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Living in Joy


withpikachuThe Choosing Joy series of blog-posts has charted my journey through my quest to find some measure of lasting joy in my life. As they stand there is, I believe, much of value in those posts and much that I continue to agree with. But more recently I have come to see that my process was flawed. I have been trying to create an effect in my life without changing the cause. Which is faulty thinking. If you want to obtain an effect, you need to create the cause. The effect will follow as sure as night follows day.


Between producing those blog posts and now, much has changed within me. I have engaged in such process of deep transformation that I almost feel like a new person. That is to say, I now hold some quite different perspectives on life. And I'd like to share my new perspective on joy with you. On how to attain joy. And how it will utterly change your life if you find joy in this new way. As I have.


First of all, when I have previously sought joy for its own sake I have been in error. Joy is an effect. The greatest, most powerful cause for that effect occurs when I find myself to be living in alignment with my Inner-Self.


Does that not make perfect sense?


If there is a magnificent, immortal being of limitless creative power that I can access via the portal of my heart, would it not bring me ever greater joy to find myself in ever greater alignment with that being?


Would it not be the very greatest joy to find myself in such perfect alignment that I discover I am that being? To discover that my Inner-Self with all its wisdom, power and divine light is here right now, walking the Earth in my shoes, looking out at the world through my eyes, speaking through my mouth. To discover that I can, and have, brought my Inner-Self down to Earth to experience itself and the world through me and as me.


Of course that would be the very pinnacle of Earthly joy!


So how do we go about attaining this lofty goal of fully embodying our Inner-Selves?


There have been, through the ages, many different schools of ascension and many paths proposed. Most of the paths have been about great sacrifice. Or about facing down all of your fears. Or attaining great learning and wisdom. Or consistently and constantly observing great disciplines of the body and mind. Or other similarly difficult processes. Today I wish to propose a path that is really very simple. Simple to explain and simple to understand. A path that yields immediate rewards as soon as you begin to apply it. And you will know this path is right for you because you will feel the joy welling up as you begin to apply it. There is no external authority required.


Really, all I wanted to do in this blog post is to bring home the point that joy is not the destination. It is the feedback that happens when we are on target to the true destination. And that destination is Self.


And my proposed mechanism for getting to that destination? That I offer to you in my next blog post called Living in Abundance.