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Heal, Transform and Explore

One-on-One with Zingdad



Are you persistently ill or experiencing physical symptoms that just don’t seem to improve, regardless of what you try?


Do you have recurring emotional distress and relationship or work challenges?

Are there deep spiritual or philosophical questions for which you can’t seem to find satisfactory answers?


Do you yearn to find your true purpose and to give your Great Gift to the world?

Are you seeking spiritual growth, transformation or awakening?


Do you desire to connect with your spirit guide or to explore your past lives?


Help is at hand!


All of the issues above, as well as many of life’s most challenging problems, can be resolved, one-on-one with Zingdad. Often, in a truly miraculous way.


How is this even possible?


Because ALL problems are actually spiritual problems!


All pain, discomfort and disease is a physical representation of a blockage in your emotional body.


All relationship problems (with loved ones, friends, colleagues, the world at large) are a physical representation of a blockage in the emotional body.


Blockages in your emotional body arise from spiritual blockages: deep-seated beliefs, decisions and vows that no longer serve you.


Moreover, all life-path difficulties (such as finding our true purpose, finding our right relationship with money and other energy forms etc.) are all direct manifestations, again, of a spiritual blockage.


It all begins with a spiritual blockage and it only truly ends with spiritual healing. Addressing the problem at the level of the symptoms in the body, or the emotions, or in your relationships will, at best, yield temporary relief before the problem will either recur, or resurface elsewhere. 


How Spiritual Blockage Occurs

As we travel, lifetime-after-lifetime through this reality of separation and duality, it is sadly absolutely inevitable that we will cause ourselves a great deal of spiritual pain. In one lifetime we find ourselves cruelly victimised by others and come to believe that we cannot trust others; in another lifetime we lash-out with our pent-up anger and cause great harm to others and decide that we ourselves are not trustworthy. In yet another lifetime we discover our Great Gift, but we give it while still lost and confused about who we really are and it all goes horribly wrong. We then decide that our Great Gift is troublesome and hide it far away from ourselves, swearing never to use it again. These, and many similar scripts of fear, pain, anger, hatred, loss and frustration, are the back-stories of all who are here on planet Earth at this time.


All are wounded. All feel separation, loss and aloneness. All yearn for wholeness, oneness, reconnection and the re-discovery of their Great Gift.


How I Can Help You

It is my soul-purpose to assist beings who have become stuck or hurt in their creations. In order to give this gift, I have had to feel many of the same hurts that you have felt. And I have been assisted and guided in healing these wounds of my soul. Along the way I have discovered and developed many tools and techniques that can be employed to do great healing on the soul. This gift comes, not from me, but through me. And it is my greatest privilege and joy to assist others in this way. 

A great majority of the healing sessions I offer take the form of Soul Re-Integration. Here, for your interest, is a short video describing what Soul Re-Integration is:


How to Book a Session

First-time clients: Please book a 30-minute Consultation before your first session with me - or, alternatively, please begin with a package that includes a 30 minute session. It is essential that I first obtain an understanding of your unique situation and that we discuss the process so that you will be prepared and will know what to expect. Returning clients can go ahead and book sessions without booking a consultation first.


What you can expect during the 30-minute consultation

After booking a 30-minute consultation session with the PayPal button below, I will contact you to schedule your consultation. We will "meet" using Skype audio, and take this half-hour to connect, soul-to-soul. I'll get a sense of who you are, what your story is, and where it is you need to go. I'll tell you more about what you can expect and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have. Together we will agree on the roadmap and a plan to address your individual needs.


Then, when you are ready, you'll be able to come back to this webpage and, in the same way, book your full 60-minute session. Or, if you prefer, you can simply purchase one of the packages on offer.


What you can expect during the 60-minute session

Each session will be unique, tailored to your needs. But most session will include "deep work" in which I will lead you into a deep meditative state (you don't need to have any experience meditating and you also don't need to be a "good hypnosis subject"). A powerful combination of hypnosis and deep guided meditation techniques will allow your ego-mind and physical body to rest. Then you and I can begin to work directly with your spirit-self. Your Higher-Self and mine will work together. I am guided to take you to where each of your blockages are. As each blockage is released, so you return a lost fragment of your soul to yourself. You gain wisdom and insight. You come to new, more liberating and helpful decisions about yourself. Along the way you might find yourself meeting and discussing matters with your Spirit Guides and other beings of high consciousness, and seeing the events of past lives and alternate life-streams played out. And while all of this is often an amazingly powerful, emotionally liberating experience, it is after returning to normal consciousness that many of the best effects of the session together begin to become obvious. Such a process is usually the catalyst for profound changes in your life. Inner-well-being and inner-balance are reflected in your outer-world. In ways that often seem 'magical', life begins to re-order itself around your new, healthier inner-landscape.


Each client has different needs, but below are just some of the possibilities of where we might venture in a session together:


Bringing healing, peace and relief to any past-lives that are troubled, stuck or negatively impacting on your current life

Connecting with your own Divine truth and your personal spirit guides

Doing spiritual surgery in which we remove and transform energetic blockages (please watch the soul re-integration video for more details)

Doing shadow work, in which hidden aspects of self are identified and healed

Cleansing chakra blockages and re-invigorating the chakras

Healing and releasing childhood and past traumas of your current life

Connecting you with your own Divine Light to become your own greatest healer


Do You Just Need to Talk Instead?

Many of my clients find that, rather than needing deep, intense spiritual healing, they would really just like to connect with a like-minded soul who REALLY listens and provides helpful new perspectives and insights. If this is you, then the Heal, Transform and Explore offering might not be best suited to your needs.

A better, and more cost-effective, product for you could be the Heart-to-Heart with Zingdad offering, which you can access here.


Healing Options

Read about available packages here... and then make your purchase from the check-out box at the bottom of the page.


Preliminary Consultation Session

$50 USD

A 30-minute consultation prior to your first healing session. This is essential for me to understand your situation and tune into your energy so that I can help you to achieve your healing goals on following hour-long healing sessions.

You may also select this option if you feel you are in need of a quick catch-up or follow-up conversation.



A Single Healing Session

$250 USD


A 60-minute session in which I assist you with your spiritual healing



Consultation + 3 Healing Sessions Package

Normal per-session value: $800

Cost for this offer: $600.00


Perfect for first-timers to get over the "newness" of it and really get to the deep issues over 4 sessions - first a consultation of 30 minutes to be followed by three healing sessions of 1 hour each. Purchasing this package also gives you a discount of $200.00.



5 Healing Sessions Package

Normal per-session value: $1250

Cost for this offer: $900


This package is intended for returning clients as there is no preliminary consultation session included. We go straight into a series of 5 sessions of 60-minutes duration each in which I assist you with your spiritual healing. Purchasing this offer also gives you  a discount of $350!








Purchase Here


Please note:
You will receive an email from me within 24 hours of your purchase to schedule your first appointment. 


1-on-1 Healing with Zingdad