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Story and Isness


book2 300wZingdad Note: A few days after the completion of the above material I began to feel that there was something incomplete about it. Something unsaid. An additional conversation ensued.


Z: So, 8, I want to understand something. I think I almost understand that the way I wrote about The Singularity Event was not wrong.   I understand that it was the very best understanding I could obtain about the event at that time and that I needed to get that understanding for myself and also to write it and share it with others. I also understand that I needed to do that then so that I could grow some more and eventually come to have the above conversation now. So it wasn’t wrong. It was however internally inconsistent and therefore impossible.  Like going to war to force peace. So it wouldn’t have been able to happen in the way that I received it but that is fine because receiving it in that way allowed me to travel the journey to getting here which allows me to receive it correctly which opens up the new journey. The co-created journey of creator beings who will be expressing this thing that we, collectively, deeply desire to experience.


8: Very well put. Yes. It seems you understand it exactly. And yet you say there is something you DON’T understand? What is that?


Z: Well it seems to me there is an opportunity to learn something very valuable here. You and I both arrived in this reality and began to try to give a gift that didn’t turn out very well for us.  We both became somewhat entangled. I feel very powerfully that we are now disentangling and will soon have it all straightened out. But can we not learn from this?  Can we not find an essential truth here that we can use not to make this mistake again?  And obviously then also to share with others so that they don’t make their own version of our mistake?


8: Ah! Beautiful!  You seek to pluck the gem from the muck. I love it when you do that.


Yes, indeed, there is such a learning to be found. And when you find it you will see that it is far more generally applicable to everyone in this reality than you would have thought.  That is to say most who have ventured into separation, and ALL who have ventured into duality, have encountered their own version of our trap. It’s the same difficulty but each experienced it in their own unique way. Finding the understanding of how to avoid this pitfall – and more importantly learning to apply it in your life – will be a profoundly valuable thing indeed.  A very large and bold step out of victim and into creator.


Z: Excellent!  Please teach me what it is!


8: No. This one you will have to find within yourself.


Do you remember that this story started with me sending you off to incarnate one more time? So that you would find self-love and self-reliance. That you would come to know that you are okay without me. You have done well with this. But, as a result of these conversations you are still attached to the idea of me being outside of you. 8 is your truth but he is separate from you. Someone “else”. But the journey forward takes us to the sure knowing that we are another Self to each other. I am your truth, yes, but your truth is within. Not without.


And so I want you to answer your own question.  Meditate. Be still for a day or more if you need to. But quiet your mind and find your answer inside your heart. For your heart is the portal to your soul. And the question that you hold is the imbalance that is rebalanced by the fact that your soul already has the answer. It is only your mind, insisting that it only has the question, that stops you from instantly knowing the answer.


Z: I’ll do it, 8.


Zingdad note: and so the conversation ended there.  I decided I needed to plan another “day of silence” similar to the one contemplated in Chapter 11 of Book 1.  But before I had it planned events overtook me.  That night I barely slept at all. I found myself lying in my bed for hour upon hour with thoughts and ideas buzzing around in my mind in the most infuriating way.  I was too tired to really follow a thought coherently to its conclusion but there was also too much energy in my mind for me to sleep. I don’t know why this was. It is not normal for me. It was just strange and exhausting. At some point I noticed the first greying of the sky before dawn. And then some time after that I fell into a deep sleep. Which would have been a wonderful relief except I awoke again before the sun was even up. Perhaps I only slept for half-an-hour or so. But when I awoke there was something new inside my mind. I awoke with some threads that wanted to be woven together into a story. As I lay there I knew it was the answer to my own question. It was arriving!


I sat up, fired up my laptop and began to write as soon as the word-processing program was open.  Here is what came out:


Story and Isness

I have caused myself UNTOLD pain, over and over again. And I have taken that pain and folded it over upon itself and multiplied it over and over again because there was something I JUST DIDN’T GET.


I have looked at you, dear world, and all the wonderful life upon you. I have looked at you, dear beloved souls, who walk this planet with me. I have looked at you, bright beings of wisdom and light who stand outside of physicality and make your fragment to visit and revisit this deeper forgetting called incarnation. I see you. And I “get” you. I really do. Most of all I get that you too feel the same pain I feel, also multiplied over upon itself because, beloveds, you too JUST DON’T GET IT. And I say this with the greatest respect and love.


Because I come to this reality with the willingness and desire to HELP I am often granted the unspeakably high privilege of being given a window into many other’s souls’ inner-landscapes. That most intimate of views into another that happens in deep interactions such as Soul Re-Integration. This has gifted me a recurring vantage which results in an iteratively deeper KNOWING of what it is like to be here. To be in separation. To be in the heart of this deep suffering.


And so I have suffered your pain first hand and seen your pain, as close as can be seen, second hand.


And now, finally, it begins to dawn upon me. Finally, I begin to get it. And beloved, my heart wants me to share it with you. Because I wish our suffering to end.


What “we” have not been “getting” that is causing us all this misery is, quite simply, the difference between Story and Isness.


It is incredibly simple and yet it is also incredibly hard to make the shift of awareness. I am engaged now in that shift myself. Please allow me to attempt to explain so that you too might, if you wish it, engage in this shift with me.



Story is what is outside of you. It is the “stuff” that is going on in your life. That is your Story. Everything materialism, empiricism and science will tell you is true and real… is all Story. Everything your memories will tell you was real is all Story. This whole lifetime with all its interactions and experiences? Story!  You past lives and all the things you did? Story!  Every single word printed in every single newspaper and uttered by every single TV news caster… is of course more Story. Most people go their whole lives and never think about a single thing other than Story.


But Story is not wrong or bad. Story itself is not causing us to suffer. It is with our ATTACHMENT to Story that we cause this pain to our own souls.


I wish to offer you another perspective on this now. A perspective that I find to be much healthier, spiritually. A perspective that helps greatly to relieve emotional pain and suffering.  A perspective that brings greater balance to the whole being.


I will use the analogy of a movie. An old fashioned one that uses a roll of celluloid film and a projector. When you thread the film through the projector and switch the projector on, a beam of light is shone through a frame of the film and a static, lifeless image is shown on the screen. When we let the film run… when we allow all the frames of celluloid to roll past the flickering light at the right speed… then the movie takes life before our eyes. We see the characters playing out their rolls and we also hear the audio track featuring their conversations. We observe the story playing out.


See how the story can only play out when we allow it to change? Indeed the only way any kind of life can happen is with this kind of on-going transition of every single part of it. Nothing stays the same, everything changes. That is how the movie of life proceeds.  That is how Story, frame by frame, flashes before you at a speed so fast you cannot even begin notice the individual frames.


And here is the first, basic, lesson of life.  A simple, powerful understanding that, admittedly, can be quite difficult to live by. It is the realisation that we cannot hold on to anything in Life. We cannot insist that anything not change. That anything stays the same.  Firstly, because the only way Life can happen is that is must move and constantly change. And secondly, because anything at all that you might identify as something you want to hold on to is all just Story anyway. It is an external, fictional created show that you are co-creating with all the others that share parts of it.


Holding on is both futile and impossible.  Attempting to hold on is very like attempting to grab and stop the moving parts of a powerful machine. It WILL continue to move. You will simply hurt yourself in the process. The harder you try to hold on the deeper the injury to yourself.  The more you let go and “hold lightly” the less you hurt and the more you can appreciate the marvel of the movement and wonder of the unfolding experience.


So this first basic lesson is not to resist the story. Not to insist that it be anything other than what it is. Not to demand that the parts you love stay and the parts you don’t like disappear. The story is as it is when you are as you are.


Instead of resistance the right way to experience the Story is to truly, completely inhabit your part in it. Be IN the story with all that you are. Live it, love it, feel it, explore it. But do not think you ARE it!


And this is where the second deeper lesson that I wish to share with you begins.



If Story is the external experience of your life, then Isness is the internal experience.


The reason we create Story is much like the reason we go to the cinema to watch a movie.  Think about this: you do not watch a movie so that you can get insistent about what should happen in it. You do not sit there fuming that it isn’t going as you wished. You do not even go to the cinema to simply observe the movie. No, you go to the cinema for what the movie will do to and for you INSIDE.  How you will FEEL. What emotions it will bring up. How it will bring you a new perspective and allow you to, perhaps, feel a bit differently about yourself afterwards.  Every movie, right from shoot-em-up Westerns to weepy chick-flicks to quirky art-house productions all bring us a new landscape INSIDE ourselves. Be they trills and excitement, pathos and compassion or wonder and surprise… no movie will ever make it to the screen if it does not in some way touch your inner-self.


In exactly the same way, the reason we create Story is so that we can have the inner-experiences we desire.  Incarnation is just one kind of Story. There are many, many others but it is the kind we are most familiar with so I will use it as an example.


Before you decided to incarnate, you developed a plan. Your life plan. Together with your guidance and various other beings of wisdom and light, you decided on the events of the Story that you would be telling yourself. You chose who your parents would be, who your friends, lovers and partners would be. You also chose just as carefully who your rivals would be, who would play the painful goad-to-growth when you needed that. You chose it all. But why? Not because you so badly wanted to see the Story play out but because you really wanted to see what new growth, discoveries, feelings and explorations would happen inside of you as a result of the telling of this Story.


And all of that inner-experience… that is the Isness.  That is what is real and important in all of this. The point of the Story is to derive the Isness.  The Story has no purpose or value if you remove the Isness. A Story without Isness will be like a movie that doesn’t touch you in the slightest. A movie of paint drying or something even more boring than that.


And so a new set of understandings emerge:


The first point is to neither resist the flow of your story, nor to stand in judgement of yourself, others or any other part of your story. Not to attach yourself to any part of your story and insist that it be THIS WAY or THAT WAY. This first step is called ACCEPTANCE. It is the on-going process of deep acceptance of your story as it is, and yourself as you are, that brings profound relief from suffering. This issue is detailed in one of my Adamu Speaks videos and is offered as an experience in my Ascension School. If you wish to find peace for your soul then I cannot recommend highly enough that you seek after acceptance and all that this truly means. Seek after it and then LIVE acceptance. Allow acceptance to take you to the place where you become able to really immerse yourself in your Story, really and truly LIVE every day of you life, to truly LOVE it all and be joyful and peaceful.


The second point flows from the first. As we find true acceptance of the Story so we can begin to notice with ever greater clarity what is going on BEHIND the Story. Which is, of course, the Isness. Then we don’t have to die to physicality and find ourselves back with our guides looking at the life-map one more time to remember the whole point of this whole saga. We can, right here, right now, right inside this incarnation begin to remember and explore the Isness of our own beings.


As you begin to discover, claim, own and inhabit the Isness of your own being then the third point emerges. It is the realisation that, since the Story is merely a vehicle of discovering your own Isness there is no point in trying to change the Story. The Story exists to point you to yourself. So take the lesson. Look where the Story points! Discover yourself!  And as you do, so you will come to the realisation that you no longer need certain types of Story. You don’t need to bash your head over and over again if you notice there is a low beam in the ceiling. In just the same way you don’t need to repeatedly suffer certain kinds of difficult relationships (or whatever other painful experiences are recurring in your life) if you notice the origin of the pain within your own being. And if you are able to HEAL that pain in the Isness of your being then you not only avoid expressing the pain in your Story but you actually change the Isness and you transcend having to experience that ever again. You become a more whole, more integral, more powerful, more real version of YOU.


Engaging in this quest will bring you completely out of suffering, out of pain and into love, joy and peace.


And when you have accomplished this quest?  Well, then a whole new adventure will begin. I cannot say for sure what that will be but I do know that neither you nor I will ever again have to play with suffering and pain.


I can see clearly that both 8 and I confused Story and Isness. We both thought the Story was what was real and important. Therefore we each in our own way set about trying to heal the Story. But now we release that. Now we realise the Story is perfect. It is a perfect expression of each of the players own Isness. We are not here to change the Story. If we have any role whatsoever it is to remind anyone that is interested in hearing it that the only thing they need to do to free themselves from their stuckness is to go within and to heal the pain that lies within the Isness of their beings.


If the Story is like a movie on a screen then the Isness is a little like the celluloid film. It is constantly changing and morphing. And as it does so, so the Story reflects that. If you think you are IN the Story then you are its victim. If you think you are in the audience then you can only observe. If you think you are fast-as-thought creating the celluloid as it is being shown, then you become the creator of that experience.


But who are you really?  Bright being, you are the pure white Light, the radiant, eternal, undifferentiated Life Force that shines through the celluloid and makes the movie possible.  And the less noise, darkness and filtration there is in the celluloid… the more you shall see yourself.


And that is the story about the Story that helped me to see the isness of the Isness.


I do hope it helps you too!


8: It certainly does (he laughs).


That was beautifully told. And the part I like best is that you can no longer fool yourself that you must have someone outside of yourself to tell you your truth.  You found it inside yourself.


Z: Yes… I did… except it didn’t come from me. It came to me as an inspiration.


8: Exactly!


You couldn’t find the answer in your mind because your mind was too busy holding the question. The mind can only process that which is already within it.  It can only think about that which it already knows or has experienced.  It cannot reach beyond itself. The heart, on the other hand, is a portal to the infinite.  By listening to what is deepest within you, you can find infinite wisdom, infinite creativity, infinite compassion and infinite love. It is all inside. The fact that you are not consciously aware of creating it inside yourself is due to the Veil of Unknowing. But see how you simply reach through that veil and find the truth and wisdom that you need? Despite the veil you can always find it because it’s inside of you. And it is yours to have whenever you are willing to still the noise and to truly LISTEN to your soul.


Z: So then it is not that I don’t need you… it’s just that I don’t need you to be separate from me.


8: You got it in ONE (he smiles)


Now can we get on with telling the Story about “Time and Space”? I am really looking forward to telling it because I know you are going to love it. I know your Isness will sing with pleasure at it.


Z: Uh, yes, soon. I have to edit and publish this and then there are other items of admin and that I must get to. As soon as I have taken care of these essential items of business we can get to the fun stuff, okay?


8: (Laughs) Did you notice there how much we were sounding like each other?