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The American Elections

A Perspective Offering Hope and Excitement from Adamu

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book3 300wMy dear friends


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have a brief but important message to bring to you, as always, through my dear young friend, Zingdad.


Now that the American elections are behind us, I can offer you some thoughts that may be useful to you without risking interference beyond that with which I am comfortable.


What I wish you to understand is that this vote, this decision for a Trump presidency rather than a Clinton presidency, can be best summarized as “a disaster averted”.


Now please, do not misunderstand me. I am NOT saying that Mr Trump is a light-worker, a saint or an ideal and heroic leader. He is as flawed a human being as any are. He has his strengths and weakness as any do. My perspective today is not so much about what Mr Trump is… as what he is not. And Mr Trump is not a lackey to the Red Shield Illuminati. They did absolutely everything in their power to keep him from winning this race. And while they were working tirelessly to place Mrs Clinton in the White House, their attentions were diverted from some of their other efforts. And so, if you were attentive to world affairs rather than fixated solely on the US elections, you might have noticed during this time that the world inched back from the brink of Armageddon.


Yes, my friends, it is true. The world was careening towards self-destruction at a pace not seen for decades. And the blame for this can be laid squarely at the feet of the Red Shields. Their strategies have become quite unhinged as they strive to bring their hidden prophecies to fruition. They truly were getting ready to provoke thermonuclear war with their nemesis, the Gold and Jade teams of Russia and China. Left unchecked, this is what they would have placed in your near-future time-line!


So I shall reiterate: this election result is NOT cause for unbridled joy. It is not as if some angel of Light has been elected to the presidency. But it certainly is cause for a large sigh of relief. The Red Shields have been handed a stinging defeat. The second such defeat in a row after their previous, massive loss with the Brexit vote.


And it is an incredible strategic loss for them. In part, the loss of a puppet president, yes, but the awareness that their control of the press does not give them the control of the minds of the people - or not the majority of the people, anyway - has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt now. The Red Shields can now palpably feel the reins of control slipping from their hands!


This is a massive loss of impetus for them. And the consequence is that their prophecies are shown not to be coming to fruition at this time. This will force them to take a step back to regroup. Assuredly they will try to rise again. And assuredly they intend to bring their prophecies to fruition again at some future date. And this will, of course, again mean an attempt to precipitate Armageddon. But certainly not any time soon. And their window of opportunity is fast closing. The time frame during which they can still affect the course of world events is nearing its end. A new dispensation is dawning.


So, we have attained more than just some breathing room. Disaster has been averted. And now it is time for you and I to get out of this political mud pit and begin to do some real good. Now it is time to stop pretending that the political process is the most power that you have. Because it is not! In point of fact it is the very weakest kind of proxy power that is actually used to keep you disempowered.


And there is a very important point that I wish to make about the specifics of this election too. You would have to have lived under a rock not to have noticed that this was quite different from any other election ever held in America. It was by far the most divisive, the most aggressive, the most baleful and the dirtiest election ever. The election process itself not only exposed some of the deepest wounds in the national psyche, but actually played upon them… actually deepened them. Deep hatred was stirred up on both sides in an attempt to solidify voters in one camp or the other. As regrettable as this is, it does have the upside of showing clearly to any who have eyes to see that your salvation does not lie in politics. That politicians do not hold the answers for your redemption. Neither personally, nor nationally, nor globally. It cannot be up to them to right this world! It must be up to you! You personally and you collectively. And the higher the vibratory frequency of your consciousness, the more powerfully you can create... if you but know how. Those of a higher density of consciousness create exponentially more powerfully than those of a lower density of consciousness. So first you need to work on raising your consciousness. Then you need to remember (or be reminded) how to create your reality. And this is exactly what I will be doing in the following communiqués: reminding you how to create your reality. In this way you can become a co-creator of a future world that is congruent with your most beautiful dreams for yourself, humanity and the planet. And as you enact your inherent creator nature so you will raise your vibration. As you raise your vibration, so you will become an ever more powerful creator. And as you break through into higher densities of consciousness, new, more powerful tools will await your use.


So, my friends. A very exciting journey lies ahead of you, if you will but walk it. This journey is not for everyone. Not everyone is at a place in their soul’s evolution where they are ready to awaken to their creator nature. Many cling to their victim status. Many wish for some powerful other to swoop in to rescue them. Many are not yet capable of perceiving their own divine nature. And so, many will reject this message. And that too is exactly perfect. Everyone plays the role that they are suited for. But this message – and the ones that follow – are not for those who cling to their 3rd density victim consciousness. These messages are for you, the awakening soul. For you, the Light-bringer and the Light-worker. For you, the Starseed and the Earth Angel.


In every message that I share I make two suggestions:
1. That you understand that each communique is a part of a greater message. And so I do strongly suggest that you please read the other messages in this collection. You can find them collected, in order, for your rereading pleasure at

2. That you consider signing up for our free newsletter so that you might be alerted whenever I release new information through Zingdad. You can do so at


And that brings to a close this brief update from me.


What I wish for you to take away from this communiqué is that this is actually a great moment. Irrespective of what you think of either Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton. Because it really isn’t actually about either of those two personalities. This is a very necessary defeat for the Red Shield war machine. They were defeated before a single shot could be fired. And now we can forge forward together to bring truly great change to the planet and to humanity.


With that, I leave you.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation and I have been speaking to you through Zingdad.



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# Martina 2017-07-15 00:50
I love your articles.
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# Timothy James 2017-04-08 02:23
First and foremost, I want to say thank you, to Zingdad and All the Light workers of the Universe. Zingdad, I must say to you, that your writings no matter who you are writing for have changed my perspective on the path to ascension. I have studied Taoism, the Bible, Mystical teachings, TM from India and now your writings. I just finished your first book, have read some twice, along with other writings posted on your website. I have got to say; your book is easier to understand the path to All That is. One Is! Which all these writings mentioned, have that one thing in common. I applaud you for bringing this to its simplicity! I like you, have had two singularity events and have had 2 invitations to the next. I have resisted, as I am not done in this Density. And of course, there is the Veil of Unknowing, which I plan to learn. I can tell your readers with absolute certainty, the powers that are available in each Density are true when you are LOVE. There are times you will fall back for a brief time, it will cause blockages, but you will figure that out and Wa la, block gone. With absolute Honors Zingdad, 8, Adamu, it is an honor to know your Soul. I Am, We Are, Love, Light and Peace to ALL, Be Love,
Timothy James
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# Patti 2017-03-24 04:05
how is it you are still alive? I would think the Red Shields would see you as a threat.
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# Zingdad 2017-03-24 08:21
Interesting question, Patti.
I was VERY resistant to posting this information. It actually took me a few days of processing to find the courage. But I was shown how every bit of info in here is already available elsewhere and that no names are named and no physical proof of their transgressions against humanity is given. I was promised that, as a result of these things I would not be perceived as a threat. And more than that, they are in a pretty intense situation right now. They are struggling for their own survival on all fronts. What might previously have been seen as an unacceptable provocation is now below the threshold of something they have the resources or the inclination to deal with.
Bottom line: I was promised that I would be okay. And so far so good.
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# Tien-I 2017-12-04 21:00
Hi Patti, I heard a rumor that 8/Karma has Zingdad's back. ALL of his Brothers and Sisters send their Love and unified energy as well. That should do it. The scribe is safe! Love and good intentions!
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# r0eli 2017-02-04 17:27
Comments below seem to be confused about how Trump winning the US election can be contributing to positive change? I see it like this. The way we are heading, on societal, global level, right now ANY change is good. And even though I am convinced people are essentially, deep down inside, kind, loving and HUMANE, many of us also tend to be plainly too self-absorbed to see -or want to see- the bigger picture. And as long as everybody is keeping up appearances, minding their own business and pretending the world is quite all right.. then nothing is ever going to change and so we will continue to destruct our planet day by day, kill and abuse our animals and natural world, deplete our resources, let half of the planet suffer for our (western) indulgence and obsession with materialism and possessions and “high” but detrimental self-destructive standard of living. So that’s why I can feel positive about what’s happening! The world ISN'T ok right now,.. and-however strange this may sound- maybe this (being the current events in US-politics and rising worldwide turmoil) is an opportunity to get ourselves going in the right direction! The Trump election is a perfect reflection of the current state the world is in right now...and it’s rather UGLY. But we have the CHOICE to change this! Either you try as best as you can to keep your eye patches on and continue what you were in a self-destructive, superficial and materially obsessed, capitalised world. (Which I'm sure, you, visitor of this website are far from that :) ) Or we.. choose! Do we choose to be led by fear,.. afraid of people from another ethnicity, another belief system, another religion and let the big corporations rule us as they continue to divide and conquer the masses and let us destroy ourselves? Or do we choose the path of brother/sisterhood and loving-kindness for all living beings? Because essentially we are all just ONE human race on ONE finite planet! Love&Peace
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# r0eli 2017-02-04 12:28
I love you I love you I love you I Love you!!!
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# Crystal 2017-01-19 23:30
Today - I am already the 20th of January - much upheaval and organised protests are planned. From well intentioned to downright ugly.

What if ...

What if we would be given even the best of persons to lead us, but whenever we are meeting something we do not like, we act in ways which are actually supportive of our dislike. Say, we react from a space of anger and shortsightedness, rather than from our sacred, divine space of Love. What good could even the best of people do to us, as long as we haven't understood that Life is all about the quality we are offering, regardless of what we are receiving, and that, in fact, we are precisely in those conditions allowing us to offer from our highest space, unconditionally.

What if, once we have understood the principle of responding from our highest, most sacred state, Life can gracefully change by itself, because we do not need such a challenge any more?

What if, today, right now, we all go into our highest, most sacred space, and from here enter into meditation, attune with the highest love frequency, and radiate, and radiate, and radiate?

Time to offer our best, unconditionally, and make the conditions of this life no more justifiable, and invite a new Reality in, constantly supportive of the Sacred.
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# Zingdad 2017-01-20 11:16
Amen, Crystal!
What I find is that we don't ALL need to do that. If find that only I need to do that to have my experience of life change. And if just a few of us do that we will already bring great change.
And as we do this we realize that it matters a LOT less than we thought who the leaders are. When we move from our highest good we ARE the leaders.
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# Roland 2017-01-19 07:50
I certainly understand why Adamu mentioned not voting. I have been voting since 1980. I have never missed voting for a Presidential candidate, and this year I got lucky, because living in California, where the Republican Party has FINALLY been marginalized, we knew Hillary would win California easily. Once Bernie failed to take the Democratic nomination, Hillary was going to win California. I would never vote for Hillary, she is a total liar, but since her win was a foregone conclusion, I was free to vote for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who is a honey. If I had been in a battleground state, I would probably have not voted for President, which would have been a first for me.

I can't respond to warnings about thermonuclear war, and I don't know how anyone here is capable of making such an assertion. Adamu obviously has a perspective that most of us incarnated don't have, but just throwing that out there without any supporting facts or information I find to be irresponsible. If you have real evidence that you are free to share with me, I'll look at it, but I doubt that we are close to nuclear war. That specter has definitely died way down imo.

Is it possible to be reassured because Trump won? I wonder. Am I glad Hillary lost? Hell YES, that was a huge relief. Do I feel compassion because she is crushed and sulking? Hell NO. But I can't get excited about a new President who is a known and admitted sexual predator, sexist, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, self-serving clown who pretty much only says whatever makes himself look good, who is lying through his teeth in the process and contradicts himself daily, who stiffs the contractors he hires, and who is involved in how many lawsuits, over a 100? How anyone could feel relief, or joy, or satisfaction, or gratitude, that this jerk won, is completely beyond me. From your country, maybe. From California, YECCCHHHHHH.
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# Lawrence Rajotte 2017-01-19 18:03
Hey Roland,
… I have to say, I completely relate to much of what your saying (less so on the severe judgment part, however). Politics in this country –and politics all over this planet- is really less about what particular party you’re identifying with, and much more about economics (neoliberal economics to be exact). Whether one particular party believes we live in a dog-eat-dog reality –and only the big dogs survive- or whether another particular party believes ‘we should all just get along’ –at least in theory- it is our world-wide, neoliberal economic system (think ‘status quo’) that truly prevents us from taking it to the next level…
… I’ve been a registered democrat since Jimmy Carter, but this last year I finally threw in the towel and reregistered as a Green Party (Oregon) voter. I am also a liberal –and union- activist. I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. Not because he was too liberal, but because he showed himself to be way too conservative in my view. Hillary was obviously trying to show herself to be even more conservative than the conservatives –so she wasn’t even on the radar as far as I was concerned. In 2012 I too voted for Jill Stein (although I am sure that the last thing she would like to be remembered for is ‘a honey.’)…
… Most democrats that I know still see Obama in an almost saintly light –the second coming, if you will. Most of my co-workers (who are mostly very conservative) see Obama as quite literally the anti-Christ. And myself, I think both camps are completely delusional in all regards…
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# Lawrence Rajotte 2017-01-19 18:04
… One of the interesting aspects of Zings writing is the concept he talks about with regards to ‘service to self, and service to others.’ I still see the democratic party (labor party equivalent) as best personified as a ‘service to others’ type meme, and the republican party (conservatives, in any country) best personified as those ‘service to self’ folks. I sincerely believe that those inner-directed, service to others people can easily relate to those outer-directed, service to self folks, but sadly –at the same time- those very same service to self folks cannot relate, in any way, shape, or form to their fellow, service to others brethren –and therein lies the problem, from the US, to the European Union, to the entire planet itself…
… Will Trump be the answer to our problems? If I railed against my own fellow democratic candidates because I believed them to be too conservative –you can imagine just what a lifesaver I believe Trump to be under those same parameters. I would like to say that we certainly live in interesting times. But it seems more apropos to say that times are far more troubling, than they are interesting…

… We may have dodged a metaphorical bullet –but we’ve also just stumbled into a metaphorical minefield with the very next step. Check your beliefs at the door. Its going to be a wild ride from here on out…
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# Roland 2017-01-19 07:31
Hmmm. I did not see this election the way most people in these comments see it. I am going to be a dissenting voice. I do not find solace in Adamu's message, even though I read it weeks ago, and now after reading all 4 prior messages, including the Global Banking system and Illuminati messages, I still don't quite relate to it. I agree with all the informational content of message 4, the Global Banking Elite criminal behavior and factual information about the Fed and the control of so many of our institutions, but Arn's perspective on them was too victim-speak for my taste. The elite do not control a single thing, they just think they do. Whateverrrr. I don't give my attention to the low-lifes, I associate with the honeys and the sweethearts. I must say, it would help knowing where each of you lives, because perspectives seem to vary drastically depending on what country you live in. I live in the U.S., in California. Bernie Sanders, in my opinion, was the only real candidate. I am wearing a sweatshirt right now with his name on it, and it is the only clothing I have ever worn in my life with a political endorsement on it. If this were a democracy, like it was when several dozen candidates ran for President in Abraham Lincoln's time, then Bernie would likely have won. But now we have a rigged 2-party system that only allows 2 candidates to run, so we are screwed for the time being in that department. And by now everyone knows that Bernie was elbowed aside by the DNC and by Hillary's team, but his real problem was arriving late. The most beautiful thing about this presidential campaign is that Bernie Sanders became widely known, both nationally here in the U.S., and internationally. He was marginalized for a long time, even though next to Barbara Boxer he is probably one of the greatest politicians we have. But now everyone knows him. So next time around, he'll have name recognition.
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# Brent 2016-11-16 22:48
As I have been re-reading The Ascension Papers (Chapter 10) recently the notion of 'consensus reality' has once again been refreshed in my mind. My understanding of what was been said is that we are all powerful creator beings who are creating our own realities (a concept which is extremely hard to grasp when all of our experience seems to point in the opposite direction, i.e. that we are powerless flotsam being pushed around by external events and forces). In chapter 10 Arn asks 8 whether people perceived in his reality (e.g. his partner) are real or just his own creations, to which 8 replies that they are very real and also powerful creators. Then Arn asks how can it be so that we are all experiencing the same things if we are all creating our own (seemingly) realities? [I am paraphrasing a bit here.] To which 8 replies we are creating a shared reality where some similar elements are being created by consensus. So (as I understand it) we are all co-creating that the sky is blue, that water is wet, and a myriad of other shared experiences. And we are also co-creating on the geo-political scene. All of us, along with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the others involved in the political process are creating the ongoing situation in the US together, and this is a reflection, or perhaps more accurately a projection, of our internal state. As it has been said, if you see in the mirror that you hair is a mess (something that I don't think Donald Trump has noticed) then you wouldn't try brushing the glass to fix it. In the same way if we perceive the external political situation to be awry then that is telling us to work on our own inner problem, and then we will be able to, miraculously, see the change we desire in the world.
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# Zingdad 2016-11-17 17:46
Brent you going to love where Adamu will be taking us next.
First we get deep into the story that it feels like we are victims too (done!). Then we begin to realize that we are crating it by looking at creation techniques (next!)
So your comments are just a bit prescient! :-)
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# Brent 2016-11-19 12:19
I am certainly looking forward to Adamu's next take on what is going on, I find that hearing a totally 'alien' view helps to put things into a much wider perspective. Also, as almost all of the content of the messages that have come from Adamu resonate strongly with the truth I am creating from my perspective (though it sometimes takes quite a while for me to re-order my thinking in order to accommodate may of the concepts)I find the material in The Ascension Papers and the other writings here extremely beneficial in helping me creating the reality/experience of reality that takes me in the right direction (i.e. the direction I choose).
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# Brent 2016-11-16 01:08
In The Ascension Papers there is a section where 8 talks about 'John, the conspiracy theorist' and thought that there are some interesting, and relevant, points raised there. "John very much does believe in an external truth about events. And, as a result of his journey, he came to decide that the conspiracy theories were mostly true...And so? Given that, what was John to do? How was he to respond?...So many, many choices.
But you see, that too is all an illusion. There is really only one choice: to go deeper into the victim game or to raise yourself out of it. And all of the choices outlined above for John are really just the same choice: to go deeper into the game. You see, the game itself never shows you the other option... it never shows you that you can raise yourself out of the game...The game is designed to show you only the choices that keep you playing the game... the victim choices." And then in TAP 8 discusses the Super Powerful Individuals (SPI) and their mechanisms for control and manipulation and Zingdad has questions about whether it is appropriate to be concerned about all this or should we focus on our own story; "What happened to all that stuff about,"the story being less important than The Truth Of You"? Are you now saying that the conspiracy theories are true? 8: No. I am telling you another story. Nothing more, nothing less. Or did you feel at some point that I was demanding of you that you must believe me?
Z: But 8! What's the point of this if it isn't true?
8: The point? It is the same as the point of the story that you are telling yourself by living your life. The point is that you are giving yourself experiences so that you can choose and create." In light of this discussion I feel that the Donald/Hillary story we have all been telling ourselves seems to be an opportunity to move deeper into duality or change our inner world and thereby change our outer reality (the reflection in the mirror)
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# Dragon 2016-11-12 17:44
Hi Zingdad. I decided to write this comment because currently I am in a bit of a struggle. You see I am only 16 years old and yet I was interested in spirituality since my early childhood. As you can imagine this "unnatural" awareness for my age strongly affected my life as well as my grades.. Learning truly becomes agonizing when it's all just about memorizing stuff nowadays and that is not my strongest side sadly. So I am here, not knowing what to do, learning from messengers like you, teaching some of it to others when it is possible... But still I feel like I could do a lot more given the opportunity.. So can you please ask Adamu what should Ascended children like me do? Forget everything and go back to the system? or abandon the system completely and become a spiritual teacher? But nonetheless thanks so much for the information you are sharing with us
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# Zingdad 2016-11-13 15:01
Hi Dragon. It's a tough place to be. You are the harbingers of the next world and must of necessity still be in the old world. Adamu doesn't do this kind of "personal advice" stuff unfortunately. He isn't focused like that. And for myself all I would say to you is:
1. Observe the world without letting it get to you.
2. Bring you Light to this world as best you can. Find your authentic expression, your gift. Give it.
3. Be patient as the new world arrives... :-)
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# Crystal 2016-11-12 14:11
Thank You Adamu and Zingdad. I am simply delighted to have been feeling like this, as much toward Brexit, as toward the American elections, whereas the loudest voices, those conveyed by the main stream media, those echoed by the public were resonating with a different tune, different arguments, which I had the feeling were missing the point. It just did not resonate in me. Delighted to find a resonance in You :o)
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# David Kamnitzer 2016-11-12 12:58
Thank you SO MUCH.

I am using this, and the prior message, to help people understand what is going on ... and to understand me better.

Does Adamu have any current words of Guidance regarding NESARA and the RV?

Blessings ... DK
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-11-12 13:24
Hi David

NESARA is a complex subject because so much has been said about it and there is much "attachment" to it. Adamu's perspective on this is not "from the choir book". He has assured me he will handle this topic with all due delicacy and care when it is time. It is not yet time.

With love,
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# Elyaa 2016-11-11 23:47
Hi Arn,

This is a really good message thank you.
I was also thinking that Trump is actually the reflection of what humans have been doing to each other and women in general but he is a some sort of revolt. Although holding the sexist and racist nature of humanity also holding the side of humanity despite all this they are not willing to turn all of it into a war and downfall. I believe humans can change and also can Trump. And it needs to change if humans are willing to change their sexist and racist nature. And he can not be something a part what whole of humanity is because of interconnected nature of reality.
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# Richard 2016-11-11 22:36
Thanks very much for bringing these words to us. I just wanted to add that each of us are very powerful Creator Beings who have been gifting most of our creative ability to these parasitical entities for far too long. The very act of voting is an occult practice designed to first of all, encourage our attachment, and secondly, steal our creative power. When you "cast" your vote you are saying that you agree with their vision of future reality. Like Castley, I am also American and even though I have never voted for the reasons above, that does not mean that I do not care about the outcome. Consider that there are very powerful forces who benefit from the negative conditions on this planet. They actually feed on the energy produced in the lower vibrations. Look around at the turmoil and division that has been produced by this election process. I read this morning that the "losers" are inciting riots all across America to try to keep this energy at a fever pitch. I was discussing this with my wife Robyn yesterday and when she connected with our guidance the comment was "The Last Supper". I thought this was quite funny and still do.
I would encourage everyone to remember a most important facet of Arn, 8, and Adamu's message is that of the Neutral Beings. This reality constantly attempts to encourage your attachment. It does not care if you pick "The Donald" or Hillary, only that you choose and thus build your own prison. Those powerful forces that I mentioned above are not more powerful than a Neutral Being who disengages from "their story" and begins to create his own. All of us here now have the opportunity to deactivate the locks of those prisons we have built for ourselves and step into a world of freedom from thought control. Allow them to create the reality they wish and look upward to the better world that we are all creating on this positive timeline. There always seems to be plenty of comments about "light workers" and how they are assisting the world and yet my experience shows me that it is the apparent dark ones that always seem to push the world forward into the most positive outcome and they deserve our gratitude for the sacrifice they make. If you are truly Neutral, you will realize that there are no dark Beings. At the highest levels we are all Beings of light and the best of friends. As aspects of these supreme entities it is our privilege to recognize that this is just a game and we the players.
Thank you Adamu
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# Zingdad 2016-11-11 22:45
Richard, I tip my hat to you!
You will perhaps recall that Adamu said if he were an American he would not vote? Well... his reasons are more than a little in alignment with yours. Really, voting is an energetic approval of the system. Irrespective of who you vote for. But folks get pretty upset when you say stuff like this.
And so he let us get through the process of voting... and now that it is behind us (more or less) he will begin to work to remind us how we REALLY exercise our power.
So, yeah, spot on, my friend!
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# Diane 2016-11-13 07:01
Much respect for your message 11/11. My husband and I are on board with all you say. Thank you. It is not often that we connect with anyone on the same path, and your message warms me with the feeling that you and your wife share and understand this larger picture.
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# Scarlett 2016-11-11 21:54
My guidance was providing similar information before & after the election Arn, and I could not wipe the grin off my face! I am simply expanding my Light, which is far and as wide as assist all who choose to enter into the Light of understanding...especially in the days & months that follow. I would encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you, and thank you to Adamu.

Much Love
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# Zingdad 2016-11-11 22:47
Yes, yes, yes! Exactly Scarlett. Now we need to be expanding the Light to encompass all who are in need of it. Now we need peace and understanding. I am SO with you!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Gregory 2016-11-11 18:57
Adamu- You've said in the past how every President since Kennedy, as they used the film of his assassination to share with the incoming president, has been controlled by the Red Shields so why can't they just as easily control Trump? The last time you shared with us you said what you would do if you were human "not vote". Well, it sounds like you are, human, because a being of consciousness understands the importance of not interfering with the free will of human beings, which you obviously have done. Regardless of the play on the outside the answer is always increasing consciousness and I support you in putting out that position without the backstory which feeds the ego.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sabine 2016-11-11 17:58
"And their window of opportunity is fast closing. The time frame during which they can still affect the course of world events is nearing its end. A new dispensation is dawning."

Wow - If this is true, what a great turn! Thanks to everyone who contributed and joyful thanks to you both for that information :-)))))
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# John Dycke 2016-11-11 17:12
Thank You Arn and Adamu for such encoraging words! I am glad I am not American (Iam Canadian) for the vote I would have found very difficult! I am very concerned to see a man with no political experience now at the head of the free world. I prey that what you say is correct as I see freedoms and respect taking a back seat to Love and thoughtfulness! But the world does not stop and time will show how things will work out!
I would like to know who the "Red Shields" are as I have not heard this term before?
Again Thank You for your message of Posititivity at a time when it is sorely needed!!
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# Bigfeet 2016-11-12 12:51
Quoting John Dycke:

I would like to know who the "Red Shields" are as I have not heard this term before?

The red shields - rothschilds

So do i want to express my gratitude to Arn, 8 & Adamu through this medium.

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# Zingdad 2016-11-12 13:10
Hi John

There is a very good reason why Adamu uses the names he does. And more importantly why he doesn't get into the details of who exactly those people are. It has to do, firstly, with free will. And secondly with my own protection as a conduit of information. But other people might have some thoughts in this regard (thanks Bigfeet!) :-)
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# Chris 2016-11-11 16:43
He's bang on.

@Kristi please look on YouTube for "John Pilger There was no good candidate"

Anyone living in the USA has been so completely and utterly brain washed so as to make it impossible to make the correct decision.

Trump is no angel. But Clinton was a fascists who wanted world war III
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# divsy 2016-11-11 16:42
Thank you for all you do + guidance - keeping us updated. Blessings.
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# Castley Sierociuk 2016-11-11 15:44
Thank you Arn and Adamu!
I am from America, I actually did not vote in this election. The first one I have not voted for since I could vote. I was hoping Trump would win. From the beginning, I saw and felt that he would. I am an awakening soul, going on 3 years now. My views would certainly be seen as Democratic, I live in Seattle WA! Since my awakening, my BS meter is really tuned in. I was horrified by Donald Trump in the beginning. But Hillary made me sick. Physically. She was so blatantly lying. She made me shiver. Now, I read about everything related to light work...some of the things said about her and her husband defy belief. But if there was a GRAIN of truth...well OMG. When Trump won, I felt...lighter. His face seems different, I think he has changed..and he will change. No, he is not our savior, but if people watch him change...then maybe they will change. I was ready to hunker down for 4 more years...I knew I could not watch mass media anymore, or even watch her if she won. To me it would have been more time wasted...but I would have worked on myself and my vibration. Now, I feel hopeful. I am generally astounded by the level of grief felt here...openly crying on the news channels etc. How can people not see??? Bernie Sanders would have been our best option and he was openly SCREWED by the Clintons. Instead of being upset, I am setting my intention to help. I realize how the Creator God in me needs direction. Quiet, introspective direction.
God Bless All!
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# Shaman Starseed 2016-11-11 16:31
well said
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# Diane 2016-11-13 07:13
So well said. I live across the water from you. We wish we where in a "red" state after watching the riots in the streets of Seattle. BUT, we have decided NOT to watch mainstream media and I like you want to be an influence for good, even more than before, and call for protection and wisdom for Donald.
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# ParamDevi 2016-11-11 15:06
...EXACTLY... Thank you Thank you Thank you
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# Detrice 2016-11-11 14:54
Thank you, Arn. I have been very much looking forward to seeing what Adamu would say about the election, since I myself was completely surprised by the wave of relief and excitement I felt when I heard that Trump had won. I certainly don't like hearing that we came so close to Armageddon, since I thought we'd left that probability behind years ago, but it might somewhat explain a dream I had a few months back in which I saw a nuclear warhead (red and white) launch right in front of me and then saw tons of them streaming across the sky. My thought was, "Hm. That's not good," but since I hadn't panicked, I thought the dream must mean something else. Anywho, thanks so much to you and Adamu for the confirmation that Trump's victory was huge for all of us.
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# Lawrence Rajotte 2016-11-11 14:16
"... Direct your anger at those who destroyed democracy by taking away choices.
If you play everyone for fools, don't be angry when they vote foolishly..."

... And that directed anger should be towards that ubiquitous, 'centrist,' democratic leadership -statewide as well as on the federal level- who thinks they're sooo much wiser than all those who initially 'brung 'em to the dance...'

... Now, there was some hatred, racism, and misogyny going on as well. But don't let that distract you from the real message from the majority of those folks who voted for this guy -who are 'not' any of those things! The choice they left was either status quo, or 'this...'

... I remember a comment made from a firefighter after 9-11 who helped us to reflect on the tragedy of those folks who choose to jump out the windows rather than face the flames. He asked us to imagine how bad it must have been for them, to see jumping as the better alternative...

... And make no mistake, since the fall of the Berlin wall, American neo-cons -republican and democrat alike- have been incrementally enveloping Russia with its economic and military influence, from day one. Trump (the non-politician) was the only one who seemed to see what a dangerous precedent this policy was. For this reason, I have to completely side with Adamu's take on this matter. Things may get ugly, economically, for working stiffs like me. But we may very well have dodged a nuclear Armageddon by 'not' bringing in a career politician who was seemingly pushing for just such an outcome...
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# Sherri Fox 2016-11-11 14:04
Thank you for the reminder. I know that things are not always what they seem and a reminder of what could have been from behind the scenes is good.
Everything about this election was as you described and it was difficult to watch or
to hear about any of it. The "mute" button came in helpful several times. I remind myself that my world is determined by me and my consciousness, being the light, bringing in the light and seeing the beauty of this world.The world of politics does not hold power over me. It does not upset me, but it has many. I am ready to move forward and enjoy all of your communique's. Thank you, Adamu and Arn.
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# Janusz 2016-11-11 13:27
I am totally with you on that, Zingdad/Adamu :) I have absolute confidence that God knows what God is doing :) EVERYTHING's on the right path, though some distance from completion yet.
Greetings to your whole Team and Readers :)
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# Kristi 2016-11-11 13:04
Something has been bothering me for a very long time about this. I'm having a really hard time with this, because from my perspective, this country has just elected a madman. The ONLY good I can see is that he has brought out the absolute worst elements of our country, and we will have no choice but to confront racism, sexism, homophobia, and all the other isms and phobias that create disunity. I realize I don't have the larger perspective, but it's truly astonishing that the outcome of this election has been a good thing. From where I sit, we are closer to nuclear war, not further from it.

The other issue that really bothers me is that, again from my perspective, this seems blatantly anti-Semitic. Please help me understand how this is not the case. I'll admit I've had a rough few months and I'm not the most enlightened person here, but I really do want to understand.
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# Maxine 2016-11-11 15:56
Yes, Kristi, I totally agree with you. Have said before that this seems anti-Semitic. The only comforting view for me is that this physical plane is a learning environment for soul, and the coming setbacks for social justice and the greater possibility of nuclear war will provide experiences for soul growth, difficult though they may be.
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# Ella 2016-11-11 17:00
Dear Kristi, Regardless of the 'sound bite' information that you have heard, things are not as they have been presented. There has been great effort made by the Red Shields to create dis-information around the entire election, as to the character and quality of either candidate. But what you remark as what has been brought out in being the worst elements of our country is actually the shadow, the parts of the darkness that we have collectively ignored, both as a group consciousness and on individual levels. Many of the darkest aspects of either candidate has been 'mirrored' out against the other, so it is helpful to look at the accusation as the origination and why it brings up these feeling in you. Confusion is a sign of the awakening truth, and healing. If you see the video of Lady Gaga in a nazi ss uniform, complete with red armband, only sans the double phoenix button (the Red Shield symbol) and swastika, performing a Hitler style salute, that is where the anti-Semitism lies. It is valuable to seek your own HS counsel and to discern your truth...and as a citizen of our country, do not take anyone's words as truth...find it for yourself. It is there. Seek and you will find what you need to know. Your HS will guide you. With immense love.
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# Simon 2016-11-11 20:24
Dearest Kristi,

While I felt tremendous relief after the election was over, it's clear that in the wake many did not. Having said that, I felt and underwent a similar process you're currently in the throes of a week prior. This process I would call reclaiming the projections of the god complex.

I was on vacation in Cabo the week leading up to the election. No sooner had I got there, I was faced with tremendous anger. I learned of the intimate details of how poorly the workers at the resort were treated by both the company and us vacationers. Ultimately, the details didn't matter. What they triggered within me was.

I literally felt and had to simply allow the power side of Love in me to come forth. And boy did it ever. I visualized and imagine Armageddon right then in there at that resort. God the Vengeful/wrathful Tyrant came out in me. After I allowed the power side come through me, the other side in God the Mother came through. The projections of an enabling and coddling Mother came through. I felt tremulous fear. Again this time I allowed it to come through. In both cases, what took their place are the true faces and essence of the Dualistic God within me yet now unified.
No mind. This process goes easier the less the mind is involved. You wanted to understand. I hope what I have said here calms your egoic mind. If this resonates with you, I offer my help to you. If/when you confront this process within yourself, I can hold sacred space for you. The deeper, I ,will know and time/space doesn't matter. There is much more to say on this subject. But suffice it to say, your process will obviously be different than my own. Your Heart knows how to get you through this. And I trust and love that Heart; for it is my Own.

From the Center of my Heart,
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# Adam 2016-11-11 21:01
Dear Kristi;
Thank you, Arn! I’m so sorry that you have been manipulated by the media, and I am also surprised by the resilience of the American people for not succumbing to that media manipulation. I am thinking that you are a good person just misguided and manipulated, but just in case you are not here is just a thought. Just read some of their emails how they talk ex. Clintons and their henchmen write about others in private. They are total hypocrites. They project their sins on others to divert the light of truth on their actions. This just a small example of how they treat others while acquiring wealth and power. Namaste
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# Egbert 2016-11-12 17:47
Kristi, In your eyes a madman is chosen, the good thing about Trump is that his flaws are not hidden, he speaks them out blatantly,
I assure you many in top positions in government are different, they are wolves in sheep's clothing, on the outsite nice and politically correct, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves, doing things in secret worse than anything you can imagine, I hope that Trump surrounds himself with good people without ties to the Red Shields or other dark groups, I believe he could be a terrific president, only time wil tell.
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