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UFO? We told ya so!


In case you missed it, disclosure is busy happening!

The mainstream media is terrified of this as they have been directly complicit in hiding the truth about non-human, non-terrestrial-origin craft. The 'intelligence" community has been tasked by the dark elite to keep this quiet. But now the dark elite are no longer operating coherently. One the one hand they can no longer keep it all quiet and, on the other hand, there appears to be a faction within the dark elite that recognizes that they must "get ahead" of this and allow the truth to slowly seep out into our collective human consciousness.


So... surprise, surprise! The info beings like Adamu and others have been sharing in this regard turns out to be true.

There ARE extra terrestrial craft that have made it through the quarantine around Earth. Some of these craft, and indeed some of their pilots have been retrieved. This is all now being revealed by a VERY credible, trusted, high-level intelligence official acting as a whistle-blower to US congress. This will have to spark an inquiry. More will have to come out. Including the fact that we have all been criminally lied to.


There is much that is still not being said. For example it is not being admitted (yet) that living ET pilots have also been recovered. And we are nowhere near admitting the "deals" done with certain ET factions. or that there were other factions whose deals were rebuffed. The point is... there is a LOT more to be revealed. But this is how it starts...


News Nation:Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program


The Hill: 12 ALIEN CRAFT In US Custody, Intel Confirms; One Source Claims PILOT Found


Daily Mail: Crashed UFO recovered by the US military 'distorted space and time... much larger inside than out


Need to Know: Whistleblower David Grusch


The Debrief: Intelligence officials say U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin