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Story versus IS-ness

Q: “I find such deep resonance with Zingdad’s spiritual teachings and with his healing modality… But I simply can’t accept his work about aliens and dragons and vampires and conspiracy theories. What now? Do I throw the baby away with the bath water?”


Zingdad: A very wide diversity of people, from all walks of life, are drawn to my work. They deeply resonate with the idea of co-creating a Unity Conscious reality with a tribe of like-minded souls. They desire to do their own spiritual work of finding their heart connection, healing their traumas and ascending their consciousness. 


Many of these people know, within the very depths of their soul, that they are lightworkers and star-seeds and they have ancient memories of lives on other planets and in alternate realities. And many simply don’t. In fact they find these stories to be far-fetched and impossible to believe. Does this mean that these people should exit from the tribe? Is a belief in aliens and mythical creatures a prerequisite for engaging with my work?


No! Most definitely not! 


I don’t require anyone to believe anything that I say! 


I am definitely NOT a guru and this is most certainly NOT a religion! 


I will always guide you to your own inner knowing. YOU are your own teacher and YOU are your own guru. I simply point you to the truth that resides in your own heart. So, if something that I say resonates with your own truth, then explore that fully. See what is there for you to learn and take from it the very best, for your own growth. And if something else doesn’t resonate, then simply leave it there and move right on.


I personally do have some very deep memories of incarnations on other planets and I share many of these stories as a way to make sense of our lives in this reality. I am naturally a storyteller and I’m aware of the powerful impact that stories can have in our growth and healing journeys. 


You have a choice whether to engage with these stories as “the truth” or simply as a parable that helps us to understand ourselves better and assists us in our healing journey. Or to not engage with the story at all. It’s entirely up to you.


It’s quite useful here to understand the difference between Story and Is-ness.


Below is a quote from Book II of The Ascension Papers that explains this quite well: 

“Story is what is outside of you. It is the “stuff” that is going on in your life. Everything that materialism, empiricism and science will tell you is true and real… is all Story. Everything your memories will tell you was real is all Story. This whole lifetime with all its interactions and experiences? Story!  Your past lives and all the things you did? Story!  Every single word printed in every single newspaper and uttered by every single TV news caster… is of course more Story. Most people go their whole lives and never think about a single thing other than Story.”

So, whether the story is your memories of past events, or your beliefs about yourself or the global political situation… or stories about alternate lives and realities… it all remains story. The question is NOT whether the story is true or not. The question is whether the story is useful. Does this story teach me something new about myself? Does it offer me a new perspective? Does it help me to grow and transform? If it does, then use the story until it is no longer useful. And then move on.


Far more important than the stories we tell ourselves is the Is-ness of our experience. What do I mean by that? Below, again quoted from Book II of  The Ascension Papers:

“Well, if Story is the external experience of your life, then Is-ness is the internal experience. The reason we create Story is so that we can have the inner-experiences we desire. Incarnation is just one kind of Story. 


Before you decided to incarnate, you developed a plan. Your life plan. Together with your guidance and various other beings of wisdom and light, you decided on the events of the Story that you would be telling yourself. You chose who your parents would be, who your friends, lovers and partners would be. You also chose just as carefully who your rivals would be, who would play the painful goad-to-growth when you needed that. You chose it all. But why? Not because you so badly wanted to see the Story play out but because you really wanted to see what new growth, discoveries, feelings and explorations would happen inside of you as a result of the telling of this Story.


And all of that inner-experience… that is the Is-ness.  That is what is real and important in all of this. The point of the Story is to derive the Is-ness.  The Story has no purpose or value if you remove the Is-ness.”

And, as a final point, just to reiterate the value of Story in guiding us to the Is-ness, this final quote from Book II of the Ascension Papers:

“The Story exists to point you to yourself. So take the lesson. Look where the Story points! Discover yourself!  And as you do, so you will come to the realisation that you no longer need certain types of Story. You don’t need to bash your head over and over again if you notice there is a low beam in the ceiling. In just the same way you don’t need to repeatedly suffer certain kinds of difficult relationships (or whatever other painful experiences are recurring in your life) if you notice the origin of the pain within your own being. And if you are able to HEAL that pain in the Is-ness of your being, then you not only avoid expressing the pain in your Story but you actually change the Is-ness, and then you transcend having to experience that ever again. You become a more whole, more integral, more powerful, more real version of YOU." 

So now, dear friend, now that you understand the difference between Story and IS-ness, now I invite you to look again at the stories I am telling. Does it matter if you don't remember (or feel any personal resonance) with the story of Lyra (as just one example)? If you release the need for it to be either true or false and let it just be a story then what does that story do to your IS-ness? I invite you to explore! And similarly, any other story you encounter whether shared by me, or indeed any other human being. If you relax about "the truth", then what do you feel in your IS-ness? Does the story touch you? Does it have an emotional impact? Does it teach you something? Does it bring you any kind of growth or transformation? Does it cause your heart to open and expand or shrink, close and contract? 


This new awareness invites you to feel more and think less about the stories you encounter!