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Healing Takes Time


healingWe each have many bodies - like Russian dolls we are layer upon layer of body-within-body. The physical, 3D, body of which we are normally aware is really just the smallest and densest in a series of energy bodies. Being the most dense, it is also the body that is the slowest to change in response to stimulus. There is a degree of protection in that: it means that really un-healthy thoughts and beliefs that make large and rapid changes our most subtle energy bodies don't instantly make our physical body ill. If we persist with these unhealthy ideas about ourselves then, eventually, these will become more and  more apparent in our physical body. But it takes time and in that time we can also change our minds and make better choices which will negate the ill effects of the previous thoughts.



The corollary of this is that really great, life-positive thoughts, ideas and beliefs are inputs into the energetic system that will yield an immediate benefit in the less dense bodies and, as with negative thoughts, will also take a while to work through to the physical body.



And so it is that, if you are already ill, healing is very seldom instantaneous. Healing, when it is correctly applied, is about allowing the body to restore its own natural balance. Sometimes all it takes is to remove a blockage in the energy body and sometimes it requires a more forceful intervention to "push" the system towards balance. As spiritual healing is accomplished in the energy bodies it means the physical body will take some time to reflect these positive changes. It is therefore advisable allow some time after a spiritual healing (a few days to a week or even more) before assessing how far the healing has helped before doing a follow-up session. Repeat sessions are often helpful though as unhealthy patterns can often be quite ingrained and might need more than one session to release.



Patience is required with healing. The time after a healing session is best spent in quite reflection and meditation, drinking lots of water and getting as much rest as your body needs. Change is happening in your various bodies and you are best advised to give your energy system space and time to allow the healing to work though to your physical. It is also beneficial to allow feelings, emotions and physical sensations that arise to simply “pass though” your being. This is a time to release the old that no longer serves, not to wrestle with and demand of yourself that you intellectually understand all that you are experiencing. Be patient, be gentle, be loving… and RELEASE!



Something else to be aware of is that, counter-intuitively, all this release of toxins and energetic detritus from your system might actually make you feel a lot WORSE in the short term. Some of the most powerful healing session I have ever had left me feeling like I had been hit with a freight train! But this very soon passes and a day or two later you will feel the euphoria of the lightening of your whole system as these toxic old energies are released. You can greatly assist passing of the healing crisis by drinking lots of water and taking long soaks in a warm bath with sea-salt and essential oils in it.



Bottom line: be patient with the healing process, be gentle with yourself and allow your intuition to guide you as to when and if you need a follow-up session.