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Some Thoughts about The One


For clarity: The ideas that follow are an amalgam of understandings I have received from Adamu, J-D and 8. When we talk about The One, we refer to the eternal prime creator of all. The Source. God. 


The One is truly infinite. This is not the same thing as “mathematically infinite”. Maths is a kind of a language and as such has its own limitations. The One is not in any way limited. All thoughts about The One are limited and therefore point to something less than The One. Including these thoughts you are now reading.


The One is not the sum of Its parts. It is infinite. That means It is always infinitely more than the sum of any parts. Nothing you can ever point to or comprehend or even imagine is ever the whole of The One. It is at best only ever a part of The One. There is always more. And when you find the “more” and add it what you have previously found you have at best only found two parts of The One. The One is more than that and is infinite. Conversely, there is nothing that you can point to, comprehend or even imagine that is NOT part of The One. Everything is part of The One. Nothing is separate. If it appears to be separate then the perspective of the viewer is very, very limited. This is especially so when it is the viewer ITSELF that thinks it is separate from The One.


The One is infinite and cannot be divided. The very notion of “parts of The One" is itself a very changeable, temporary illusion that temporary, illusory parts of The One use to entertain themselves. It seems The One does like a little entertainment.


Everything you can point to, comprehend or even imagine is an illusion. “Things” have limitations and boundaries and as such are just a "trick of the mind" The One plays with itself. All things are thoughts or dreams of The One. This includes the universe, your planet, the chair you are sitting on and you, yourself.


Everything you can point to, comprehend or even imagine is alive, has a consciousness and is actually MADE OF pure consciousness. This includes small things like sub-atomic particles, rocks, plants, you, planets, galaxies, your universe, all the universes beyond that you have not yet even guessed at… and also all of the larger things too that you have not yet imagined. In short EVERYTHING is life and everything is consciousness. And yes, we meant it when we said your imagination itself is alive and is made of consciousness. How else?


The One does not end and does not begin but always changes. All parts of The One have exactly these attributes. NOTHING ends or begins but everything always changes. There is therefore nothing you can say or believe that will remain true always. Everything changes. All of your perspectives will change. ALL of them.


We reiterate: nothing begins and nothing ends but everything always changes. Sometimes we like to call one change a beginning and another change an ending. We can call it this if it makes us happy but calling it so does not make it so. There are no beginnings and there are no ends. No matter how entertaining we might find it.


The greatest paradox of all is this: every single part of The One contains The One. This is seldom understood and yet it is true. At the very center of everything… is everything.


Nowhere is there nothing. The very idea of a void is void. In the deepest of space where you might think there is vacuum there is infinite energy and potentiality EVERYWHERE. The fact that it is at present unmanifest from your limited perspective makes no difference. All the “things” that you can point to, comprehend or even imagine are a reduction, a diminishment of the infinite energy field. They exist because they are LESS THAN infinite energy. There is not “more” in the heart of the densest white dwarf star than there is in the deepest vacuum of space. There is “the same”. The only difference is that which you are currently able to perceive. But do not concern yourself. This too will change and then you will see.


When two or more parts of The One draw sufficiently close to each other they might release their temporary illusion of separation and show and discover their essential Oneness. They collapse into each other. When this happens it is called a “singularity”, which is just another word for oneness. Sometimes it happens that a great number of parts of The One have a singularity experience. Every galaxy has a singularity point at its center from which the matter in the galaxy comes… and to which the matter in the galaxy returns. Your universe is just the same: it begins in a singularity and it ends in a singularity. What is not yet apparent to you is that the singularity is not “before” and “after”. It is all the time.


When two or more parts of The One experience singularity, they do not merely experience oneness with each other… they experience oneness with The One. That is to say they discover the truth… that they were an inseparable part of The One all along. Singularity is another way of saying “the illusion slipped”.


To put this all another way, a more personal way: YOU are a part of The One. You are indivisible from The One. But the notion of “you” and the identity you currently have, is temporary and illusory. This is precisely because you have no end and no beginning but you always change. All the ideas you have about yourself and about life will change. In the very center of your being is The One. Seek within yourself for all that you ever want or need. It lies within you. All That Is and infinitely more than that lies within the center of you. In the center of you is the center of me. In that place, I love you with all that I am.