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standingSometimes I am asked why life is as it is. Of course the querant actually wants to know why human life upon planet earth is as it is. All the strife, hatred and violence that seems to be so a part of our species confuses those who find love blossoming in their hearts as they awaken to their own spiritual truths.


The answer that I have found that satisfies my query in this regard is this:


Human society is perhaps the most diverse conglomerate of spiritual types in All That Is. And all that diversity breeds a lot of friction. And friction, as they say, causes heat. And if you’ll accept the extension of the metaphor, turning up the heat in a closed container increases the pressure. And this is exactly what human society in this world is. It is a pressure cooker. And you know what pressure cookers do? They cook FAST.


And that’s the answer.


This life is about offering unparalleled opportunity for really fast growth, learning and expansion of the soul. It’s not for everyone. Most souls would find this reality utterly unpalatable. It’s hard going here! Even an “ordinary” life with minimal stresses is, in this place, a very challenging thing. But the rewards outstrip the difficulties. One can, in this earth-human society conclude lifetimes worth of growth in a year or three. Sometimes in just months! You have, I am sure, experienced this. You have doubtlessly experienced profound revolutions in your self-conception, in your beliefs about yourself, in your understandings about how life works, in your beliefs about your place and purpose in life… have you not?


So, yes, let us agree this kind of life is cruel, confusing, painful and harsh. It is all of that. And engaging with others who are of a diametrically opposed position and, especially, of a vastly different level of consciousness can be a shocking experience. And sometimes those people are your colleagues or neighbours. Or family! In which instance you cannot simply shy away. You are FORCED to look at, see, even accept that which you otherwise would simply have moved away from.


This world forces you into close contact with such a range and diversity of other selves that you are forced to expand. Literally forced. Because you do not leave here until you do. You can die without this expansion. But that is not the same thing as leaving. You come back and pick it up where you left off in a next life. Over and over again until expansion occurs.

And the expansion I am talking about here is the opening of the heart that permits you to see all others as another self. The requisite compassion and wisdom that allows you to move to true, utter forgiveness. Perfect acceptance. Universal love. Transcendence.


When you get to that point, you are no longer trapped here. Then you are free to go. And then you are like a diamond. You are one that has been down to the very highest pressure reality. And you have found your truth and your purity. You have refined your own soul enough to leave this impossible place. And your value and worth is then beyond all question. You are then found to be a desirable co-creator in any and all other sub-systems of this greater reality. And indeed in all other realities beyond.


And you don’t get THAT kind of diamond soul from one of those easy-peasy friendly little realities out there. If you want that… you come here. To this part of Separation. You make your way down to duality. And you find yourself incarnated on Earth. As you have done.


Now… we just have to complete that transcendence thing, huh?


Which of course is what we are already working towards.



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# Tien-I 2018-11-15 22:55
"And you don’t get THAT kind of diamond soul from one of those easy-peasy friendly little realities out there."

With all due respect, I have to admit, you, J-D, 8 and Adamu sometimes crack me up with your humor. As serious and life changing as the information is, I sometimes bust out laughing when you and your friends break out some sarcastic humor. It gives me joy and delight during those occasions.

That being said, are you telling me, incarnated down here in the deepest and darkest of density duality sub-reality that I had a choice of an easy-peasy friendly little reality somewhere out there and I picked this cruel, confusing, painful and harsh reality instead? Seriously Love and Gratitude!
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# Wende Wylie 2016-02-19 16:29
I'm finding that the challenges I face are very short-lived and the outcomes are delightful - mostly because I now (after our time with you in South Africa) am able to stay in an observer position throughout the situation and simultaneously find the learning opportunity. Once that occurs, the situation transforms - almost immediately! Thanks Sweetie. You Rock.
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# Zingdad 2016-02-19 23:35
It seems that's the trick right there: lift yourself out of the story long enough to remember you are it's author. When you see the story from that perspective you certainly can't pretend to be its victim any more! But, as you find you can still obtain ALL kinds of value from it. Enjoyment, fun, pleasure and, of course, growth and learning.
Love you Wende!
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