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As I write this blog post, I am busy preparing to offer "Divine Light Ignite!" for the first time. This will be a 30 day intensive "meditation boot-camp" but with a crucial twist in that it will be, as the name suggests, all about helping attendees to truly find, inhabit and express their own Divine Light. (Sign up for Divine Light Ignite! here).


The inspiration for this program came from a discussion with Adamu. In one of our many deep interactions in preparation for our next release together, I became aware that it is crucial that we awakening souls here on earth must right now begin to find, inhabit and express our own Divine Light. As I now understand, igniting our Divine Light is the only we we will each be able to:

1. Weave our personal time-streams into the co-created time-lines we desire, and,

2. Begin to powerfully, consciously and directly create our personal reality


In short accessing your Divine Light is a powerful doorway that you can take from victim consciousness to creator consciousness whilst still incarnated right here on 3D Earth!


Adamu is making it very clear to me that some very exciting possibilities are opening up before us right now on planet Earth. If we really want to be anything more than passive spectators we can either try to engage with the old ineffectual tools we have always had. Or we can take up the massively more powerful tools that are now becoming available to us. But it all begins with, and hinges upon, each of us igniting the Divine Light within our hearts.


Adamu will of course have much more to say on this subject and will, of course, express it with far greater clarity and accuracy that I ever will. But instead of waiting for his full next release to crystallize in my mind, instead of first waiting for that release to be finalized and ready for publication, it struck me that I can begin RIGHT NOW to do what I CAN do. Which is to start offering the "Divine Light Ignite!" meditation journey that will help you to find this crucial gift from the divine that is already now awaiting your discovery. 


So... Why Meditate?

And today, right now, I want to begin by taking a big step backwards... to begin at the very beginning... with a discussion on the general benefits of meditation. You see, before we can even begin to get to the discovery of the Divine Light, first we need to learn to meditate. And so the "Divine Light Ignite!" journey is, firstly, a 30-day meditation bootcamp. And, as such, it is ALSO a wonderful opportunity for you:

1. To learn to meditate (if you don't already know how)

2. To deepen your practice (if you already meditate occasionally)

3. To discover new tools, techniques and perspectives on meditation (if you are already an experienced mediator)


So let's start there: with the reason why, since time immemorial, "spiritual types" have always gone on and on about how good meditation is for you. Let's look, very briefly, at just some of the positive benefits of meditation:


Effects of meditation on the brain

Meditation has been shown to shrink the amygdala, which is responsible for fear, anxiety and stress.

It also increases the size of the pre-frontal cortex, which is associated with higher order brain functions, such as awareness, concentration and decision making.

So, it appears as if meditation causes more primal stress responses to be superseded by more thoughtful ones.

By reducing the stress response, meditation helps in regeneration of the hippocampus, which affects learning capacity, memory and mood.

The anterior cingulate cortex, a primary region believed to relieve anxiety, is found to be activated during meditation.

Regular meditators have better preserved brains (greater volume of grey matter) as they age.


Other positive effects of meditation

Meditation causes a reduction in biological markers for stress and inflammation.

Meditation increases serotonin production, a neurotransmitter which has a positive effect on mood, sleep and eating patterns.

Regular meditation improves attention and concentration.

It also helps to manage addiction and chronic pain and reduces the symptoms of physical conditions, such as IBS, heart disease, cancer etc.


Regular meditators report that their practice makes them better, kinder and more relaxed human beings. They experience increased patience, with themselves and with others, and decreased stress and anxiety levels. They feel peaceful and more connected to life and to the cosmos, as they start to find deeper meaning in life.

Actually, life just feels better... all round!


Excuses to NOT begin a meditation practice

I'm just too busy!

We're all very busy doing LIFE. But a daily meditation practice will actually make you more effective at using the time you have. It will increase your energy and productivity in all aspects of your life.


I don't know how

Well, sign up for "Divine Light Ignite!" and answer that question!


I've tried and it doesn't work

Often, it's simply a matter of adjusting your expectations. Or having some step-by-step guidance along the way. And, again, Divine Light Ignite! will certainly help with this!


It's boring

Your daily meditation practice can actually become the richest source of inspiration, information about yourself and your spiritual story, and wonderful, magical experiences! But you do need to stick with it through the "beginner" stages before you can expect to reap these rich rewards.


How long must I meditate for?

Well... any amount of meditation is better than none!

But start with 5-10 min per day. But be consistent. As you develop your ability to focus and concentrate, gradually increase the amount of time. By the end of the month, you should easily be able to meditate for an hour a day. Or even more!


When will I start to see results?

Meditation is an art and a science. It requires discipline and commitment. You need to be patient. In fact, meditation teaches you patience and acceptance. Major benefits will take time to manifest. However, you will start to see improvements in your mood and reduced anxiety levels very soon after starting your practice.


Types of meditation

There is a meditation practice to suit every single personality and lifestyle.

Most practices focus on breathing, heightened awareness and acceptance.


Divine Light Ignite! is not intended to teach any particular style of meditation and also doesn't try to superseded or replace other types of meditation. It is a journey inspired by my own Divine Self that I offer for the specific purpose of taking you on a journey to the discovery of YOUR Divine Light. I do, therefore recommend that you also explore other meditation types beyond what I am offering. Please do your own research in your quest to find the best practice for yourself. Below are listed a few different types of meditation practice. 


Types of meditation include:

Focused attention meditation, where the attention is focused on a single object for the entire meditation. This object could be the breath, a part of the body, a mantra, a visualisation, a physical object etc.


Examples of focused attention meditation include:


Loving kindness meditation (metta)

Breath awareness meditation

Chakra meditation

Sound or mantra meditation (including Transcendental meditation)

Kundalini, or other forms of yoga

Gazing meditation



Body scan or progressive relaxation of the body

Guided meditation, either by a teacher or a pre-recorded meditation


In open monitoring meditation, we monitor all aspects of our experience without judgement or attachment.


Examples of open monitoring meditation include:


Vipassana, an ancient Indian meditation to see things as they really are.

Attention to physical sensations in the body.

Mindfulness meditation in which you observe your thoughts without becoming attached to them, and without judging them


All meditation is about eventually reaching a state of effortless presence. In this state, the attention is not focused on anything in particular, but the meditator is in a state of pure being.


... And with that I conclude my very brief discussion on meditation in general. I cannot stress enough how important I think it is for each of us to find a meditation practice that works for us. And to this end I now invite you to join me for the 30-day journey into meditation that is Divine Light Ignite!


Sign up for Divine Light Ignite now!

Click here to sign up for Divine Light Ignite! It's a totally free program. Each day of the journey you will receive an email from me featuring a short video in which I discuss the days meditation, leading you step by step upon your journey.