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It’s All One Big Continuum


My childhood view that there is a “real world” over here and a completely separate “spirit world” somewhere else has been completely dispelled by my experiences in Soul Re-Integration. What I come to see is that the “real world” that we inhabit is really nothing more than one level of experience within a much greater continuum of experience. If one stands on the bottom rung of a long ladder one does not suppose that that step is a world on its own and that all the other steps are another world on their own!  And in a similar fashion, both our “real world” and the “spirit world” are all part of one continuous experience. Our physical reality is just one level, if you like, out of many levels of this whole greater reality.  As a result of our incomprehension, we often make the mistake of lumping all the other levels together under the vague label of “spirit world”. But each of those levels is just as unique and distinct from each other as our current “real world” is. Each higher level contains the ones below it. And all are inseparably part of the greater whole: this reality we call “creation”.


And so here we are: creatures of THIS level of experience that are, in the normal course of events, unable to easily discern what lies in the other levels of creation. Because we only know this level, and because this level seems real to us, we think this is all that is “real”. And because nothing at all can be determined about the other levels using our well-developed scientific tools or empirical observation, many of us are willing to dismiss all of those levels of experience as fantasy. Which is exactly as far-sighted as one goldfish telling another that there is nothing outside their goldfish bowl – all the light, colour, movement and sound from outside the bowl is just made by the bowl itself.


But the spirit world is every bit as real as this world. Perhaps more so. And there are ways that we can find out a great deal about it.


Our entire physical reality exists at both the 3rd dimension and the 3rd density of consciousness (for a complete description of densities and dimensions please see Book 2 of The Ascension Papers). When one incarnates into life in this universe, one gets to experience what life is like at this nexus between the 3rd density and the 3rd dimension.  As you ascend spiritually, so you raise the density of your consciousness while still remaining incarnated in this 3rd dimensional reality. If you do the work of elevating your consciousness, you could eventually find yourself becoming a spiritual master… a powerful, wise being of Light… perhaps even reaching as high as the 6th density of consciousness whilst still incarnated here in the 3rd dimension. This is possible. And then you would walk this earth bringing love, compassion and healing wherever you went. But it would still be THIS world because you would still be in the 3rd dimension. If your body died, or if you utilised one of the other less well known methods of transubstantiation to move your presence to another dimension, then you could find yourself in, perhaps, the 4th dimension.


When we die to physicality we all travel to the 4th dimension. Some stay there until they re-incarnate again, some get stuck there for a while and others pass right through it as they head for higher dimensions.


The 4th dimension is characterised primarily as being a place in which you instantly get exactly what you believe.  And, with that background, it is now time to present the first case study to you:


Rudy is one of my favourite clients. He is a smart, down-to-earth, no-nonsense kind of a guy. He had some inner-conflict to deal with but had found no relief with psychologists, simply because his mind was too agile. He found himself playing games with these practitioners: either leading them on a dance or giving them what they wanted in order to make them happy – all without ever finding any healing or relief for his internal dissonance. So Rudy became frustrated with that line of pursuit. He tried spiritual counsellors and healers too but each one had begun with the insistence that Rudy must first believe the dogma that they were espousing: “if you believe in X then you will be healed” was the gist of their story. But Rudy was not willing to just believe for the sake of it.  He wanted proof before he would believe.  And who can blame him for that!


So Rudy arrived for a consultation with me claiming to be an atheist and also more than a little sceptical that I would be able to help him. He expected me, as a spiritual healer, to also attempt to shoe-horn him into my belief set. But this is not my method. I am not about “belief”. I am far more about simply finding what works. Dogma, in my view, is not a useful healing tool at all. Indeed I find rigid beliefs are very often the cause of spiritual blockages rather than their cure! And such spiritual stuck-ness, if not resolved, leads to emotional and physical illness too. So I certainly did not begin by proposing to Rudy that he should believe in my “religion”, whatever that might be.


Instead, I proposed to Rudy that we engage in a process of “playful curiosity”. That we use the tools that I have at my disposal to see if we could find the origins of his psycho-spiritual pain whilst not getting too rigid and fixed about what it might mean.


And so, while Rudy did not believe in re-incarnation, he was willing to see what we might find within his psyche if we engaged in the Soul Re-Integration process. What would happen if we just “go and see”? I explained to Rudy that we would find “stories” inside his psyche. Those stories, from one perspective, might seem to correspond to other lifetimes. If one wanted to see it that way then one could choose to call this evidence for re-incarnation. As it happens, I personally DO choose to see it that way. But then I very much do believe in re-incarnation. But, I explained to Rudy, I certainly don’t insist that my clients must see it this way too! There is another perfectly valid view that one can take that these “stories” are fictions created by the sub-conscious to allow us to make sense of our inner-pain. It is possible then that what we are doing is using our most creative of faculties to re-tell these stories in a new way that allows us to find healing and peace. That, I offered to Rudy, is a different and completely viable way of seeing the process. And, with that, Rudy was willing to engage in a process of discovery.


What ailed Rudy was a complex of things that, in normal discussion, did not add up to much. He had, of late, come to fear death and there was a certain coldness that crept into his being on dark winter nights that was gnawing at him. There were other issues that were troubling him, but this is what he wanted to deal with first.


So we set off on a Soul Re-Integration journey. This began, as usual, with the introduction process. This entails me leading my client into a deeply relaxed state. Each step of the way, the body is relaxed, the ego-mind is lulled to sleep, the creative mind is awakened and the intuitive connection is strengthened. As I lead the client into this state, so I engage in a parallel introduction process  myself. I remain very much conscious but I open my intuitive connection to my Inner-Self. The introduction  process ends with both the client and I in a state where we are each able to connect our own deepest knowing. Some clients see things in their mind’s eye. Others feel, know or sense things. But, whatever the case, we find ourselves able to connect to an inner-world that lies beyond our normal perceptions.


In Rudy’s case we began to use his fear of death and his anxiety over the cold and dark as a compass that led us deep into the inner-landscape of Rudy’s psyche. As we followed this feeling to its root, there, in the distance, Rudy saw someone. There was, he told me, a woman lost in the darkness. As Rudy observed her she seemed to just “be there”. She was lost, alone, with nothing around her and had nowhere to go. Though Rudy watched her, she seemed not to be aware of his presence. She remained totally alone. I then guided Rudy to go backwards in this poor woman’s story… to the time “before”… to the events that caused her to become lost in this dark void. And as we looked backwards, there was a sudden shift in Rudy’s energy. He became agitated and began to talk about “the others” who were shouting at him.


If one is to facilitate spiritual healing in this manner, one has to be on one’s toes. I was given the knowing from my Inner-Self that we had now shifted perspective. Rudy was now inside this woman’s experience. And she was, of course, one of Rudy’s previous incarnations.


I worked with Rudy to keep him from becoming overwhelmed by all that he saw and felt, to keep the process flowing, so that we could unravel the mystery of this woman’s story and how it continued to impact Rudy in his current incarnation.


In summary then, it transpired that this woman lived a life in a previous era. Perhaps the 1700’s or so. The people of her town were all very religious and were under the thumb of the clergy. Rudy got to experience again a very heated and emotionally traumatic exchange between himself (as this woman) and a group of religious leaders of her town. Perhaps they were the priest and some deacons or similar. These men were yelling at the woman. She HAD to believe, they told her. If she didn’t believe then she’d get NOTHING. There would be NOTHING for her when she died. NOTHING!!!


I find it interesting that they didn’t promise hellfire and damnation, but when one is doing retrieval deep inside a client’s psyche, the situation is often very emotionally charged and the client is really just observing “what is”. This is not the time for discussion!


What is most interesting, is how this poor woman DID believe her aggressors! She believed it when they said that she would get NOTHING.  So, after death, when she released her human body and found herself beyond the confines of this co-created “real world”… she arrived in what is sometimes called the “astral plane”. This is the next step up the ladder. It is the 4th density of consciousness. The prime attribute of this level of existence is that, when there, you experience whatever you believe. Your “outside” perfectly and exactly reflects back at you what is going on “inside”. And so it was for this poor, frightened woman. She believed she would get NOTHING and so that is exactly what she got! And there she became stuck. For if there is “nothing”, then there is not “something” or even “someone” to come and find you or to help you. So this fragment of soul became lost and was left behind, there in the void.


Rudy’s Inner-Self had many other incarnations, of course, and one of those other incarnations is Rudy himself. What I discover is that the experience of the separation of incarnations truly is just an illusion. When one part of your soul is hurt, then that hurt reaches all parts of your soul. So this poor woman was hurt by her experiences with belief – or lack there of – and was further hurt by being stuck in the cold and the dark of the void. Those hurts echoed and reverberated through all of Rudy’s soul. All of Rudy’s incarnations would, to one degree or another, feel some of that woman’s turmoil. And so, of course, did Rudy. Because all of those incarnations are in truth of fact not truly separate. They are all expressions of the same one greater being: Rudy’s Inner-Self.


And so, just as this woman’s pain called Rudy and I to her, so too could Rudy’s love and compassion reach her.


As Rudy began to really feel compassion for her situation, so we could shine the light of love upon her. And OF COURSE she would sense that!  Suddenly she felt hope; suddenly there was a light in the darkness!  She began to move towards the light and so moved towards Rudy.


What followed next was the culmination of the Soul Re-Integration journey. This lost soul was returned, up the column of light that shone from Rudy’s heart. She was returned HOME. Home to the wholeness and oneness of Rudy’s Inner-Self.


And as she came home, so she brought with her the full realisation and understanding of all that had occurred:  There is no dogma and no religion, that one MUST believe in. But what one DOES give ones belief to certainly seems to become real. But more than that. There is no cause for fear of death. Since death is simply a transition. And even for one who became lost after death, there is always help. There is always healing and there is always a returning Home. There must be, because there is nowhere else to go!


I returned Rudy to normal consciousness and we had a brief discussion before our session came to a close. It was remarkable. Rudy had experienced such profound emotions and had so deeply FELT all that he had seen that he could not imagine that this was not in some way “true”. He decided there and then that this was, without a shadow of a doubt, a previous incarnation.


But that was not the most important thing for me. What was really important was to hear, some weeks later when I saw Rudy for his next session, that the fear of death and anxiety brought on by cold, dark winter nights… was a thing of the past. Rudy had put that issue to rest.


This one session with Rudy illustrates many important points, some of which will be discussed later in this book. But what I wanted to demonstrate was how powerfully one’s beliefs can create one’s experiences in the 4th density world; the world one step above ours. If Rudy was seeking to make a religion out of his own beliefs, feelings and experiences, then he might have been going around trying to convince others that there is NOTHING after death. Indeed, Rudy might have become one of those proselytising atheists one sometimes meets: the kind who insists that his belief (that there is nothing outside of this physical reality) is the only rational position and then demands that you must agree with him. Have you met someone like that? It is my contention that such a person has a valid reason for his belief. Perhaps, like Rudy, he has powerfully experienced there to be NOTHING between this incarnation and his last. But then, unlike Rudy, perhaps he has spent his life looking for proof for his position. In this world you can pretty much believe whatever you want to. Each finds the proof they seek. Even if you seek for proof that there is no proof, then you will find that too! And so the proselytising atheist has every reason to hold the position that he does. But three errors have crept in:


The first error is the assumption that the root of the belief is the evidence. This is not so. The belief comes first. Even if it is a belief in nothing. We seek evidence to validate our beliefs rather than the other way round.


The second error is the assumption that “my beliefs and the evidence I have collected are more valid for you than that which you have”. That’s just plain wrong, silly and cause for endless conflict. Surely I should accord you the respect of thinking that your beliefs are valid for you? And that you have reasonable evidence for your beliefs?  They are, after all, your beliefs!


And the third error is the assumption that “the beliefs and evidence I currently hold will not change”. Of course I will grow and change!  The only constant in all of creation is change. And none of us are an exception to that. We all change, all the time. Resisting that change by insisting that my current beliefs must remain static will only cause me to become stuck and blocked. It will cause me pain. And if I am willing to accept that my current view will, in due course, change then I am seeing that I will, in time, no longer agree with this current view. And if that is the case then it is just silliness to insist that everyone else must agree with this current view of mine with which I myself will later disagree!


If I hold a dogma of any sort then this is, in a nutshell, nothing other than me tendering to fight with the world, to cause myself pain and discomfort and then to struggle even more with myself and my world when I am forced, kicking and screaming to let go of that position.


Rudy, fortunately, was not dogmatic. He came to me searching for a resolution to his pain. He was willing to seek new vistas, gain new understandings and to adjust his beliefs when he found them. And this is the best way to move forward because, of course, there are no rules. Just patterns. And patterns always change.


Even the pattern of “we get exactly what we create” changes. At the 4th density of consciousness it seems to be absolutely true. But then we shift perspective and see that it appears different at other densities.


… to be continued…