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QFZ: How do I KNOW if channeled info is Truth?

I received an email from Emily in which she asked:


How do I know if the teachers I have connected with via channeling are of Light and can be trusted?

Can you name other benevolent civilizations like Pleiadians who might help us with the information? 

I feel deep connection to cats and have found (on the internet) that there is a cat-like race called Pashcats who supposedly come from Lyra star system. Can they be trusted?

When I started reading your page I felt deep peace and instantly identified that your material is very pure. 

Best wishes,


Instead of attempting to address the specifics of Emily's query (and thereby set myself up as some sort of authority on what can and cannot be trusted) I preferred to point Emily to her own source of Truth within. Here is my response in video form:





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