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QFZ: Parallel Realities and Co-Creation!


Dear Arn,


I have recently read your book "The Ascension Papers" and would like to express my eternal gratefulness to you, Joy-Divine and 8...for brilliant clarity and explaining the concept of " perpetrator-victim-rescuer" and also the concept of "conspiracy theories" eg 9-11. I have been down this rabbit hole and even though i have explored the teachings of bashar & abraham hicks  and other material....nothing so far has consolidated the conflicts of such concept in my mind...until i read your book. 


I have a question for you....would you say that a person who has gone down the rabbit hole of discovering a conspiracy such as 9-11, is actually co-creating a parallel reality amongst infinite parallel realities in order to discover what to do with this information by choosing - whether to feel like a victim and get trapped in this circle or rise above and re-create oneself anew. 


Also, would be grateful for your thoughts on how I could have co-created the above information as mentioned by "8" in your book?


Thank you

With love and light








Hello HS


Thank you for your questions. They are good ones! I will try to do them justice...


Firstly I think it is helpful to realise that there is actually no reality "out there". There is nothing outside of the Self. The fact that it appears to be so is an illusion. A VERY powerful illusion. One that is very hard to let go of, especially while still having this experience of being incarnated because incarnation IS falling under the spell of the illusion. So here we are believing in this illusion of a reality outside of us. But think for a moment: what happens to you, that does not first happen in your mind?


Think about that.


Can you experience ANYTHING AT ALL without it first happening inside your mind?


The answer, of course, is that you cannot. Everything you experience, you experience in your own mind. The illusion is that there is all this activity going on outside of your mind that triggers or causes the response that you experience inside your mind. Someone else says something that causes you to experience their words arriving in your mind. That kind of thing. And I have no quarrel with the thought that I am co-creating the experiences I have inside my mind with others. This seems true. It is just this idea of a single fixed "real" reality outside of me that I no longer believe in.


There is no objective reality at all.


There is just the dream I am co-creating with others and experiencing subjectively inside my own mind. What this means for me, is that I no longer seek after "what truly happened" in the illusion. I look at the illusion and I ask rather, "who would I like to create myself to be". The illusion is a great big hall of mirrors. It reflects parts of myself back to me so that I can better see myself. That helps me because I can then better understand myself and come to clarity on how I would like to work on myself.


Let's use 9-11 as an example.


This shocking thing happened. But what REALLY happened? Well... if I look at all the information available to me the balance of probabilities doesn't lean towards the "official story" being true. Very, very far from it. It looks to me like powerful people with lots of money and vested interests wanted to bring the nation to war and that was the best way to do it. It looks like they got exactly what they wanted. But that is all the way the illusion looks. What is really true? For me, it is the opportunity to look within myself. I look to find my own sense of truth. My own sense of compassion. My own sense of oneness. And then I look at the illusion again and it looks a bit different. I still see an "inside job" but now I understand it. It is an invitation for us to choose to give others our power. An invitation that I won't accept. I see others accepting it. And I see how that doesn't serve them to accept since that just causes them more and more pain. I now see this as a magnificent lesson in life on a grand scale. I also see how the "inside job" is backfiring grandly. 9-11 is probably the one thing that has caused the biggest number of people to become aware of the what is going on. Not full awakening. Just that first level of awakening that all is not as it seems. That there are these hidden people manipulating the people of the world.


So, in conclusion, I would say there is no one reality. There are as many realities as there are observers. Each of us lives entirely inside our own reality. But we interact and co-create inside our minds. And if we get good at it, we learn how to let go of those that are creating what we don't want. We co-create with those that are resonant with ourselves. We get more and more of what we do want and less and less of what we don't. And we do this by learning to cease to try to create the reality we want and, instead, by working to create the SELF we want to be.


That is, as far as I can now ascertain, the secret to all of this.


Create yourself.


Let the reality outside of you be.


For the reality outside of you will reflect you back at you as it has always done. What is inside of you, will get a twist here an amplification there and then you will see it coming back to you. So, if you create yourself to be more and more of what you wish to be... then you will see outside of yourself more and more of what you wish to experience.


I believe this to be true because this is my experience of life.


Does that help for your first question? From the way you phrased your question, I think you and I are in agreement.


As regards your second question. If you read something in The Ascension Papers and it resonated inside your heart as being "true"... how did that happen, do you think? How can a collection of symbols on a piece of paper be construed by your mind as "the truth"? How can other symbols (perhaps in other books) be construed as "less true" or even as "utter nonsense"?


I mean if I write the following words:
"There is no meaning to life. It's just chemical reactions in your brain. Soon you will die and nothing will remain."
How do you react to that?


It is what most atheists say they believe to be true. You can't prove this NOT to be the case. So why do you and I not believe that to be true?

Why do we believe it when I write the words:

"You are an eternal, immortal creator being of infinite power currently, temporarily experiencing yourself as a mortal little human being."


An atheist would almost certainly say we are deluding ourselves with the worst kind of wishful thinking. But you and I know we are not. We know because it isn't something that we think in our heads. It is a feeling of deep, calm, sure TRUTH that resonates through our beings. We do not THINK this to be so. We KNOW it to be so. Am I right?


And that is how The Ascension Papers is co-created. You have already done the work to discover this to be true. In this lifetime and, certainly, as your spirit entity, you have done the work and come to know about your own immortal nature. Every spirit being that comes to this same understanding co-creates that perspective together. So you and I (and 8, J-D and whoever else) worked on it together. With a bazillion other parts of The One, of course. We all did it. And now, in this life, I have accepted the privilege and the responsibility of simply reminding you, via this book, of these things that you and I have already co-created together.
Does that make sense?


Thanks for the great questions!
With love,