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Welcome Home

- A Root Chakra Experience for Healing Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness -

by Zoe's Dream


A truly blissful meditation created, scripted and crafted by ONEtribe-affiliated artist and producer, Zoe's Dream.

This meditation takes you into the profoundest of relaxation, into a feeling space, where you are able to access your energy body. Using powerful visual and auditory imagery, you are invited to open and reconnect your root chakra. This meditation is healing for your energy-body and therefore for your life-force. This meditation, truly, has the power to change your life, if you let it.

Two versions are offered: A male voice version, narrated by Zingdad and a female voice version narrated by Zoe herself. The recommendation is that you download both, and meditate with the one first and then the other. Take note of your experiences, sensations and awarenesses after completing each. Notice the differences for you. And then re-do the one that brought you the most benefit from time to time. 


Here is what Zoe had to say about this meditation:


I am so pleased to offer this gift from deep within my heart to yours. This meditation is actually quite vulnerable for me to produce. It is my very first one! It is born from the medicine I myself have had to embody. 

Long ago, in a little town called Miami Lakes, I sat in communion with the most beautiful of trees. I had been struggling with depression and loneliness, as so many of us do. I found a little peace whenever I sat with this magnificent tree. One day, when I was particularly open, the tree spoke to my heart! It gifted to me such gentle wisdom. As the years passed, that wisdom deepened. I really began to explore what it means to root.

People talk about the root chakra all the time, being grounded, having roots – but for me, that has never translated into a real feeling that I could sink into and understand with my whole being. I wanted to find a way to heal this disconnect inside, to soothe myself. In doing so, I found that I created something that could be shared, something that perhaps may be healing for you too. 

My hope is that it will be a moment of refuge for everyone who listens to it. Just a single, magical moment, to connect back to what we are all longing for. I love you with the heart of Oneness,

–Zoe’s Dream


Right-click each link below and select "save as" to save each MP3 to your device:


Male voice file
Female voice file


Support Zoe's Dream

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