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An Offer From My Abundant Life Triangle


arnsmugIn my previous blog post I shared with you how you might come to live in abundance.


In this blog post I wish to share with you a way in which I am going to move more deeply towards the centre of my own Abundant Life Triangle. I offer this to you, both as an example of how I do this and also as an actual offer that you can take up. As you shall soon see...


But first some background:


The goal of moving more deeply into the Abundant Life Triangle is a life which is more joyful and fulfilling. A life in which you give more of that which you really love to give and receive more of what you really want to receive in return.


The means by which we move more deeply into the Abundant Life Triangle are specified in detail in that previous blog post, but in a nut-shell:


Give more joyfully

Receive more gratefully

Live more peacefully


So, I was thinking about this; thinking about direct, tangible ways in which I might right now move more deeply into this triangle and I developed a plan...


One of the things I am most joyful about giving to the world is The Ascension Papers. Now, I am already giving the e-book away for free. I can't right now think of a way to give more joyfully than to give it for free. But the paperback version is another story, since I currently charge a retail-related price for each copy. So, if I ask myself how I can give more abundantly, a plan leaps to mind: If I ship two books for each one purchased, then that will increase the joy of giving many fold. Firstly, I love the idea that you get the copy you have paid for. Then I love the idea that you get a second one to give away to a friend! You can share the joy of The Ascension Papers with a friend without having to part with your own copy!


So, I am going to try this for the next month. From 12 August to 12 September 2015, I will be shipping an additional copy of The Ascension Papers for every one purchased! If you buy one, you will receive two. If you buy ten, you will receive twenty. Whatever number you buy, you will receive double as many.


And so, by this one choice, I increase the joy of giving by multiples!


And then I need to see how I can also receive more gratefully. How can I open myself up to receive more of what I want?


I'd like to let you in on a little secret. When I re-wrote The Ascension Papers for its 3rd edition, I was told to offer the information for free. And that is why the e-book is now free of charge. What surprised me is how, after that, things really picked up for me. In every way my life became more abundant. Including financially. Now this should be totally counter-intuitive. If you take a product that you sell and earn a living from, and then give it away for free, you should have less money coming in, not more! But that was my experience. And that very experience is what has allowed me to see and understand the Abundant Life Triangle.


So, in direct terms, my 2-for-1 offer means that I will now receive far lower profits from the sale of books. My business mind, a tool of my ego, tells me that this is a terrible idea. My soul, on the other hand, says that this is a fantastic idea. My souls says that It wants to gift this book far and wide and that this is a good way to accomplish this. And furthermore, my soul says that I have more than enough other avenues available for Life to gift back to me. And it will! So I trust that and let go and do as my soul bids...


The third leg of the triangle is to seek to live peacefully. Well, here's the thing. How much more peaceful can you be than to know that you are connected, via your heart, to a beautiful, powerful being. And that this Inner-Self leads you and guides you, every step of the way, to ever greater abundance. That all you have to do is, in each moment, to do what is right for you, to act congruent with your own highest truth. To know that, if you do that, all will be well. What can be more peace-inducing than that?


And since that knowledge is my source of peace, that is how I live. I do what is right for me to do. I do as my soul bids me do. And for the rest I both accept and surrender. And then I discover my mind to be at peace.


So, all three legs of the triangle are well served as I make this offer. I make it with such joy in my heart and I hope that you will find yourself joyfully taking advantage of it!


Click here to go to the page where you can buy as many copies of The Ascension Papers as you want and receive double as many shipped to you at no extra cost and with shipping (world wide) already paid!