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Choosing Joy

Day 4: Self-Emoting


arnsmugSo I have been starting each day with some pure joy creation. It’s really being going very well. As I open my eyes and become aware that I am me again, here again in THIS reality… so I remember my new commitment. I take some time to find the joy inside my being and I bring that forth.


It’s an odd thing. It seems to me that I find my joy somewhere around my solar-plexus. Or maybe it starts in my liver. Go figure!  Is this just me or is there something to be learned from this? But be that as it may, if I am not “finding the joy” then I focus on that part of my body and sure enough, like a little flame that just needs tending and kindling it springs to life. I give the joy energy and just accept and love whatever comes. Soon the feeling of joy grows huge and engulfs all of me. For me it is a feeling of “everything is just SO perfect!”. It’s peace beyond peace. And I don’t get out of bed before I find it.


Thus far (it IS only day 4) this is working amazingly for me. Not only do I start the day that way but doing this seems to frame the day in that way. The day flows entirely differently when it is begun in this way. But most importantly I am starting every single day with the clear knowledge that my emotions are entirely up to me. If I create that wonderful feeling for no reason whatsoever ever single morning then I can’t be going around in a state of forgetting thinking that emotions come to me as a result of my external circumstances!  So I am set up to get this right!  So far so good…