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What to do After You Die


Every single moment of your life, every step that you take, you are given opportunities to choose, to decide, to create yourself and create your life. And since death is simply a transition from one state to another, even upon the death of your body, are you afforded yet more opportunities to choose.


So I wish to address a question that has been popping up on my radar quite a bit of late. There seems to be some confusion about this. What do I do after I die? Do I go into the light… or do I not? And if I don’t go into the light, where do I go?


There is a meme I have been encountering of late that “going into the light” is a kind of a trap, as it leads you back to the wheel of reincarnation.


And this is not a groundless area of concern! As I understand it, one of the disciplines Tibetan Buddhists attend to is to "read the Bardo" to those who are in the process of dying. Really, what this is about is offering the dying some detailed instruction and reminder of what to do - and what not to do - after leaving this mortal form. The Tibetans believe that one can make poor choices after dying. Choices that result in undesirable experiences. They believe one can get lost or stuck in the bardo. I don't disagree. I don't find the situation to be terribly troubling though, as I know there is always help. But that said, in response to my becoming aware of this question, I have sought some answers. And I'd like to share with you what I have found in this regard so that you might check this with your own truth and decide for yourself.


So here is what happens when your body dies:


Firstly you will find that you are still alive. You will find that you still have a body, very like the one that died, except that it is not dense like your old body. It’s an energy pattern that you are still holding onto.


For most of us there will be a moment of adjustment and then, as you let go of this world and accept your transitioning, the human world will begin to fade away until you find yourself standing in a calm stillness. It will become dark and peaceful. And then you will be offered a rescue. A salvation. A light will shine down upon you from above. If you step into the light, you will feel the tug of love and healing. A balm for your soul. You will hear heavenly music and it will invite you upwards into its embrace.


Now allow me to say that there is nothing wrong with accepting this offer. But every choice in spirit-space is deeply symbolic. And this choice is no different. Choosing to go “up” into this beam of light that shines from above is a choice to seek what is true, divine and holy both outside of yourself and above yourself. It is a dualistic choice. And what will come from such a choice will be dualistic experiences.


And if that is what you want, then that’s perfectly fine. You can go to heaven that way, meet your saviour and whatever else lies in that direction for you. And then, when you have rested in heaven and healed your wounds, you will come to the awareness that you want to return again to incarnation and do more work on your soul's growth.


That’s what happens when we remain in duality consciousness.


The second option, the choice not to go into the light but remain instead in the darkness is not a great option. This darkness is not an unpleasant place. It’s just a non-place. A place of perfect external stillness. Those who find themselves there, find their minds beginning to create experiences for them. If you have ever experienced the sensory deprivation of a flotation chamber you’ll know how this works. When there is nothing for your mind to busy itself with, it begins to create. It’s a bit like dreaming. And that is exactly what happens to you if you remain in the darkness. You are actually in the astral realms. You see all kinds of dreamscapes. You encounter all kinds of phantasms. You meet other dreaming souls. It can, in its own way, be both fun and interesting. But then too, if you have many unresolved fears you might experience this to be quite hellish. When an undisciplined mind begins to play upon itself it can produce some very unpleasant experiences.


So, unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn’t recommend choosing to remain in the darkness!


So where DO you go if you are busy transcending duality consciousness? The answer here is to look to the source of your own truth. Look to the same place from which you connect with the divine, eternal indwelling spirit. Look to the same place from which love comes. I refer, of course, to your own centre. Look to the place where you feel your heart to be. Look inwards for the light of oneness that shines from the centre of your own being.


Now, this is not some clever trick that you can use to circumvent your own growth. Those who are still of duality consciousness will probably not believe a word of what I am saying. But even if they did, they would not see this light within. I well remember when I was still very much of duality consciousness. I remember that there was nothing in my heart. It was too blocked for me to feel anything there. It was with my first awakening to unity consciousness that my inner-most heart chakra opened.


So there is no trick here. If you are of unity consciousness, you will probably look to your own heart anyway. This message from me is just a kind of gentle and loving reminder to do so. If you are of duality consciousness you will probably look up to the light to be rescued. And that will be right for you too.


But if you are ready and if you do look within you will find the most radiant, most pure blazing light shining from your own centre. And you will be able to move towards this light. And then into the light. And as you do you will see, sense and know many magnificent things. You will know, for example, that this life of yours has all been your creation. You will know that this person you have been has been your creation. You will know, finally, that you are the creator of all that you have experienced. Answers will arrive in the same instant as questions arrive. You will know. And then from this place of pure, still BEing, you will be able to choose where next you will go and what next you will do. And this will be the most perfect, divine, right choice for you.


And that’s the story.


Finally, before I go; if you are wishing to strengthen your heart connection in order to bring more of the light of oneness through your portal, I have produced a guided meditation that does exactly that. It’s called the sacred inner-heart meditation and you can find that here.