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Listen to Your Heart (Part 1)


Listen to your heart, the love songs say.  I’ve decided to take that advice.  Here is the story…



I am busy writing the latest chapter of The Ascension Papers.  A chapter called “What is Love”.  It turns out Love is so very much more than I could possibly ever have imagined.  And there in lies the problem.  You see, if I can’t imagine it then I can’t explain it or describe it.  I certainly can’t write about it.  So I am at an impasse.  Or I would be if my Spirit-Guide, 8, had not presented me with a solution. I have been told to “be silent” for a day.  It’s a bit like fasting except, instead of abstaining from food, I will be abstaining from all forms of conversation.  This is to be a practice run.  In due course, I will be doing this for a bit longer.  Maybe a whole week even.  But for the first time it will only be one day.



On my silent day I will, from the moment I awake in the morning, to the moment I again go to sleep that night, not speak a word.  I will also not be spoken to.  I will not engage with all the noise of the television, newspapers, radio or internet.  I’ll switch off my mobile phone and forego all email.



I think we are all so bombarded with external noise all the time that we no longer know who we really are, what we really think or believe or what is really important.  Our internal intuition, guidance and knowing is pushed into the back seat with the noise, chaos, lies and fabrications that are we force-feed our consciousness with.

So I'm taking a choice to shut up, tune out and listen to my heart.  You see I believe the heart is the portal to the soul.  It is the place where infinite knowing and wisdom lies.  So it is to my heart that I need to listen if I am going to understand what Love really is.  It is to my heart that I must listen if I am going to find my truest path forward.  So for one whole day I am going to take the time to discipline myself enough to silence all the distractions and LISTEN.



It should be an interesting exercise.  I’ll be doing this tomorrow (Sunday 27 June 2010). I am fortunate that I live out on the farm now so it shouldn’t be too difficult.  I have enlisted the support of my lady-love and she has agreed not to talk to me and to let me go about my day silently.  I’ll wake up tomorrow morning without an alarm clock.  I’ll wake up when my body says so.  Then the deep listening will begin.  I’ll lie in bed and ask my heart what I should do next, staying there until I have an answer.  Then I’ll do what my heart told me to do.  When that is done I’ll go to my heart again and find out what I should do next – and so I shall continue for the whole day.  Listening to my heart.  I am preparing myself for lots of quiet sitting.  Probably lots of meditation.  I am also prepared for some discomfort and confusion as I get withdrawal symptoms from the addiction to noise and chaos I believe most of us share.  But whatever the case, for just one day I will be silent.  I will really LISTEN… and then see what comes.



I’ll let you know how it went…


(Update:  Click here for Part 2 of this post)