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QFZ: Are we ALL Pleiadian Starseeds? And more!


In this latest edition of "Questions For Zingdad", I received the following very interesting letter from "Marcus" (not his real name) in response to Adamu's recent "Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds". In it, Marcus opens up some very interesting areas of discussion... as I am sure you will agree:





Marcus: Dear Arn,

Thanks for sharing and being lightful!
I read the latest from Adamu, and he says we are Pleiadian beings. But when people ask Bashar, where they come from, he always tell them that they are from Earth. But that we have parallel counterparts or connections from other systems, and that we could make it seem as if we are/come from.. some place. But since The second law states that "Everything is here and now" it makes sense that we are from here (and now), and not from back then, if you know what I mean. Another thing, wouldn't it make sense that if we come from somewhere, that different people come from different places, since there are so many different places, or is it that all the people reading messages from Adamu are Pleiadian starseeds? And finally, when he tells about the Zetas slipping through the shield and taking unauthorized samples from whomever. According to Bashar we have made agreements on "The other side" that we accept these encounters. In that there is a hybrid program going on, and that we are a part of that, whether we know this in our 3D reality or not.

Your thoughts? :-)

Thanks for everything. Love all of your work! Have fun!





Arn: Hello Marcus

I think perhaps you have misunderstood. While Adamu's latest letter is indeed addressed to Pleiadian Starseeds, he has neither said nor implied that YOU are one such. As I understand it, there are many different groups of souls upon Earth at this time. And Starseeds make up quite a small percentage of all those present. Of the Starseeds, the Pleiadian contingent is, I believe, the biggest. But there are souls here from all over the galaxy. That said, I also understand that the overwhelming majority of souls here now are Earth Souls. That is to say, they have evolved from the first moment of dawning self-awareness to this point now, right here on Earth.


Furthermore: from my perspective I think you have also misunderstood what it means to say "everything is here and now". It means there IS NO "back then". Back then, is also here and now. But, Marcus, I am sure you will concede that the whole of the universe from the beginning of time to the end of time, is not here and now for YOU. This is because you are a particle of Life that is choosing to observe a very, very, very limited perspective on All That Is. As am I. As is everyone else here on Earth. But if you could expand your awareness and become aware that the whole of your life, from birth to death, is here and now, then you'd begin to grasp what timelessness is. You'd understand that YOU are not Marcus. That Marcus is just an experience that you are having for a little while. Like watching a movie. And that you have also had many, many other experiences. Some of these other experiences are what people call "past lives". But that is not a good name for them because they are not in the past. They are simply alternate life experiences which are all also here and now.


If you could expand your awareness sufficiently to see and know that ALL of your experiences are here and now, then I think you'd understand what it means to be a Pleiadian Starseed. You'd understand that a Pleiadian Starseed is a soul that is a part of a far, far, far greater soul entity. A massive being of incredible beauty, power and Light. This is the Pleiadian Monad. Which is the Pleiadian Starseed's "soul parent".


If you came to really understand this and all that it means you would understand that the Starseed is like a holographic fragment of that great entity. That everything about the Starseed is impacted by their deep and ancient connection to this entity. You would know that the Monad is where the Starseed came from. This is their Home. And this is where they will return to when they are completely 100% done with their journey through separation.


And that is what you would discover to be true for yourself IF you discovered that you were a Pleiadian Starseed and IF you were ready for that expansion of your perspective. I do not insist, however, that you are a Starseed. I myself am not one. I have partnered, befriended and journeyed very close to the Pleiadian soul group for all of my incarnations. But I do not originate from within that Monadic entity. I discover I am something else entirely called a Light Bringer. If you are interested I have written a short article on these different soul entities which you can find here.

Next Point: I don't normally comment on what other channels and voices have to say since each is welcome to their own perspective but I will say that I agree completely that all "abductees" have contracted for that experience preincarnationally. But only in the same way that it is true that we have all contracted for all the abuses that we suffer at the hands of others. Now, Marcus, I'm sure you will understand that it is very hard to say to someone who has just been raped, burgled or mugged that "it's okay, you agreed to this". Because, of course, the personality that experienced that shocking trauma is not only totally unaware that they agreed to it, but part of the agreement was for them to have an experience of profound victimization. No matter what the contract was, it is still a shocking, awful experience. And the victim is very unlikely to agree with you that they did contract for it. And would quite possibly despise you for suggesting that they did.
And this is just the same for many abductees. Many will NOT agree that they contacted for it because they don't remember doing so and found the experience to be shockingly abusive.


And similarly, you could not say to the police, "don't investigate or try to prevent any crime because everyone agreed to it in the first place". That would be a ludicrous position to take. Just as is the case with suggesting that those who are enforcing our planetary protection should not do so.


In the end, the answer I have to all this is the understanding that EVERYTHING is agreed to. Including all the possibilities that lie in alternate time-lines. And given that it is possible for me to be hurt, abused, tortured and killed, in some alternate time lines, I have also agreed to have my spirit guide (and other such entities) work to ensure my protection in the time line I actually do choose to observe. And I am also aware that I can awaken sufficiently to change the contracts that I have agreed to so that I bring to myself ever more joyful and peaceful experiences. But this whole area of spiritual contracting is massively complex. There is way more to discuss that I am ever going to get to in this reply to you. All I wish to do is to open your awareness to the fact that it is not so simple as "they agreed to it". Yes, they did. But they also agreed to having others try to protect them from it. And they are also (often) traumatized when it happens. And for all that, it still doesn't make it right and good. And they still have the right to have the "good guys" try to protect them from it, as mandated by the planetary council.


A very, very complex situation resulting from may complex conflicting contracts, as I am sure you can begin to see.

Marcus, I thank you for your questions! You have raised three very interesting points for discussion and I appreciate the opportunity to provide my perspective upon them.