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When Religion Masquerades as Science


writingThis blog post follows on from my previous discussion on the truth filters of science, religion and spirituality.


Since deciding for myself that I do not find any part of my own truth in religion, I have decided to cease giving religion my energy and attention. What surprised me was how much religion masquerades as other things. Which means that I have to be a little observant of that with which I engage. I'd like to offer you an example so that you can see what I mean.


Perhaps the most powerful example I have is in the area of human genetics. There are a lot of people out there who are proposing that they can, via spiritual means, cause your genetics to “upgrade”. They suggest that a super-accelerated mutation of your genetics is possible. They suggest that humanity is busy transforming right now on a genetic level. That we are becoming something genetically distinct from our parents. I hear that there are extra strands being added to our genome; that the double helix is becoming a 12-stand helix. I hear about different codons being added. And so on and so on.


Right off the bat, I have a problem with all of this. The problem is that none of this is remotely based upon any actual science. Lisa has a masters degree in genetics. I have a VERY inquiring mind. And NOTHING in all of this "DNA upgrade and activation stuff" bears any resemblance to anything that geneticists know to be true. There is NO evidence in any of the massive body of genetic science to support an iota of all of this noise. And if you don't believe me, contact your nearest university. Speak to a geneticist. Ask them. Ask them if you can come to their lab. Ask them if they can show you how they know what is going on with us genetically. Ask them all the tough questions. The bottom line is that you will come away knowing that this "DNA upgrade and activation" stuff that so many are talking about just isn’t science!


And if it isn’t science, then what is it? Well… since this kind of information is not testable by anyone… since we are simply asked to surrender our truth and believe what we are told by the "experts"... then clearly this is religion. A new religious dogma formulated with sciency-sounding words. And those words are being used in a way that would make an actual geneticist's head explode.


A "12-strand crystalline DNA helix" sounds very special. But there is no way that could be made to work. No such thing has ever been observed. And there is no reason to expect it ever would happen. And if it did, what that genome coded for WOULD NOT BE A HUMAN BEING.


Finding My Spiritual Truth on This

 So. If I go to my heart and listen then here is what I get on the subject: Firstly, I am not a human being. I am a spirit being having a human experience. I am evolving and growing at great speed. My body is not. My body will have the same genetics it was born with until I leave it. I don’t need my body to evolve for me to ascend spiritually. And when I leave this realm, I will not take my body with me. My body is of this place. It is a vehicle that serves me here. It has no function or purpose or meaning at higher levels of existence. There is no purpose for my body to become a crystalline structure with more DNA strings. Or whatever.


So I don’t understand why people are creating this religion around their DNA. But AGAIN I can say that it is not my job to understand them. I can accept that this is what they are doing. I can accept that they feel the necessity for this religion. And I can discern that this isn’t for me and I can let it go at that.


I share this with you because it might be that you are in resonance with me and it might be that my perspective is useful to you.


And if you really find your world makes better sense to you if you hold onto a belief in the evolution of your DNA, then please don’t allow my perspective to shake that!


Religion Everywhere!

I opened this post by suggesting that this idea of DNA activation and upgrade is an example of religion masquerading as science. The point of this really was to lay this example open to investigation. And if we investigate other ideas in the same way it seems there are many, many more examples of religion pretending to be something else. I begin to notice, for example, that politician look a great deal like high-priests. And that their campaign promises are just words that wea re asked to believe in with no reason at all why we SHOULD believe them. Other than they say so. I could go on and on. There is a whole lot of religion out there. A whole lot of noise that I find I am able to just let go of. And in so doing find my life to be much simpler and MUCH more peaceful.



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# Roberta 2017-10-20 19:53
Actually, scientists look a great deal like high priests to me.
See, for example:
"The Religion of Science" by Dr. Lee Swanson (Physics)
"Icons of Evolution" by Dr. Jonathan Wells (Biology)
Anything by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (Biology)
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# Norman Azadian 2017-02-21 15:08
Science is perhaps the best example of religion masquerading as something else. Check out James Burke's "The Day the Universe Changed" to see why this is so.
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# Crystal Isabelle 2016-09-09 07:15
Though a very late answer, and please forgive my clumsy words:

Dear Zingdad, something in me resonates to the idea of our DNA upgrading itself and of the Crystalline. If we are truly in a spiritual shift, it is thinkable that everything will shift and uplift itself accordingly. I know too little about DNA, but I know as far as that our DNA is dynamic and changes together with our frequency - hence my rejection of gmo, as, first and foremost, it involves violence and violation. Also, as it is done exactly the other way around - violently changing from the material side on, instead of the spiritual side allowing the changes to happen. By people imposing shortsighted and self-serving aims, sometimes monstrous and always surely very harmful modifications, the whole in a less than loving spirit, with intentions we do not want to know :o)

So, as we are uplifting ourselves, our DNA may manifest at the physical level the same upliftment. I would not the least be surprised: both are working in harmony, body and spirit, and both reflect each other as they change.
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# Zingdad 2016-09-09 11:44
My dear Crystal
It's a beautiful thing. When I wrote this I was quite attached to one perspective. Now I see that ALL perspectives are a story. Just another way of seeing and understanding things. I no longer am so attached to the need for DNA upgrade to be "impossible". I mean... why not! I still don't like "religious thinking" though. I still don't like being told to believe things that I cannot in any way discern or affirm for myself. So now I am in a place where I say about DNA upgrades that "this is just not something that I presently know about". But if it is so for you... then we have no quarrel!
Much love,
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# John 2016-03-22 17:01
I would say one of the greatest challenge for the 3 dimensional mind is to accept the notion that the subjective trumps the objective.

There is documented historical events witnessed by westerners of so called masters in the Far East that defy even today's science. For example, why would a being at certain level of consciousness project such intense white light from its physical body - a light where no shadows are cast even from objects in the same room. Or, appear or disappear in a room where the doors are locked? Can science or modern genetics explain that? How about traveling great distances of thousands of kilometers in matter of minutes without any external means?

Now one does not have to believe that the people who documented these things are being accurate or truthful at all because it does contradict our 3rd dimensional physics. But what if.. They are being accurate? What then? I will leave it here for you to ponder.

I am here, referring to the books called "Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East" written by Baird T. Spalding.
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# Zingdad 2016-03-23 11:24
Wow! Good comment, John!

I think science itself is approaching a breaking point. If you understand the way a wave function is collapsed by the observer, then you begin to understand that, at the most fundamental level, the observer is creating it's reality from moment to moment. Subjectivity is creating objectivity. Or perhaps (as I have always contended) there is no such thing as an objective reality at all.

But were does that leave us? I guess in a place where each of us can really only report what our experiences of ourselves and our reality is to the other. And we can then each see to what we agree or disagree. I can, as in my piece above, report that I find neither evidence nor necessity for DNA upgrades and activation for life to proceed and for ascension and awakening to happen. Someone else might differ. Perhaps both of us are right.
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# Elyas 2016-02-28 14:02
Dearest Arn
One of the most enlightening books I have read is your Ascension Papers, and it says otherwise. It says that the ONE is located inside the heart of each of us. And I this is really true. All of our body spirit and world is a hologram projected from the one inside our being.
With utmost humility I need to state that what I honestly see is that the body is not a completely separate entity from spirit. What I see is a body FULL of spiritual pain that needs to be addressed carefully by true unconditional love. And bit by bit it gets lighter and brighter and healthier as it heals. EVERYBODY is WOUNDED. This wound is stored in our DNA. DNA is actually the physical manifestation of our spirit as I see it. As we transmute every wound in our body to light our DNA will eventually upgrade and our body will generally feel much lighter and healthier. The belief that body needs to die and we need to leave is behind is not a very healthy idea in my opinion. The body need not be a burden.
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# Zingdad 2016-02-28 19:24
A beautiful comment, Elyas. Thank you for your input.
I have had other people reply by email offering me similar feedback. Perhaps I should be clear: I am not saying the body is not truly wondrous... a divine gift and a mirror to our consciousness. And I totally agree with you that the body is part of the oneness and as such is in need of profound compassion and love. I really, really have a deep love of the human body and all that it allows us to do and experience. But nothing in that (or to mind what you have said) requires that there is this DNA upgrade or activation thing going on.

Really all I am saying in this blog post is that the DNA activation/ upgrade story has no scientific basis. If it was happening as its proponents say it is, there would be something to see.
People say things like extra strands of DNA are being added to ascending peoples DNA. But if that were true it would be as obvious to the many geneticists in the world as an extra nose on someone's face would be to you and I.

People also say human DNA is mutating, that we are becoming genetically distinct from previous generations. But the human genome has been mapped and is being sequenced in all kinds of new ways every day. There is no evidence for this. None.

Now, please don't misunderstand. I am not saying that I think the human body does not have it's own divinity. I really believe it does. It is consciousness. It is it's own life form. I really do know this. But for all that, there are people making contentions that are not in any way born out by any evidence anywhere. And if what they say is true... there would be evidence everywhere.

Now if people want to hold religious beliefs then they are free to do so. But if they want to say those religious beliefs are scientific truths then people are going to look at that and ask scientific questions. As I have done. And the story will break down under scrutiny. As this one does.

Now I'm not saying I "have the truth" on this subject (or any other for that matter). So this is all, as always, just my opinion. But I have yet to be persuaded that my opinion is wrong. I am have really LOOKED at this one.

I thank you for your input Elyas!
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