duality). And then their task is to find their way to sufficient healing that they might again begin to remember who they are so that they might shine the light they went to all that effort to bring into this reality.


It's a bit difficult to make generalised statements about Light-Bringers since they are not "a group". Each one is a manifestation of a completely unique entity. And that, perhaps, is the only real unifying characteristic: When you meet a Light-Bringer you will quite likely be struck by the awareness that this person is "one of a kind". That they are quite unlike anyone else you have ever met. The awakening Light-Bringer will also begin to show their Light. As they find it, so they express it. And this will inevitably result in them somewhat standing out in any crowd. You'll notice a Light-Bringer when you meet one!


Light-Bringers find their way to this level of reality via all manner of possible paths. And so we encounter the notion of beings coming here "from the angelic realms" or via a few incarnations on other planets (making those Light-Bringers also seem to be Starseeds) and so on. The possible permutations are too varied to contemplate. But when one comes to understand the origin of the soul, Light Bringers are different from other beings in that they first descended into this reality before finding themselves. They first fragmented themselves before beginning to reintegrate themselves. Earth-Souls and Starseeds, by contrast, originated spiritually from within this reality.


Though I know that all beings are ultimately one with me, still I have a special love in my heart for Earth’s awakening souls. Because I know how hard it is to do this here. Because I am one of you. And of all the awakening souls, I have a special, special place in my heart for Light-Bringers. Because you are my “family” here in this place of deep forgetting. Because I am one of you.


Other Paths

There are, of course, more paths than the three I have discussed above. I haven't specifically tried to discern all the paths. I have simply, as a by-product of the healing work I do, become aware of these three. And it is anyway not my intention to try to catalogue every possible path by which a soul may arise and travel through this reality since it doesn’t really matter a great deal by which path you have traveled. All is of consciousness. And ultimately all is One. All come from the Oneness and all return, eventually, to the Oneness. So there is certainly no sense in which any of these paths are “better” than any other. No sense in which one is “more valuable” than any other. Each path is merely one way in which consciousness can find its way to this here and now.


What is important is that YOU are here now. You have your "boots on the ground". You have made it to planet Earth at this pivotal time of the planetary spiritual evolution. And, right on cue, you are awakening.


What is REALLY important is how you now make your way forward.


The Ascending Lifetime

Excepting for special circumstances, each soul really only has one ascending lifetime. You see, no matter where you come from or how you got here, we all have this in common: Every single person born on Earth is born into duality. That is to say, as our spirit being integrated with the new tiny baby body when we were born, we brought with us a belief that there was nothing divine about ourselves. To be born into this duality reality we all had to have separated ourselves utterly from our own true god-like nature. We had to believe that we were small, weak, vulnerable, mortal and powerless. We had to believe that we were victims. In THAT state of “original sin” we were born here. Which is really why almost everyone here believes the truth is outside of themselves (as discussed in “Are you an awakening soul?”).


So we all have the same starting point. Perfect forgetting and absolute victimhood. That is the level of consciousness you must bear to be born into a duality reality such as this one. And you can maintain that level of awareness for as long as you like. You can attach yourself to the illusion for many lifetimes. Some manage to do this for thousands of lifetimes. Some, like myself, are not quite so robust and aim for awakening in the minimum number of lifetimes. But, again, neither many nor few lifetimes is “better”. It’s just whatever is right for you.


The point is, when you do begin to awaken spiritually, you begin to let go of the illusion. You begin to find your truth. You begin to heal. You begin to see your own light, your own magnificence, the beauty of your own soul. You begin to remember and fall in love with that which you truly are.


And this means, of course, that you raise your vibration. You transform yourself. You elevate your consciousness. And so, if you then leave this mortal life, you do not again return here. Because you are then no longer of this level of awareness. You either leave incarnation behind entirely or you move on to a different kind of life in a different kind of reality. A kinder, more loving, place. A place of less destructiveness. A place of greater harmony with your own true nature.


And here is the crucial point I am getting at:


You can have a thousand lives on the wheel of reincarnation if you like, returning to this level of reality over and over again. But you can only have ONE ascending lifetime. And, since you are reading this, I am assuming you are engaged in your ascending lifetime. You are on your way up and out of this place.


Yes, you WILL be able to return here as a teacher or a master if you choose. That does happen. It’s a hard path, but some feel such love and compassion for this place and its people that they choose that. But that’s a choice. Which is a very different thing than HAVING to come back, over and over again, because that is the level of consciousness you are stuck at!


What I am saying here is: you have THIS LIFE to strike out from the deep, deep depths of consciousness you were born with and to reach as far and as high as you can. Because you will still be here on this Earth with your “boots on the ground” while you do so. You will, in THIS lifetime, be able to bring to bear all the light and beauty and grace that your soul has to offer. To give your gift. To shine your light. To sing your song. So that, when you are done here and you walk away, you will do so with a heart brimming with joy and satisfaction that you did “right by yourself”.


I find, as I do this, it is my joy and my self-created purpose to shine my Light in such a way that others are pointed to their own hearts. That others see their own true nature. That others are awakened to their own beauty, perfection and divinity. And, really, that was the purpose of this article: to offer you a gentle, loving, waking nudge. Are you one of these? Are you an Earth Soul? Or a Starseed? Or a Light-Bringer, like me? It really is easier to heal and find your purpose and Light when you begin to remember your origins, since that is the context for the life-story you are now telling yourself.


If you would like help remembering, then I can certainly assist. I am quite adept at using hypnotherapy and guided meditation techniques to allow others to access their soul-deep memories. Contact me for Past-Life Work if you need such assistance!



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# Karisa Michel 2019-03-16 23:20
Many blessings to you! I write to you in the hopes that doing so, I can somehow get advice on the next steps to take in my life. I resonate quite deeply with the Starseed traveler. I recently discovered that I am allergic to seemingly everything wether taken internally or in the environments that surround me. While I have an uncanny, misunderstood ability to make connections between many things or people, I struggle to find or attract connections to myself w/people similar to myself. I crave a teacher or mentor or even someone that I can mutually relate w/or work with. I do feel displaced, almost feel allergic to the sun sometimes, thus the only hours I get any real quality sleep are between the hours of 3am & 11 am. Unfortunately, this limits my abilities to be out in the world & gives me less exposure to the opportunities to meet w/ others.

I am mostly frustrated because my efforts to be fully awakened are somehow stifled & no amount of knowledge seeking or exploration internally or externally seems to help. I almost feel guilty for not actively doing something to make a difference, yet am not sure where these feelings are coming from. I want to do more while I'm here, but I'm not sure where or what I am supposed to be doing to make this journey worthwhile. I feel deeply that I somehow volunteered to assist with something here, but again that is a clear mystery.

I, apologize, for being long winded. My journey's been a convoluted 1 to be sure. My internal drive is strong but my lack of direction & no sense of navigation are profoundly distressing.

My folks both passed on a couple years back & I've only my brother & a few close friends left. My mom was my best friend most of my life & the connection between myself & my parents was exceptionally strong. Their absence has left me more homesick then ever. I respect & will honor my soul contract, of course, but I could use some earthly guidance. Thank you, in advance.-K
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2019-03-18 16:07
Hi Karisa
I certainly do understand and feel your pain. It seems to me your Great Work lies in the area of true self love, self- acceptance and self-healing. And so, in a strange way, your "allergy" to the external world is supportiung you in this. I do believe, as you make some real headway with this Great Work that your problems with the external world will abate. Enough that you will then be able to help others to do as you have done, to also begin to practice great self love.
if you need help and guidance with this, please do book some time with me here:
With love,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Nicole 2019-03-12 04:15
Thank you for such a beautiful article. It helps so much to understand our origins. I feel so comforted by reading this and I can feel my vibration lifted! Thank you so much for your help.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Jackie Harray 2018-09-15 01:56
DIVINELY beautiful article! Wow. Just wow. So grateful for such a clear explanation of the types of souls on Earth. #thankyou
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# David E 2018-09-05 04:04
Dear Zingdad,

You mentioned that the media have not always been upfront and try to create negativity and fear. I now find this to be true snd spend my time now meditating and finding the light of God in my heart. I do have one question. I read if you have fear, you cannot ascend. I was very abused by my father as a child and verbally into my teenage years. I have OCD, panic and anxiety disorders and need to take one medication so I do not have anxiety attacks. Am I excluded from ascension due to my fear? I am a very kind and loving person, but a total outcast. I am 68, my father is long dead, and I have forgiven him. I show him love when I visit his grave. But I still have this fear around me.
Thank you,

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-05 10:06
Hi David
Not true. We all have fear. Work on self-love and self-healing and you raise your vibration.
And perhaps consider doing some Soul Re-integration with me to see if we can help you with your soul's pain:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# susanapiohtee 2018-09-05 10:44
Hello David. From my heart to yours I send the message that we are all infinitely loved by our Mother-Father Creator. And yet, loving ourselves seems to be THE most difficult challenge for most/all of us. Ascension...enlightenment comes to us all....when we are ready. Each of us has a different Soul-contract, so will have agreed to have different experiences during our incarnations. As Zingdad says; 'we all have fear' (I certainly do).....and ..... we can all CHOOSE /INTEND (important words) to start releasing our fear. Opening our hearts to the kind of information and work offered by Zingdad and others like him is a marvelous first step. With Love, Susana
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# JJ 2018-09-03 22:15
I've known since I was very young that I wasn't from Earth. I can remember all of my lives that I've had here, five of them, and remember being with my guides after my most recent death. I had to turn everything inside me off just to survive in this life. I know what my mission is and what I'm supposed to be doing here but for the past couple of years I haven't been able to control any of my psychic abilities. It's like they're controlling me now and I'm so overwhelmed I'm sinking into a dark dark hole. Escapism is taking over my personal life and I'm becoming so depressed from being so plugged into the world's heartbeat I don't know what to do with myself. I can't turn it off now. Astrology has helped and I've been reading about the dark night of the soul and I know that's what's happening. How do I come out of this? I'm getting so many signals from my guides, and trust me, there are a lot of them around me, I'm just lost and confused. I can't even meditate. I literally start to vibrate and feel myself being pulled out of my body. It's terrifying and I just want this all to go away so I can go home. I just want to go home. How do starseeds like me deal with this demension? Are there any ways to get things under control so I can do what I came here to do so I can just get the hell out of here?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-03 22:39
Wow, JJ, I can hear you are in deep pain. Alas, there is no way "out of this". The only way is "through this". What I can tell you is MANY have passed through it before you, myself included. And you will make it through yourself.
Don't be too brave to get help though. I did when I was there. I worked with a Past-Life therapist and shaman who helped me with my deep pain. And maybe you should be looking for this type of help too. There are many in the world who are equipped to walk this path with you. Find someone that you really resonate with. And in this regard I can invite you to have a look at my healing page. Perhaps it speaks to you:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# David E 2018-09-03 05:42
Could a mission to a planet, such as Earth, fail? It seems as if this planet is falling apart with global warming, starvation in many countries, horrible wars and other countries prepared for World War 3.Terrorist attacks around the world, shootings of innocent people, Neo-Nazis gaining force in Germany. I remember other planets that I was a Star-Seed on, and the work went well and easy. I guess I thought Earth would be the same. Has this been a failed mission and when do I have the right to get back to my family on my ship? Or when can I ascend? Do we have the right to exit?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

David E
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-03 14:52
Hi David
This mission is known everywhere as the toughest in the universe. And it is! But it is very far from failing. We could have had a "successful" harvest in 2012 as was originally planned. But the hierarchy which we are a part of and in service to, decided to shift the parameters to a more ambitious never-before-tried one. Instead of yet another harvest: an in-situ ascension!
Despite what you are being told (and obviously believing) in the media, this is actually working. There IS a lot of pain and darkeness that needs to come to the surface and be worked out. We as Starseeds are most needed at this time to not get lost in the drama and to "hold the frequency" and to keep shining our Lights.
If this is all more than you can bear, you do have the right to leave but that is your soul journey and and needs to be negotiated with your own Divine Self.
With love,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Necreitus 2018-09-03 16:05
Lightbringers are here now. We’re working hard to find ourselves and bring about change. Be patient; this journey is amazingly difficult. And, any wound grows worse, and more painful, right before it heals. But we are aware of the problems and are working diligently to get to our main focus...and some are already shining.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# David E 2018-09-03 22:20
Dear Zingdad,

Thank you for getting back to me. I believe many Star-Seeds were shocked when nothing happened in 2012. We all were hoping for a new and better life. It took time to regroup on a higher level frequency again. I know I'm on the right path, but it is very difficult. I see the 11:11 at least once daily, and many times twice daily, since we do not use the 24-hour clock in the USA.The awareness you have of the "in-situ ascension" brings me to this question. When might we ascend? If we ascend at death, how are we protected from negative entities from pulling us into the tunnel to be reincarnated on Earth again? Something I could not stand.

Thank you for any information you can send.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-03 22:26
David, I find myself tasked to remind you that the Light you seek is inside of you. Now. After death. Always. Your connection to the Divine is inside of you. In your center. In the middle of your heart. It is the place where love comes from.
People keep coming back to reincarnate in duality because the keep believing God is somewhere outside of them. We leave this cycle when we remember what is True: God is to be found inside each of us.
There are no negative entities pulling you into the light of reincarnation that shines upon you. We do this ourselves because we are looking to a light outside of ourselves not the Light within.

When will we ascend? We each ascend as we are ready. As we heal ourselves. As we release our limitations and our blockages. As we become more and more of what we Truly are and less and less of what we fear we might be. Ascension is not a one step thing that happens to you. Ascension is a constant thing that you do for yourself.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# David E 2018-09-17 23:48
Dear Zingdad,

I have found the wonderful light of God in my heart. I pray to that light and meditate upon it. My questions are relavant to this point. First, when you die, you have no heart, so is my soul the light of God? Second, if I desire to give most of my possessions, antiques and all sorts of other items away, could this indicate an ascension closeness, or as a Starseed am I getting close to being brought back to my home-ship or planet? In other words, I'm losing touch with the 3D material world.

Thank you very much,

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-19 17:24
Hi David
Yes! I would phrase it something like this: The Love /Light that shines from God that illuminates, creates and inhabits your form is your soul. When you are in this human form, you find that in your spiritual heart. Your spiritual heart overlays your physical heart.
It's not for me to know what the hidden motivations are that drives someone else's behaviours are but, yes, the desire to give away posessions often pressages a BIG transition. Some kind of spiritual or physical transition.
With love,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Marian B. 2018-09-11 13:16
[quote name="Zingdad"].... We could have had a "successful" harvest in 2012 as was originally planDespite what you are being told (and obviously believing) in the media, this is actually working. There IS a lot of pain and darkeness that needs to come to the surface and be worked out. We as Starned. But the hierarchy which we are a part of and in service to, decided to shift the parameters to a more ambitious never-before-tried one. Instead of yet another harvest: an in-situ ascension!

Yes, Arn, it's exactly how I perceive the present regarding ascension. An embodying of our soul qualities while fully awake and aware in our physical body. I've come to understand that the senses and my emotions are wayshowers to me.
That is, when I allow unconscious patterns to become conscious, see my imperfections and quirky approach at times, dealing with 3D existence. I'm not sure if I'm one of the 3 types of Earthdwellers, there's more a feeling of being a menage a trois. With a long chain of lives on planet Earth, plus a knowingness of other realms of existence. I've felt during early childhood, that manifestation was possible by clicking my fingers, so to speak. I felt extremely frustrated and angry about this not being the case and it still fuels my impatience in my what I humorously call "race against daily life reality on planet Earth as it is now". Although I'm at a later age more growing into celebrating nature and my own, with creative skills of all sorts, transformational and material, such as crafting and gardening. My intuition is strong.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Andrew marchant 2018-08-31 08:03
Dear Zingdad, do you have any thoughts on this?I really do not know what I am, I feel have a strong connection to Atlantis and crystals and have a large collection of them that I experiment with, schumann wave pulsing and things like that. I made a machine where I converted thoughts into binary code cards and this crystal machine inserted the binary manifestation into the matrix. I now do not need the machine and can do it by my own thought projection.
I visualize bringing down a stream of buzzing light into my body from my higher self, when my body fills up I empty the light into a large ball in my hands, place my thought intention into it and send it on its journey, I was not trained to do this, it just felt right, i never do bad things with it as I understand that will damage me and I would not want to anyway.
I feel others pain when someone is being horrible to them and usually interact to help them. this caused problems at work and I had to retire early as I find ego driven people too toxic to be near.
I am artistic and very creative successfully in a music and photography, but even that is not enough anymore.
i went through a very bad patch of relationship difficulties at at the height I had a dream I was walking down the road with my mother. I looked up and saw a tennis ball sized sphere of white light coming towards me, it flew straight into the back of my neck and I woke up with my whole body severely shuddering for about 20 seconds. I felt it was not me coming back into body, but something else, I thought it was my dead dad coming to help me, all i can say is that my awakening process and synchronicity with finding information has accelerated rapidly since that experience.
Does anyone know what it could have been?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Necreitus 2018-09-03 16:09
I think you found your light. From the eyes of a light-bringer, you appear to be one of us. But this only opens your life to less freedom and more responsibility. Took me 3 years to accept I’m a Seraphim. But what I found next was my journey. I think you’re on your way to finding yours.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Victor 2019-02-17 17:14
How did you find out you are a Sepharim?
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# Marian B. 2018-09-11 13:36
Hello Andrew marchant, have you encountered the drama triangle of victimhood-perpetraitor-saviour? There's a tendency in some of us who are deeply wounded, to want to end other people's suffering. That's a projection of one's own suffering on others and as long as that isn't embodied as one's own homework, so to speak, it can feel like a mission and tends to be compulsive. Carers often show this pattern, feeling fulfilled in making others comfortable with a tendency to create dependency in the client. As soon as issues rise to the surface such as conflict and denial of their "affection" carers turn to anger, expressing their horror for being dismissed. Their inner world depends on how the outside world shows up, you see? At any rate, sorry for the long example, there's freedom in allowing others to step on their path the way they do, without interference. However gruesome it may look. It's allowing our fellow beings to express themselves freely, that is at the core of one's autonomy. Stepping out of the drama triangle of either being the saviour... victim... or perpetraitor. Our most unconscious instincts hold that triangle firmly in their grip, for they thrive on it. It's their survival mode. There is a way to be compassionate and allow the world outside yourself to be exactly as it is. Exactly how it should be in that moment. Just perfect as it is, including who and where you are in that moment. No judgement, no dual-thinking. I myself have stepped into that playground, learning still. A never ending journey as I feel it.
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# Nathan Shelton 2018-05-21 16:11
Hi, I was wondering if there was more info about lightbringers and their subsequent purpose. Do lightbringers use different methods of living to reside on earth? Is there special things a lightbringers would do to center ourselves and remember? I would like to find any resources I can on these amazing beings.
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# Jamie 2018-05-07 02:15
Starseed maybe...? I know I am an Empath for sure. All new to me. I am a twin soul waiting upon Union with my DM.
Question. March 23, 2018 in the afternoon I took a nap. I was lying on my back..normally on my side I fall asleep. I felt somthing drop into my didn't startle me...I didn't jump...move my eyes. I wasn't dreaming..I wasn't asleep yet. I wasn't was okay...just fell asleep. after waking and giving it more thought...the feeling or thought of "Metal" came to if I were METAL...or what was brought to me in my chest was made of metal...something surrounding this "Metal"...can anyone shed any light? Thank you so much for your time in advance.
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# DavidS 2018-02-20 15:41
I am a Starseed, and I realize that one doesn't really have to do anything special. You just need to be here. I see myself as a transformer. I suffer from massive allergies and tons of food allergies. I'm allergic to this planet. I also suffer from OCD, panic and anxiety disorders. But are they my psychiatric problems or the negative earth's energies passing and clearing through my body as a transformer. This is still very painful for me. At night, I try to go my mothership to my family. That seems to bring me peace. And I'm beginning to remember some of the beings that I loved when I was on the ship. Don't be expecting major work on your part. You are here; you are healing the Earth by just being here. David from New Hampshire. And yes, I want to go back home, too.
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# susanapiohtee 2018-02-20 15:53
Hello David. I am really appreciating your words - purely and simply because they carry a huge amount of love and compassion - both for yourself and others. And that message about 'healing the Earth just by being here' is something that many of us need to hear. Thank you, Susana xx
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# suphomes 2018-03-11 20:55
DavidS try meditate self-love to yourself, i do it when i feel bad and i get that bliss feeling almost everytime when i do it
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# Gabi 2018-01-05 16:12
Hi! I started crying when I was reading about starseeds because I'm definitely a starseed.
I'm really allergic to this goddamn life and I truly want to go back home even I don't know where it is but I know it's desert because I often see it like a vision.
I can't stand with life. Can I find somewhere peace?
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# Eranos 2018-01-06 11:25
Just be aware that you did not come here for crying, but to help this planet to rise up in the 5th dimension through your own high frequency. This is an absolut special event, so be happy that you are allowed to do this and assist to the rising of this so deep fallen planet. And get this huge experience!!!
And know: per aspera ad astra - a birth is also firstly full of pain, right?
And afterwards ... :)
So do the very best and you will be proud of you to have been a part of this great process. Love
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# Flower4 2018-01-04 20:47
I am lost and do not understand ANYTHING im being shown. I know that I am suppose to be doing something. Idk... its barto explain. The best way to describe it is "alone", "left behind", "late"... please, if anyone here is drawn to me or has some sort of connection please please please contact me
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# Zingdad 2018-01-05 08:47
Hi Flower4
Perhaps look into doing some healing with me?
With love,
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# Emjay 2017-11-12 11:52
I have a question. I don't know what kind of soul I have. I remember my creation very vividly. I remember being born before I was born. A lot of things about my life are hard to explain but I know I was born in the astral world, I fought a few demons 'not by choice'. The last one I absorbed and turned it's energy into my own, and there was a time I banashed one of them that was attached to a person I have never met, btw I was in her dream. Again this happens to me out of the blue. I'll get tested from time to time. And I am never allowed to visit my astral library. My astral energy seems boundless as well no matter what I never seem to reach any kind of limit. There is much more but for the sake of time this is all I decided to share. So my question is. What the fuck am I?
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# Shawn 2017-09-05 04:36
Thank You Wonderful Being for sharing your wisdom. A much needed reminder -- Hugs!
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# Megan 2017-08-15 10:39
Thank you,

I am curious if you can tell me about the term "soul change-out?" I am an Indigo and after having a very challenging 30s - psychic attack, dark energy attack, ET encounters while sleeping (reptilian and grey), sleep paralysis, paranormal experiences while sleeping, not fitting into any jobs due to my sensitivity and dismay to the ego-driven values, politics, hierarchies, and unhealthy interpersonal dynamics. I remember blurting out in my car one day while stuck in traffic in intense summer heat, "I'm done, I want to go home." I said this maybe a few times out loud, out of nowhere. I don't know where I meant by "home" - but I knew it did not mean where I was currently living as I was very unhappy in my current place of residence. When I went to see a healer for clearing all this attack/violation energy, she mentioned this term "soul change-out" and explained that a higher vibration of myself would come in to assist me. Maybe my vibration had gotten so low that it did not protect me, even though I prayed for clearing/shielding regularly, especially before sleep, and often went for healing. I would appreciate any information you may have on this concept of a "soul change-out" and if you have any advice on how to stay protected at all times, despite lower vibrational feelings/energy such as fear and anger - which are part of the range of human emotions that we should be allowed to feel in our own space, on our own time, to process and release without violation and without it hindering any clearing and protection assistance, in my opinion and sentiment.
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# Zingdad 2017-08-22 18:12
Hi Megan
I have never heard the expression "soul change out" before. I also have no experience of this occurring as described. Rather my experience is that more and more of the divine self become expressed through us as we raise our consciousness and engage consciously and purposefully with our ascension path.
And this too would be the direction I would point you in as regards being protected and guided. The only way, as far as I am concerned, that will always serve you is to connect with your Inner-Self, learn to listen to, to trust and surrender yourself to the Light of the inner divine.
There is no one-step solution to all of this. Rather this is a way of life that brings you ever closer and closer to your destination.

You will gain a detailed understanding of all of this if you read my book, "The Ascension Papers". You can download your free copy from here:
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# Ethan Freeman 2017-08-23 01:17
I have an idea on this.

D: Have you ever heard the term walk-ins? S: that is correct. D: Can you explain that for me? S: As we mentioned earlier, there are more souls waiting to incarnate than there are bodies to accommodate them. Sometimes there comes a time in an individual's life when he finds that he truly no longer wishes to be in the physical. He has reached a point where the physical weights and cares have dragged the soul to a level from which it cannot sustain itself. And so the individual is given the option to pass over to the other side. There is then made available the opportunity for an individual on the spirit side to come and inhabit that body. So there would be a mutual exchange of places, so to say. This is very beneficial for both. For you can see the original soul is released to his true home. And that individual on the spirit side is then allowed a vehicle on which to work karma.
— Between Death & Life: Conversations with a Spirit, Dolores Cannon
pg. 222-223, 1993

Read more on walk ins or google it

A detailed discussion of walk-ins is beyond the scope of this book, but it is indeed a real phenomenon. When a soul concludes either that it has learned or will never be able to learn all that had been sought in a particular lifetime, the soul can walk out of the body, meaning that it withdraws its energy from the physical form. Generally, withdrawal of energy results in the death of the body. If, however, another soul feels that its learning is best served by starting an incarnation later in life rather than as a newborn, it can choose to walk into that body. In this way, an exchange takes place.
— Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 266, 2007
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# Zingdad 2017-09-01 08:11
Hi Ethan
Thank you very much for your careful, detailed sharing on Walk-Ins. I must say, however, that I don't think this is what Megan is asking about. A walk-in implies "you" leave your body. Exit. And someone else "replaces" you. You walk-out, they walk in. Megan is asking about "a higher vibration version of self coming in to assist". Doesn't sound like the same thing to me?
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# Annette 2017-04-23 07:53
I am no longer looking for labels, as labels can also lock you in a certain box of limitations. But at any stage of my awakeing process they also helped me to understand parts of myself better. Very late in my search for my true self I got the information that I am a starseed... then later I was even told that I am an (adult) crystal child... and now reading here your description of light-bringers triggers my inner knowing and answers some open spots I had... I wonder where my journey will bring me next? Or is it all a game of choosing different perspectives at a time? I will know it in my heart, when I feel free, joyful and in peace with myself and my co-created life on a constant serene level...(?!) Thank you Arne. Greetings from Germany
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# Zingdad 2017-04-23 20:00
Hi Annette
If we get attached to any label it will constrict us and limit our growth. If we see the labels as just another temporary model that we can use to further understand ourselves and our place in life... if we are willing to surrender the labels as soon as they no longer serve... then I think they are a good thing. You seem to be using them in this helpful fashion.
With love,
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# Annette 2017-04-24 06:17
And I am discovering now (late enough in my life) my human part, surrendering to my true divine human experience - I think we call it grounding. Return to innocence. I am love. I am god. And so are you. What a relief. ♡♡♡ With Love, Annette
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# Laura Gault 2017-08-20 08:54
we are love...god is love..much love and light to you
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# karen 2017-04-14 21:07
word are so true i do believe we all have a purpose on this beautiful planets iv had some troubled times but got threw them and do believe i have open new doors thank you
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# Ethan 2017-03-22 16:50
Thank you kindly for these words, helping me identify similar aspects in myself.

On a similar note, this came out today on Starseed Contracts:

The Starseed Contract
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# Zingdad 2017-03-23 09:01
Hi Ethan
I'm not sure if I am misunderstanding you. But that article is a reprint. I am actually the author of that article and the original is here:

So not exactly a similar note. More like the SAME note! LOL!
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# Dee 2017-01-19 02:35
Thank you for this article. I don't know which of
These if any I am.
But I do know I have love for all BE-ings.
I yearn for my home and know I get to go
There when I'm done here.
I also had a recent astral travel were I was just
Energy I was speaking with another energy through
Thought. We were looking at a planet much
Like Earth and I said I wasn't going to allow
Manevolent ones to control this Earth. When I
Said it I knew it was a lie.
I love observing this world but I'm tired of the
Pain and suffering I see I'm ready to go home.
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# DaWolf420 2017-01-15 16:21
As for me, I'm not sure. I identify strongly with the Wolf as a totem animal and I consider Jesus Christ MY (but not the) Messiah even though I am not conventionally religious.

My belief system also draws from Mormonism (belief in alien involvement, ongoing revelation celestial marriage, the three heavens, and the outer darkness..Everything else in Mormonism, like the homophobia, the racism, and the tea-totalling is obviously bunk), shamanism/animism (belief in the dreamtime and in the spirituality of the flora and the fauna), dualism (light/dark, man/woman, yin/yang, etc....), and gnosticism (belief in a Demiurge and a false creation). I believe that these things are all better explained by ET involvement than by conventional religion though.

I am extremely drawn to politics, religion, economics, philosophy, high technology, music, games, science, space, and stories.

I identify as a social democrat or socialist and deeply admire Trotsky, Einstein, and Chomsky, but many of my favorite political philosophers are liberals rather than socialists. I strongly support metal-backed currency and strongly identify as feminist, civil libertarian, and anti-neoliberal. I dislike Washington, Moscow, and Beijing immensely, but tend to favor the Americans in Taiwan and Hong Kong and the Chinese in Africa and Latin America.

I favor a guaranteed income, a steeply progressive income tax and high taxes on luxury and high-end consumer goods as well as high sin taxes to offset the social costs of alcohol use, tobacco use, drug use, and excessive gambling, though I believe everything should be legal. I believe that independent business owners who meet a certain standard with respect to pay, benefits, environmental actions, and labor conditions should not have to pay taxes at all, but that we should have steep inheritance, capital gains, and market transaction taxes.
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# DaWolf420 2017-01-15 16:07
I am certain that the love of my life and most of the people close to her are Pleiadean Starseeds, her older cousin most obviously.

My love herself may even be a Lightbringer...She's intentionally worked with people close to her to orchestrate an intricate web of lies to make the people who don't know her personally think that she's a bad person as a means of elaborate misdirection as to what her true agenda is, but everybody who knows her personally loves her, and she now has a bigger following among anyone in my hometown than anyone else, especially among women and among our generation and those who are coming after us.

Everybody I've met in my life that we've both been acquainted with seems to be incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and perceptive and has been wonderful to me even before I was able to get treatment for my lifetime of severe sleep apnea and properly awaken for the first time.

I spent over 30 years of my life not sleeping properly and thinking that I was autistic, cognitively weak, petty, misanthropic, and emotionally unstable.

It all went away once I got my sleep apnea treated, and now I'm precocious speaker and writer, I can express myself fluently in English and French, all the problems I've had with stuttering, gait, and muscle coordination are gone, and I am able to express myself and think on my feet without exerting any meaningful effort.

And she's been working behind the scenes since she was 14 years old and I was 17 to make me as happy as possible, and I spent my whole being terrified of her and being oblivious to all that she and her friends were doing for me behind the scenes. It's incredible that she still loves me, given all of this and more.
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# Scott 2017-01-15 17:52
DaWolf, Sounds like you've had a very interesting and scary, yet now amazing life so far. That's awesome that you're now feeling a complete must be an eye-opening experience (in more ways than one :) ) to go through your entire life feeling so bad and then almost on a dime now healed from all (if not most of) that.
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# onesage 2017-01-09 01:05
My family has always looked at me like I have 3 eyes. I guess in a way I do. Never fitting in and always searching for. Bringing light to others and seeing the sky green. Teaching the path of awakening through forgetting, letting go, and transforming self.
Amazing to find who I have become written on a page so well. Thank you for sharing
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# Kee 2016-12-04 16:51
Thank you Zingdad, 8 & Adamu, for your incredible work & light shining. I am your sister and co-creator here & I send you great love & appreciation.
Your work is touching me and feels like home.
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# Eranos 2016-10-17 01:56
As I read this I felt that my heart began to jump when reading the section about Light-Bringers. Yeah, that's it! The black sheep of the family, always "different" from others, often feeling alone, not belonging to any other group, only stranger and spectator :).
So I long to get into my real power and do what my contract says - ok, even now I do already a part of it. But I suppose in my soul that it is much more here ... ;)
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# Sheri 2016-10-11 12:14
As I read this article, I believe I'm an earth soul. When I read two of the paragraphs, I experienced a great pulling on my heart strings for them. I identified greatly with this. I also think my husband may be a star seed as he is facinated with UFO's. I'm planning on doing more past life work though to find out for sure. I have sure enjoyed the Ascension papers! It has surely touched me. I do however feel saddened that this is my ascending lifetime though.
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# Maria 2016-10-08 22:38
I'm in the path of awakening. I believe myself to be a starseed. I have always felt I don't belong here, that home is far away. I'm more conscious now that I'm from the Pleiades. Thank you Zingdad for sharing your knowledge with us, for helping us heal. I'm not quite sure yet what my mission is here. It does get lonely sometimes, as I do feel most people don't get me. I feel like an observer of humanity.
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# Amy LifeStar 2016-10-26 06:42
“As long as you keep an Opened Mind, Ears, Eyes, Heart, and Soul with Clarity and Purity on a continual basis, the signs or even subtle signs of your Mission on Planet Earth will reveal to you in a very natural and authentic way!”

---By Amy LifeStar
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# Jaime 2016-09-15 20:59
A starseed reporting from Mexico and the USA, counterfeiting unconscious information, between the borders. I'm half awake, but open to friendship to share some knowledge.
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# Janusz 2016-08-30 17:39
You have made me aware that we are ALL (=all beings, inhabiting all the places in all the universes) part of that magnificent God's "game" the main purpose of which (and the winning prise) is becoming Love :)
Thank you.
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# Honore Troy 2016-08-22 21:19
Hi Zingdad,
Thank you for this information. I have been told that
I am a light worker. I spend about an hour and a half
every morning sending light to the world. I don't
know how much good it does but I do it anyway.
I have really enjoyed your books and other writings
and gained much from them.
Love & blessings,
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# jeff 2016-08-22 15:13
I am a dim bulb there is no mention of me in this article.. I pray for a light to help me find a path..
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-08-22 15:23
LOL! Jeff... I'll have to create a section just for you. Thanks for the laugh!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Susana Piohtee 2016-12-09 11:16
Much love and laughter from a sister dim-bulb that grows brighter by the do you, dear jeff
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Brooke 2017-03-27 00:04
I'm with Jeff, lol.. Except I actually feel like I have a little bit of everything within me.. I wish I could remember my true self so I know what it is I'm supposed to be doing, although lately I'm drawn to learn about crystals and healing. I wish us all an enlightened journey, and sending love and light to all.
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# Otoma 2016-07-14 05:07
It's wonderful to be reading this. I AM a wayshower, or indigo-ray soul. I chose a career in teaching this time around (as an American.) As I heard "your" voice, responding in kind, there was a low-pitched rolling of thunder (in the sky.) I know that I'm a co-ruler and creator of this Universe, "pieces" of which are fitting together wondrously, precisely. The duality mindset is OVER. Peace.
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# Astrid Grözinger 2016-07-07 10:30
Vielen Dank für die wunderbaren Gedanken. Nun weiß ich, ich bin nicht allein.
Herzliche Lichtgrüße an alle Brüder und Schwestern ob kosmisch oder planetarisch.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-07-14 11:18
Es ist meine Freude diese mit Ihnen teilen, Astrid!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Piotr 2016-07-01 14:30
Good to read that maybe lightbringer and Starseed is possible time . I feel as if a man and your products has triggered a lot of vibration in me . That helps me a lot Thanks
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Linda 2016-06-24 19:21
Do you think it is possible to be a Starseed AND A light bringer? but I do have to say to you, hello fellow light bringer
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-06-25 13:37
Definitely possible! I used to self-identify as a Starseed because I had past-life memories in other star systems. Then I reached further back... to before incarnating and found life-streams at higher levels of consciousness... and yet further back and found a BEINGness outside of this reality entirely. And that being entered this realty to bring it's Light here. Which is why I now self-identify as a Light Bringer. So it's all just a matter of perspective. It's what you find to be true for yourself as a result of what you go looking to discover about yourself. :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Linda 2018-12-02 19:47
My experience was similar to this. I felt a strong connection to life on other planets, but kept hearing, go further back. I knew that I came from something before or outside of this. I also feel like so many things within this reality are silly, and our true selves aren’t bound by any limitations. There is not much out there on what you describe as a light bringer, so I was so overjoyed to read your description! Do you have more information or a FB page where people can share information about this? I’d love to talk with someone about it. :-)
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