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Adamu Speaks:

13. Observation


In this video, which continues the "Adamu Speaks" series, Adamu continues to teach us about reality creation.


Here Adamu concludes his teaching of the six sacred steps with the final step, Observation. Not only does this step finalize the process of reality creation but it also serves to return us to alignment with our inner creator being. 


The full transcript of this video is available below.

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Video Transcript:


Greetings, my friends!


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, speaking to you, as always, through my dear friend and scribe, Zingdad.


Today we come to the end of a small journey that we have been walking together. Today I offer you a discussion of the last of the Six Sacred Steps.


I’d like to remind you firstly that the purpose of these Six Sacred is reality creation. One takes these steps to alter ones external experience of life. As such, these are powerful tools and they should be used carefully, mindfully and respectfully. To this end I remind you furthermore that you should not attempt to use parts of these steps without being conscious of all of the steps. Please work your way through all of them, in sequence, beginning with the first sacred step. You can find the entire body of my communications through Zingdad, conveniently laid out in order, together with their text transcripts, on Zingdad’s website.


Find all of Adamu’s materials here:

The steps that now lie behind us are:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Intention
  3. Action
  4. Visualisation
  5. Emotion


And now, on this occasion, we will be taking the final step:

  1. Observation

And this step is broken up into 5 sub-steps of its own: 

  1. Awareness
  2. Objections
  3. Repetition
  4. Acceptance
  5. Celebration



You should know that all human beings do nothing BUT create their reality. But almost all of you do this in an entirely unconscious, uncontrolled fashion. So, for example, when you sit and worry endlessly about the future you are doing nothing other than setting Intentions for the things you very much do not want to have happen. And since you then also spend time feeling the pain of those worries, you are also empowering them with Emotion. Quite often you will lie in bed even Visualising your worries too. That’s three of the Six Sacred Steps right there!


And when you buy insurance, a very common and right-seeming thing to do, are you not taking Action? Are you not investing energy in the very most disastrous things you don’t want to have in your life?


Zingdad wants me to say at this point that I am not a financial advisor and not qualified to tell you not to buy insurance (he laughs). Very well. But I am simply pointing out that which is obvious to me: Surely you should put your energy, and therefore your money, into the creation of things you really do want?


And so, these are just a very few of the ways in which you are unintentionally and unconsciously misusing the Six Sacred Steps to create the outcomes you don’t want.


Watching this mind-programming that is called “Television News” is another. They even provide you with Visualisations in their programming! And then, when you get angry or fearful about what you see, you are also engaging your Emotions to add your creative power to these ever unfolding disasters. And they very much do intend for you to become emotionally involved in their programming!


And sitting around moaning with your friends and colleagues about the state of the world is the same thing; endless complaining is also a form of Intention setting, after all!


There are very many ways in which the average human being is constantly creating negatively. And then, worst of all, when they get what they are creating, they cry, “Why me? Why is this happening to me? I didn’t want this!


It would be quite funny if it wasn’t so sad.


And so, my friends, the first part of Observation is simply that. Awareness. Firstly the awareness that the things going on in your life HAVE been brought to you by your own creations. Sometimes it gets confusing. Often you get things that you had no idea you were creating. Sometimes you get things that you started creating many lifetimes ago. Sometimes you get things that are very much unintended consequences of your creations.


For example: A young man says he wants a beautiful girlfriend. And he tries to go about creating that. But he is creating from a very shallow place. He wants this whole other human being to look a particular way so that he can flatter his ego with her presence; so that he can gain prestige before his friends. He is not looking for love. He is looking for aggrandizement for his ego at her expense and at the expense of his friends. When his creations come to fruition, what he gets is a woman who is attractive on the outside but who, due to her own pain and insecurities on the inside, constantly diminishes him and cracks him down.  He is getting what he is putting out: ego diminishment.


If, by contrast, the young man decided he wanted to find a partner with whom he could both feel and express the greatest love possible, he would be on a far healthier path. Then he might find the girlfriend of his dreams arriving in his life. She would be ideal for him, in that her strengths and failings would be a good match for his. I am sure you see the difference!


This is why one MUST take the step of intention setting very carefully. As laid out in that step, you MUST very carefully check that your intention is, indeed, in alignment with your heart and with the greater good. Otherwise you reap a reward that is painfully unintended.


The same thing very often happens with those who set the intention to gain advancement or money beyond what others around them have. Such a desire for unearned inequality between yourself and others will yield a painful result. Perhaps you find yourself constantly self-sabotaging and failing to attain the wealth you desire. Or perhaps you attain some measure of wealth, but find that it is empty, meaningless and lonely. Whatever the case, setting an intention to gain anything at the expense and diminishment of others will yield a painful result.


And again, when you get this painful result you are most likely to end up saying, “But I didn’t create THIS!


So, my friends, I invite you now to cease thinking like a victim. Notice your creations. Notice, when things happen in your life, that you brought them to yourself. And, most importantly, be on the lookout for the results of the previous five sacred steps coming to fruition.


A dear friend of Zingdad’s set the intention to get herself debt free. She worked through the six sacred steps. Her Action step was to use every single cent she could to pay towards her debts. And then, for her, the Observation step was to notice the many small miracles that happened as the universe conspired to assist her to get debt free. She noticed, marvelled at and celebrated the magical ways in which her debt shrank to nothing in a miraculously short time. And THAT is how it works! And when she was debt free she could look back and say, “This happened in a third of the time I thought it would have!” That’s when she could affirm that something special and magical had happened for her.  And that’s when she could begin to let go of the idea that she was merely a victim in this world. She could begin to believe in her ability to create. And as she learned to trust that, so she could begin to create more and more powerfully.


Zingdad himself, some time ago, decided it was time to allow abundance to flow into his life. He set the intention, not to “get” abundance”. Not to gain at the expense of others. But to give abundantly. And then to allow life to bless him with abundance in return. And then he observed this happening like a miracle. Like magic life began to bless him with more than he needs.

This is discussed in this blog post:

And that, my friends, brings me to the real point of the Observation step. It is for you to NOTICE that you are able to create your reality. See it happening. Affirm that you DO have this power. Let go of the idea that things just randomly happen to you. Transform yourself from a being of victim-consciousness to a being of creator-consciousness.


Yes, you are creating enjoyable experiences for yourself along the way and that is all very nice. But the real outcome here is that you are changing your beliefs. You are becoming a creator. And that only happens with this final sacred step, Observation.


It is necessary that I bring to your attention a rather major complication that arises with reality creation. The things in your life that you feel are not serving you are not just random accidents. They are there because you created them. And so, now, when you create differently, something needs to happen with your old creations. The way this very often manifests is that, as you begin to consciously create a desired outcome, life begins to present you with all the reasons why you should not have that outcome.


These are your objections. These are the many ancient beliefs that you have been clinging to in your unconscious as to why you could not, or should not, have this desirable outcome.


When the objections arise, sometimes all that is required is that you notice: “Oh, this is an objection to my new creation!” and that you then reaffirm your Intention and continue to create it anyway. Sometimes that’s enough. But sometimes deeper work is necessary. Sometimes you will need to journey into your own psyche to discover what part of you is holding on to  limiting beliefs that will, otherwise, continue to sabotage your new creation.


When Zingdad published his first release, Book 1 of The Ascension Papers, he found that it simply would not gain any traction. Truly only a pitifully small audience was interested in it and no amount of marketing effort would yield any larger an audience. He was faced with two conclusions:

  1. The book was genuinely not good enough to gain the interest of readers.
  2. He was in some other way blocking his creation of his desire to share his work as broadly as possible.

Fortunately he chose to thoroughly explore the second option before giving up on his work by choosing the first!


Zingdad applied his Soul Re-Integration techniques upon himself and discovered a past life in which he had abused power over others. He ended that life with the belief that he is responsible for the impact he has on others’ lives. With such a belief powerfully in place, he unconsciously actually did not want his books to sell! You see, if he believed himself to be 100% responsible for what others do in response to his expressions, then he would believe that he would become responsible for the soul progression of everyone who ever read his book! A frightening prospect indeed! And to compound this, he also carried deep guilt, shame and remorse for that past-life’s events that informed in him a belief that he was unworthy of success.


So he found TWO beliefs that were limiting him. And these were the Objections that continued to block his creation, until he released them.


It is far beyond the ambit of this discussion on Observation to cover every possible Objection scenario and how one might deal with it. But if you find yourself stuck in your creations, if you find yourself unable to get past a self-sabotaging limitation, perhaps it would be beneficial to seek the assistance of someone able to help you to look within your psyche for a part of self that is in need of Re-Integration.

Find out about Zingdad’s Soul Re-Integration offering here:


It bears mentioning that some creations are of vastly greater complexity than others. Some creations require layers of refinement before they can fully come to fruition. And so it might be that you find yourself arriving at the Observation step, noticing that some aspect of your creation has come to pass but not all of it. Or perhaps you notice that your creation is manifesting in some unexpectedly undesirable way. Whatever the case, it is often desirable to simply begin the process from the first step. To go through the cycle again. Perhaps a few times. Perhaps many times. 

If you do decide to repeat the process though, please do ask yourself with every iteration if there is not something that you should be changing or adapting.  Should you not, perhaps, be shifting your intention to something more beneficial, for example.


Do be aware, though, that you very much can overdo this! If you obsessively and anxiously repeat the steps over and over, bringing big changes to each repetition, you will begin to create so diversely and chaotically that your creations will again be limited or blocked.


And so we arrive at the very final part of the final step. We end where we began. With acceptance.


Acceptance is crucial for you to remain in creator-consciousness. Whatever comes from your journey through the Six Sacred Steps, you will need to look at it and to accept it. To affirm: “Yes, I created that”. Crucially, you will need to accept all the outcomes of your creations. To create something and then reject it, is to densify your Shadow. So do make sure that you reside in acceptance for as much of your journey as you can but especially, do not consider the Six Sacred Steps complete until you are back in a state of Acceptance.


When someone offers you a gift, that gift does not become yours until you accept it. And in the same way, you have not taken ownership of your creation until you accept it. And from that position of ownership of your creation you can then ask, “Now that I have this creation, now what do I want to do with it?” And so you might begin to create again at Step 1 – except that there is one final sub-step of Observation:


It’s really quite important that you mark the moment when any of your intentions make it all the way through the six sacred steps and come to full fruition. When it has happened, when it is real, when you are living it, then you really should stop for a moment and celebrate that fact. Throw a little party for just yourself. Or a big one for everyone you know if that feels more appropriate you to. But whatever the case, MARK THE OCCAISION. Remember it. This is a moment when you created your reality. This is a moment when you overcame the victim programming that lowered your consciousness. This is a moment in which you raised your consciousness into creator consciousness. Do this a few times in succession and you will start to really transform your beliefs about yourself and your life entirely. And THIS is why you must celebrate. Yes, you got something that you wanted. That’s nice. But FAR more importantly you shifted your beliefs and your level of consciousness.


And so we come to the end of this part of our journey together. The Six Sacred Steps are your tools to use now. You will gain the benefits of using them responsibly and bear the consequences of using them ill-advisedly. There are more powerful, more direct ways to create. But, as with all tools, the more powerful they are the greater the level of responsibility required to use them.


The Six Sacred Steps are a good beginning point as they can be applied and used even by beings of deep 3rd density consciousness. Even those who do not yet believe that they are able to create their reality at all can begin here, try the steps out and, in so doing, raise their consciousness through the discovery that they can, after all, re-create their reality. And this is the true power of the Six Sacred Steps: beyond the fact of transforming your external circumstances, the Six Sacred Steps will transform YOU! They will awaken you to the fact that you are indeed a creator being. And this will invite you to the journey of awakening to ever greater self-creative power.


Those who are of a higher frequency of consciousness and ready to work far more powerfully and directly with the recreation of their reality, may wish to explore the Tools of Creation that Zingdad will soon be releasing. The Tools of Creation are suitable for those who are already of unity consciousness (6th density consciousness) – and those ready to make that leap to unity consciousness. They will simply not be usable by deep 3rd density beings.

“The Tools of Creation” are a part of the “Dreamer Awake!” series that you can find here:

As you continue to awaken further and further to Oneness, so too you will also discover even more powerful creative abilities than those outlined in the Tools of Creation! Eventually, as a 7th density being, your very thoughts will magically bring experiences to you. But that is all for much later upon your journey through awakening. For now… enjoy the Six Sacred Steps and apply them mindfully, respectfully and lovingly and reap the rewards of beautiful, joyful creations.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, and I have been brought to you, once again, though Zingdad.