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YOUR Call to Action


standingI had a dream last night, which I would like to tell you about.


In my dream I was walking around the most amazing home. It was a graceful mansion, placed on a massive property with endless gardens. The whole place was decked out for a party. As I walked around, I found tables laden with eats and drinks. There were tasteful party decorations everywhere. And outside I found a gazebo which was set up for a band, complete with all the instruments, and a wooden dance floor before it.

Inside the house were many guest rooms and each one was prepared with those little touches that you really appreciate at a good guest house. Like fresh towels and soap and bathrobes on the beds. I walked around and looked at all of this and my heart was full. I knew it was my party that I was throwing. And it was amazing, spectacular and beautiful. Everything was perfect. The more I walked around and looked the more my heart filled with joy. It was all PERFECT!

But then it began to trouble me that I was completely alone there. And with a shock it suddenly dawned on me: No one would be coming to my party because I forgot to send out the invitations! What a catastrophic waste of all these preparations!

And then I woke up.

Lying in bed in that state between awake and asleep I could think about the dream with my awakened mind but still know exactly what I was being told with my intuitive dreaming mind. The point of this dream is quite clear: The Ascension Papers tells of the wondrous New Life which is soon to begin. And there is to be a grand celebratory communion of souls to commence this New Life. But if I do not issue my invitations I will not bring together the ones I am to celebrate it with. I will find myself there alone. And the dream showed me very clearly that it will not matter how wonderful the place is… if my soul-friends and family are not there – if YOU are not there - then it will not be much of a celebration at all.

And so the invitations must be prepared and they must be sent out.

In a way, The Ascension Papers IS the invitation. When I write The Ascension Papers and when you read it, then my soul is speaking to yours. We are in communication on the very deepest levels of our beings. Somehow, magically, we are co-creating our way from the reality we currently inhabit to a new, different reality of Unity, Love, Joy and Truth. And if you read The Ascension Papers and feel a “yes” response in your heart, then you and I, the two people incarnated here on earth, are playing out our roles. I am inviting you to the party and you are accepting the invitation.

I’m sure there are other parties and I’m sure there are other invites going out. I think I am just one of many that are issuing invitations. But I am not concerned with those other parties. The only one I want to go to is the one that is going to celebrate the dawning of a whole new world in which we will all know that we are truly ONE, where Joy, Love and Truth will be the reason we do what we do.

So this dream is a little spur for me to get on and complete the additional parts of the The Ascension Papers. There is much work still to be done and time is fleeting.

But I realise something more is also needed. It’s not good enough for me to simply CREATE the invitations. The best invitation in the world is useless if it is not sent out. And while I have written this book, made it available for free, created the website as a place to put the invitations, this is very far from being all that is needed. And this is where I need your help. I need you to help me to get the invitations out. Will you help?

If you want to be a part of the creation of this new world that calls to us in our hearts then you do so by helping me to send out the invitations. Here is what I am asking you to do: First decide that you are willing to help. Then think HOW you can help to get The Ascension Papers out to more readers. Maybe you are a member of an internet forum where you can post some threads talking about The Ascension Papers and what it means to you - quoting some of your favorite bits, for example. Maybe you are willing to make a youtube video about something in there that has been meaningful to you. Maybe you have a blog or some other place where you can interview me or talk about my book. But, really, just emailing a copy of The Ascension Papers in its free ebook format to your friends and acquaintances will do it!


What I am requesting your help for is to make sure that everyone in the world that is waiting to get their invitation, gets it. And I’m sure if you think about it you can come up with ways for you to do this that I haven’t even begun to think of. As long as you invite people in a way that comes from your heart and doesn’t push or coerce then that will be perfect.

If you are willing to help me to “get the invitations out” then PLEASE leave a comment below. Just saying that you are willing to do this will be hugely motivating.  And as you think of the ways in which you are able to help please leave a comment about that too!  Then others can pick up on your ideas and come up with the best way for them to also be a part of this.

However you decide to help, what you need to know is that you have a vital role to play, you have a gift to give. If it were not so you would not be here. You are, right now, exactly perfectly positioned to be the perfect response to the universe that it needs to move Life forward in a grand and spectacular way. Like a puzzle that is missing one of its pieces the whole of the picture will not be complete if you do not give your gift. This is so.

The greatest party of all time is about to begin. In fact, it is the party that will end all of time and begin something entirely new.

This is the moment we have been waiting for.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

This is YOUR call to action. Will you please help?