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Conversations With Zingdad ep. 1

The Real World vs The Illusion


What's alive for Zingdad?
A short update including "The 3 Zones of Control" and how coming back to feeling is how we reclaim our authentic power in this world that seems to be going completely mad.

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Conversations With Zingdad ep. 1 -- Transcription


L: Hello everybody and welcome to the very first episode of conversations with Zingdad. This wil be a monthly short video clip, in which I will be interviewing my dear friend and housemate, Arn, AKA Zingdad.

I will be finding out from him what is alive for him? What is he working on? What is concerning him? What is happening in his life, both as Arn and Zingdad?

So, welcome Arn. And without further ado, I'd like to ask you the first question. So I've been hearing some very strange sounds emanating from your side of the house. Have you started speaking in tongues? Would you like to share with us what's going on there?

A: Ni hao, xie xie ni. So, the speaking in tongues is Chinese. Ni hao, xie xie ni, means "Hello, Thank you."


 I'm really just beginning, but the answer to the question about the Chinese, is really that, my work has just been taking off and expanding in China. I've suddenly - well, not suddenly - since the last while, since my book has been translated to China, since my book the Ascension Papers has been available in Chinese, it's really just been taking off in China. And I'm blessed to have more and more interactions with Chinese people, and there's a group in China that I'm working with to translate and publish and release my works there, and we're starting an Ascension school and -- There are all kinds of exciting future dreams that we have. So, I thought it just made sense to see, you know,


how would it be? Is it really difficult to learn Chinese? And I'm just amazed at how much I've actually been enjoying. It's slow going, learning any new language. I mean, it feels like being a baby. You start right at the beginning. And I'm not really practicing with other people, it's all online using an app. So, I don't really know how good or how bad I am yet, but I'm having fun with it. Short answer to your question.

L: Well, I have to share with you viewers, he's incredibly dedicated! He spends many hours everyday learning Chinese and it's sounds pretty damn good to me, I have to say. I think it's a really hard language to learn. So Arn, the next question I'd like to ask you is, we get so many, many emails from people asking, "What's happened to you Arn? When are we going to get the next Adamu video? Are you still alive? Have you ascended?!" So maybe you could just tell me what you'd like to answer to those clients


who ask you those questions.

A: Thank you Lisa. So, this is part of the course in Zingdad land. If you go back and look at the rate of release, I'm not typically somebody who puts out something fresh all the time. I'm not "spilling the top" because I don't consider myself to be like some source of eternal wisdom. The stuff that arrives for me passes through me. I'm more of a conduit then a source. So, it's like I find that I'm waiting for something that wants to be said and that's up to Adamu or 8 or whoever it is that I work with. That's up to them. I have my part to play, and for my part, I also don't really have this


 feeling that the world will come to an end without some new update from me. So, yea, I carry on with what I'm doing. I've got my healing work that I'm doing, it keeps me busy. But if I'm absolutely honest, the focus of my work, my life's work, is myself. My own inner journey, my own healing, my own ascension, transformation. My own eternal becoming is really the focus of my work. But, your question does bring to the surface something that's very much alive for me at the moment and I'd like to share this as briefly as I can with you because the completeness of what I have to share is a lot, you know, one could probably write books about this. But really, the awareness I have is that there are like these


three worlds. These three zones of control that we each have. There's our inner world. This is your own most private experience. Your thoughts, your emotions, your body sensations, the stuff that's completley private to you. That's your inner world. Then we have our "real world." This is the external world, your home, your friends and family. The people you engage with. The world you engage with. The town you live in and the work you go to and that sort of thing. That's your real world. The world of the things you engage with personally. The world you touch, see, smell, hear. Your own personal sensorial world. That's your real world. Then there is the greater, the virtual world. Maya. The world of illusion.


This is the reported world. The world that seems to be so incredibly real and concrete. It's the world that you see in the newspapers and on TV and in the media and in the alternative media and, you know, whatever your social media, it's that world. Now, right now that world seems to be completley mad. It's completley lost its collective stuff. I mean we got a pandemic that we've just come out of and then there's another one waiting in the wings and I'm sure there are more pandemics coming. And then there's the wound up hyper-response of the vaccinations that you have to have and social distancing and all these things that you've got to do and masking up and


because we are told that we must and that we're good people if we do. And then there's World War Three that's busy kicking off and we're also told how we're supposed to feel about that and who we're supposed to stand with. And there's that. And if I look at that virtual world, I also see famine coming. I mean there's all kinds of problems all over the world with crops and problems with distribution and our economic system, it's a zombie. It's a dead man walking. It's collapsed years ago, they just keep pumping it up. So if I look into that virtual world, then it looks like that world is ending. It's the four horsemen of the apocolypse are riding. So, it might seem like a funny thing, given all of that, to say that I think we have it completley back to front. Our focus, most of us, is completley wrong.


Because we're giving all of our attention to that world, to that virtual world. And it's demanding our attention, that's kind of what it's doing. It's demanding our attention and it's telling us that we need to be in a state of panic. "Loose control. Be in a state of panic." And it's telling you that you're personal world, where you live, where you work and all of that, is under threat and is not healthy and is not good. And "you'll own nothing and be happy about it," or whatever other lies they're wanting to tell you. It's telling us that, so it's really calling us to give all of our attention to this virtual world. And in the summary of my feeling, is this is all the wrong way round. And I think it is being done intentionally. I think they are attempting to keep us -- they, the dark ones -- are attempting to keep us all off balance and out of our center


and out of our real world and out of our most real world, the private inner world. And the healthiest thing that we can each do right now, is reverse that process. Come back to feeling. Hold space for yourself, arrive here. Breathe. Feel. Feel what's going on inside your body, inside your emotions. Because if we do, then something important happens. If you're willing to feel your body sensations, just feel them, not "oh I have a headache, I'll take a headache pill." Just feel your body sensations. Your body is talking to you, it's telling you something very important in every moment. If you're willing to feel your body, then the things that are blocked and stuck and hurting in your body can be moved, and there's wisdom to be obtained. You know, maybe your body is telling you something, you know, drink more water or get a bit of exercise


or do something healthy. You know, maybe there's really information there. I woke up just this morning with some pretty intesne painful feelings going on in my body and "oh, what's going on with my body," and because I was willing to feel, I could feel deeper and feel "oh, it's really in my emotional body!" Cause that's what happens. If you're willing to feel with your body, then your emotional body becomes present to you. Then you can start to feel your emotions. We all try to avoid our emotions! "I've got a bit of the blues, I better take an anti-depressant to just nuke it and not feel it." The opposite is what we should be doing. Feel, feel, feel. Feel and process and sound and express your emotions. If you're willing to do that, then there is a deeper feeling sense. There is your energy body. This is the world of like, your chakras. And through your energy body, we are all connected to Oneness, to God.


To Goddess. To the collective consciousness. This is where deepest knowing comes from, wisdom, comes from. If I do that, if I just allow myself to come back to feeling, then I can calm down, I can center myself and from a place of being I can find my clarity. What is it that I'm called to do? What really needs my attention? Not the lies, obsfucations, manipulations and, excuse the word, plain downright bullshit, that the purveyors of the virtual world are trying to tell me I must focus on. Cause that's just bullshit. It's lies. I mean, I'm not saying there isn't a war in the Ukraine, I'm sure there is. Of course there is. But how I'm supposed to feel about it, what it's supposed to mean to me. What I'm supposed to do about that, where my attention is supposed to go, is manipulation, control


and lies. Now if I center myself and I come to my knowing. Then I know when they tell me there's a pandemic -- what does this really mean for me? And when they tell me they have to take some therapuetic in my arm -- do I really? Is that really right for me? And, so on and so on. From within, I can find my centering and my truth. When I do healing with clients and we connect with the heart chakra, there's a structure in there, inside your heart, your heart chakra. I call it the truth bell. When you hear truth, your truth bell rings. We say "Oh, that resonates for me. I can feel that. I can feel that that's true." But you have to be able and willing and connected. If you clamp down on a bell, if you take a bell and you hold it in your hand and you clamp it down, it won't ring. It's the same. The bell of your heart, the truth bell, has to be held lightly


so that you can hear it ring when truth is spoken or so that you can feel truth coming in through your being, you can be inspired from within, from your connection with the divine. So, we're doing it all the wrong way around. And this is what I've been focusing on. It's the thing I've been trying to remind my clients to do and I suppose this is an invitation and a reminder to you to spend some time feeling. Just feel. Just feel. Even if that's all you do. You're being with a part of yourself that's perhaps hurting or traumatized or scared or, you know, well I mean, this world can be pretty scary. You're being with that part of you. You're holding that part of you. It's like a crying child. You pick a crying child up, you hold it. You don't have to have the solution for its tears. Just hold that child. Hold yourself in that same way. Hold your emotional body, your physical body,


your energy body. Just love yourself, be there for yourself. And things move, things change, wisdom arises, awareness comes. So, when I do all of that, then I find I'm putting my feet on the path I should be on and then I find, my goodness, there actually is something that wants to come through me, that wants to be said. Not because I think the world needs it, but because I feel I need to say it. And from that place, it appears, there is something coming from Adamu in the near future. And, 8 and I are in deep talks again. Book Two of the Ascension Papers kind of stalled some years ago because I had gone as far as I could go with 8 and he just put me on hold.


And 8 and I are writing -- we're actually starting from the beginning. We're re-writing Book Two of the Ascension Papers. Updating it, getting it, the chapters that are available on my website, getting those updated, and I presume we will continue and complete the writing. So, LONG answer to a short question: That's what's alive for me right now.

L: Well, thank you very much for sharing that with us Arn. It's very useful and helpful. I mean, to me specifically, this understanding that my doing must flow from my being and not the other way around. And when it happens like that, then I don't waste time, effort and energy on things and I don't get distracted by things, but I really just do the things that my soul is calling my to do and which are in alignment with my most authentic self. And that feels good! So thank you for sharing that with us Arn and we will see you again next month for our second episode of Conversations with Zingdad.



A: Thank you very much Lisa. Bye bye everybody.