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Energy Exchange Cheques

This is where you can find information on my free-to-download and free-to-use Energy Exchange Cheques: the revolutionary new way to engage in trade that needs no cash.

The black-and-white version of the cheque   The colour version of the cheque


Free Downloads
Here you can download all the materials you might need. But if you are new to all this you might want to read more about it below first!
Download a page of colour Energy Exchange Cheques
Download a page of black-and-white Energy Exchange Cheques
Download the “Scatter Pack” which you can use to create awareness in your community
Download the “Info Pack” which you can use when you want to make an EEC transaction

What are Energy Exchange Cheques for?
The purpose of the Energy Exchange Cheque (EEC) is to allow you to exchange your energy gift for someone else’s. You give what you have to give and you receive what you want or need in exchange.

What is “Energy Exchange”?
The “energy” that you have to give could constitute any service that you can offer or any product that you can produce. Some examples: It could be that you have learned to give massages or haircuts or yoga classes. Maybe you have learned a trade such as servicing motor cars or doing plumbing. Any such service can be the energy you have to offer. And if you think you have nothing to offer… think again! Everyone has many things they can offer even if it is something as simple as baby-sitting, dog-walking, holiday-house-sitting or helping in the garden. 

Your energy gift can certainly also take the form of physical things or “products”. If you have green fingers you can offer fresh fruit and veggies from your garden. If you are creative you can offer your artwork. If you can do a craft you can offer your hand-made leather goods or woodwork items or whatever the case might be. 

In short, your energy gift can be anything you are willing to offer to others. The examples listed above are somewhat generic but it is hoped that you will discover and offer your Greatest Gift as an energy exchange. By realising that you can give your energy and passion in exchanged for that which you want and need it is envisaged that you might spend more time discovering that which you most love to do… discovering your unique Great Gift… and then giving that.

By using an EEC, you can exchange your energy offering for someone else’s. You give what you have to give and you get what you want or need in exchange.

Is this bartering?
The EEC is a smarter way to barter as it allows people who do not have matched needs to none-the-less engage in trade. As an example: Joe gives haircuts and Sam services cars. Sam wants a haircut but Joe doesn’t have a car. Normally no barter would be possible. But now Sam can get a haircut from Joe and give him an Energy Exchange Cheque for a car service as payment. Joe can then trade that cheque with Sarah, who DOES have a car, and get a bushel of her home-grown veggies in return. 

Using Energy Exchange Cheques opens the possibility for a whole new alternative economy where everyone gives what they have to give and everyone gets what they want or need in return. It is a cycle of abundance which comes from a place of generosity rather than a cycle of poverty that comes from a place of scarcity (which is what the current financial system is). It builds community and connection rather than creating boundaries and disconnection.

How exactly do I complete one of these Cheques?
A complete, step-by-step description of how to complete the cheque and what each of the form-fields mean can be read by clicking here. Though the cheques are quite straight-forward, it is highly recommended that you take a moment to read this information before you begin transacting.

Why is this a “Cheque”?
In America it is usually spelled “check”. Pretty much everywhere else this spelling is used.

The EEC is similar to a normal bank cheque in that, by signing one over, you are engaging in a kind of a contract. You are promising to deliver the energy offering specified. It is therefore quite a serious document. 

The way this is NOT like a bank cheque is that you may not exchange this for cash. Doing so is not only against the principal by which this was created but it is also almost certainly illegal in your country.

Why should I use an Energy Exchange Cheque?
If you know someone that offers a service or product that you want or need you can consider offering them an energy exchange cheque for a service or product that you can offer. Try it. It is an opportunity to build community and make a connection. It is also an opportunity to get what you want or need without expending your ever-scarcer cash resources. It is also an opportunity for you to offer your energy gift – to give that which you most want to give. If they accept your energy exchange cheque then a whole new kind of transaction has begun. An exchange based upon abundance rather than one based upon scarcity. The two of you are both offering what you have an abundance of (that which you love to do) rather than something which there is a limited, scarce amount of (money).

There are, of course, transactions to which an EEC is not suited. It is unlikely that the cashier at a supermarket would accept your offer of aromatherapy massages in exchange for your weekly groceries! And that is exactly the point. The EEC vehicle is all about building connection and community with people that provide the service or product. It is very unlikely to be useful to middleman-type on-sellers that live on a profit margin. If someone is not doing their passion, but rather just “doing it for the money” then they will be unlikely to want an EEC for their product or service.

It is also difficult to trade certain energy offerings over long distances. For example: transacting internationally over the internet. That chap in Bali that makes those beautiful hand-woven rugs is unlikely to be able to make use of the pedicures-for-a year that you are willing to offer him here in your home town in Kansas!  Not only can he not cash the cheque but he is also very unlikely to be able to trade it with someone that lives in your neck-of-the-woods.

So this isn’t for everyone and it isn’t for every transaction. But you’ll be surprised how many transactions this WILL work for. And you will be even more surprised how this engagement opens up new, wonderful interactions with people in a way that a money-exchange just never did.  Try it!

“Abundance rather than scarcity, love rather than fear, connection rather than separation and community rather than alienation” What does all this mean?
This is what the Energy Exchange Cheques are all about. When your energy offering is something you love to do then you have an abundance of it. You can give a lot of massages if you really love giving massages!  Money, on the other hand, is created out of scarcity and we always have less of it than we need to get all the things we need. It is always diminishing in value and always being eroded by handling fees, bank charges, taxes and inflation. We start with less than we need and it just gets less! Money is scarcity, EECs are abundance. 
When you hand over an EEC you are offering to do what you love to do.  Almost everyone would rather not be doing what they currently do to earn money. And then there is the fear that we might run out of money and not be able to pay the rent and put food on the table. For almost everyone money=debt. So money is related to fear where EECs come from love.

Most money transactions are sterile, nameless, faceless interactions. You collect the stuff you want from the store, you have a fake-smile interaction with the cashier and exchange fake pleasantries while you hand over the cash and then walk away. An EEC transaction is exactly the opposite. You really talk to each other. You find out what the other person loves to do. You discover a bit more about them. You make a real connection. You negotiate the transaction from a place of mutual respect. Then the cheque is written and signed and you walk away having made a new friend.

As people trade and share their energy exchange cheques so new communities will form. You will meet and connect with people that share your passions and interests. You will get to know new people who will come to you with a cheque you made out to someone else asking you to honour the cheque because they want what you most love to give. And you will find yourself in the company of people who love to give that which you want or need.

It is the first baby step towards a new, truly-open-hearted way of living in which we all simply express our Greatest Gift and live in a state of abundance. 

Can these Energy Exchange Cheques be counterfeited?
Yes, they can. But this is highly unlikely. If you have made a cheque out to someone they can quite easily make a convincing copy of it and pass that on to someone else. But the difference is that the cheques are not returned to a bank for honouring. They are returned to you. And if you have kept a record of cheque numbers you will instantly pick up if someone is making copies. A moments thought and deduction will almost certainly be able to reveal who is doing this. If someone returns Cheque Number 256 to you for honouring and you can show them that you already HAVE a copy of Cheque Number 256 that you have already honoured then it will be clear to all concerned that there has been a counterfeit. A little sleuth-work should be able to reveal who is doing this.

As a result, it should be obvious to any would-be fraudster that this really isn’t a worthwhile place to expend his efforts. The very nature of these EEC’s is such that fraud of any kind is highly unlikely.

In the very remote eventuality that you are asked to honour a cheque that you know has been counterfeited it is incumbent upon you to deal openly and honestly with the person offering you this cheque. They might be quite innocent. They might have been given the counterfeit copy by someone else. Show them your record of honoured cheques, show them the cheque that you have already honoured. Ask them where they got the cheque from and advise them to return to that person for an explanation and for re-imbursement. 

Can EEC’s be swapped?
Absolutely! Two individuals each have something the other wants. They agree to exchange products or services at a later date. For each to sign a cheque over to the other is a great way to begin the transaction.

Another scenario: You have been given a cheque for a haircut but you are bald! Someone you know has been given a cheque for a bungee-jump-experience but they are scared of heights. You most certainly can trade cheques!  That is part of the value of these cheques. And the more people in your immediate community are using them, the more opportunities will arise for you to give what you love to give and to get what you most want and need in exchange!

How can I encourage more people in my community to use Energy Exchange Cheques?
There are two ways. The first is to begin offering cheques for that which you love to do. Download and print out a copy of the "Info Pack". It is a one-page document that you can give to people when you want to make out an EEC to them for their product or service. It will help them to understand what it is that you are offering them. If they understand it they are much more likely to want to receive it and  maybe even to begin downloading and offering EECs of their own! A really great way to get the ball rolling is to offer EECs as birthday gifts.

The other way to encourage the use of EEC’s is with guerrilla marketing!  Print out a few copies of the “scatter pack”. Cut them as per the instructions and share these around (without littering, please!). You might put them under the wiper-blades of random cars. Or drop them into neighbourhood post boxes. Or just give them to your friends and family. The “scatter pack” is there to create a level of interest and fascination that will, hopefully, cause the recipient to come to this web-space to discover more and then to begin using EECs themselves.

What was the inspiration for creating these Energy Exchange Cheques?
It was created in response to my realization that many people are blocked from expressing some of their most amazing talents and gifts because of the way our world’s current money system works. As an example: "Mary" has a great gift with taking photographs of people in way that really shows their inner-beauty. She would like to do this more but lacks opportunities. In the old money-paradigm she would need to advertise her services and convince people to part with hard-earned cash to let her practice her gift. She is then competing with others for a share of the market doing what is required of her to earn the money she is paid. This will degrade her gift. If, on the other hand, she isn’t able to break into the market she won’t practice this gift at all! Now, with the EECs, Mary can offer her gift as a means of exchange wherever she goes. She can specify that the gift is “a photo session in which I take pictures that capture and show you your true inner-beauty”. Now, each time someone returns a cheque to Mary for her to honour she is expressing her great gift! This allows her gift to grow and increase. It opens her to ever-greater creativity and inspiration. How different this will be from taking yet another set of wedding photos or pack-shots of some commercial product!

And, of course, there is the other benefit for Mary that she has been able to offer her photo-sessions in exchange for other things that she really wants and needs! 

What is the star symbol on the Energy Exchange Cheques all about?
Stars give their energy and light freely and abundantly to all around them and they themselves are sources of immense energy. As such they are a great symbol for the intent behind the EECs. The star symbol is also a fractal indicating that the star itself is composed of an infinite number of ever smaller stars. Everyone that begins to open their heart and engage in a loving, abundant manner becomes like one of the stars that makes a greater whole which is of radiant light. That is the meaning of the symbol. Or possibly I just liked the image!

What if someone doesn’t want the EEC I am offering them?
That is 100% their right! If they don’t “get” the concept, you can, by way of education, offer them a “scatterpack” leaflet. Maybe they’ll change their mind about the concept once they have had some time to read about it and think about it. 
It might be that they don’t think your offer is a fair exchange for their offering. Be willing to negotiate with a “win-win” objective in mind. If you can’t find a “win-win” then you can choose to either give them the money they want for the exchange or just move on.
It could also be that they just aren’t ready to get out of the “energy is money” paradigm. In such a case it is not your place to change them. Give them the money or walk away.

What if someone refuses to honour a cheque?
If you are returning a cheque to someone so that they can honour it and they refuse to do so, carefully find our WHY they are refusing to honour it. There is the remote possibility that they believe you are holding a counterfeit – a fraudulent copy of a cheque they made out. If this is the case, ask them to show you the cancelled cheque that they have already honoured and their Energy Exchange Record. If they can do so then your next port of call is the person who passed you this cheque. They owe you an explanation and reimbursement at the very least.

Otherwise, if no fraud is suspected, then an EEC is like a very solemn promise. If I absolutely promise to do something for you and then, when it comes time to do it I simply renege on my promise – then what? Then you should feel great compassion for me. A person who does not honour their promises is someone that is creating great difficulty in their own lives. Such a person is going to be very lonely as everyone ceases to trust them. “What you put out is what you get back”. This person is putting out very negative, self-destructive energy. They are hurting themselves far more than they are hurting you. Take cognisance that they are untrustworthy and choose not to do any kind of business with them again. And walk away. Their loss is much, much greater than yours. Engaging angrily and destructively with them only increases your loss.


Can I get Cheques in other colours/ formats/ sizes or can I suggest different wording or aditional features?
If you have such thoughts, requirements or suggestions then I would love to hear from you!  Click here to open the contact form where you can tell me what's on your mind! In the interests of simplicity it is not envisaged that there should be a great number of variations of cheques but I am always keen to hear about suggestions for improving this offering!


Free downloads for you to use
Download a page of colour Energy Exchange Cheques
Download a page of black-and-white Energy Exchange Cheques
Download the “Scatter Pack” which you can use to create awareness in your community
Download the “Info Pack” which you can use when you want to make an EEC transaction