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An Evening with Zingdad

Exploring Truth through music, philosophy, music, spirituality and music and more music




This blog post was written in the "festive season" of 2015. The original motivation for this post was to create an evening of visiting and sharing for all those who might find themselves to be lonely, alone or simply wanting for company during this period. For such people I wished to offer a gift. A gift of loving, introspective companionship. But, as I worked on this project, I realised that it could be so much more than that. It could really be a means of deep connection for anyone (not just the lonely), and at any time (not just during the festive season).




I invite you to take a journey with me.


A journey into your own consciousness.


A journey of exploration into the nature of Truth.


This is not a "lecture". I am not offering a discourse or a dissertation. I am not here to "teach you" something specific. This journey is far more like two friends getting together for a deep and meaningful discussion. I will be offering you some thoughts. And then I will be offering you the opportunity to enter into conversation with yourself. But, before I preamble this to death... Let me just invite you to come along and see!


This journey will take perhaps two or three hours. If you don't have that amount of time available now, perhaps you might wish to bookmark this page for later when you do have that time free. When you are looking for company and input. The nice thing is that I will be waiting, right here, for you until then!


And if you are ready to begin right now... Then let us set off together on this journey of many steps!



Step 1. Listen with your soul


The ancient Sanskrit language is very powerful in the way it uses words. There is this one: Suni-ai which encodes whole paragraphs of meaning. It means to listen with your whole being. To listen to something so deeply that you hear beyond the words. To listen to the point at which you hear your own Inner-Truth speak upon the subject.


I do believe this to be the only way we should be "listening" when we engage with any spiritual material. If you read something in a book and it resonates profoundest truth to you, then it is only so because you have "heard" your own inner-truth saying, "I agree". This is suni-ai. This is how we can discern for ourselves what is right and true for each of us.


I'd like to take a musical break here. I'd like to share one of my very favourite musical artists with you, performing one of my very favourite tracks of hers. And the videos is a true delight too! This is Suni-ai by Snatam Kaur:


If you enjoyed this song, please check out this blog post of mine in which I discuss Snatam Kaur's music, what it means and where to find it:



Step 2. What is Truth?


What is “truth”? All discussions between one being and another need to be founded on some common truth. Next, I’d like to share a perspective on “truth” with you: Please take the time to view this video series and then we shall continue the discussion afterwards...






This video series was created in 2011. The “me” that I now am, no longer totally agrees with the me that I was then. Not in every particular and in every detail. My perspective has shifted. I am changed. In re-watching those videos I find myself nodding and agreeing with much of what “that me” said. But I also find myself getting just the slightest bit uncomfortable and out of resonance with one or two of “that me’s” perspectives. This is a good thing. It means that I have grown in the intervening years. It also means, of course, that I don’t expect you to agree 100% with everything he said!


So I invite you to give some thought to that video. Right in the beginning I talked about how you can find your Truth. How you can listen to your heart as a means of Suni-ai. And then I went on to offer all kinds of thoughts and information. How much of that rang true to you? What specifically (if anything) seemed "not right" to you?


Also: in the final video I spoke about my Ascension School. That has transformed into the Dreamer Awake! multimedia seminar series. But that’s not important right now. The important bit that I wanted to share with you is the “finding your truth” bit. And then to see how you test everything else against that.


When you find your truth, then you are listening to your soul. You are in a state of Suni-ai with your own inner guru. Your own most magnificent god-like Self speaks to you through your truth. Whatever other ideas arrive for you from outside of yourself… these are just ideas. You can test them against your truth. If they resonate, then “thumbs up”… you agree. Your truth agrees. If not… then you can discard those ideas. They are, at best, what is true from some other perspective. And, as pointed out in the video, there is ALWAYS some degree of difference between all perspectives!




Step 3. A Musical Interlude


And now, after all that “heavy stuff”, let's take another musical break. I’d like to invite another of my favorite Kirtan singers, Sirgun Kaur, to tell you something that is true.


It is this:

You are the light of your soul

You are beautiful

You are bountiful.

You are bliss.



This song is called “bliss”. Sirgun Kaur performed it together with Sat Darshan Singh on the album, “The Music Within”, available from

Please do support her amazing work!



Step 4. Feeling Within: The Heart Chakra


I have made the case in words and in music that the only Truth you will find is within you.


I’d like to invite you to be in communion with that truth now.


I’d like to ask you to close your eyes and still your mind and FEEL into your own heart now as you listen to this next track, Hallelujah by Constance Demby:




Step 5. Feeling Within: The Third Eye


Next I’d like to invite you to close your eyes and focus your attention on your third eye. By this I mean, “look” with your mind into the place in your forehead between your eyes where your third eye is. “Look” there with intent as you listen to these next two tracks and see what you find. Perhaps you see something in your mind's eye. Perhaps you feel something. Perhaps a knowing arises for you. “Look” through your third eye and receive whatever comes to you now:




Your third eye is where you connect with your intuition. It is the place from which inspiration and insight arrives. If it is paired with an open heart, that is in alignment with your Inner-Self, then you will always be led by Truth and Compassion. You will never go wrong.



Step 6. Feeling Within: The Throat Chakra


Now I invite you to focus on your throat chakra. This is the energy centre connected with your expressions into this world. It is the place from which you speak, act and do. All that you pour out into the world passes through your throat chakra.

What you are doing now is moving your attention right into your throat chakra. Becoming aware of blockages, hurts and shadows in there. And, by connecting your throat chakra with your heart chakra, you are bringing love, compassion and healing to your throat chakra. You are inviting yourself to make all of your communications and expressions congruent with your own highest truth, from this moment out.


Do that as you listen to this:






Step 7. Closing


And that really brings our short visit to an end. Today we shared an exploration on the nature of Truth. What it is. How we can each find it. What we can each know from within ourselves. What our source of truth really is.


Now, please press play on this last video and then, as you listen to it, I’d like you to consider the questions below it. Perhaps jot some thoughts down on paper as you do.



How (if at all) did your perception of Truth shift today?

Did you find any new awarenesses today?

Did you have any experiences that you would like to make note of, to recall for future reference?

Did you have any unusual experiences?

Do you find any questions arising for which you don’t, right now, have any satisfactory answers?


Those questions (and their answers) are for your reference and contemplation. Now, finally, I have four questions that I would love for you to answer in the comments box below:

1. What was your overall impression of this visit with me?

2. Would you like to have more such visits? Shall I create more, similar, experiences?

3. What can I do to improve the experience? Or, what would you like me to do differently next time?

4. Do you have an suggestions for themes for following visits?