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QFZ: Ascension and Detachment


A client of mine, who we shall simply call MS, found An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds to prompt a pretty deep and interesting question. A question that goes to our emotional state as we advance spiritually. He stated the question with such eloquence and clarity that I am sure many of you will find yourself feeling some resonance with his position. I was pleased to find an answer within myself that worked for me. And when he replied he indicated that it worked for him to. It is my pleasure to share this snippet of conversation between MS and myself...


MS:  I felt compelled to send you an email after reading the latest installment from Adamu Atlas. And as I read, I found myself with a familiar feeling, and the best way to explain it is: "who cares"


I mean no disrespect but the illusory struggles of STS and STO consciousnesses should not mean much to a being of Unity. I assume Adamu is an entity who has attained unity consciousness. Even as a Human Being, there are times that I just yawn at the silliness of our world. In the end, it doesn't really matter. The Universe continues to expand as each decision point is explored. And I imagine that beings of unity consciousness would view other parts of themselves engaged in "lower" levels of consciousness with a mild sense of empathy and understanding but not with any significant emotional charge. It seemed like Adamu was quite irritated in recounting the actions of STS beings and others who do not choose love and light. But in the end, who cares?


We are all One. We are all the same. We have just split ourselves up into countless bits of energy. And nothing material is even real. We are all thought projections from the field of potential energy which is being powered by our consciousness. Nothing material is real. Whether one or one million die on the battlefield, it is all in the name of expansion of experience and for the fun of it, because in the end, we always travel back to that pool of source energy and infinite oneness. So I found it interesting that Adamu seemed to express any emotion whatsoever about Earth's history. 


Now I understand that there is a danger of apathy setting in when an entity discovers that nothing material is real. That we are all simply holographic images created from a geometric pattern in the zero point field. But our purpose is to experience every permutation of life so that each experience becomes part of the Akashic Record and the ever growing expansion of the One. But I was taken aback when it felt like a lot of judgment coming from Adamu. 


I guess my question is, how do we achieve engaged detachment? 


And I do so appreciate your service to the world. I know I created this whole discourse and your recent blog from Adamu to provide a catalyst in me for some further growth that I am striving for. So I thank you for that and I appreciate you as I appreciate myself for creating it.




Zingdad: It's a good and pertinent question you ask!

I guess, in the interests of finding clarity, I would turn the question around. If YOU were once a being that knew true unity... if you were once in a state of perfect connection, perfect belonging and perfect oneness... why would you agree to enter into this messy place of painful and confusing emotions. Why would you choose to expose yourself to caring and to attachment in this train-smash of a reality?

I guess we'll each find our own answers for that question but I would say, for myself, that I did not choose to come here despite that... I came here for that. I came here to experience this as it is. To feel. To hurt. To love. To be victimised. To be abused. To get lost and then... when I was ready... to tell myself a beautiful story of arising victorious and having an ecstatically happy ending.

The part of me that is at one with the oneness, knows it want me, Arn, to be exactly here, doing exactly what I am doing and experiencing exactly what I am experiencing. This is just as true now as it was when I was a lost autistic boy that was being kicked and mocked by the other boys. It's just as true as when I was a heartbroken and unloved man misusing his power and abusing others. It's just as true... well... you get the idea. It's just as true in all the lives I have lived. I wanted to be here FOR THIS. Every single step of the way.

So now I am in this peculiar place where I can shift my perspective. I've been doing this a lot of late. I find I can raise my awareness in the direction of unity and know and feel more and more of what my Inner-Self does. And then I can lower my awareness back into my ego and I can know and feel more from a place of disconnection and separation. And what I can report from my own personal experience is quite contrary to what you propose. When I raise my vibration I do most certainly not become disaffected, apathetic or ambivalent. Quite the opposite. I feel bliss and wonderment. I become aware of the splendour of it all. The magnificence of this wondrous creation that I/We are creating de novo moment by moment. The beauty of the high drama of the games that we are playing. Even the "little stories" that some (most?) people are telling, created with minor chords and subtle shades of ennui. Even those. Perhaps most of all those. Because that is what it means to come to feel that you are separate, disconnected and alone. That you are powerless, small and a victim. THAT IS WHAT IT IS. And now we know. Now we have FELT this!

LOL! You are going to have to forgive all the caps. I guess I am trying to explain to you that, from my perspective... and on this I am very clear on for myself... it is the profoundest passion that lies in the heart of unity. Not dispassion.

You know there is much one can learn from the Eastern traditions. Much that is beautiful and wise in the teachings of the Buddha and so on. But I have to say the one big disagreement that I have with those teachings that places me in utter discord with them... is this idea that the point of spirituality is to get to a place of "no feeling". Man! That's just so wrong! No feeling, no attachment, no affectation, no desire... I've been there. It's not heaven or nirvana or anything like that. It's the depths of depression. It's the void. It's just absence. And that's not for me!

So, for myself, I find a way that works for me. Instead of aiming for non-this or non-that, I aim for peace. Which is a very different thing. Peace is a stillness of the mind... not a stillness of the heart! I aim to bring my mind to stillness whenever I don't actually have a task for it. I don't often get that right, I must admit. But I am getting better at it. And I find when my mind is still then I can choose to listen to my heart. Because when my mind is noisy then that's all I can hear. Noise. But with a still mind I can listen to my heart. And my heart overflows with a profundity of passion for life. With deep desire to give my gift and to shine my light. With a remarkable willingness and ability to find compassion, insight and understanding for others. And this is the stuff that comes to me from the Oneness.

Whew! Long answer already.

Before I close there are two things I wish to add:

1. When Adamu was recounting the story of the Anunaki I actually felt a little flare from him. What I felt was the anger of the person that he was when he first discovered what was going down. There was, on the Earth, a person so puffed up with his self-importance that he was willing to commit genocide on a whole tribe of people just out of spite. Kill them all and destroy everything he could just because he heard he was not being given his way... not being allowed to stay. And he was being evicted, in the first place, for bad behaviour!  An here was Adamu, all those thousands of years ago, who had signed up and agreed to help to protect the people of this planet... and then found out about that genocidal maniac. He WAS violently angry. And in exploring the story... a little of that fire was still there to be felt and seen. Which, I have to say, really just adds to the story. Makes Adamu that little bit more "real".

And without that passion... there would be no stories whatsoever. There would be no universe, no eternal unfoldment. Because, it is as you say, the STUFF of this universe is an illusion. But what we feel inside the illusion is real. And it echoes out forever.

If this is not so. If there really IS nothing real, meaningful or valid about any of this then no-one who knew that would continue to create it. There would be no universe.


2. If you feel you hold an ideal in your mind that your should become ever more dispassionate as you progress spiritually then I invite you to explore that. Is that a belief that really serves you? Or does it perhaps come form a place of wishing to protect yourself from pain? In which case it would be a fear-based belief. A belief that would keep you separate from your experiences and your creations. A belief that would, counter-productively, keep you from the very growth to which you aspire.

Of course, I could be wrong. This YOU we are talking about. And maybe this ideal is right for you. Only you will know. But if it should be that you feel you need help with this... you know where to find me!