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Adamu on The Fallacy of Being "Special"


It is so that there is a kind of a spiritual trap that many fall into as they begin to ascend. They discover a glimpse of the divine light within, they see something of their own inherent magnificence and BANG the ego leaps into the trap. “I am more special than you,” it declares to the world. And suddenly they are all full of their own ego and they hold themselves above the rest of us.


So I took this issue to Adamu and set it before him. “What," I asked him, "are we to do with the issue of 'specialness'?" I found his response to be quite beautiful and decided to share it with you.


Adamu: My dear young friend. This is not nearly as thorny a problem as you seem to find it to be. The solution lies in simply clarifying what you think the word “special” might mean.


Here are some possible suggestions:

You are special in that you are unique. Yes. This is true. Do you know that there are no two beings in all the universe that are the same? Of course there are not! And given that you change moment by moment the you that you are right now is even uniquely different from the you that you will be in an hour’s time. You, right now, are an absolutely singularly unique expression of Life in All That Is. One of a kind and never to be repeated. You don’t get anything more rare in All That Is, than you are.

Does that mean you are precious? Oh yes it does! It means that, without you, Life would be incomplete. It matters not an iota whether you do mighty things in this life or whether you spend this life being a simple observer of what goes before you. Kings and beggars both are absolutely precious and absolutely essential to the completeness of Life.


So, then, are some “more special” than others? No. This is where misunderstanding creeps in. Just as there is no such thing as “more unique” there is also no such thing as “more special”. “More special” is meaningless. It is only the ego seeking some kind of extra validation for what it is doing. The ego wants a pat on the head and to be told “how clever you are!” And the ego’s endeavours to prove “more special” are precisely that which creates separation and duality.


But let us look at why “more special” is a futile pursuit. If you wish to discover yourself as “better than” others, all you do is push yourself away into separation. You set others below you. You make co-creation impossible and competition inevitable.


But co-creation is the means by which the whole Universe operates. Co-creators get all of Life on their side working with them to the greater success of the All. Competitors set themselves against all of the rest of Life in the vain quest to prove the impossible: “better than”. Competitors exert themselves mightily and eventually, given enough time, it is a certainty that they will wear themselves out and fail. If it takes a thousand lifetimes, all competitors will, with perfect inevitability, come to see the futility of this path. And more than that.


The loneliness and disconnection they will feel on this path will come to wear at them greatly. Eventually they will realise the only way forward is co-creation. Love. Connection. Unity. Belonging. All of this. Then they will see that their uniqueness is not lost in the great unified panoply of Life. It is treasured and needed. But as a co-creator they will be swimming with the stream, not against. They will be fed, nurtured and assisted. They will not be alone any more. “More special” will indeed lose its significance to them then too.


A final thought about “more special”. If it were possible (and it is not) to destroy utterly the soul of even the lowliest and simplest of beings walking the streets of your planet… the whole of reality too would immediately cease to exist! Does that seem strange? Think for a moment: All is One. This is the ultimate truth.


But if All is One then no part of the One can be separated from it. Otherwise all would be two. And if you cannot separate a part of the Oneness, then you cannot destroy it either (for that would be a kind of permanent separation). Never, in All That Is, has a fragment of Soul been destroyed. It has never happened and it can never happen. Change? Yes, that happens constantly.


But true destruction of a particle of consciousness cannot and will not happen. Because every single particle is needed for the whole to exist. And all parts also contain the whole. No part is any more or less valid than any other… no matter what your ego might tell you.


And so, my friend, this is the resolution: Every single being is unique. Every single one is therefore precious and valuable and special. But no one is more special than another or more needed than another. No one is dispensable. The consciousness expressed as an ant is no less valuable to life than the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation. And I should know!


Love brings you together. Love sees the light of the Source everywhere and in everything. Look with the eyes of Love and you shall not go astray.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation