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Who are the Nothnormals?


welcomeNothnormal is a family name but in many respects it is quite an unusual one. Firstly, the name is pronounced “not normal” – which is, you must admit, not very normal at all. Secondly, this is not a surname anyone is ever born with – Nothnormals have all chosen the surname for themselves. Thirdly, choosing this name means joining a family based upon what you believe about yourself; this is a family of soul-purpose rather than a family of parental lineage. Finally, it is unusual because, when one becomes a Nothnormal, you don’t need to replace your existing surname with this new one. You can simply add it in, in any way you like. In fact the more “not normal” you are about using the surname the better!


So I am Arn "Zingdad Nothnormal" Allingham.



But who exactly are the Nothnormals?

This is a clan of people who have looked at the world as it is and said: if THIS is normal, then I’m NOT NORMAL. They are individualists that have found themselves unable to conform to a world that seems to be more than just a little insane. They look at the world and see that it is, in simple terms, just not working. The greed, destruction, pollution, abuse and subjugation that passes here for “business as normal” is just not something the Nothnormals can align themselves with. Nothnormals are… well… not normal.

This is a family of people that choose instead to find new values that they can align themselves with. Simple values that work. That lead to wholeness and wellness for the Self, the soul, the body, the family, society, the planet and the All. Starting with the Self and radiating outwards, Nothnormals work to change what is dysfunctional into that which is functional.

Nothnormals realise that it all begins with the self. To them it is self-evident that a world full of people who have each found their Soul’s Purpose and are each expressing their Highest Good will be a very happy, healthy world. It is a world they very much want to live in. And they have committed themselves to creating that world by the simple expedient of being the people that will live in such a world.

And this is the first and most important thing you should know about the Nothnormals: they are each on the path to finding their true Soul Purpose and expressing their Highest Good.

Are YOU perhaps a Nothnormal? If you are reading this then you might just be one! Maybe you didn’t know it until you read this and maybe you are only now discovering it to be so? If you are then I am overjoyed to welcome you to the family. To MY family. Welcome. You BELONG. At last we have found each other!

If you are a Nothnormal then I invite you to say a quick hello in the comments section below.


But first... for some Nothnormal fun, here are some images I made for Facebook about this:










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# johannes 2018-08-15 16:32
Hi Zingdad,

Thats the fear of many, to be not "normal".
Especially "education", school and so on support those fears (also for me, when I was younger)

Thanks to the message from Adamu, the great dragon is dead - There seems to be synchronicity now with many messages of different sources about some victory of the "good" side...also in politics.

My only concern is about the evolution of AI (Artificial intelligence), pushed forward by the rulers of the "dark" side, especially in China this already is some fact (their social card ), and oursocieties living in virtual realities, controlled lifes, abolition of cash, elctronic music, TV, and so on...

Do you have any information or opinion about this aspect?
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# Zingdad 2018-08-15 16:41
Hi Johannes
Interestingly, I have actually had quite some contact with Adamu about AI. The core of his message is "this is nothing to fear". This is obviously a conversation I need to have with him "formally" at some point so that I can share it with my readers.
With love,
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# cristina 2018-04-02 04:52
Oh yeahhh!!!! I am definitely Nothnormal. I've known it for years, I just did not know my last name.
Greetings and a strong and warm and warm embrace to all, my dear family ... we will continue looking ...
A Light Bringer Nothnormal ;)
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# Joanna 2018-02-28 10:16
I am so Nothnormal that it's nothfunny! This has been the case my entire life, to the point that my great aunt (who has just turned 95 years young) told me that I even came out frowning! I discovered all the reasons for that over time. When you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, however, you realise that you need to come up rather than dwell there and that you cannot solve these issues using the same level of consciousness that produced them. So the spiritual playing field is the only way to go, because opposition on this level merely creates more duality.

So when I found your website this past week, I suspected that I may have finally landed in the right place for me (for now at least). I'm starting to read your Book 1 and have found this resonates exactly with where I'm up to. I also loved your questionnaire (very well done), which I used to check whether what I'd determined independently was my next step was indeed so. I had just purchased a book all about the shadow - and this is where I'm up to according to your questionnaire! This tells me I'm in the right place for me at this time.

Thank you for your amazing work. It seems to have taken me so long to find my way here and my biggest wish now is to create a stronger and stronger connection with my guides and inner self. Not so disciplined at the regular meditation yet, but I'm determined to improve in this area. I've just purchased your 3 meditation set and intend to do some past life exploration while I study the shadow further. My ordered and well-paid life collapsed right on schedule and it has taken quite some time for me to recover. However, I now begin to see that all has happened perfectly. My wish is to create a less painful and more joyful life for myself and hopefully, by extension, for the ALL.


Joanna Nothnormal! :-)
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# Bogumila 2018-01-22 19:41
Hi ...all family Nothnormal - I think I know now where I belong because all time I look for people which can be similar to me or have any connection to any link ...
I enjoy reading this expression ...!!!
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# Steve 2017-10-31 03:24
It definitely sounds like I could be a Nothnormal. I always knew I was different, and for as long as I can remember people have told me I was weird but that I had a good heart. Sort of a harmless variety of crazy. Since I discovered I'm a Starseed, it all makes sense now. And what is normal anyway? "Just a setting on a dryer" is a cliche I hear a lot. I feel that in a truly just society, there shouldn't be standards of personality. Only moral guidelines that spring from all aspects of unconditional love and respect for all forms of life.
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# Maciej 2016-09-29 08:40
You can count me in too. I am nothnormal for all of my life since I can remember. I just didn't know for a very long time why this is so. Very recently I began my journey of discovering the reasons for feeling as not being part of this world.
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# Honore Troy 2016-09-02 01:30
Yes, I'm definitely a nothnormal. I've searched for truth for most of my adult life. At one stage it was 'stop the world I want to get off,' but I decided to stay and do what I can to make a difference - to finish the course, as it were.
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# Abdul Aziz 2016-08-28 18:02
Hello! I do seem to be a "nothnormal"! I do agree with such views, still discovering more, though!
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# Shauna 2016-08-13 14:22
I am most definitely a 'nonthnormal' and have always known that =3
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# John 2016-02-24 14:35
Ya that describes me well. I question everything and am on the big search of truth and existence.
A lot of people consider me not normal and thats fine with me.
John Nothnormal Dycke
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