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Soul Re-Integration Healing


 Book your Soul Re-Integration (SRI) sessions here - or if you are a new client, read on to find out exactly what SRI is and what it can do for you.





On this page:

1. Why We Need Spiritual Healing

2. How Spiritual Blockage Occurs

3. How I Can Help You

4. Read the Book!

5. How to Book a Healing Session




The first three questions are dealt with in the video below. Or, if you prefer you may read a text-based description following the video.




Click here to book your Soul Re-Integration session now!


Why We Need Spiritual Healing

All pain, discomfort and disease that you experience in your body is a physical representation of a blockage in your emotional body.


All relationship problems (with loved ones, friends, colleagues, the world at large) are a physical representation of a blockage in the emotional body.


Blockages in your emotional body arise from spiritual blockages: deep-seated beliefs, decisions and vows that no longer serve you.


And moreover - all life-path difficulties (such as problems with finding our true purpose, finding our right relationship with money and other energy forms etc) are all direct manifestations, again, of a spiritual blockage.


It all begins with a spiritual blockage and it only truly ends with spiritual healing. Addressing the problem at the level of the symptoms in the body or the emotions will at best yield temporary relief before the problem will recur or resurface elsewhere. 


How Spiritual Blockage Occurs


As we travel, lifetime-after-lifetime through this reality of separation and duality it is sadly absolutely inevitable that we will cause ourselves a great deal of spiritual pain. In one lifetime we find ourselves cruelly victimised by others and come to believe we cannot trust others, in another lifetime we lash-out with our pent-up anger and cause great harm to others and decide we ourselves are not trustworthy. in yet another lifetime we discover our Great Gift but we give it while still lost and confused about who we really are and it all goes horribly wrong. We then decide our Great Gift is troublesome and hide it far away from ourselves swearing never to use it again. These and many similar scripts of fear, pain, anger, hatred, loss and frustration are the back-stories of all that are here on planet Earth at this time. All are wounded. All feel separation, loss and aloneness. All yearn for wholeness, oneness, reconnection and the re-discovery of their Great Gift.


Help is at hand!


I have walked this path and discovered that, indeed, it is MY Great Gift to assist others with their healing. I can help you to heal your soul with Soul Re-Integration.

How I Can Help You


I am the physicalised, local representation of a spirit being whose purpose and privilege it is to travel from reality to reality assisting other beings who have become stuck or hurt in their creations. This is my soul-purpose. In order to give this gift I have had express myself into this reality to feel some of the same hurts that you have felt. And I have been assisted and guided to heal these hurts in my soul. Along the way I have discovered and developed many tools and techniques that can be employed to do great healing on the soul.

Essentially, during a Soul Re-Integration session I will use a powerful combination of hypnosis and deep guided meditation techniques to allow your ego-mind and physical body to rest. Then you and I can begin to work directly with your spirit-self. Your Higher-Self and mine work together. I am guided to take you to where each of your blockages are. As each blockage is released so you return a lost fragment of your soul to yourself. You gain wisdom and insight. You come to new more liberating and helpful decisions about yourself. Along the way you might find yourself meeting and discuss matters with your Spirit Guides and other beings of high consciousness and seeing the events of past lives and alternate life-streams played out. And while all of this is often an amazingly powerful, emotionally liberating experience, it is after returning to normal consciousness that many of the best effects of Soul Re-Integration begin to become obvious. Such a process is usually the catalyst for profound changes in your life. Inner-well-being and inner-balance are reflected in your outer-world. In ways that often seem 'magical', life begins to re-order itself around your new healthier inner-landscape.


Read the Book!

I am currently writing a book called Adventures in Soul Re-Integration. This is primarily about the learnings and discoveries that I have gained as the facilitator of many hundreds of Soul Re-Integration sessions. As I complete each chapter I am making it available to read-as-I-write here on my website. You are invited to read the parts of the book that are available and/ or to read the information below if you would like to know more about Soul Re-Integration and how it might be of use to you.


How to Book a Session

First-time clients: Please book a 30-minute Consultation before your first Soul Re-Integration. It is essential that I first obtain an understanding of your unique situation and that we discuss the Soul Re-Integration process with you so that you will be prepared and know what to expect. Returning clients can go ahead and book SRI sessions without booking a consultation first.


To book a session: Select the required offer below and complete the PayPal transaction. I will then be in contact with you to schedule your appointment at a mutually convenient time.


Skype Call

The easiest and most cost-effective mechanism for this interaction is a skype audio call. If you do not have skype installed on your computer please download it for free from their website.


A Special Healing Offer

Until the end of the month of March, I am offering two healing packages at the "old" 2018 rate. Read about this Special Healing Offer and select and purchase your package here











30-minutes consultation prior to first re-integration session or any time you feel you need a discussion and a new perspective.

Cost: $50.00

NOTE: I will be automatically notified once you have concluded the PayPal transaction and will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your session.






Soul Re-Integration Session

60-minutes deep guided-meditation session in which I assist you with your spiritual healing

Cost: $150

NOTE: I will be automatically notified once you have concluded the PayPal transaction and will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your session.






Consultation + 3 Soul Re-Integration Sessions Package

Perfect for first-timers to get over the "newness" of it and really get to the deep issues over 4 session - first a consultation of 30 minutes to be followed by three Soul Re-Integration Sessions of 1 hour each. Purchasing this package also gives you a discount of $50.00!

Cost: $450.00

NOTE: I will be automatically notified once you have concluded the PayPal transaction and will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your first session.








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# Indira 2017-01-20 18:44
I have had the pleasure of series of soul reintegrations with Zingdad (Arn) and I thought it was time to come back and leave a comment.
What I wish to say is that this was a far greater experience that I could have imagined when I first signed up for it! I hoped to get some understanding of my past lives and maybe understand a little more about my present incarnations challenges. Well... I certainly got that and so very much more! Beyond the comprehension I sought, I also found some real soul-deep healing. I came to meet and know my own inner divine. I came to meet my own spirit guides. And most importantly I found love and acceptance and forgiveness for all that I am and for those that I had held in the wrong for a very, very long time. What a journey it has been. What a gift I have received! I am eternally grateful to Arn for the patient, loving, wise and gentle way in which he facilitated all of this for me.
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# Khalid magd 2016-08-31 00:09
I loved zingdad book , the ascension papers but the only thing I hate , especially when it comes to spirituality there should be no money involved , I mean we are seeking truth here thats what got us to get accross this kind of book and suddenly you find yourself under a type of ad on the thinking and serious process of your seeking and thinking , its very annoying and makes me feel less serious about what I am even doing, it really makes whatever I am reading leas serious and a lot of value lost , especially if its a topic about spirituality.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-08-31 19:08
Hi Khalid. Let me see if I understand: You enjoyed the book that I published for free but hate that I charge money for the work that I do? Khalid? Did you think about this before you commented? You do realize I am a human being that lives on the same Earth you do? That I need to earn money in some way to live? What that means is that I could not offer the MANY things that I do offer for free if I didn't also charge for the work that I do!
And Khalid... when you go to a doctor or an architect or any other kind of professional do you get annoyed and feel they are less serious because they charge a fee for their professional service?
I am sure you are a reasonable man and you just didn't think this one through before you commented...
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# Ashira Y 2016-11-13 14:46
I find your arguments about money ridiculous. If you work, don't you expect to get paid in order to create reciprocity? If you buy food, do you not expect to pay? Why should spirituality be any different? If it were free, people would discard the information because they have no real "investment" in it. Until we live in a world where "money" is not the platform, then buck up and pay your fair share.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Khalid 2016-11-13 21:16
Quoting Ashira Y:
I find your arguments about money ridiculous. If you work, don't you expect to get paid in order to create reciprocity? If you buy food, do you not expect to pay? Why should spirituality be any different? If it were free, people would discard the information because they have no real "investment" in it. Until we live in a world where "money" is not the platform, then buck up and pay your fair share.

Aisha I'm only saying that topics like these that impacts people's believe system should be quite pure , like religions for example you don't see Quran or the bible for sale ,its for free, I'm not saying that zingdad is making a religion but he certainly impacts people's believe system just like religions, because we are talking about spirituality and the truth of life ,I don't think at all that anything related to them should be at any cost.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Ashira Y 2016-11-14 21:20

When you speak about religions being pure and free, neither statement is true. But since we are talking about money exchange, every church I have ever been to asks for "donations." Don't you think this is money exchange? Who pays for all the magnificent buildings? Those who worship. So, to think that religions don't ask for monetary exchange is also absurd.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Khalid 2016-11-18 12:49
Believe me I dont mind paying for a session maybe I would in the near future , all I am saying is if such things are helpful and actually work then it should start being something of people's culture so people can heal and maybe a lot of the world may change and that will be difficult to happen if they are presented as a product or sort of business.
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# Lynn 2016-11-14 21:29
I can't believe what I am reading on here.
I recently had a series of 3 Soul Reintegration session with Arn and I can tell you this has changed my life in all kinds of good ways. It's an amazing, incredible service he offers. I came on here to say "thank you" to him and recommend this to others. And here is Khalid saying he must offer it for free? Because it's spiritual? I am just blown away. Why on earth must Arn work to help you and you give nothing back? Khalid, I think you are just ungrateful.I mean what did you do to say thank you to Arn for the free gift of the book you loved so much? You came on here to say he should not earn a living from his talents, that's what. Wow. Just wow.
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# Megan, Ma kohsi Rodd 2016-02-23 13:56
Holy shit Arn!
My anxiety is GONE.

We have had many powerful sessions... you have facilitated the dissolution of my marriage and return of my divine feminine. But today you facilitated my entering my own freedom, to be without restriction. I am on fire... with the kids at mcdonalds wearing a fuschia satin pinup dress and three inch heels lol. Arn, your work is powerful, and is why we all serve this light within ourselves. We freed that dear old woman and her healing is a part of me now; and i am finally free to be the fullest expression of my power and womanhood I can be.

The goddess in me greets the master in you. Thokoza amakohsi. Thank you for this freedom we found today.

Love megan.
(we freed a witch from her death by stoning in the Inquisition, my parallel incarnation, from her shame over my gift. she is now free within my field and cellular memory, freed of her pain and released to me even greater aspects of our magic)
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# swells 2016-02-22 13:20
I just got through with four more Soul Integration sessions with Arn, and they were just as transformative, if not more, than the previous ones. I re-integrated three lost aspects of myself: An 8-year old boy strangled to death by a man he thought he could trust, the boy's older brother who found his body, and the man who committed the murder. I experienced the pain and suffering of each of these three beings, and with Arn's guidance, I was able to bring each of them back into my heart and lift their burdens. With these blockages removed and healed, I have felt my own power coming back, and I know the next step I need to take.
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# Tracy T 2016-02-22 13:12
Zingdad is a miracle worker. Simple as that.

Working with him in Soul Re-Integration has been the most transformatory thing in my whole life. I think I've have nine sessions with him now. And in those nine short hours we have found our way to the very deepest cause of all of the hurts in my soul. And those spiritual hurts were manifesting themselves as marital problems, health problems, body-relationship problems... and more and more.

I have seen, first hand in a way that I can simply not deny or disbelieve, that the healing of those spiritual issues IS the healing of the "real world" physical issues I have suffered.

My life is utterly turned around!

That's why I say, Zingdad is a miracle worker.

Though I know he'd say "we" worked the miracles. And on some level I get that that is true.Because every step of the way he showed me to connect with my own deepest truth and wisdom. Instead of telling me what to do, he took me to see what the issues were deep inside my soul. So I saw them myself. And then he showed me HOW to connect with my truth on what my Highest Good decision for myself might be. And helped me, with careful loving guidance... and the MOST gentle wisdom, to know HOW to live my new decisions.

I am more whole, peaceful, joyful and centered than I ever thought it would be possible to be.

So I am here to say: if you are really at that point of your soul journey where you are ready to heal from the very core of your being outwards and you are looking for someone to show you how. Don't even think twice. Zingdad is the person for the job!
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# Zingdad 2016-02-22 13:19
Oh my goodness! Such beautiful and kind words, Tracy. Thank you!

It has been my absolute privilege to work with you. As you will recall me saying, when I work with a client the client and I are the human interface. What is actually happening is my Inner-Self and yours engage in a dance together. So it's no wonder miracles happen, then, isn't it. I am as delighted at the outcome as you are. And indeed WE are the miracle workers. That is my experience and my truth.
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# Shao Lung 2016-02-22 13:01
Zingdad, thank you for Soul Integration session. You really help me integrate all my energies into one moment, so that the self, in a Unity mind set, can easily deal with, and over come fears. Your session had help me see another tool, and perhaps the most important one for me, to keep on keeping on. It was, as any other guided meditations, truely expansive and enlightening.
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# swells 2016-02-22 13:00
My second soul integration session was nothing less than transformative. I experienced and came to know that I had been trying to get the love for myself from outside of myself. I realized that doing this, no matter how hard I try, no matter how many different ways I approach it, will NEVER yield me the fulfilling Love that I desire.

Arn helped me start on the path of true unconditional Self-Love and acceptance.

Thank you, Arn.

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# swells 2016-02-22 12:56
My soul integration session with Zingdad/Arn was an amazing experience. With his guidance, I was able to identify a major block and heal it.

I had gone my entire life feeling abandoned, and during the session, I realized that I had made a conscious choice, before coming into this life, to abandon my 'knowing' and my conscious connection with Source so that I could have true compassion and help other people during this time.

This knowledge of this choice has sped me along the path of learning to trust Myself. To trust my Heart.

I would concur with ocean50's statement that having no expectations and wearing headphones helped tremendously. I would also recommend to be honest with Zingdad in whatever you are experiencing, no matter what. For me, I couldn't do the visualizations. I felt blocked, and admitting that to him ended up revealing the (first) major block to my heart: The anguish of abandonment. As I said previously, unblocking that overcame a major hurdle for me.

Thank you so much, Arn!

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# ocean50 2016-02-22 12:55
The soul re-integration session with Zingdad was great! For me, the session helped to confirm and truly feel the oneness of all. I'm the creator of my experiences and interactions. Bringing aspects that I've pushed away from myself, back to myself, is a powerful thing. Unity indeed! To feel the connection to my creation and the interconnectedn ess is amazing.

Just a FYI, two things really helped me during the session:

No expectations, totally trusting the process and allowing myself to be open to any experience that arises.

Wearing headphones, I really got into a deep meditation and was not bothered by any outside sounds.
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# jldy 2016-02-22 12:55
I recently had a soul reintegration with Zingdad and I can say, as others have, that my experience was of complete understanding of where I've been, and what is happening now is for a reason, and I dont have far to go! The experience was nothing short of amazing and soul awakening!
I was bathed in a cool mist from a foutain with my spirit-guide (a very large man) to help me! We never spoke but I could feel him and when Zingdad told me of my life-plan map this man produced it and everything was there! This big man was my friend and I beleive guide and he smiled so much and sometimes laughed at my naivety but was nothing but love and compassion! When he was present everything else went into the back ground. A trip I will never forget!

I suffer constant pain that fluctuates but, while I was aware of my body thru this session, there was no pain! The very thing that made meditation impossible for me was not there. Wonderful is all I can say!

I hope I have now opened a door to meditation thru this experience. I can hardly wait!!!
Words cannot describe my appreciation!
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# Scarlett 2016-02-22 12:54
What this recent experience has brought to me is difficult to translate into words, but I feel drawn to do so.
I re-connected with one particular fragment of myself that I had not previously been consciously aware of, but I instantly recognised it as a part of my Truth. The emotional release I experienced when I accessed this long forgotten memory has brought much understanding to many of the challenges I have presented myself with during this life-time. Understanding brings healing, and the ability to move forward again. I know that there are other "forgotten" aspects of "me" that I have yet to find and welcome home, and it is my intention to follow that path when I feel guided to do so. For the moment though, I need to fully absorb the many pearls of wisdom and understanding that I continue to be presented with from my Guide, or Higher Self, who I was re-introduced to during this Soul Re-integration Session. This incredibly wise and beautiful Being, who I now understand I am an incarnated aspect of, now remains in my consciousness. The communication channel between us has been opened. With Zingdad`s help, I opened it myself - how magical is that!
I have such a strong mind that I was not even confident that this profound experience could even take place for me, but I believe that there are no coincidences and there are certainly
no mistakes - I was led here for a reason.
Zingdad - you are an incredibly bright Light, shining into this world and into my reality,and I thank you for your open-hearted assistance - from my Heart. I am indeed humbled and honoured to be sharing this journey with you.

Much Love.
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# Lobilo 2016-02-22 12:53
I have been for three Soul integration sessions with Zingdad and I can only say that doing this is one of the most unexpectedly powefully healing things I have ever done. Unexpected because I thought I knew more-or-less what I would find in my own past-lives and how they related to my current life situation and issues. What I did not at all expect to find was how very perfectly everything hangs together. How amazingly true it is that I am creating all of this. With Zingdad's careful guidance I was able to discover how I litterally had stood before a life map and planned the very things that I am struggling with. And not only that... I now understand exactly why I did that. This all makes sense to me now in such a wonderful way! And not only that, but hidden in that experience were the keys to my difficultly. I now know how to cope where before I did not. Zingdad you have shown me right here in my own experince that I am creating my life - and that I can create it differently if I want to. This is one of the greatest gifts I have ever recieved. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I will be back for more!
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# Hope2012 2016-02-22 12:53
This hour of Guided Meditation was a life-changer, to say the least. After gobbling up The Ascension Papers, I wanted to see if I could discover my own guides to show me the next glorious step, and Zingdad, you magnificently lead me there in a comfortable, trusting way. I felt electrified for hours, and as if that weren't enough, you thoughtfully followed up with suggestions of how my gained visions could become reality. I am so grateful that I discovered your powerful gift and look forward to more. Where i live, the youth describe someone who has earned the deep respect of his peers as "legit. " (short for "legitimate") You are legit, Arn! Love, Kaye
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# Tee Mac Gee 2016-02-22 12:52
Wowzer! What an experience! Zingy... thank you so so much for what you are doing. I have just "come down to land" from my first session and I can hardly believe what an unbelievable life-changing thing this was. So much more than I hoped for.
I still have tears running down my face. I can't believe how much I really felt the emotions of those past incarnations. It was really real for me. I can't doubt that anymore. And the way you lead me patiently to see where the pain was withiin me and then helped me to make a new decison about it... all so amazing. Thank you. I can't wait to see how this impacts my life going forward. And I will certainly be back for more sessions when I am ready for more. Thank you, Zingy!
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# ForestEdge 2016-02-22 12:52
Zingdad, the Soul Integration therapy session with you was incredible & made such an impact on me; I feel equipped to Connect & filled with a deep empowered joy. It was very important for me to be able to trust you fully in this process - that was your real gift to me. THANK YOU. You do stunning, important and far-reaching work. I really wish for so many more people to benefit from what you offer!
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