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A while ago I asked my spirit guide, 8, about co-creation. He told me that this is all we have ever done! Our every action, thought and experience of life is a co-creation. So this is not something hard for us to do. BUT, he pointed out to me, the issue is that we have managed to lose ourselves in unconscious ego-lead co-creation. This has resulted in the all the crazy, sad, destructive and lonely experiences we have had. The point, he told me, is for us to move into conscious heart-lead co-creation.


I asked him about this. How would it be to engage in this conscious heart-lead co-creation? He used words like "connected, integral... wonderful". He also said that at first, until I got used to it, it would often feel quite overwhelming. Souls like us, way down in the depths of duality, are only used to "doing it on our own". Even when we have co-operated and worked together with others still there has been a certain separation between us which is implicit in the duality experience. True co-creation, he said, will be something quite radically and energetically different. It is not trade. Trade is the result of a negotiation rooted in duality thinking. Each party to a trade primarily seeks their own benefit and some kind of profit. 8 suggested an example of how conscious co-creation would feel different to this:


Imagine there is something your soul calls you to do. From the core of your being you feel the urgent drive to do this thing. And so you begin to do it. But no sooner have you begun (or maybe even before you can begin) you perceive a difficulty. There is an obstacle to you accomplishing this task. It is, for you, unresolvable as there is no way for you to do what you know you NEED to do! And you also do not have the wherewithal to persuade someone else to do it for you. It is beyond you. Until you open to co-creation. For when you do you will find, magically, miraculously, that there is someone there either willing to do that task or maybe even already doing it without you needing to even ask. You will feel surprised. Maybe a little shocked. Quite likely overwhelmed. Certainly delighted. For HOW indeed is it possible that this other being is willing to do this for you, you might ask. And the miracle of all of this? From their perspective it will be their greatest joy to do it. They too will be answering the yearnings from their soul. And the wonder of it all is that the gratitude and the delight you feel will be echoed by them to you. For indeed you are doing exactly the thing that they needed to have done in order for them to answer their soul's calling. You are lifting the obstacle in their path with what you are doing. Both of you are beings who are "in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing". This happens more and more as you begin to discover your own True Self within. For when you do so, you find your will aligned with Universal Will. And when that happens then the whole universe begins to conspire with you! You enter into a direct partnership with all of Life. And then you may expect the miraculous!