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From Victim to Creator - Part 3


arnThe impetus for me to start blogging was from my spirit-guide, 8. In Chapter 10 of The Ascension Papers, he asked me to find a way to share with you how I am “moving out of the victim relationships I have had with my world and moving into a new situation where I will be in greater harmony with life”. And that is what the “Victim to Creator” blog series is about. In Part 1 of this series I talked about the specific moment in which I, once and for all, decided to relinquish victimhood and choose the path of the creator-being. In Part 2, I shared with you the mystical experience I had in the Outeniqua mountains that showed me that I would find the way forward by following my heart, not my mind. And now, in Part 3, I want to tell you about the ethos of the new life I have planned. I will update you, in follow-up blogs to this series, as to how that ethos is converted into practical life-choices and I will share with you my experiences of those choices. It promises to be a most exciting journey.


In the very briefest of terms, then, the ethos of my new life is:


1. To live in the most beautiful place in the universe. For me, while I am restricting myself to planet earth, this is in the forests of the Outeniqua Mountains. This is MY particular paradise. It is a place that speaks to my soul.


2. To engage the land that I will live upon in a loving, mutually supportive relationship; to be the custodian of the land rather than its owner. You see I don’t believe one can actually own land any more than you can own another person. Sure, I will legally have to own the land before I can live there but those are silly, transitory man-made rules. The RELATIONSHIP between the land and me will not be that of owner and possession. I will love and respect the land and look after its best interests and in return, it will supply some of my needs for things like food, water and a place to live. But the mutually utilitarian relationship will be subordinate to the love relationship.


3. To express myself as magnificently as I can and to share my expressions with love. I find I am at my happiest when I am allowing inspiration to arrive and when creativity flows through me. So, for me, what I wish to do is to live in this state of creative bliss as much as I can. When I am there then my Greatest Gifts flow though me unimpeded by the blocks that ego often throws in the way.


Focusing on money, the lack thereof or (especially for me) the worry that I might in the future find myself lacking it, takes me in exactly the opposite direction of where I want to be. So instead of focusing on my lack, my need, my fears I am now learning to focus on what I love and what brings the greatest joy.


4. To trust that Life will provide all that I need, in abundance, in response to my giving. I believe this is the way it works: what you give, you receive. So then, surely, it must be so that giving in abundance will result in receiving in abundance? I believe it is so and I am now allowing this to be true in my life. First by giving and then by opening myself to receive. Its funny but “receiving” is the part that I have struggled with the most. It is has always been very difficult for me to ask anything of others. I have always been uncomfortable with “receiving”. What I have recently come to understand is that I have created energy blockages for myself with this mind-set. If the energy cannot flow back to me then I make myself ill and I systematically reduce the amount of energy that can flow out from me. So I am now learning to open that flow. I am learning not only to receive, but to receive with open-hearted gratitude.


I still have a difficult relationship with money (I’ll write more about that sometime soon) but slowly I am learning to understand that I can live a life of abundance and it need not be ABOUT money. Abundance comes in many, many forms and for so long as one small component of that must be money, then I will allow for that. Slowly I am coming to understand how this might work and when I have it figured out for myself I will write more about that.


So THAT is the ethos of what I am now creating for myself: a simple life of harmony and love, living in the Outeniqua mountains, creating abundantly.


In the following blogs in this series, I will talk about the new home I am planning to build on my little patch of paradise. I will explain about “Open-System Self-Sustenance”, which is a concept that I am developing as a way to live life in a loving and harmonious manner. I will begin to get into some of the details of how this can be made to work in the practical nitty-gritty terms of plumbing, electricity and growing food and so on. And then I will share with you my process of actually building that home and implementing those systems. You might want to do something similar in your life. You might already be doing some of these things and you might want to share YOUR experiences with ME. Or you might just be interested to see how I apply these things in my life and to read about my journey. Whatever the case I invite you to share with me what life gives.


Until next time then, I wish you Joy.