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The video of the fifth of the six sacred steps,



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Adamu: Why is The Next Release Taking SO LONG?



Living in Abundance


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writing 1. Living in Abundance

 2. An offer from my Abundant Life Triangle

 3. Finding True Abundance... from Within




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# John 2016-02-19 23:29
I used to think abundance was how much material stuff I could collect in my life? Now I understand why we must get old for how else would I get to understand that true abundance comes from within. It takes time and experience to get to the truth of life and then to learn it! As much as I dislike getting old I think it has taught me alot as I take time to absorb All that has happened and hope I take something positive from all those years of life here! Yet I see some young people way beyond their years with wisdom? I suppose this is where reincarnation comes in and tapping into that great unknown.
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