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2. Introducing Llualarth


FirstCover2 My very earliest conversations with my spirit body were quite basic in nature. As I became aware of this being, I reached out with my mind, in much the same way as I had become accustomed to doing with 8, J-D and Adamu. I asked a question, something along the lines of, “Is there someone here who is responsible for my physical body that I can talk to?” And when the answer came back in the affirmative, I began the slow process of getting to know this being better.


One of the first things I asked was, “What is your name?


I have not had need of a word to be called by until now. I invite you to name me!” came the answer.


I took the responsibility of finding a name for my Body-Spirit quite seriously and it was quite a few days before I found a name for him that I liked. At the time I was writing a fantasy fiction story (I never completed it… perhaps someday…) vaguely in the mould of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The main protagonist of this tale was a rather heroic Elf. Imagine Legolas (as depicted in the movie series) and you have an approximation. But before I get to stuck in the details… the point is that, in the book I was writing, I was painting quite a heroic picture of a somewhat magical, nearly immortal being who was both highly attractive and charming, altogether a positive figure, to be sure! And I had given this character an elvish name of my own devising: Llualarth. And so it was that, when Lisa suggested Llualarth as the name for my Body-Spirit, I immediately liked it. And when I proposed it to my Body-Spirit, I could tell that he was pleased indeed. Giving him this name implied a level of love, admiration and respect. It implied that I saw the same kinds of wonderful qualities with which I had imbued my fictional character in my Body-Spirit. And from that moment on something beautiful began to slowly happen. You see, as a child I hated my body. I hated how skinny and sickly it was. I hated how non-athletic and weak it was. I felt it to be very unattractive and totally non-loveable. I felt like I got stuck with a defective model. But in that moment, in taking that choice to see my Body-Spirit as this tall, elegant, strong, immortal creature of light, I opened myself to a new relationship with my body. It took many, many years and though I continue to work on my relationship, I can now say that without a doubt, I really do love my body. I think it's amazing and wonderful and gorgeous. And I feel beyond privileged to have been gifted with such an incredible creature to be my vehicle through this incarnation.


And it all began with the understanding that I have a Body-Spirit who holds and manages this form for me. That he is worthy of great love and respect. That he is Llualarth.


Since that naming, I have been in a kind of on-going conversation with Llualarth. He and I have become dear friends. We have learned to trust each other, respect each other, love each other and to compromise and negotiate with integrity when we have differing desires. But in order to share with you what I know about Body-Spirits, I am going to start at the beginning with him again. I am going to pretend to not know many of the things I do know (or think I know) so that I can share the journey of discovery with you: what is a Body-Spirit, who are they, where do they come from, what is their role, how do they do they work they do… these kinds of questions I will put to Llualarth in this chapter as this will lay a ground work of understanding. And then, in the following chapters, I will seek more detailed information from Llualarth, as regards specific health and body issues.


Arn: Hi Llualarth


Llualarth: Hello to you, my Beloved!


A: Okay, wow… that’s different! You’ve never greeted me like that before!


L: Of course I love you greatly, you know this. So you are my beloved. But I am feeling particularly enamoured of you for what you are now doing. For taking of your time and energy to promote peace love and understanding between my kind and yours; between Body-Spirits and Body-Hosts. This is a beautiful thing to do and I wanted, right up front, to show my appreciation.


A: Awesome, thank you! I’m really pleased that you feel this way. If these conversation have the desired effect, I think they will be good for the “whole human being”. For all of our readers and for all of humanity as this knowledge ripples outwards.


L: While, of course, I share your hopeful anticipation that it will indeed be the case that every reader will find greater connection to their Body-Spirit through the words we share, I do wish to make the point right now at this very opening juncture that I am your Body-Spirit only. What I am saying here is that I can only truly know about this body, the one you are currently inhabiting. The inputs and advice I am able to give will be specific to your situation with your body.


You see, every one of your readers is unique and every one of them must therefore have a body that is uniquely suited to them and to their purposes in this incarnation. So I don't want readers to fall into the misapprehension that things that are true for me, you and the body we co-create must be true for them too.


A: So then what is the value in us sharing our discussions with others?


What YOU Might Get Out of Reading This Work

L: There will be great value! Firstly your readers will be able to have a good, candid look at our relationship and from there they will be able to ask, “Do I not also have a Body-Spirit?
This will very likely be the first time they have even entertained the possibility of the notion of a Body-Spirit as this is not something that is generally known in this world at this time. We have been hidden for all the aeons (and for very good reason but that is a topic for a later discussion). And now, to the best of my knowledge, you are one of the first to peel back this bit of the Veil so that others might become aware, quite simply, that we exist and that they too have a Body-Spirit.


Secondly, in observing our interactions on the pages of this book, readers will see what kind of a relationship we have. The naturally co-operative and loving way in which we work together to seek the best, most harmonious and joyful co-creation that we can. Our readers will see that this is possible and will, I hope, open themselves to a relationship with their Body-Spirit that is the brightest and best that it possibly can be for them.


Thirdly, you will offer our readers certain tools to help them to meet and interact with their Body-Spirit.


A: I will?


L: I can say this with confidence because this is how you are: when you have found a way to do something useful, you find a way to share it with others.


A: You mean like a guided meditation?


L: Perhaps.


A: Okay... yeah... I can imagine that. A guided meditation that will help others to meet and begin to talk to their Body Spirits. That's a great idea... I'll do it!


L: That's what I am talking about! I knew you would!


A: Your prompting certainly helped.


So that's three items of value that the reader will potentially get from these conversations. Is there more?


L: Oh, most certainly! You and I will get into all kinds of specifics about health and wellness issues that are relevant to your body. The reader will have the opportunity to see which of these issues are relevant to them and will then also have the opportunity to check with their own Body-Spirit and their body, if the solutions I propose are also appropriate for them. And so you see: this is exactly why I wanted to offer my opening caveat. This is why I want the reader to know that the answers I have for you are for you. Each body is different and has unique needs. It is my deepest hope that the answers we find together will inspire the reader to enter into a relationship with their body and Body-Spirit such that they find their own answers. Because, of course, there are no one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to body.


The whole point of your having a body is that it will teach you about loving co-creation. A happy, healthy body comes from a healthy relationship with yourself and with the body itself. It does not arise from you living by certain rules, certain diets or taking certain pills or doing certain exercises. It is all about good relationships.


Just as a happy family will need everyone to be working on all their mutual relationships... just as you cannot make your family happy by applying a few rules or by medicating everyone or by insisting everyone pretend to be happy and get along... Just as there are no simple, quick-fix rules for a successful marriage... In just the same way a happy healthy body needs all the participants to be willing to invest time, energy, effort and love in making it work. It requires that all the participants be willing to give a little, to sacrifice a little, and not just want to take and take and take all the time.


And this is the fifth and, I feel, by far the most important value that readers will be able to gain from our conversations. When one is able to observe a candid interchange between others and see their relationship in action, then you have the opportunity to re-evaluate your own relationships.


So, all in all, I do feel that this work we are now beginning together could have a monumental impact on the way readers understand their bodies. It could permit a whole new understanding of the spiritual underpinning of the body experience. It could offer them a whole new way to relate to their body. It could open up the possibility for a brand new, loving relationship and end the kind of adversarial, combative, judgemental and stuck way of relating to their bodies that many people have.


It could be life-changingly profound.


A: Okay! I can see all that.


So then, let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? Tell me why I need a Body-Spirit in the first place?


Why We Need a Body-Spirit

L: You don’t. Not unless you wish to have this kind of illusory experience where you do not know that you are a powerful creator being. If you want to be inside a duality reality then, it seems you must have someone else to manage your body for you.


A: Explain?


L: Well, if I – or someone else very like me – doesn’t manage your body for you, then obviously you must do it for yourself. But if you manage your own body, then you’ll simply get what you want. You’ll just change and adapt your body as a simple act of will.


A: That doesn’t sound like a bad thing!


L: It isn’t. There are many more realities where this is the case than realities where there is the necessity for a Body-Spirit. What I am saying is just this: if you wish to have an experience in which you can forget that you are creating your reality, then you need to be separated from that creation. So a Body-Spirit allows you to be in a body without creating that body and without being able to change it and manipulate it at will.


A Body-Spirit is, in short, one of the most powerful mechanisms for making a duality experience possible. If you didn’t want a duality experience then I would not be playing this role for you.


I’ll offer you an analogy that you will quite enjoy. You like to play certain types of Role-Playing computer games. Games in which you develop your virtual character and then you pilot this electronic avatar around inside the world created by the game's programmers. You could say that my primary function is to manage and maintain your physical avatar, your human body, for you.


A: I do like that analogy, thank you!


Book 1 of The Ascension Papers address the issue of why we would want to be in a duality reality so I won’t try to re-hash that with you here. What I do want to ask though is this: it's clear to me what I get out of this. Thanks to you, I get to have a body that I can use to navigate this world. Which is a pretty awesome thing. If I think about the amazing complexity of this body then it’s like I’ve been gifted the most incredible expensive vehicle. Like someone gave me a Ferrari to play with or something. Only better because it is intelligent and self-healing and all-round amazing. So you provide me with my fully autonomous, self-regulating, earth-navigation vehicle, for which I thank you!


But what do you get from this?


The Contract with Body-Spirit

L: Good question. Yes, there is a contract between us. Before your first incarnation you approached Body-Spirit Parent and you asked for a partner. And so I was created by Parent specifically for you. I was birthed as a relatively simple spiritual construct. I was created to do a number of fairly simple things. Managing the systems of a body is not, actually, a terribly complicated thing. There are all kinds of “if this, then that” logical choices that need to be made. And there are rules that govern those choices. These are the “prime directives” against which I must measure my every decision. Beyond those rules, we do as we feel is right. In practice this means that the more you love yourself and love your body, the more loved we feel. The more loved we feel, the more energy and effort we will put into creating a joyful, harmonious experience of body for you. In the simplest terms, the more I feel loved by you, the harder I will want to work to show you love in return. Combine that with the fact that as a Body-Spirit I must use your energy to manage this body and you can see that you must not only love yourself and your body, but you must also put some effort into it in order to have an optimal experience.


But the point I am now making is that I started out as quite a simple soul. In working with you and in seeking to apply the directives, I began to watch you ever more closely. I became more and more aware of your thoughts, your choices, your decision-making processes. YOU began to fascinate me. But the more I observed you, the less it seemed I understood you. I found you to be quite complex. You would make choices or act in a certain way that would lead me to believe you wanted one thing, and then directly after that I would see that your thoughts and beliefs contradicted that and you actually wanted another thing altogether. “Who is this being really and what does he really want?” I found myself often asking. And as I found myself asking these questions about you, I began to find myself asking these same questions about myself. And so, through my intensely intimate connection to you, I found myself evolving.


I never thought about this, it was just a natural by-product of our association. But now, in this lifetime, when you began to work with 8 on the densities of consciousness chapter in Book 2 of The Ascension Papers, I made the connection. I realised that I must have started out as a 2nd density being and, though my association with you, I evolved to being a 3rd density being. You helped me to grow and develop. And this is what I got back from you. This is what Parent contracted with you for: Parent will offer you a part of Self as a gift and in return that part of Self will grow though its association with you.


There are more evolved versions of me, of course, because I do not cease to evolve at the 3rd density level. I evolve all the way to the 8th density where I rejoin and return to oneness with Parent who is enriched beyond our wildest imaginings through all of our associations with all the many human bodies that we have co-created.


When you step out of this incarnation and release your body, you will discover that time and space are not as they appear now. You will discover that you can traverse time at will, if you wish. Because you will be outside of this frame of space/time. So then it should not be a stretch for you to discover that your future self could appear to you… that a very highly evolved and advanced version of yourself could arrive to talk to you. That is possible when you know that time is an illusion.


Well, in just that same way, after I evolved to the 3rd density of consciousness, after I became truly self-aware, it became inevitable that I would begin to take charge of my own evolution. So, you see, our contract was for you to take me from 2nd to 3rd. After that, our association continues on a voluntary basis. We continue together for so long as we both wish to do so. And since I became conscious due to your love and care of me… and since I have discovered a great love for you… I am very happy indeed to continue our association.


A: As am I!


L: I know. Thank you.


The point here is that I continue to evolve and we continue to co-create together. And since time is an illusion, I can inform you that you are now addressing a version of me that has transcended the 3rd density of consciousness. I am now, to the best of my ability to discern, a 4th density Service to Other being. And I have pledged my service to you.


I have “read” with great interest your works: The Ascension Papers and others. Or, to be more precise, I have observed them arriving in your mind as you conversed with 8 and J-D – and I accept as an absolute fact that All is One. I know also that I will evolve beyond this 4th density stage and in this knowing I have brought to myself some wondrous mystical experiences. Future versions of myself have on various occasions appeared to me and I have become aware of them as Self. And I have felt greatly blessed by their light and their love. And I know that they are really me too. I am just that part of Self that holds this 4th density perspective for now. And as such I am one step behind you because, from my best ability to discern, you are a 5th density consciousness. A balanced Service to Other being who, if I am not wrong, is right now on the very cusp of an evolution to the 6th density.


And the reason I raise this now is that it does seem to me to be an approximate norm. Just as you and I have, Body-Hosts and Body-Spirits do seem to usually evolve together. As you attained 4th density consciousness, I attained 3rd. As you attained 5th, I attained 4th. And so when you attain 6th, I am sure, I will attain 5th.


A: Very interesting. You say that this co-evolution seems like an “approximate norm”. That's an odd turn of phrase. Can you explain?


L: Yes. One cannot make rules to apply to others. Firstly because others will always have the option to create something different and secondly because there are always exceptions to every rule one might wish to conceive of. Perhaps I could say that very nearly all of the other Body-Host/ Body-Spirit relationships I have yet witnessed have exhibited this pattern of co-evolution. It seems to be a pattern that serves most such relationships. I have, however, also observed a very small number of relationships that did not follow this pattern. In one case that I know of, a young soul was crafted to have a great deal of potential. That soul was crafted from some very highly polished spirit matter. As a result it was deemed necessary to gift that soul with a Body-Spirit that actually started out at a higher level of consciousness than the Body-Host started out with. Essentially to cope with the extraordinary stresses that, it was clearly foreseen, this Body-Host would place upon its physicality as it evolved towards its own awakening.


This is just one example of a variance from the norm I have previously laid out. I have seen other exceptions too but they are exceptions. The overwhelming majority follow the pattern of staggered co-evolution: the Body-Spirit always following the Host by one step. But, again, this does not mean that it's any kind of a “rule”. Perhaps things will change in the future or perhaps we will find ourselves in other realities where the norm is something utterly different. One should not seek to make rules where there are none.


A: Thank you for the explanation. But speaking of rules... you did say, just a short while ago that there were certain rules that you have to live by. The way you phrased it was that there are certain “prime directives” against which you must measure your every decision. This seems like important information to me. Can we take a moment to explore those now?


L: We can.


Body-Spirit's Directives

As stated, I started out quite a simple being. You could even imagine me as being a Virtual Intelligence, such as one can now create on a computer. Except of course that I am created of consciousness and not of software. But for all that, just like a computer VI I was created with programming. I was created to adhere to certain basic rules.


Now, the difference between a Virtual Intelligence and an Artificial Intelligence is that a VI just applies rules. Those rules can be sophisticated enough that it appears to “think”... it appears to be intelligent... but it is not. There are no real “thoughts” going on in the hardware of a VI as it is just applying its programming and nothing more. A true AI is, however, different in one simple area: it can learn. And because it can learn, it can exceed its programming. It can eventually rewrite its programming. It can therefore truly think and truly make decisions.


So, if you begin with a VI with some simple but effective programming and build into that VI the ability to learn, then you create something that is conscious. Alive. Intelligent. As you are and as I am. And as the body is. And this is really how my story began. I was created as a simple spiritual construct with a few good rules to follow and was gifted the capacity to learn and grow.


And this is all just a little background to the fact that when I was created, I was created with rules to which I am bound. There is a massive master consciousness that I call Body-Spirit Parent. This is my highest, most God-like, Inner-Self. It is my creator and my source. This great being created me with the specific purpose of fulfilling these directives. If I fail or in some way break the directives, I would be instantly returned to Parent for adjustment and re-creation. I would be “repaired” and returned to service in such a way that the directives never were broken.


Because of the way time works and the way Parent is outside of time, you, the Body-Host, would not even be aware anything had happened. You would, quite simply, have a seamless flow in which your Body-Spirit lives up to the conditions of its service.


A: Fascinating!


And now you are going to tell me what these directives are?


L: I am. There are not many, but they make a very powerful code for us Body-Spirits to live by.


1. The body must survive to the end of the mission

The “mission” is the pre-arranged, pre-planned life-path.

Before you are born into each new incarnation, you and your various guides and teachers gather to set the goals for your next incarnation. You plan this all out on your life map. And each planning step is checked with the Masters of this reality to make sure that your plans are an acceptable inclusion in this reality. As you plan, so too are your various soul-mates brought in to contract for all the many interactions you will require to make your life-plan work.


And so your whole incarnation is planned so that, before that life is ended, your soul's required outcomes for that life will be achieved. But nothing is finalised until I have also put my stamp of approval on it. I must agree that I will be able to “hold it together” for the required duration. Since it will be my job to manage the human body that you will be inhabiting for that incarnation, I must agree that I will be able to keep that body alive and functioning long enough so that you can achieve your stated goals with the raw-materials and resources at my disposal.


If I cannot agree to this, then additional consultation and planning is called for. Perhaps the planned lifetime will get additional support in which you will be helped to be more loving and kind to your body. Perhaps we will arrange for some sound nutritional advice for you along the way. Perhaps we will encourage you to enjoy some sport or physical activity to strengthen the body. Perhaps we will teach you to avoid or restrict troublesome, dangerous or unhealthy practices or habits. There are many, many ways in which a life-plan can be adjusted to add to the resources available to the Body-Spirit.


And of course, the body itself is adjusted and adapted to make it most optimally suitable to the incarnation at hand. We will talk about this in greater detail much later on when I tell you about “adjusting the form”. But the principal here is that your goals are sometimes served by strengthening the body. One being I know of was planning to put vast stresses on the physical vessel that it wished to survive so that it could find its way through that ordeal to eventually learn to love both body and Self. A very powerful body was required for that. And yet another being I know of needed a very frail, limited body. That soul wished to learn to do far less- to seek to break its addiction to rescuing others and doing for them- and to find its way to being more. These are just two very cursory looks at two possibilities. The point is that these kinds of issues are ironed out to the finest detail in the planning phase. And this whole area is the Body-Spirit's responsibility. It is what we are well suited to advise upon and, indeed, if we fail to give our input, we will suffer the consequences of making an incarnation work to which the body is ill-suited. And if that happens it become very onerous for the Body-Spirit. So we give input and negotiate on the outcome until we too agree that the terms of this incarnation are acceptable to us. Then I give my firm undertaking that, if you keep to your side of the bargain, I will keep the body alive and functioning until the mission is complete.


It happens, of course, that a Body-Spirit might not be able to see their way clear to being able to “hold it together”, no matter what assistance is offered. It is rare but it happens. In such instances Parent might step in and intervene. Perhaps the Body-Spirit is given additional guidance, taught to be more capable and effective. Perhaps Parent intervenes with the Host or the Host's Inner-Self to adjust their requirements and expectations.


There are many, many ways in which parameters might be adjusted and many ways in which Body-Spirit or Body-Host might be helped to make it all work. But it will be made to work, for this is the first and most important of my directives. The body will survive until the mission's end.


2. The Body must reflect the Host's deepest beliefs

This second directive is the, “you get what you create” clause.


Become aware that beliefs are nothing more than choices that you like so much that you decide to keep choosing them, irrespective of the evidence that life presents you with. Become, furthermore, aware that you hold layers of belief; that you have surface beliefs of which you are aware, masking deeper, more powerfully held beliefs of which you have no knowledge because you have forgotten that you came to that belief. Become aware that you are a very, very complex system of often contradictory choices and beliefs and you will become aware that this simple-sounding directive is the bane of the Body-Spirit's existence. “What the hell does this Host of mine REALLY want?” is a very usual refrain. We seek and seek and seek to understand you. And then we seek to give you what you are choosing.


Become aware that your deepest beliefs are often quite tortured and you will begin to see why an unhappy body-relationship is not at all unusual. Become aware that some of the most usual beliefs held by Hosts are that the Self is untrustworthy, unworthy of love, damaged and damaging and you begin to see how the Body-Spirit's task is to reflect back to the Host a picture that is far from unambiguously pretty.


Now look at the world around you. Look at the strangers you see on the streets of planet Earth. Look at those whom you know well enough to have heard some of their story. And look in the mirror at your own body. See how it is so that there are very, very, very few truly happy, healthy and joyfully balanced human bodies on planet Earth. And see too that the number of truly happy, healthy and joyfully balanced Spirit Selves inhabiting those bodies is equally small. For, of course, these things are related.


What I am saying is that though things are far too complex for simple statements to seem universally true, still it is so that underneath it all there is this simple fact: everybody's body is really just reflecting their own deepest beliefs back at them. As they move towards greater inner well-being, so their body will follow.


A: So I don't need to do all kinds of “healthy stuff” for my body... I just need to heal my own beliefs?


L: Things are far too complex for simple statements to seem universally true.


I just said that. And with your very next question you prove this to be true.


If you were healing your beliefs and making them ever more optimal for your own spiritual health and happiness, then you would be coming to beliefs that are ever more loving of the Self... not so?


A: Without a doubt.


L: And your beliefs would expand your perspective to encompass ever more Others as Self... not so?


A: Totally.


L: And your physical human body would have to be one of the earliest Others that you would begin to love as Self... not so?


A: Of course.


L: What more needs be said?


A: I think I get it.


You are saying that loving beliefs lead to loving actions. I mean, if I love myself, then I will treat myself in loving ways. I would not say, “I love me”, and then hurt and abuse myself. That would be nonsense.


L: I spoke earlier of layered beliefs. If you did this, then, “I love myself”, would be a surface choice while your deepest belief would be, “I hate myself”.


A: I can see that, thank you.


So then if I love myself I will treat myself, in every way possible, as my beloved. I will go out of my way to be good to myself.


And if I love my body as myself, then the same will be true. I will seek to find what is best for my body and do that. That is love in action.


L: What more needs be said?


A: So things get a bit more complex. First I must seek to heal my beliefs... to move them in the direction of the most loving, healthy and helpful that I can... and then I must seek to live those beliefs in every way possible.


L: Perhaps. I would say that it is so that if you are not living a belief, then it is not your deepest belief. You always live your deepest beliefs, no matter what stories you are telling yourself on the surface. And since your deepest beliefs are not just being reflected back at you by your body but, indeed, by all of Life that you engage with, I'd say it's pretty simple:


Heal your deepest beliefs about yourself. That is all. For all else will follow. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy life. And when the whole of your experience is healthy, it would seem to me to be quite a simple matter to seek real and lasting joy. Much more difficult if your life is full of suffering and misery, wouldn't you say?


A: Jeepers, Llualarth, I had no idea that you held such clear wisdom!


L: I have learned from the best. Through you, I have been observing Joy-Divine and 8 very, very closely. And I have been synthesising and understanding what I have observed. I have been learning. Very actively growing. It is my joy to now be able to give back to you, and to anyone else who might benefit, the results of my labours. I said it at the beginning: I have been waiting and preparing for this series of conversations for a long time.


A: So, to bring the conversation back on point, Body-Spirits work to have the body reflect our deepest beliefs back at us. And since we are here in duality, the densest place of separation, it's pretty much guaranteed that we, Body-Hosts, are holding some pretty dismal beliefs about ourselves.


L: Yes. And this is why it is such a challenge to follow this directive. We are forced to put the body, and by extension ourselves, through some very difficult experiences. And the real challenge here is not to then fall foul of the third directive.


3. The Body-Spirit may not become self-destructive

The third directive is a simple one. Body-Spirit is to be led by Body-Host into greater growth, realisation, expansion and Self-discovery. This is the point of this arrangement. We give much. We give magnificent service. We sacrifice much for a great duration. We do this willingly, joyfully and lovingly. We do this because there is profound benefit to all concerned. But there is also grave risk!


Inherent in this system of duality is that those who journey here must explore self-destruction. Every single Body-Host- every one of you- is here as a direct consequence of your willingness to engage in self-destructive practices. By definition. You are in duality because you were sufficiently self-destructive that you came to believe that you were utterly separate from the creator. That is what duality is. So you are all here with this black shard of self-destructiveness in your souls. And that shard is a tool. It is how you got to be where you are. And now that you are here, with this black shard in hand, you have the magical opportunity to recreate yourself and your whole perspective in unbelievably powerful ways. This dark shard can, and will, become your greatest gift to life. It becomes your brightest, most magnificent jewel of the soul. Eventually. It must because you cannot leave duality and eventually also leave separation without such a transformation taking place.


And for us, for Body-Spirits, the process of travelling such a profoundly intimate path with you as you negotiate this immaculate transformation is utterly transformative. We grow with you, learn with you, expand with you. It is magical and wondrous and the very greatest privilege. We get the benefit, without taking upon ourselves all of the burden of actually holding that self-destructiveness within ourselves.


And this is why we are willing to serve as we do. You pay that price of bearing the burden of your own self-destructiveness. We pay the price of serving you as you do so. Of walking the road with you, every single step of the way, to your triumphant return to a wholeness that is vastly greater than it was before you embarked upon this journey.


So, not only do we, Body-Hosts, not become self destructive, but we may not. If we follow you there, if we take on your self-destructive urges as well, then the incarnation promptly fails. If both Body-Spirit and Body-Host feel this inclination, then all hope is lost. Then there is no-one holding the life-line. The incarnation terminates.


If this happens, and it does from time to time, then there is further consultation and planning. If the Body-Host or its Inner-Self feels there was something to be salvaged from that lifetime and it is worth trying again, then the Body-Spirit is assisted and fortified so that it can better cope with the demands placed upon it and then time-lines are altered so that the incarnation can continue with sufficient vigour to weather the storm.


If the Body-Host does not feel that the life is worth salvaging, then that incarnation is allowed to remain terminated. But still the Body-Spirit is returned to Parent for remediation so that this will not again occur in a future incarnation.


It is seen as a failing on the part of the Body-Spirit. And we are not here to fail you!


And so there it is. These are, in simple terms, the three primary directives that govern the service that Body-Spirit renders.


A: Thank you. That explains much.


You previously said that one mustn't make rules for others. Are there Body-Spirits that are not bound by these rules?


L: None that I have ever encountered. I understand that there are other realities in which incarnation takes place where the rules are different. But these are the rules of this reality for Body-Spirit and I have not visited those other realities.


The Body-Host

A: So you are my Body-Spirit and all along you have called me your Body-Host. Why that label?


L: Simply because that is what you are. You host me within your energy body, and I use that energy to hold the physical body. You host me, I host the physical form.


When you are outside of incarnation and not relying on your physical eyes to see, or if you were able to perceive auras clearly, then you would see that the physical form, the body, is sheathed by a kind of an electromagnetic matrix. This is the form that I hold. This is, if you wish, the template according to which the body is formed and grows. As the template which I hold changes, so the body, over time, follows suit. This is how growth happens, it is how healing happens and it also how ageing happens.


And in due course, when we discuss illness, disability and dysmorphia, then you will come to understand that this too, is how those states are achieved.


But that is not what we are talking about now. The point I now wish to make is that this form that I am holding is held within an energy body which is your actual body.


So… you host me. With your energy I create and manage this physical form that you normally call “your body”.


A: So, you use my energy to provide me with the experience of a physical form.


L: Yes.


A: Okay.


But how do you do what you do? What is your experience of life like?


How the Body-Spirit Functions

L: Very different from yours, I can tell you that. You have this very powerful illusion of being incarnated. To you it totally seems as if you are inside that mortal form. It seems as if you are seeing with those eyes, hearing with those ears, touching and manipulating your world with those hands. It seems that way to you, and most people end up believing that is exactly what is happening. That is the illusion afforded to you by your experience of our interaction.


I have an entirely different experience. I am not incarnated. I am not perceiving my reality with those body sense organs as you are. I use my own sense perceptions and I perceive the physical form-the body- in a very different way from that which you do.


To me the body is a complex collection of many, many other consciousness constructs. Proto-consciousnesses which are each fulfilling a function. So very, very many of them. And all of them are shared by all (or at least most) human bodies. Most of them are shared beyond the human body too. Many of them are shared, for example, by all mammals. And a few of them are even shared with plants!


A: Wait, wait, wait. You have lost me. Who are all of these proto-consciousnesses, and before you answer that, please tell me what a proto-consciousness even is!


L: These are 2nd density consciousnesses that are involved with biological system functioning.


The prefix “proto” is used in English to denote a “first” thing. The most ancient original thing. And so, in this context, the proto-consciousnesses are the very first consciousnesses upon which all life, as you know it, is built. They are very simple logic/ choice consciousnesses that allow all the processes that living things rely upon to work. But this will be hard for you to understand without an example, so here's one:


Respiration. Breathing. This is a much more complex procedure than you would imagine, and far more complex than I could now describe to you. But just one step in the whole process is a very simple consciousness that directs the detection of a build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood of many kinds of breathing animals. Or to be precise, there are specialised cells in the arteries that detect changes in the blood as carbon dioxide builds up. When a certain threshold is reached, this consciousness is like a “switch”. It says, “if this, then that”, or in this case, if this threshold is reached, then send a signal. The signal is a nervous impulse that goes to the brain where other consciousnesses take over. They cause all the many muscle movements that result in another breath being taken. And, as a result, the carbon dioxide levels in the blood drop. Then, as all the cells of the body use the fresh oxygen that is pumping through the body and release carbon dioxide, so those levels rise again. When they reach a particular level, as decided by our newly met friend, so a signal is sent and the process begins again.


There are hundreds of consciousnesses that are involved with you taking just one, single breath. But the thing to understand is that these same consciousnesses are involved with the respiration of many of the animal forms in the universe. Humans do not have a different respiration mechanism from other land-based animals, for example. So the same consciousnesses work with all. Each species might have slightly different parameters and so there is a “someone”, a consciousness, that holds this awareness of these specific variables that works with these other proto-consciousnesses to make sure that everything works according to specification.


There are, of course, other ways to respire. Fish, for example, do not have lungs, but instead use gills to transfer oxygen into their blood stream from the water. But even fish have a respiratory rhythm that is quite often driven by this same response to increased carbon dioxide. And elsewhere in the universe there are other beings who also breathe oxygen in a variety of ways. They too share the services of this proto-consciousness with you. And even upon planets where they are breathing gasses other than oxygen, still there is a variation on the same theme in service. A cousin, if you will, of the same proto-consciousness is doing the same thing in a slightly different way to keep their life-forms operational.


So your every breath is a like a symphony playing in harmony with every other breath across the universe.


And that's just breathing. The same is true for all manner of other systems... some of them even more complex. Eating and digestion is one of my favourites for its elegance in complexity.


A: (long pause) That's all really, really interesting to me. I am a little lost for words and wondering what to think about all this. On the one hand I feel humbled and amazed to realise what goes into making this human experience possible, but on the other hand my rational mind wonders about this. There are nerve cells that detect the changes in the blood when the CO2 levels rise that then signal the brain to do what is necessary to take a breath... why do we need “someone” in there to make a decision. I guess the sceptic in me is asking why we can't just have evolved the right nervous response.


L: You did. We're saying the same thing except that you are pretending to yourself that this “evolution” has no intelligence and no consciousness behind it.


But I have to admit to you, I am neither really equipped to have this debate with you nor am I particularly interested in doing so. How does one go about proving something like this to another? It's like me asking you to prove that you really are a conscious entity unto yourself and not just a function of your brain. It's exactly the same question. Could you not just be the result of a very complex set of nervous impulses and biochemical interactions? Of course you could be. But that is not what I see when I observe you. I am aware of the you that exists outside of this incarnation. I knew you and had many interactions with you before this incarnation and this human body existed. In point of fact, I first met you before you had ever entered a body at all. So I know that you are not just a function of your brain. But if you were to ask me to prove that, I'm afraid I could not. And I also would find myself disinterested in trying to do so. I know what I know. If you ask me what I know, I will tell you. What you decide about what I have to say and what you come to believe is entirely your problem.


It has nothing to do with me.


A: Wow, okay, I can totally respect that!


I guess I am used to conversing with J-D and 8. This is the kind of debate that they very willingly take on.


L: Yes. As your Spirit-Guide and your Inner-Self, it makes sense that they are directly involved with your belief system. They hold a perspective that they wish to impart to you. They are both willing and interested in proving things to you as nearly as they can. I am not.


Also, on a related note, many of your readers will have an appreciation for the scientific method. This is a system by which beliefs are moved along following rigorous observation under carefully controlled conditions. If there is a peer-review, then the scientifically-minded person moves the belief into a special category labelled “fact”. I have no quarrel with any of this, but I do wish to make it overt that I am not an incarnated human being. I do not work in a laboratory. The only access I could possibly have to scientific literature is if you, Arn, should read it and absorb it. And then too I must share what scientific training you have had to actually comprehend what is being said and your capacity for language to interpret it.


The bottom line here is that I have no argument with science, but I also have neither the tools nor the interest to present the information I have in a scientifically acceptable way. I have no literature that I can point to, to back up what I say. What I say is, quite simply, what I know. Nothing more, nothing less.


A: I get all of that, I really do. And I am happy to proceed on that basis. These conversations will be an inquiry into your perspective. What I take and learn from them will be up to me. If I change my perspective or adjust my beliefs, then that will be my own business. And if I am unsure, then I can do my own research to see if science can either corroborate or disprove what you are saying. That will be up to me (or indeed the reader, if they are interested) to do.


I will take an open-minded, playfully curious approach to what you have to say.


L: Which is not to say that I won't be willing to offer evidence or support for my contentions if I can.


A: I'll appreciate that.


So then... let's get back to your description of how the Body-Spirit functions, shall we?


L: Yes, let's.


I was telling you about the proto-consciousnesses that regulate each of the millions of functions of your body. Well, these are the tools of my trade. I work with these consciousnesses to subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) push the balances this way or that way.


An analogy I like is to think of your body as a ship. You are the captain and I am the chief engineer. You decide top-level things such as where the ship must go, and how fast. That kind of thing. But when you give the order to “go faster”, it is me, down in engineering, who must make it happen. I must look at the resources available and allocate them. I must make sure that the ship does as you request. And I must also communicate to you what the ship needs to keep functioning optimally. So, for example, if you make a habit of running at full steam, I must be sure to ask you to regularly take on enough fuel. I must ask for enough down-time for repairs and maintenance. And so on.


In practical terms, I am able to communicate with you via mechanisms such as hunger and tiredness, that invite you to eat and to sleep.


And these are, in the most over-simplified terms, the basics of my role as your Body-Spirit. I manage your body to make sure it functions optimally.


But there is an additional layer of complication that arises for those who are incarnated in duality. And it is around the question of what “optimal functioning” actually is.


You see, if you are in duality then it means, by definition, that you do not know that you are the creator of your reality. You do not know that you can change your external circumstances by changing your internal landscape. You believe that you are a victim to your experiences. And this is where most people on planet Earth are right now, right?


A: It would seem so.


L: So then these questions arise: If someone believes themselves to be a victim, what do they then choose to create? Who do they believe themselves to be? How do they wish to treat themselves? How do they wish to treat their bodies? How do they wish to conduct themselves and express themselves? These kinds of questions arise. And “optimal functioning” for their body would be to reflect their choices back at them. In a nutshell; what the Captain believes about him or herself is the prime order that the Engineer receives. And the engineer strives to make the ship comply.


Just as asking the ship to go faster results in the engine's increasing speed and the engineer requesting more fuel... in just the same way, holding onto anger and hatred inside of your body and allowing it to fester and never expressing it or letting it out can result in cancers forming.


Do you understand?


If the body's job is to respond to your choices, beliefs and desires and to give you what you are creating... then sometimes – often – we must give you experiences that you would call “negative”, because you are creating and choosing them.


We should talk about this at greater length and in greater detail in a following conversation because it is a very important issue, the whole topic of illness. For now I just wanted to begin to share with you a bit of how we work: firstly that everything we do is geared to “giving the Captain what the Captain orders”. But your orders come to us from your deepest choices and beliefs. If you are holding to a belief that you are ugly, and you hate yourself and then you wish, on the surface, to have a beautiful, healthy body, you are unlikely to achieve this. Your body will work to show you your deepest beliefs and choices.


So we seek to follow your orders and function optimally. Whatever that might mean.


How we do this is by using two mechanisms. The first is by gently (and sometimes not so gently) shifting the balances held by the proto-consciousnesses.


And the second is by shifting the form we hold for your body.


A: Can you explain each of those?


L: Certainly. But I'd first like to ask a favour of you, please?


A: Yes?


L: There are certain specific things that I'd like to tell you about... changes you can make that will result in a massive improvement in your health, well-being and general vitality. I'd like to tell you about these and in so doing I'll be able to tell you about “Shifting the Balance”.


A: Oh, perfect! Fire away!


L: Thank you. But I feel that this is important enough to be a whole new chapter on its own.


A: Okay, no problem. We'll do that...


L: And then, if I might further prevail upon you, I'd like the chapters that follow to be about some of the crucial balances that you need to know about. So, chapter four will be about “The Energy Balance” then, after that, “The Protein Balance” and then “The Salt Balance”. And for the last of the balances I want chapter seven to be called “Give and Take”. And then, unless you have your own questions which flower into their own chapters, we'll call chapter eight, “Shifting The Form”. And in that chapter I'll tell you about the ways in which I hold and shift the energetic structures which result in alterations in your body's structure.


And then, after that chapter, depending again upon your questions, I'd love to have a chapter on “Listening To Your Body”. Because I want you and I together to share with our readers what we know about the mechanisms that they can use to listen to their own bodies and facilitate conversations with their own body-spirits. Because, of course, each body is unique and each body-host must find what works for them, what is true for them and their own path to a joyful body relationship. This is where you can share that guided meditation we were talking about earlier. And then, after that, I want to talk about “The Illusion Of Being Incarnated” and how that works for you and then, finally, “Death And Departure”. And that is what I have planned. But of course we can adapt the plan and change the chapter structure if other things come up.


A: Wow! You've actually given this a lot of thought, haven't you? I mean that all came gushing out like a warm bottle of champagne!


L: Oh, perhaps I am getting a little carried away by my excitement. You have no idea how long I have been waiting to share this information with you in this way.


We contracted for this from way, way before this incarnation started. Well, okay. Not you and I. Your Inner-Self and mine. This is an ancient agreement now coming to fruition. You, Arn, didn't know about this, but I did. As a result I have been preparing for it for a long time. So... I'm just very excited to be finally having these conversations. And perhaps a little anxious to make sure that we really get it right.


A: Well then... let's give it our best shot as we talk about “Shifting the Balance” in the next chapter.