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Adamu on Brexit


Deutsche Uebersetzung

book3 300wA momentous occasion, my friends!


I greet you. I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation speaking to you through Zingdad.


Today I wish to address the British vote to leave the EU. Those of you who know me might find this odd as I have never before felt the need to address specific current affairs or political issues. But what occurs now is different and notable. Allow me to explain.


My friends. This group of people whom we usually call “the Illuminati”. This group who collectively own the world’s banking system and therefore collectively own the world’s money supply and therefore collectively own the world’s resources. This group. This is not a group who is used to not getting their way. When they come to internal agreement on something, IT HAPPENS. When they disagree internally there is strife all across the globe as they vie with each other for control. Until one group wins out over another, there is once again internal agreement and then IT HAPPENS.


What I am trying to say is that this group, collectively, is like the emperor of this world. When they decide upon a decree, IT HAPPENS.


Or so it has been for a very long time. Going back to the ages of kings and emperors and to the god-kings before them. Going back, in fact, to the times of Babylon and Sumeria.


Until today.


You see, this group has many internal disagreements over many things right now. They struggle with each other over many things. Which is why the world seems to be at a constant pre-World War III simmer. But amongst all their many disagreements, the one thing they all agreed upon was that the EU should remain intact. You see, the Illuminati’s great plan is to slowly unify the whole planet into one nation. Which they would rule and own. They wished to expand the EU. They wished to create other similar multi-national blocs. They wished to provide administrative control over these blocks that ordinary people could not vote for, just as they had with the EU. This would allow unprecedented power and control over these vast multi-national blocs. And then the final act would be to unify the blocs into one world nation. Their world, belonging politically, economically and religiously to them.


That was the plan. And, though it has not been all plain sailing, their plan has been unfolding in accordance with their will.


Until today.


Today the Emperor declared to Britain that they would remain in the EU and the British people just showed him a rude sign and shuffled off.


This is a massive strategic win for the side of the Light.


A Delicate Operation

The process of obtaining this win against the Illuminati has been quite exciting to observe. I have been privileged to be able to see all the action from behind the scenes as an impartial observer. And what I have seen is the 4D and 5D forces of the Light playing the most nuanced and delicate game. They knew this was a truly pivotal moment for bringing as graceful as possible an end to the Illuminati hegemony. And so the first thing they did is to make it appear as if this was not an issue that they were contesting at all. Many of the agents of the Light were even encouraged to play for the Remain side. Some were even convinced to believe that Remain served the interests of the Light. A necessary ploy. It permitted the Illuminati to believe that they were not being opposed by a unified Light side on this issue. Which allowed them to lower their guard. Which reduced their efforts. Which allowed for less coercive psychological action upon the public. And less effort to fraudulently control the vote.


And the Illuminati were themselves also played. The agents of the Light convinced them that a near win (rather than a landslide) for Remain was the best option for them. They were shown that most people were aware of the massive support for Exit. So if they were going to win, it would have to be a close one or else it would not be believed.


And these kinds of operations allowed a game to be played in which, only at the very last when it was too late to counter, did the Illuminati become aware that their will had been thwarted.


The Emperor declared “Remain”. The people flipped him the bird and turned to Exit.


Do you see what this means? There is another good analogy involving emperors but this time without clothes.


Or wizards and curtains.


The bottom line is, friends, when the normal person sees that the super-powerful world-ruling elite are just a gathering of secretive, obsessively greedy psychopathic old cronies in their twilight years… the whole system begins to dismantle itself.


And THAT is why the world economy hit a wobble with the vote to exit. Every player in the world of high finance and economics KNEW that the biggest players of them all (the ones we call the Illuminati) wanted Britain to stay. They all assumed it would therefore go that way. And then it seemed it might not. And they began to panic. And then it went the other way. And now they are rudderless.


If the emperor’s decrees are not obeyed then their world has lost all direction. As far as they are concerned, anyway.


But for the rest of you. For those not embroiled in the world of corporate executive leadership, high finance or macro-economics. For the massive majority of you. I wish you to know that this is good news. I don’t promise that this will not bring any measure of hardship to anyone. When economies wobble people do get hurt. The jobs market shrinks and things get tough. But you have been warned for a very long time that tough times were coming. And we continue to warn you. Because a certain quotient of tough times is necessary to effect the change that is now underway.


And what is underway is the changing of the guard. Because you, ordinary Earth humans, you are changing. You are choosing for what is really good for you rather than for what you are told is good for you by people who do not have your best interests at heart. You are individually and collectively beginning to find your own truth to be more valid than that which is shovelled down your throats by so-called experts.


And that changes everything. You stand up from your victimhood and begin to claim creatorship.


My friends, it is a very small step in the right direction. But it IS in the right direction.


And now there is much to do to bring the glorious new age of humanity to fruition. And I will be updating you upon this… upon what YOU can do to bring your life into a state of blessed, joyful abundance and to support the rest of humanity in doing the same thing too. This information will follow the next time I speak with you.


Until then, I wish you a steady heart.


I am Adamu of the Monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been speaking to you through Zingdad.



Zingdad: Adamu, I wish to ask you a question or two, if I may?


Adamu: I welcome that!


Z: Well, firstly, you say you are an impartial observer. Are you not on the side of the Light?


A: As a being of true unity consciousness, I know myself to include all polarities, including both the Light and the Dark. I have total acceptance of all of myself. I don’t love one part of myself more than another. And as a being of unity consciousness, I also know all others to be “another Self”. So, I am truly impartial in this battle. Or at least, I would be if divine will was not, at this time, on the side of the Light.


You see behind you lies the long epoch during which darkness had to prevail. It was in accordance with divine will that this might be so. This is the only way for the deep forgetting to occur which has allowed for all the expressions of separation that were necessary for the divine to be fully expressed into duality.


It’s a complex thing to understand in all of its magnificent glory. But in principle, what I am saying is that what lies behind you is a period during which life moved into ever deeper states of forgetting, separation and  individuation. The time of darkness.


This time now is the time of the turning of the tide. Or, if we adhere to the analogy of light and dark, then this is the time of the dawning of the Light. From here on out there is a flowering of consciousness. Remembering, healing, reunification and expansion into Oneness.


And since universal will is aligned with this, it is an inevitability that the forces of the Light will now begin to obtain victories. And, I must admit, that it is a little difficult not to find satisfaction in that fact. It is often easier, is it not, to love the Light within ourselves than the Darkness. It is easier to enjoy a time of awakening than a time of forgetting. A time of healing than a time of hurting. And so, while I reiterate that I am inherently impartial I can also freely admit that I am enjoying seeing the dawn finally come.


A final word. The use of the words Light and Dark is an analogy. A way of understanding the polarities that are at play. There is nothing objectively darker about that which lies behind - or those players that have actively sought to create greater separation and forgetting. There are not less photons present. And the night time is not less good than the day. Or anything like that. There are always those that take this analogy altogether too literally.


Z: You have indicated that this vote is a turning of the tide. That we, Earth Humans, are now choosing for our own power. Why would all of Earth’s humans put that choice in the hands of the British?


A: Oh no, you misunderstand! This is the time of transition. There is a window of time during which humanity needs to come to certain crucial decisions about itself. That window began to open a few decades ago. The centre of the window was 2012. That was the real meaning of the importance of that date. That it is the time of choosing.


The Illuminati have a powerfully vested interest in keeping the vast majority of humanity in a state of “choosing not to choose”. As long as you do that, you give them your power. They remain the planet’s de-facto owners as they further expand and entrench their power and control.


But that is not what divine will has decreed. This is a time of awakening. But it is not for anyone other than you, Earth humans, to decide for yourself how you will awaken, when you will awaken, and what you will awaken to, when you do awaken. You must choose all of these things.


And so we have been encouraging you, supporting you, offering input and guidance. And the 4th and 5th density beings who are themselves still within polarity have been in the trenches with you. But we have no foreknowledge of when you will decide it is time to awaken. How you will decide to do so. And what you will decide when you do.


There have been opportunities before now to begin to declare for yourselves that you have passed up. But these opportunities were HEAVILY contested by the Illuminati. And they continue to do battle to control opinion on these issues.


Z: An example?


A: I could offer you many. An obvious one is the 9-11 attack on the World Trade centre. It served the Illuminati interest to perpetrate this attack upon humanity. Because, yes, the whole of humanity was attacked on that day. So much hatred was spawned. So much division. So much willingness to go out and kill people that had exactly NOTHING to do with the attack but that could, by the Illuminati propaganda machine, be tenuously and fallaciously linked with the attack. And so much hatred in return. The groups and nations that felt unfairly targeted by the war-machine response have been riled into a rage of animosity. I could go on and on about the wound inflicted on the psyche of humanity upon that day. But in order for that attack to bear the fruits the Illuminati wished it to bear, you had to swallow a story about what happened there. A falsely concocted pack of lies. And to make things worse, the lies were poorly thought out and full of obvious logical holes. But they threw their weight behind those lies and conducted a campaign to enforce agreement amongst those that mattered. Which was quite sufficiently successful. Still, today, you will get no traction if you decide to do something about those lies. You will be branded a conspiracy theorist and pushed to the fringe and your calls for transparency will not be heard.


But for all that, there was a time when it was a near thing. Humanity COULD at that time, have chosen to awaken. Many in the Light thought that was their moment. They worked feverishly to cause an awakening around that event. But it was too hotly contested by any enemy with too much entrenched power. That battle is all but over and lost now.


And the Illuminati have been toasting their victory thinking that the Light will never win. And today, they lost a battle that they didn’t even know they were fighting. Suddenly they are on the ropes.


But it didn’t have to be today. It could have come before now. And if this battle was also lost it could have come at a future date.


Z: So it’s not predetermined?


A: Absolutely not. What is predetermined is that there is a long epoch of forgetting. And then a turning. And then a long epoch of remembering. There are fluctuations in both directions. There are mini-awakenings heading into forgetting and there are mini-forgettings heading into awakening. But the general trend is unmistakeable. From the moment of the Big Bang until now has been, largely, the time of forgetting. From now until universal singularity is, largely, the time of awakening.


That is foreordained.


But that is what occurs on a universal scale. What occurs on a planetary scale is open to such a vast range of possibility.


But these are complex issues. And I will keep addressing them so that you can come to complete understanding. Right now it was important just to let you understand the significance of this moment. In a following transmission,  I will talk about the choices before you. And then I will teach you how to make a choice from the core of your soul and how to bring that choice to fruition. And after that I will take the time to tell you the WHOLE STORY. How life came to this galaxy. How humanity was born. How humanity came to Earth. How humanity struggled for its right to exist on other planets in this galaxy. And why the choices you make upon Earth now impacts the rest of the galaxy.


It’s a great story! And it will allow you profound comprehension of your own place in the universe. But it’s going to take some time to tell.


In the meantime I would invite our readers to view my previous communiqués:

An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds, and,

An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

to gain an understanding of the present situation.


I would also invite readers to sign up for our newsletter if they wish to be informed we release new transmissions. 



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# Alan Atkinson 2018-07-24 02:36
What a beautiful Letter to the Illuminati.
Congrats to Adamu. The only problem is the belief that our Pleiadein brothers and sisters have , is that all is one and perfect, the Bloodline folks will have to feel the correction system of Gods Law of Compensation, which means they will have to go threw the pain they have created on earth before they can be redeemed to help humanity and become leaders again, This will not happen while they are on earth, unless they receive enough Divine Love from God, directly into there soul, it can be done, but it would Require a great deal of humility and a passion to feel there own sins and follow Divine truth teachings and release all the negative emotions they have in the soul around power and control, Other wise they will just go into survival from fear based emotions and do what they want just as the sheep also do what they want without realizing the effect they have on the Earth and to others. Adamu, It would do you a lot of good to talk to other bright Pleiaidian spirits, who now have seen there own Sins of teaching Erra on earth and now receive divine love into the soul from God who is a Personal entity. ASk for the bright spirits who know of this Divine love to come to you, Pray with all your heart and they will come to talk to you, they have moved to another location in the spirit world called the Celestial spheres, they will help you understand what i mean, also you can observe Jesus on earth, now that he has reincarnated and watch him do channeling s threw Mary. He has spoken to many Pleiadiens and helped them to open up more to gods truth and are now in the true definition of- Atonement with god. Threw Gods Way God bless you and keep going, your Brother Alan Atkinson From Queensland Australia
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-07-24 11:15
Hi Alan
Thank you for your message offering your perspective. I can tell it comes form the heart and a genuine desire to help.
However, from your suggestions to Adamu I can tell you clearly have not understood what a Monad is. Or what it means that Adamu speaks from the MONADIC ENTITY of the Pleiadian civilization. I won't try to explain it all in this little comment box but if you begin with his first video (here: you will get the gist.

Alan, I assure you Adamu has taken these perspectives you suggest AND SO MUCH MORE into account.

Final thought: This is an open letter precisely because it is meant to be read by ordinary Earth humans. Especially Starseeds. If the message was intended to be read only by bloodline members he would have communicated it directly to them. Not like this on a public website. If you think about that for a moment I suspect you will understand: This letter is a carefully orchestrated move done with the full awareness, full intent and deeply attuned purpose typical of the expressions of a representative of an entire Monad. It is a very tiny part of a much bigger strategy. And there is NOTHING random or uninformed about any part of it.
Of course most wont see that. And that's fine. Everyone sees what they are meant to see and understands what they are able to understand.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Parsy 2017-12-08 18:35
Please send me your newsletter.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2017-12-23 19:33
Hi Parsy
Please sign up here:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Ronald Ross 2017-04-27 03:04

Marvelous, lucid clear and accurate sharings.
I am deeply grateful.
Ronald S. Ross
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Robin Evans 2017-03-21 08:04
I am interested to know if this entity Christ has discussed LGBTQ matters and if so where I could find that talk?

Thank you for this message.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2017-03-21 08:48
Hi Robin
The being speaking through me is Adamu and he doesn't claim the Christ title for himself.
He has not spoken to the LGBTQ issue - and unfortunately doesn't "take requests". I don't know where his conversation will go in the future. Perhaps this is something he will discuss?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Neall Calvert 2017-03-20 03:30
Hello, Arn: Please note that the word you often type as "principal" should be the word "principle" -- as in, "in principle".

Thanks for your uplifting messages.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2017-03-20 05:50
:-) Thanks Neall
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Lauren 2017-02-19 11:31
God bless Do you have any news on whether or not the sex child sex scandals will be exposed and the perpetrators will be arrested and when will Hollywood be shut down with all its rituals and withcraft
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2017-02-19 16:31
Hi Lauren
Unfortunately Adamu doesn't work with me in that fashion. There are very specific things he wishes to speak into human group consciousness through me and he does this with a very specific intention.
It is my role to receive the information, transcribe it and share it.
I can ask him questions but if I am not simply asking him to clarify something that he has said... if I am asking him for something entirely different... he simply replies: "I am not speaking to that issue at this time".
And he very seldom offers prognostications. Since, of course, we are all co-crating this reality. We might always create differently than envisioned.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sabine 2016-07-13 22:58
I understand - and it transmits great hope that humanity might get to creator-consciousness again. Although - I see a tool to keep people back that might not have been mentioned yet (excuse me if I'm wrong, I just discovered this site): The technology designed to control our brain, mind and finally conscoiusness (connecting robotics, genetics, psy-ops, marketing...), not least by artificial frequencies emitted by radio relay systems. (Not only) I can feel this radiation every day and its stressing effects on the physical body are widely underestimated in public. Furthermore, being 'grilled' day by day makes it quite difficult to connect with your inner self and spiritual heart- I feel it's not impossible, but it takes a lot of energy to withstand the straining radiation. And what about all those who are 'glued' to their mobiles and thus tricked into approval of eventually becoming transhuman 'cyborgs'?
What do you / Adamu say to this technological part of our shared 'reality'?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-07-14 10:41
Hi Sabine
Good point! There are, of course, many, many ways in which we allow ourselves to be victimized and kept in a state of forgetting. Of course they wont make it easy for us to awaken and take back our power. The point is not that it should be easy! The point is that we should do it DESPITE these hurdles. And we are. The hurdles are "outside of you". The path home is "inside of you". And you can always choose to minimize your exposure to these influences if you find it to be sufficiently important to do so.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sabine 2016-07-14 16:30
Quoting Zingdad:
Hi Sabine
And you can always choose to minimize your exposure to these influences if you find it to be sufficiently important to do so.

Thank you, Arn, but what if that’s not possible?

Example: Here in Europe / Germany the relay stations cover virtually the whole country and it is actually very difficult to find a place to minimize the exposure. As soon as all the smart meters will be put in by law and wifi is installed everywhere, radiation coverage will be area-wide. What if there is practically no way and place left to evade a worldwide network coverage and/or international search for such a place is simply too costly? Moreover, as certain radiation permeates every wall, substance and material?

So - even if I achieve it not to feel 'victimized', factual overall and nonstop exposure is a 'fait accompli' violently forced upon people, against their will by legal compulsion.
How to excert one’s own power if it’s not possible either to stop or to evade this? And how do YOU feel rsp. how not only to feel but to BE powerful at all if violence is excerted on you against your will and you can’t stop or change it? (I hope, you don’t get me wrong, I don’t pointlessly want to discuss ‚victimhood‘ but find a working solution :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Anita 2016-08-01 15:49
Hi Sabine - I hope you dont mind this message to you. I read your comments and empathise with your situation. My husband and I have encountered the same issue in the UK with EMF and solar pannel inverters and Wifi etc - we have been working with a good environmentalist here and have purchased specialised filters that help reduce the radiation and contamination in our home - I can mail you separately with details if you'd like. My email is
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sabine 2016-08-05 17:22
How kind - thank you Anita - I will :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elaine 2016-06-28 13:19

Please remember the "translate" button for the new website.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-07-03 13:35
... and now it's done!
On the top-right corner of the site is a translate menu with translations supplied by Google Translate.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elaine 2016-07-08 12:51
Thanks Arn - it works well!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elaine 2016-06-28 13:15
Hello Arn and Adamu, I was delighted to read your evaluation of the importance of this result and I am looking forward enormousy to Adamu's perspective concerning our history.

I came across recently the "Hidden Hand" interview reported in recounting the Genesis story from the Luciferian point of view which enables me to send deep love and prfound gratitude to the "Illuminati" faction of our game for the tremendous sacrifice they are prepared to undergo in order to assist our awakening.

I do hope that Adamu will provide his opinion of the story.

Love to all, Elaine
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-06-28 13:21
Thank you Elaine!

Adamu never comments on what someone else has written. He always says something like "I carefully say everything I want to communicate. For the rest it is up to each individual's discernment. Otherwise I transgress my own boundaries as regards non-interference."

But that said, there is some VERY interesting material coming from Adamu quite soon.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elaine 2016-06-28 22:46
Yippi - bring it on!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elaine 2016-06-29 12:54
Hi again Arn,

I had no intention whatsoever to insinuate that Adamu would comment on "Hidden Hand's" opinions but was hoping that he would convey his own perspective of our creation.

In fact, I suspect that we have our being in such an immense bubble of information that everything which we are capable of imagining exists, thus implying that all truths are true and it is up to us to discover to which version we resonate whilst remaining totally open-minded towards new information.

Rather than scouring the web to follow the ridiculous methods through which the "cabal" is still trying to enforce their control, I search for evidence that people are at last coming together in order to thwart them. Brexit is the one which has had the most impact on mainstream media but there have been many others such as people inundating their parliamentary representatives in order to avoid bombing Syria openly as they did to Libya, a high ranking officer refusing orders to nuke an American city and diverting the bomb into the sea and also the rapidly growing interest in the Ubuntu movement.

It may be wishful thinking but I am convinced that far more resistance is occurring unbeknown to us and a great number of us will make it through to the next game level.

I am so looking forward to Adamu's next post.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Kate Teddy Morrison 2016-06-27 15:18
I knew that the cabal/illuminati wanted a United States of Europe and then the World to remove more and more power from the individual so that is why I voted to leave the EU. The shock in the country has been immense. I don't think anyone thought it would go the way it has. I am so delighted, the Light have played the game brilliantly. I hope leaving the EU will have a domino effect and more countries will take back their power.
Thank you Zingdad for your fabulous channellings. Adamu is one of my favourites - he is so direct and to the point.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# divsy 2016-06-27 09:18
Thank you dearly Zingdad, this message has thrown in a lot of light on this pivotal issue.
Intuition abounds.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Ben 2016-06-27 07:38
Interesting perspective!.
The large majority of voters that voted out were the over 50's and the main reason for this was because of immigration.
I personally feel this result was the intended plan of the 'powers that be' the media as we all know is heavy in their agenda and holds little truth. When you look at the British media you can see how the masses have been played.. One week newpaper headlines would announce 'hospital bed shortage, health system under strain' next week it would be 'housing crisis, not enough homes for the British people' and then the following week would be '100,000 iimmigrants due for UK'... That's what I called being played. Many city areas and housing areas across the UK are heavily populated with foreigners. People don't feel at home in their own country. Am I surprised England voted out, not at all. I'm surprised people thought we'd stay in.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Gregory Townsend 2016-06-27 00:40
Thank you once again brother!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# John Dycke 2016-06-26 20:40
I also stopped watching the news until about a year ago I felt something was going to happen ....Big. and I think this is it ; the begining of change but I'm not sure if it is good or bad? But I feel Brexit leaving is the start and was so glad to here from Adamu on this matter! In the short term I do not think it will be good but I prey that we have finally got it right and will now be able to move on!
I suppose I am lucky as I live on the west coast of Canada and other then changes in the weather only know of what is happening by TV or internet (I trust the internet more). So much is happening that is bad right now that my heart aches for these people in our world. It is time the innocent stopped paying for the ill conceaved battles of those who who have lost their direction!!
Brexit is but the start and there is so much more to come including the USA, and South Africa but I can only go by what I hear and feel. Its time the innocent souls are left alone and those who want to fight go someplace where they can fight each other all they want!
We now have alot of homeless being brought into our country,a lot not far from where I live so I prey they can intigrate and find there way.
So let Brexit be the begining of enlightenment for the world as it is sorely needed!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sailesh 2016-06-26 20:23
Thank you Adamu,

I was one of the Remain voters. I am aware of the non-elected bureaucrats in the EU and believed that it is easier to affect the changes from within rather than without. I believe that anything that creates separation and division instead of Unity is a step back in Consciousness.
I wonder, if I was one of the Lightworkers that were convinced to believe that Remain served the interests of the Light? I would like to know because that is what I feel.
I am aware that we in the UK, will now have some very challenging times ahead will need to address without creating even more separation in the UK. Scotland and Northern Ireland just the first of two if these examples and not forgetting the 48.1% who voted to Remain.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-06-26 20:56
My dear Sailesh. I wanted to react to your question because it is an important one.
Adamu wished me to share with you that the vote to Remain was not "the wrong vote" if one chose it from a genuine desire for what you thought was the best choice. It is only that the Illuminati were also counting on the EU continuing to expand as part of THEIR plans that made Exit the "Light" choice. In other words, by your own choice, to choose for Remain, you chose to be one from the Light who allowed himself to be convinced that Remain was the right choice.
But truly, there is nothing wrong with that choice! Just a matter of what was going on "behind the scenes".

Second point: Yes, we do need to create unity. But it cannot be forced upon people especially not at the cost of their own sense of what is fair and right. So what this means is we need to each heal ourselves. Restore our internal unity. If we all know we are connected to the divine INside of ourselves, we will all know that we are all of the same great spirit. All one. This is true unity. Quite different from artificially enforced political unity that is not felt inside the person which constantly boils up into animosity and friction.

The question is: how do we accomplish this TRUE unity. The oneness of the soul, within as many hearts as possible.

This is the opposite of the question asked by the Illuminati. Which is "how do we meld humanity into one group under our control." Which is why their plan needs to fail.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sailesh 2016-06-26 21:29
Thank you Zingdad and Adamu. I am aware that there are no wrong choices - And actually I am delighted that I chose to Remain. One of the main determining factor for my choice was the amalgamation of the leadership of the Brexit - Ranging from Far Right to Center Right minded leaders - and this made my decision to Remain a "no-brainer". Isn't it ironical that, the leaders who are choosing to act out the Darker Side, who are presently reveling in their victory, have inadvertently shot themselves in the foot.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# eyeinsky 2016-06-28 05:36
Separation and division are a point of view. Leaving the EU does not mean a division from humanity or a separation from unity consciousness. People go to different churches, change jobs, move to a new town, it does not mean that they are "creating separation and divisiveness". The real issue being held up to the light for healing is what we stand for that is for the highest good of all concerned. Just like parents who divorce still want what's best for their children. This is what has been so sadly disappointing about our elected officials and government in general. Time and time again they demonstrate a complete lack of moral fiber and behave as very bad shepherds. Well, the sheep have had enough!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-06-28 14:16
It seems we agree exactly. :-)
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# Zahn Quan Yin 2016-06-26 17:52
Absolutely fantastic!!! And not totally unexpected, as I've been feeling of late that humanity has reached the tipping point in terms of Light over Dark and this just proves it. Hooray for the Light!!! Thank you Zingdad and Adamu for bringing light to the importance and significance of this amazing global event!
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# Jann 2016-06-26 16:46
Thank you! I will be sharing this incredible, wonderful, message with others. I feel so uplifted and reassured by this transmission.
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# Joy Loveheart 2016-06-26 15:17
I am so happy for this email from you. I just confirmed what I was feeling the morning of the Brexit. I felt so happy and thought finaly it is happening. I just used some other words than you do but it is the same thing. Amazing. Thank you for this confirmation on whats happening. It was a day of celebration for me and it is just so good know that I was celebrating the day of light.

With love from Norway
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# Sandy 2016-06-26 14:57
Wow! I did not even know about this. I quit watching tv, news, and any media about 10 years ago, as I believe it to be the Illuminati propaganda. I saw Brexit mentioned on FB, but had no idea what it was. I DO listen and follow any info that comes in from Spirit, such as Bashar, Abraham, Adamu, Kryon, etc.. I am so happy that Adamu addressed it in this way. Zingdad, I really love all of the information you bring forward. Thank you for sharing. You are much appreciated.
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# C.Steve Brown 2016-06-26 14:46
We are experiencing the same thing in Haiti where they wanted to impose a fraudulent election and they are forcing force of awarness triggered by AHU codes which are codes coming from the Absolute Harmonic Univers which are flawless . Those codes are in Haiti and where used in the UK especially in Stone Age but the AHU codes are not from the 15th dimension so their effort are powerless Haiti is awakening those enperors need to be educated massively I send them my unconditional Love

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# Glen 2016-06-25 00:26
It really is interesting that Adamu wanted to press these points. I'm glad because it does give one hope (amid so much discouragement) that we are in-fact coming out of the age of forgetting. I'm all for that.

"The Force of Light will now begin to gain victories".... Yea!!

You might also not have bothered forming an opinion on the US election (referring to your email), as would many of us not take much note of Australia elections, but I have felt from the get go on this one (and I'm from Canada) that this particular election battle is another timely opportunity for mass awakening to 4 and 5d.
Massive numbers backed Sanders who is of the Light (which shows just how many ARE awake). His rallies filled stadiums, but he was essentially cheated out of nomination during the democratic primary. Instead the illuminati are forcing the people to chocie between corruption or hatred (Hilary vs Trump).
It's unbelievable obvious to those who can see, how the people have been manipulated into backing either one of these leaders, just as Adamu stated. It will be interesting to see the 'bigger picture' outcome after so much has been exposed now. Sanders had a public platform from which he was able to let any who cared to listen know some plain truths about US politics (one being that elections themselves are rigged).

It would be heartening to see the Emperor lose some control over the US. That would be as big as the EU vote I think.

Cheers - I look forward to more.
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# Zingdad 2016-06-25 16:08
Glen I really do feel the USA is a special case. The USA thumbed their noses at the Illuminati when it first declared (and fought for) its independence. Since then the Illuminati have fought back. They re-won the USA by the most ingeniously devious means. Most notably by usurping its financial system. And then also by totally undermining its political system.
I think Americans are waking up fast. Fast enough that there will be an awakening event at or with this current election cycle? And what would that even look like?
I don't know. Perhaps we'll get another word from Adamu on this? He absolutely will not say a word before the election. He'd consider that unethical. But perhaps afterwards?
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# Glen 2016-06-25 17:30
Thanks Z. Sorry about the error above. I keep wanting to put you in Australia. I should have referred to South Africa elections instead which was my intent. You haven't emailed this one to your email list (or have you?). I did share it with some people who didn't see it on FB.
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# Zingdad 2016-06-25 17:45
LOL, no problem, Glen.
No, I haven't sent out a newsletter yet. This transmission arrived quite out of the blue. It'll be included in the next newsletter. So thanks for sharing in the mean time!
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# Emily 2016-06-24 16:25
Thank you for this contribution. Yesterday, I equally did not believe the "exit" or "remain" vote would affect us (I live in Namibia), but got up early this morning and got sucked into the various news channels following the vote - and as it reached the mark of no return, I felt a huge surge of relief, knowing that people had re-gained their power....
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# Tobey Llop 2016-06-26 17:31
This American is delighted by the example set by the Brits! I suppose many are only dimly conscious of the importance of their votes and many, due to propaganda, are having second thoughts, but that's how the mind works, always second guessing the promptings of Soul. Americans today are highly brainwashed from Illuminati controlled schools, media, politics, you name it. But Americans are not immune to the gentle rain of Divine Love that falls on all with the glimmerings of Wisdom IT also brings. I feel highly privileged to be alive in these times to watch from the ground!
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