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Why should YOU become conscious about your sexuality?

by Lisa Picard

So?  Why should YOU become conscious about your sexuality?

Here are three very compelling reasons!

(transcript below for those that prefer text)





Lisa is the author of Dear Yoni -

and the creator of Conscious Sexuality, Undressed -



Hi everybody!

By now you are probably aware that I recently launched my product offering called, Conscious Sexuality, Undressed. This is a multi-media, self-study course in which we explore the really basic fundamentals of conscious sexuality. But perhaps you’ve been asking yourself, “Why should I care? Why should I try to become more conscious about my sexuality?” This little video is me providing you with three, hopefully very compelling, reasons why you should become more conscious about your sexuality. So, let’s dive right in. The first reason why you should become more conscious about your sexuality…

I presume that if you’re on this channel and you’ve been following the work of Zingdad, then you are on your spiritual path. And it’s really important to you to ascend your consciousness, or to attain enlightenment. I would like to paraphrase Jung, who said that we don’t become enlightened by studying
figures of light, but rather by shining the light of our consciousness on our shadow. So, we can’t become enlightened by sitting in a corner and meditating for hours on end… well, sure, it would help! But we really need to find all of those lost and disowned parts of ourselves, shine the light of consciousness on them, and bring them back home to ourselves. And, in fact, one of Arn’s offerings, Soul Re-integration, is just that. In a deep, meditative state, you find all of those lost, lonely, rejected parts of self, shine the light of
consciousness on them, and bring them back home to self. It’s about re-integrating all of those parts of yourself. All of those shadow parts of yourself. And, for most of us, a part of ourselves that is really in the shadow and really shrouded with fear and shame and guilt, is our sexuality. So it is important, if we are on a spiritual path, if we are on our ascension path, to look at our sexuality. To shine the light of our  consciousness on our sexuality and to re-integrate that part of ourselves as well. So, that’s the first reason. It’s a spiritual reason.

The second reason for you to become more conscious about your sexuality… Well, I’m going to use a metaphor to explain this one! Imagine you are at this amazing banquet, this feast, and spread out before you are these tables absolutely groaning with the weight of incredible dishes, prepared by master chefs. And the aromas and flavours and textures… it’s just this cornucopia of beautiful food in front of you! And, in addition to that, there are beautiful wines, from all over the world, and Champagnes and just the most beautiful drinks to have with this feast. And then you choose to go and sit in the corner, by yourself, and nibble on a little dry, old, stale cracker and sip on tepid tap water! Well, you wouldn’t do that, right! And it’s the same with your sexuality. So-called ‘normal’ sexuality is that little dry cracker… the way we’ve always done things. I mean, sure, it’s fine, it will sate your hunger; it will sate the urge to have sex, for a while, I guess. But it’s actually ignoring all the amazing pleasure and all the amazing sensations and experiences and intimacy and connection that are possible when we follow this path of conscious sexuality.

So maybe you’d prefer to partake of the feast, rather than the little dry cracker? It’s up to you!

The third reason why you should become more conscious about your sexuality is because your sexual energy, your eros, is actually an immensely powerful source of energy. This energy source has the ability to create new life. And we can use that energy source to do amazing things in our life. Sure, to have incredible pleasure - that banquet, that feast of the senses. But far more than that - this is a power source that we can use as ‘jet fuel’ for all kinds of things in our lives. Things like, powering our creations, powering our creativity. Jet fuel to power our reality creation. To power whatever it is that we want to do in this world. All of our experiences.. that source of energy becomes available. Even to create wealth, to create abundance, to power our career… whatever it is that we want to power. Once we learn how to raise our
sexual energy and circulate it around in our bodies and we learn to tap into it… this is an immensely powerful source of energy. A source of energy that we are, literally, sitting on. So, it is such a waste not to use it! For many of us our sexuality is something that we pack away, hide away somewhere and we only bring it out under certain circumstances. When the right person is there, if we have the right clothing on, or if the lighting is right or if we feel good or we’ve lost those five kilograms… but actually our sexual energy is a powerful force for our entire lives. 


So, there you go - three really compelling reasons why you should become more conscious about your sexuality! And, let me tell you, there are many more, but I’ll leave at three for today.

If any of this is interesting to you, then please do follow the link that is on the screen right now and enrol for my course called, Conscious Sexuality, Undressed. It’s a lot of fun and it will definitely help you to become a lot more conscious about your sexuality. And to begin to tap into all of these amazing benefits that I’ve been talking about today.